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She sat on the hood of the truck in the bright shimmering glow of the ascending noon sun.
Light filtered through the trees and dappled her golden hair, which fell long and straight past her shoulders.
A tight white cotton tee shirt tightly clutched her generous chest, and was just short enough to reveal her tan, toned stomach.
She was wearing a short jean skirt- she was the kind of girl who would bring a skirt like that on a camping trip.
Though the two other girls who had come with us had worn more sensible pants, she had, on most days, strode around camp with her long legs bare.
Though it was early afternoon, no one was up and dressed but her.
We all still lay in our sleeping bags, passed out on the ground after a long night of drinking and talking.
She must have roused herself but a few minutes before I opened my sleepy eyes to glimpse her out on the hood greeting the day.
She picked up the brush she had carefully packed into her bag with her and brushed her hair till it was shimmering.
Even out in the woods she groomed fastidiously.
Though the rest of us bore the dirt smudges and rustled hair that we’d picked up on our three days in the bush, she had made a point of getting herself up early; she liked being clean.
Her bare feet landed gingerly on the ground as she slid down from the hood and tiptoed over to her bag.
It was small and compact, but more tightly packed than any of our other personal effects.
Rustling around in it with a purposeful look on her face, she reached in deep and finally pulled out a razor and some shaving cream.
Clutching them in her outstretched hand, her piercing bright blue eyes peered around the camp anxiously.
I quickly rolled over in my sleeping bag and shut my eyes.
She had no idea I was awake.
Satisfied that no one would see her, she began to pad down the trail that led to the river.
I was intrigued.
I waited a few minutes then got up.
Grabbing the water-skin and pump, I followed her path to the river, then paused in the trees a few yards from the bank.
I saw a familiar white T-Shirt and short skirt laid out carefully on a large rock, and a few feet away from them she stood ankle-deep in the river.
She was already wet, her blonde hair soaked and her body glistening with little droplets.
She held her razor in one hand, her left leg coated in shaving cream.
I watched in rapt attention as she carefully slid the razor up her leg, delicately removing the short and nearly invisible blonde stubble that had accumulated over the weekend.
She was wearing nothing but the pink bra that had pushed so adamantly against the confines of her tight tee, and the matching pair of pink and polka-dot thong panties that she kept barely concealed beneath her short skirt.
She shaved her legs all the way up to the line of her panties, taking great care to go all the way around until not a single hair was left.
She repeated the procedure with her right leg, then raised her arms and swiftly removed the stubble from there too.
I thought she was finished and was about to come out, when I saw her glance around cautiously to make sure she was safe from prying eyes.
She didn’t see me in the trees as she slipped off her panties to shave her pussy.
From a distance, I couldn’t see any hair covering it, but there must have been something, as she covered the whole area in shaving cream and began to remove it all.
She covered the top first, removing any offending hairs that could possibly peak outside the edges of the small bikinis she wore on our daily swims in the river.
Then she moved down to her pussy lips, carefully parting and stretching them so that no hair could escape unshaved.
As she set the razor down on the banks, I quietly slipped back onto the trail.
Then I casually strolled down to the banks, with the water-skin and pump in my hand, and pretended to be surprised to see her.
She jumped when she saw me, and quickly covered her pussy as she gasped in fear.
“Oh, uh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.
I-I-I was just getting some water for lunch.
” I stammered, feigning embarrassment.
  “Ah, it’s OK, I was just.
” she said, glancing around nervously, still covering her lady parts.
  “Shaving?” I finished her sentence.
“Well, uh, yeah.
” She blushed and twirled at her drying hair with her left hand.
  “You know,” I said, teasingly, “we’re in the woods.
That’s not very woodsmanly of you.
” “I’m not a woodsman,” she said, “I’m a girl.
” “It’s OK to let yourself go every once in a while, you know.
You don’t have to keep up your grooming habits 24/7.
We’re camping, enjoy it.
” “I know, I just hate having hair.
I can’t stand the feeling of it.
I just have to be shaved, all the time, you know.
I’m just not comfortable when I’m hairy.
” “You don’t look too comfortable right now, either” I teased.
  “No, it’s OK, I’m not embarrassed,” she said, a little too casual.
  “Well, you shouldn’t be.
It’s OK to be naked out here, no one’s gonna see you.
” “Except you.
” “Hey, don’t sweat it, I’m not gonna judge.
” “It’s not judging I’m worried about.
” “Oh, come on, loosen up, it’s nature.
There’s nothing more freeing then being naked in nature.
It’s comfortable, you should try it.
” “I will sometime.
” “No, you won’t.
” “How do you know?” “Because I know you.
You’re not gonna let anything get under your perfect skin.
You’re not comfortable enough to just be out here.
” “I am too.
” “Then prove it.
” “How?” “Come skinny dipping with me.
” The momentum in our taunting and daring had reached a fever pitch, but I couldn’t help but feel a thrill as she tersely fired back, “OK.
” She finally removed that last, protecting hand from her perfect pussy as she reached back to unstrap her bra.
Online Now! Lush Cams MollyPasion It fell to the ground, revealing her full and round C-cup breasts.
She stood shyly, hands at her sides, a naked beauty with a freshly shaved pussy, with no civilization, no houses, no walls, no clothes, no hair to protect her from my eyes.
She stood, shivering slightly from the cold of the river, completely exposed.
I quickly stripped naked and dived into the river, using the cold water to hold down my rock hard cock and keep it from offending her eyes.
I knew that this had to be casual at first, non-threatening, non-sexual.
Well, as non-sexual as a moment could be for a girl who had just shaved all the hair off her pussy.
She did that for a reason, and I knew it wasn’t just to look good in her bikini.
We swam across the river to the opposite bank together.
We were both good swimmers, and it didn’t take much time before we reached the shore.
We scrambled up the pebbles, shivering from the cold mountain spring water.
“I’m freezing,” she chattered, “I’m gonna go air dry.
” She scrambled up onto a large flat rock on the bank and lay down to dry.
The sun shimmered on her wet skin, especially on her freshly shaved legs and pussy, where her smooth skin was especially soft and shiny.
I clambered up onto the rock to get dry with her, and we lay there in the sun together for several minutes in each other’s silent, naked company.
“Your legs do look nice though,” I said, “now that you’ve shaved them.
” “Thanks,” she said, “I’m good at it, see.
” She extended her leg to me.
“Not a hair left.
” “Wow” I murmured rapturously.
  “You wanna feel?” she said hesitantly, but with a flirty smile across her white teeth.
I nodded and gently extended a hand to her leg.
I slowly slid my hand up it, experiencing how smooth and soft her skin really was.
Wondering to myself how high I dared to go, and how far she wanted me too, I made it all the way up her thigh, and, in a moment of instinctual impulse, slid into her inner thigh and between her freshly shaved pussy lips.
A slight moan escaped from her lips as she quickly turned her head towards me, her blue eyes staring straight into mine.
“Hey,” she said, her face inches from mine, “you’re not supposed to touch that.
” “I know.
” I said, and I kissed her.
As her soft tender lips accepted mine, and mine tongue meant hers, I never took my hand off her pussy.
I rubbed my fingers between her warm wet lips, teasing around her clit, our eyes closed, our lips locked.
  My fingers slipped into her pussy, my thumb finding her clit and stimulating it in circles.
She broke out of the kiss to let out a moan that grew and didn’t stop rising until she game.
As the last shuddering breaths of her orgasm came out, I felt her sliding her smooth skin down me as she came down between my legs and took my cock into her mouth.
Her mouth warmed me from the chill of our swim, and soon I was fully hard, my stiff cock baring down into her throat.
She deepthroated me for a while before taking only the head into her mouth and ravishing it with her tongue.
I looked down and saw her lips wrapped around my cock and became even more turned on as I saw her eyes staring up at me as she labored on my rock hard dick.
She took my now lubed-up cock out of my mouth, and rolled over, spreading herself out on the rock.
She leaned over and moaned “fuck me.
” I rolled over on top of her and felt ecstasy explode into my cockhead as it barely squeezed its way into her ridiculously tight pussy.
Every nerve ending on the head was stimulated as I slowly moved in and out of her tight pussy, my whole body humming with pleasure.
  “Faster,” she said.
“I like it fast and rough.
” I began to fuck her faster, thrusting hard against her as I looked into her searing eyes.
  “Grab my titties,” she moaned, “grab my titties, please.
” I felt my hands wrap around her firm but natural breasts, squeezing them hard.
This caused her to moan even more loudly as I kept fucking her pussy faster and faster.
  “Harder,” she breathed, barely audible.
“I need you to fuck me harder.
”  I pulled out and slid off the rock, then I grabbed her smooth legs and pulled her to the edge of the rock, spreading them wide apart.
In a standing position now, I entered her again, holding her legs and pulling her closer to me with each thrust as I fucked her deep against the rock.
“Uuuung,” she moaned, “fuck my pussy till it hurts.
” I forced my way deeper inside of her, pressing my body up against her sensitive clit, fingering it as I fucked her.
As I fucked her deep and fingered her gently, the combination caused her to moan more deeply, but less audibly, as the force of her climax made it harder for the breaths to escape her.
  “Mmm, more” she managed to gasp as I felt her body convulse with a searing orgasm.
I kept fucking her, and as she came again I felt my cock stiffening up, getting ready.
“I’m gonna come” I said to her.
” “Pull it out,” she moaned, “I want you to come in my mouth.
” I did as she asked, as she slid off the rock, onto her feet and then down to her knees.
The last thing my cockhead felt as I was rocked by the strongest orgasm of my life was her soft lips engulfing it.
My cock spasmed, emptying a massive load into her open throat.
She swallowed it all with her eyes closed, her eyelids fluttering with delight.
She staggered to her feet and collapsed against the rock, panting.
Then she smiled a sweet, shy smile, a youthful laugh escaping her lips.
She tossed her hair and walked past me, and then dived into the river.



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