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Latest stories Straight Sex Oranges and Plums, Part 2

Aditya’s tongue darted in and out as she took a sip of wine and hissed.
The guests in awe, that a slave would spit on a Raja.
I motioned to my friend the marketer, he knew my signals.
Three beautiful slave girls appeared in bridled wear of leather, a black half-faced mask with prickly pointed ears.
A tail protruding from their asses as if horses.
Aditya would be the fourth as she was fitted up and the team harnessed to a chariot that would take me to deep catacombs beneath the palace.
The girls minced daintily through the palace with the raja guiding their steps.
The bacchanalian festivities grew fainter with every step they took from the great hall.
Their only other company was the marketer, who trailed behind enjoying the view.
They pranced outside into the unexpected chill of the night air.
The rainy season had arrived.
Though no drops had fallen, a heavy fog lay thick on the ground.
It instantly enveloped them in its shroud.
Its heavy blanket muffled the senses so the only sound was from the distant flutes and strings from the great palace hall.
The girls slowed their steps since this part of the palace grounds was unfamiliar.
The nearly silent steps of bare feet on palace pavers and the soft exhalations from their young breasts were the only sounds on earth.
The marble slabs were cool and smooth beneath their feet.
The thick, chilled soup of air and mist muted all else.
The only light was that from the full moon making the mist silver and shadowed as clouds passed by high above.
The two lead girls didn’t realize they had clasped their hands together.
But, the Raja saw and smiled.
Their skin prickled and shimmered dully in the faded moonlight.
His cock twitched and his voice rang out harshly even though softened by the fog, “To the left, slowly, my lovelies.
About 10 paces and you will find a door.
Lamps will light your way down into the catacombs.
Go slowly, but do not make me wait.
” As the door opened the tympani of drums and the steps of the slaves fell into rhythm.
I, Rami, standing upright in my chariot, was welcomed by my harem and eunuch slaves.
I, a scion from an oak and a acorn that settled near the roots.
The marketer swatted their asses with a light whip of hairs.
Along the walls, balustrades adorned with fine silks and huge overhanging mirrors, with sconces and great tapers in shapes of engorged phalluses dripped.
Like semen, wax fell to the floor.
A large fountain spewing blue water as slaves in feathers that of swans, slowly swam for my adoration.
Like in a rhythm they throated phalluses with miniature wings, creating ripples in the water.
Aditya looked around curiously.
She knew the wealthy lived a decadent type of fantasy but this was beyond all imagination.
She shivered despite the warmth of the room, excited and ashamed of her eagerness to find her part in this play.
The other girls had stopped and she noticed their heads were bowed, seemingly oblivious to the erotic carnival that surrounded them.
Aditya tossed hers defiantly not willing to let even a second of the action escape her.
Two slave girls chasing a palace official ran by giggling and naked.
She smiled despite herself.
A eunuch stepped up to the horse and removed their bridles and harnesses.
The tails stayed.
They had been treating the slave-harem with venom and jealousy.
Their lack of potency to feed their needs, while they watched over the harem and readied them for another man’s enjoyment ate at their souls.
Rami came up behind them and swatted her swiftly.
“Hello, my Pet”, he whispered at her.
“I’ve waited too long for you already.
Come!” He strode towards a doorway and stood waiting for her to catch up.
The others were quick to follow and he stopped them all.
“No! I did not say I needed your presence tonight.
You will wait here unless I call for you.
” The others stopped where they were and watched curious at this new direction.
Aditya stopped beside him and he ran his thumb across her lips.
With a flick of her head and a twist of her lips she had his thumb between her little white teeth and bit down as he stared in surprise.
Catching himself he brought his other hand around wrapped it round her throat as he brought his face centimeters from hers.
“Bite me please, my Pet” he whispered to her in a deadly calm, deep voice.
“Draw blood if you like.
But remember that I believe in a bite for a bite, a slap for a slap, and a spit for a spit.
I have a feeling you and I will be kept very busy tonight.
But no matter how you fight, how you struggle, at the end of the night, you will kneel before me.
You will beg for more.
You will crave my skin, my cum, my favor, and my being.
Mark my words, little one.
At the end of the night you will imagine no other Master, you will want no other cock.
” He traced the lines of her beautiful face and gave her face a quick slap.
“Open the door for me my Pet.
Now! Else I will carry you over my shoulder like the bratty child you are imitating.
” Aditya was enraged at him for humiliating her in front of the crowd.
She vibrated with hatred for him in that moment.
But, somewhere at the back of her conscious thoughts she wondered why she opposed him so.
In truth, he had done nothing to her that was disrespectful.
She had not been mistreated.
He seemed to be a cross between a mature man who knew his mind and a child who still wanted a bright, sugar-coated yet erotically charged carnival of a world.
In truth, he intrigued her.
But now, she instinctively wrapped her condescension around her like a cloak.
She somehow needed protection not from him, but from herself.
Her inner desires that were pulling her to him and not away.
With a toss of her magnificent hair she purposely floated with grace and of her own free will through the door.
The door shut behind her and she walked forward into a magnificent room of mirrors, cushions, candles and music.
The walls were screens and behind she could see faint movement from the hidden musicians.
A feast was laid out in one side of the room.
Glancing quickly she saw honey, grapes, oranges, plums, curried figs and other delicacies.
She realized she hadnt eaten and couldn’t really look away.
Rami noticed and felt a moment of shame.
Although used to getting what he wanted when he wanted he wasn’t a cruel man.
Spoiled and harsh perhaps, but not cruel.
He walked over to the low table and sank onto the cushions.
He patted the area beside him.
“Come Aditya! It is time to eat.
You will need nourishment tonight.
Do not be afraid.
Perhaps I should be, since you are the one with a proclivity to bite.
” He laughed softly at his bit of humor and Aditya bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from smiling .
His smile and laugh pulled at something inside her belly and she shifted restlessly on her feet.
She thought of resisting but shrugged to herself.
Choose your battles she thought and walked over to lower herself onto the cushions beside him.
There was naked flesh and colored waving silks, pillows, mirrors and candlelight’s.
Incense and opiate scents with essence of flower musk.
The flutes and strings with beat of the drums stirring my arousal as if it a narcotic.
I reclined on the cushion and waved my hand.
“Choose, my pet.
What delicacies will satisfy your palate tonight?” Looking at his flesh, his face, desire for fleshly delicacies shivered across her features.
He saw and understood.
He came to his knees, grabbed a few large grapes in his hand and bit one in half.
The juices dribbled down his chin.
“Anything you drink tonight, you will drink from me.
Anything you eat, it will be because I am feeding you.
” His generosity for her comfort loosened her remaining defenses and desire for this kind side of him filled her being.
She leaned forward and licked the sticky sweet juice from his lips.
“That’s my good Pet”, he murmured.
He held the halved grape between his teeth and Aditya brought her mouth to his.
With the gentlest of touches of her full lips, little teeth and nimble tongue, she nibbled at the grape feeling his warm breath tickle her senses until she swept her tongue between his teeth loosening it from his grasp.
It feel into her mouth and she finished the sweet, juicy nibble.
Again and again he took bits of this and that and fed them to her until their mouths, faces, and chests were covered in the honeyed bits of their feeding.
He poured wine into her mouth until the warmth from the fermented grapes filled her.
Her movements and actions became heated and liquid.
Finally she stopped his last reach for another treat.
He looked at her, a question in his eyes and she shook her head slowly.
“Have I satisfied your craving?”, he asked, his lips so close, just a tongue length from her lips.
Again, she shook her head slowly.
His smile tightened painfully as did his hand on her hip.
“You must show me then my beautiful Pet what else you crave.
” Aditya thought briefly of being coy but sitting on her lap as she was straddling his hard cock all night and feeling it graze and grow between her dripping petals made her dismiss that thought with a whimper.
She tickled the corners of his mouth with her pointed pink tongue, lapping the sweetness she found there.
She grazed her lips around the hard line of his chin and down the strong column of his neck.
All the while she was hovering over his cock on her knees and shimmying her belly, the rapid vibrations of her belly and hips tickling his cock making it jump and leap against her, completely overanxious as cocks are wont to be to find their way inside the closest slippery, tight, wet home.
She had been ignoring those around us as they had quietly let us indulge our feeding but now the slaves and eunuchs made their appearance.
They knew my proclivity for a spectacle.
She most toxic to my cock as it throbbed and she but twinkled with her eyes as eunuchs and slaves danced while others fluttered large palms over us.
Her nipples like emeralds, peaked her large breasts.
Her cunt barely covered by flowing silks.
Online Now! Lush Cams ArinFleu The tail in her ass, gave me my queue as I gently bit her ear lobe and whispered, “Take my cock between your lips and enlighten your Master.
” First, the kiss so tender on my penis-head flesh, followed by a warmth of her breath.
The tip of her tongue like wisp of soft wind as she cuddled my testicles with a silken hand.
With an ounce of motion her mouth inhaled my cock as it slithered deep into the hollow of her throat.
With a slight moan she took me beyond my dreams.
I felt the stirring of my manly goo boiling in the cauldron of my stones.
She lapped at the clear fluid that flowed from me like a sweet kitten laps at milk.
Watching her and stroking her hair I fought the urge to have my eunuchs hold her head down into my lap.
The mirrors surrounding us, all seemed to come alive, but it was from the images of the harem wetting their thighs with seduction dew.
Within moments the maiden swans of the fountain danced and fluttered their down, exposing their pierced cunts, attached with small chains as an older concubine choreographed their wings.
I removed the silks from her cunt as its wetness was proof of her excitement.
Like a narrow stream running, her womanhood shined with glistening moisture.
Her hands like one of my musicians, played my testicles as her head now bobbed.
I slowly started twisting the inserted tail in her ass.
She moaned a low cry of satisfaction as I started deepening the hilt.
I slowly started to pull it free but she whispered, “Not yet, Master.
” Then she lay on the bed and motioned me forward on herself.
With my tongue scrolling, I licked her and was overcome by her excellence in the art of seduction.
With suffocation of my tongue I left a trail of wet saliva about her body.
Then I reached her ass cheeks and began licking it, biting and nipping.
Removing the tail and replacing it with my tongue.
Her ass seemed to come alive and wiggled and danced.
She lifted her body to get closer.
Then he saw her cunt crack totally vulnerable to his tongue only few inches away from his mouth.
It was quivering and inviting him to suck it.
He watched the trembling lips of her pussy.
Sucking on cunt from behind her lips becoming swollen, as I located her clit.
Like a typhoon she started twisting and turning.
The eunuchs brought my specially made salve and I rubbed it on her clit and pussy.
“Fuck me Master, I am without strength.
” On the pillows I reclined on my back as two eunuchs lifted her up and lowered her on my girth.
Impaling her to my slathering cock.
Like a gazelle her hips jumped as she threw back her head and screamed.
Her pussy spasmed on my cock at once and flooded my root and balls with an orgasmic downpour.
She pushed the eunuchs away and began working over my cock in a frenzy.
Before my lust-filled eyes she once again transfomed into a serpent.
Her sinuous limbs and torso undulated on my own.
Clasping my large hands that she loved she leaned over and sucked my tongue into her mouth while her pussy sucked my cock deeper into her tight burning channel.
As she sucked her pussy clamped tighter and tighter around my throbbing dick.
It felt as if she may burn me alive and I gasped with pleasure-pain.
Tearing my eyes from her beautiful form I stared at where she fucked me, my cock swollen larger than in all past fucks and purpled as if being asphyxiated by her clenching pussy.
Had I any capable thought I may well have been alarmed but as it was I could only gasp helplessly as her slick pussy walls branded me and her pink lips swallowed and sucked at my tool with more power and skill than the most talented of my other whores mouths.
She screamed with every thrust and tears streamed down her face.
Yet she continued her vigorous fucking of my form somehow gathering momentum.
Her orgasm was continuous at this point and the constant contractions and flowing fluids were proof that her pleasure was at a zenith.
I glimpsed from the periphery of my consciousness other of my harem pleasuring each other and orgasming just from watching the eroticism between us.
Moans and whimpers filled the air.
I could stand her taking of my body no longer.
With a quick flip she was on her back and my cock was pistoning inside her red pussy.
Lifting off of her and onto my knees I raised her hips and back off the cushions so that only her head was still touching the floor.
A eunuch slid an inclined divan under her body so that her pussy fit effortlessly onto my cock.
The contraption was on wheels so it slid back and forth.
Two eunuchs grabbed handles by her head and pushed and pulled it with hard vibrating thrusts back and forth effectively fucking my cock with her immobile pussy.
My hands were freed to pinch her nipples, twisting them as she screamed, her body wracked with orgasm after orgasm.
My hands roamed freely over her skin as the eunuchs drizzled her with coconut oil on her nipples, belly and cunt.
My prowess was well accepted by my harem that I could maintain an erection longer than it took an orange to ripe.
The salve that I had rubbed in her pussy was designed to produce unimaginable results.
She was tiring, and so with the aid of a harness and sling she was made some sort of machine.
For an hour she was raised and lowered while I ejaculated and squirted in her pussy and all over her body, screaming my release time and time and time again.
My own cock made a machine for our mutual pleasure.
When finally she lay her hand on my chest and whispered “Enough, Master”, as if in a daze I dimly noted her trembling limbs, harsh breathing, sweat-covered body, and unfocused gaze.
I stood with difficulty, my hard cock still purple and now sore.
But, I was insatiable tonight and still wanted that final release that would finally bring me rest.
We belonged to each other after tonight that much was sure.
“My cock still burns for you Aditya.
I must still take your body so that my cock might find relief.
If I hurt you I am sorry but I must have more.
” With a nod to my male slaves they picked her up from the divan and turned her onto her belly, her knees drawn up underneath her and her hands were brought behind and tied behind her back.
Cushions surrounded her and I knelt behind her smooth, ample ass.
Twin round moons for my viewing pleasure.
Running my hands up and down the globes I pulled back and struck her hard.
She cried out and a rivulet of moisture ran down her leg.
My handprint on her right ass cheek looked out of proportion so I struck her hard without warning on her left cheek too.
Her cry seemed more pleasured and another trickle of moisture appeared.
The eunuchs anointed her ass with coconut oil which I spread around her until she glistened wetly.
Running my fingers between her pussy and her ass I circled her tight brown hole that was still plugged by her tail.
Grasping the tail I pumped the plug back and forth and she moaned in pleasure.
My cock twitched wildly and I pulled more firmly on the plug till it came free of her gripping hole.
She groaned and moaned and drizzled from her pussy and I oiled her hole and my cock preparing her for my it’s invasion.
I teased her hole as she wiggled against me trying to tempt me inside.
I spanked her round ass again and again while she slithered her hips up to mine.
The fat head of my cock finally caught just right in her hold and she pushed against me.
I watched her get stretched until finally I popped inside and slid deep as she screamed until I was buried to my hilt.
She orgasmed and I could feel her grasping walls sucking at my cock.
I pulled out and pushed my way back in my balls slapping against her ass.
She moaned and as I fucked her and slapped her now red ass she kept cumming again and again.
Her pushing onto me and clenching around me as she screamed my name again and again.
I felt my balls tighten and my cock was afire.
I knew this time when I came inside of her that my soul might empty into her as well.
My mind cleared until it was filled with a rushing of sound.
My balls churned and my cock tightened as both slammed against her and into her clutching wet depths.
I pulled her hair back as her ass came up higher against me.
Now fucking her at a frenzied pace I felt my balls release my cum and it seemed to gain power like a cannon that blazed up my cock in a heavy, thick stream finally releasing into her tight ass rope after rope of hot, creamy cum that she could feel blasting her insides again and again.
She screamed and milked my cock harder coaxing me to release more jismic fluid in her depths until it pulsed out of her from around me with each orgasmic contraction.
I came and came spanking her and cumming inside her until finally I felt myself begin to soften.
She was gasping and moaning but quietly now.
I pulled from her ass and watched the flood of cum run from her gaping hole.
My trembling thighs collapsed and I fell against her.
The eunuchs stepped forward to untie her but I waved them away.
She had been such a brave, needy girl.
I would do this simple act of servitude to show her I honored her.
And treasured her.
My large fingers untied the knots and I rubbed her arms to help the blood flow freely.
Pulling her against me I cradled her trembling body against mine whispering soothing words of appreciation and amazement.
With a gesture from my hand the rest of my harem disappeared silently and efficiently.
I did not need them to see this interaction between her and I.
At long last her trembling stopped and I eased up on my elbow and peered around at her beautiful countenance.
She slept peacefully, her normal tenseness no longer apparent.
I wondered at her past.
She was obviously skilled in erotic arts but how.
And how did she come to me? Curiosity stirred and I idly wondered if it would be best to let it lie unfulfilled.
For now, I curled in close to her warmth and let my eyes drift shut.
My cock already twitching and dreaming what treats were in store for it when we both awoke next to my sinfully sexy, sinfully soft and fiery harem girl.



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