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Work at the saloon wasn’t what I had dreamt of doing, but since daddy died, I needed to find work.
Thankfully Bill offered me this job with a place to stay upstairs.
I knew some of the girls who lived there used their room for more than sleep.
I had yet to find anyone that I wanted to bring upstairs, and I had promised myself that I wouldn’t be a woman of loose virtue.
  It was time for me to go.
I slipped on the mask.
Made sure it was straight, all you could see were my ruby red lips and the green of my eyes.
My hair was swept up to reveal my bare neck.
I grabbed my black and red boa and headed out the door.
  Downstairs I looked in the mirror nervously, in the hope that Jake was there.
What I saw was the reflection of a seductress staring back at me.
  A black and red corset that fit perfectly and pushed my breasts together and up and also defined my waist.
My silk stockings were attached at the garters with red bows.
I was wearing a beautiful lace mask; its feathers accented the red of the corset.
  My thoughts about not being a woman of loose virtue did a rapid turnaround.
Behind the anonymity of the mask, I felt ready to throw my righteousness to the wind.
  I entered the saloon as Scott played a tune on the piano.
There was a group of men playing cards at a round table; a waitress was serving them drinks.
It was busy tonight as there were some ladies at the bar chatting with some men.
Everyone wore either a mask or a bandana.
Walking to the bar, I grabbed a tray with two shots of whiskey and three mugs of beer for the poker table.
I knew Larry, Carl, and Jim would be ready for these.
  I smiled at the other patrons as I walked to the table.
I wished I knew if one of these men was Jack underneath the masks.
As I approached the poker game, the doors opened, and three men walked in, their faces were covered with bandanas, and they wore cowboy hats shading their faces.
Two of them carried holstered guns at their belts.
Everyone stopped, turned, and looked at the men.
One of three stepped in front of me.
He downed a shot of whiskey and grabbed one of the beers.
He kept his face turned so I could not see who he was.
  One of the other men growled, “This is a hold-up.
” The third man walked around the saloon gathering the money off the tables, the women’s jewels and the bartender handed him the money from the register.
The man in front of me took the tray out of my hand, grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back.
  He whispered in my ear, “You’re coming with us.
” I did exactly what he told me to do as he pushed me out the door.
Once we were outside, he pushed me into a waiting carriage where the other two were already seated.
I didn’t know what they wanted with me or where we were going.
  The carriage sped off, and I just sat there shaking with fear.
“You are a sexy thing,” guy one said to me.
“Thank you,” I whispered.
The second guy moved closer to me.
He placed his hand on my leg and kissed me hard.
His hand slid up my thigh, and I felt my pussy start to tingle as he caressed it through my undergarments.
As I sat between these two men, my fears slowly turned to lust.
My body started to tingle with excitement.
I was headed off into the unknown, and my body was turned on.
I suspected what these three men were going to do to me.
I was ready for an adventure and tired of always being a good girl.
We continued on the bumpy, dusty road for about an hour before we stopped at a house set way back in the trees.
The guys lifted me out of the carriage, and I followed them into the house.
I stood in the middle of the room unsure of what to do.
The men were talking off in the corner.
I couldn’t hear what they were saying but when they finished one of them came over to me and pulled the bandana off his face.
He had sharp features which were tanned from working outdoors.
He was handsome even though he was a bit rough looking.
He didn’t scare me though.
I really wanted him to kiss me.
Then as if he read my mind, he did just that.
  I returned it as good as he gave.
My virtue had just flown away.
I was ready for anything these men wanted to do to me.
The magic of the mask was working.
He took what he wanted, not asking for permission.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom.
He proceeded to push me on the bed as he stood before me and undressed.
Under my mask, my eyes glistened as I watched him.
He came to me, ripped off my undergarments and roughly spread my legs.
This left me in my corset, stockings, and the mask.
He pulled me to the edge of the bed and slammed his cock into me.
My pussy was wet with desire.
I took what he gave as he continued to ram his cock into me.
He came quickly grunting before he pulled out.
He pulled his pants on and left me there.
He growled, “Don’t move,” as he left the room.
Those were the only words he had uttered.
  Shortly after he left, another man came in.
He had his bandana and hat off.
He brought a bottle of whiskey with him and offered me some.
I took a sip and felt it burn through me.
He was a sweet guy.
His looks were softer and kinder than the first one.
He took off his shirt and sat beside me on the bed.
He took my face between his palms and kissed me gently, running his tongue over my lips before he pressed it into my mouth.
He laid me back and started to kiss down my body.
He exposed my nipples and sucked on one then the other, as pushed two fingers into my pussy.
He used his thumb to press my button and, I started to writhe under his ministrations.
He played my body as if it was an instrument.
Soon I began to moan loudly.
I came hard on the man’s hand as my body shook.
He took off his pants and entered me as I was still convulsing from what his fingers had done to me.
His cock was larger than the first man’s, and it felt so good.
He pushed deep inside and moved slowly.
He made sure I felt every inch of his cock.
As he continued rocking slowly, he reached between us and began rubbing my clit until I came for the second time that night.
As I started cumming, he moved faster and, I tightened around him each time he thrust milking his cock.
After he spurted into me, he held himself inside me and leaned down to kiss me.
  After the second man left, I knew I needed to straighten myself out before the third man came in.
I found water in the pitcher and poured it into the basin.
I lifted my mask and splashed some on my face.
I found a cloth and wet it and just wiped myself off a bit.
I took my corset off and laid it on a chair along with my stockings.
I looked at the beautiful mask and debated if I wanted to put it back on.
I decided to greet him in just the disguise.
I went back to the bed to wait, wondering what it would be like.
  I didn’t have long to wait before the third man came in.
He was the one who took me from the saloon.
I was able to see his face as he took off his hat and bandana.
My jaw dropped because it was Jake.
I had lusted for him for quite some time.
He came to me and looked into my eyes with his crystal blue ones.
They were the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen.
He pulled me to my feet and kissed me.
“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
I had to bring you back here with me.
Are you okay after those two?” Jack asked.
“I am fine, thank you.
What made you kidnap me? As you could see I didn’t put up a fuss; I would have come with you willingly.
” “It was Billy and Tom’s idea.
We have been planning this heist for a while.
You were just a bonus.
Being I couldn’t stop talking about you, those two knuckleheads came up with the idea of kidnapping you and bringing you along.
If you decide you want to go back, I give you my word no one will touch you anymore and tomorrow you can take a horse back to town once we head out.
” Online Now! Lush Cams NataliaVixen “What makes you think I wanna go back there? There ain’t nothing for me but working tables at the saloon.
Men pawing at me all day and night is not my idea of fun.
I had to find work after my daddy passed leaving me with his debt.
The saloon was the only place to offer me work.
Everyone thinks cause daddy was a drunk gambler that we ain’t nothing.
Those people don’t know anything about nothing.
Daddy just wasn’t the same after momma died.
Now there is just me.
I am ready for a change.
” “Can I kiss you again, love?”  “I’d be crushed if you didn’t.
”   With that, he kissed me as he ran his hands over my naked body.
His hands were rough, a working man’s hands.
They set me afire like nothing I’ve ever felt before.
I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders.
He had a muscular chest and muscular arms.
I ran my hands down his back.
Jack’s mouth moved along my jaw to my ear and over my neck.
He cupped my breasts as he sucked on my nipples.
He pushed my breasts together bathing them in kisses and suckling each teat.
He sent shivers throughout my body.
  “I love these titties.
They are big and glorious.
Every time I’ve seen you I wanted to devour them.
” Jack pushed me back to the bed and knelt in front of me.
He pushed my legs apart as he kissed up my inner thigh.
  When Jack reached my core, he opened my lips and ran his tongue along them.
He used his fingers to spread me open.
Jack pressed his tongue against me and licked all around.
He thrust his tongue inside me, and I thought I would explode.
Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any better, Jack sucked my clit into his mouth, and I was swept away in a massive orgasm.
He covered me with his mouth drinking all my juices.
“Oh my,” I moaned.
“I’ve never felt anything like that.
” Jack smiled at me and went back to devouring my body.
He continued licking my pussy as my juices kept flowing.
  He sent my body into convulsions.
My legs felt like jelly as I watched him remove his pants.
His cock was glorious.
He was bigger and thicker than both of the other guys.
I decided I wanted to taste him.
I got off the bed and knelt before him.
Tentatively I licked the tip of his cock.
My tastebuds found him to a bit salty as he oozed precum.
I licked up one side of his member and down the other.
  I took a chance and licked around his sac.
He moaned, and I knew he enjoyed the feeling.
I moved back to the tip as I wrapped my lips around him.
I slowly took him in and out.
I wanted to take all of him but knew I couldn’t.
I pushed myself to take him deeper and deeper.
  Soon he was in the back of my throat as I gagged.
Jack wrapped his hand around my hair directing me to suck him at his pace.
He pushed deeper than I thought possible.
My eyes watered under my mask, I needed to catch my breath.
He released me, and I let him out with a pop.
  I wanted him to take me now.
I moved back up on the bed, and Jack crawled beside me.
He kissed me passionately as he.
  ********    My alarm was blaring and woke me from the dream.
I rolled over to shut it off ready to scream.
I can’t believe I woke up right when Jack was going to take me.
I thought to myself, “Why did I dream of the other men and yet Jack was the only one I knew?” “What does this mean? Why was everyone wearing a mask? Why didn’t I ever take my mask off?” I thought about these questions as I lay in my bed.
I thought about the parallels between my dream to my reality.
I would never do any of those things.
I wear this ‘good girl’ mask, always.
I keep everyone at arm’s length.
My mom died when I was a young teenager, and my dad didn’t know how to handle it.
He turned to whiskey and left me to my own devices.
I learned very quickly that guys don’t care about you or your grief if they can get you into their bed.
I’ve hidden behind this mask and these modest unbecoming clothes since I was sixteen.
Now at twenty-five, I finally met someone who has made me want to show him the real me.
“Can I do this? Am I able to let this mask go and be who I really am? Will he see me as more than just a salesclerk?” I jumped out of my bed and went to my closet.
Hidden in a box was something I never thought I would wear.
I pulled it out and wondered if I could do this.
I pulled out a form-fitting red and black lace corset dress.
The top was strapless, pushed my above average sized breasts up and gave me cleavage.
It fit over my waist and flared out at my hips.
It ended above the knee.
I spent the day pampering myself, never thinking about what I was going to do.
I had my hair and nails done.
I even went to a friend and had her do my makeup.
I bought silk thigh highs with red bows on a garter belt to hold them up.
Once I put it all together, I was afraid to look in the mirror.
I turned around slowly and was shocked at the woman I saw.
My brown hair was loosely pinned up with curls framing my face.
My emerald green eyes sparkled, enhanced by the smokey eyeshadow.
My lips kissable in a ruby red gloss.
The dress accentuated my curves perfectly.
I didn’t feel dowdy any longer.
The mask was gone.
I had a cab drop me at Jack’s house and rang the bell before I lost my courage.
I waited patiently as I wondered what he would think.
Finally, the door opened, and there he was.
I stood there in a trance as he looked me over.
“Lizzy, is that you?” Jack asked.
“Jack, it’s me, Elizabeth.
I’ve wanted to show you the real me for so long.
I finally dared to come here like this.
Please tell me, do you like it?” I asked him nervously.
“Like it? I love this.
I never knew you looked like this.
Please, come in.
Can I get you a drink?” “No thank you, Jack.
Please kiss me.
” I hoped he didn’t think I was too forward.
“Kiss you? Lizzy, do you know what I want to do to you? You show up at my door looking like a beautiful siren.
I want to strip you out of that dress and fuck you until morning.
” “Jack, I want you too.
I’ve wanted you for so long.
Please make love to me.
” Jack led me to his room and kissed me passionately.
He slowly opened the corset laces on my dress to reveal my body.
I was nervous that he wouldn’t like what he saw but vowed not to put the mask back on.
I allowed him to strip me bare from my clothes and to see my soul.
His kiss healed the years of loneliness I’d endured.
Jack stripped his clothes off, and we both lay on the bed.
He continued kissing me as his hands moved over my body.
His fingers slipped into my slit and felt how wet I was.
He pushed them inside of me, and I moaned.
“Please, Jack take me now.
I need you.
I’ve needed you for a long time.
Please tell me I am enough,” I spoke breathlessly.
Jack removed his fingers and moved between my legs.
His cock was hard as he lined it up and pressed inside of me.
All thoughts left my mind as I now knew that I no longer needed the mask.
Jack is the one person who will be with me forever.
He has been my friend for five years, and now he is my lover.



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