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Latest stories Straight Sex My Best Friend’s Girlfriend: Chapter Two

BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP “Shit,” I exclaimed, “the fire alarm!” Katherine and I had been locked in a passionate kiss when the alarm sounded, meaning my decision was to be delayed.
Everybody had to pile out of their blocks immediately.
For a moment, Kath and I looked into each others eyes.
In her piercing blue eyes, I could see what I thought to be love and longing, but also sadness.
I know that in mine, she would have seen the same.
We hastily put our clothes back on, which had already been discarded in our passion, and without saying a word, we headed out to wait for the all-clear to go back inside.
Outside in the sunshine, Katherine seemed to sparkle.
She truly was a beautiful woman.
We stood only slightly apart, but she suddenly seemed miles away from me.
Was she having second thoughts? Was I, for that matter? We had both shown each other our true feelings, yet we knew it wasn’t right to act on them; at least not yet.
She glanced over at me, a mix of emotions on her face.
I opened my mouth as if to say something, then closed it again a couple of seconds later.
Nothing would come.
I just couldn’t think of anything.
She frowned and turned away again.
A couple of minutes later, the accommodation officer came out of the building saying, “Flat 6 burnt their bacon and set the smoke alarm off!” As everyone began walking back in, I looked towards Katherine as if to say, “What now?” But there was no response as she turned left to go off to her flat, so I turned around and started the walk back to my own block.
What would have happened if Flat 6 hadn’t burnt that bloody bacon? I asked myself.
In fact, would I have even wanted to know what might have happened? Yes, one part of my brain told me.
After all, I did love her unconditionally.
But then, the other half said no.
How could I betray my best friend like that? I had a huge decision to make, and I decided I was glad for Katherine’s choice to give us both space.
Space to really think.
I didn’t sleep easily that night.
Thoughts of that minute of passion plagued my mind with overwhelming feelings of guilt.
The problem was, that was what I wanted.
I wanted Katherine.
No matter how much I knew it was wrong, I wanted Katherine to be mine to love and hold.
In the morning, Katherine did not come and knock on my door to walk to uni.
In fact, she wasn’t even in any of the lectures that day.
She must have been feeling pretty rough, as she never missed lectures.
I resigned myself to making the first move to talk that evening.
While I walked towards Katherine’s flat, I pondered what I would say to her.
I think I had to return her statement of love.
Because I did love her.
She needed to hear that I loved her back, more than anything else in the universe.
When I knocked on her door there was a very slight shuffling sound, then silence.
I knocked again; still silence.
Katherine? Are you in there?” “Tom, I don’t think I can see you right now.
” Her response stunned me.
I knew she would be reserved, but she had never outright rejected me like this before.
“Look, Kath, I understand how you’re feeling.
I feel the same, trust me.
But I really need to talk to you about it.
” “T.
Tom, I can’t,” she replied.
I could hear her voice beginning to break up on her, and she was starting to cry.
“Kath, please don’t get upset.
It kills me to see or hear you like that.
” “I’m.
sorry, Tom, just leave me for now.
” I was getting desperate.
It had taken so much for me to walk over and knock on her door.
I couldn’t just leave without saying what I came to say.
“Katherine, I.
I love you, too.
I do, Kath.
I love you so much.
I’ve been in love with you for four years now.
I never intended on acting upon it.
But I’ve been spending so much time with you, that it’s crept up on me.
I can’t hold it off any longer.
If this isn’t what you want, tell me to leave and I will.
” Silence ensued for about five minutes.
I waited patiently, as I knew Kath well enough to know she needed time to think over what I had told her.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wow_Kris_Wave Then I heard the click of the door, and for the second night in a row, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world, with puffy red eyes and tears staining her cheeks.
Although this time, she was smiling slightly.
My gaze caught hers.
I walked confidently forward, and picked her up into my arms.
She wrapped her legs around me, and began to kiss and nuzzle my neck.
“Katherine, I love you,” I whispered.
“I love you too, Tom,” she replied breathlessly.
Then I returned the kisses up her neck, and across her face to her mouth, whilst walking forwards towards the wall, closing the door with my foot as I went.
As I reached the wall and pinned her against it, she began moaning into my mouth as her hands explored my muscular back.
My own hands began working on removing her bra, whilst our mouths were still locked in embrace.
After successfully undoing her bra and letting it fall to the floor, I began working my hands in slow patterns up her stomach, and up to her 36C breasts.
Her nipples began to harden under my light pinches, and her moaning became louder.
She began to fumble with my belt, but I stopped her, and released her from my mouth’s hold.
“No, Kath, let me make you feel good.
Don’t worry about me.
I’m going to show you how much I love you,” I whispered.
She immediately released my belt, and returned to stroking my naked chest.
I hastily removed her top, and with my mouth, I planted kisses down her neck and on her chest, until I reached her right nipple.
I stopped momentarily to admire the sheer beauty of her, before taking the light pink nipple into my mouth, and teasing it slowly with my tongue.
Meanwhile, my right hand slipped downwards and underneath her skirt.
Whilst I continued my onslaught of her nipples, I slowly traced my index finger up her thigh towards her clitoris.
I could feel her wetness beginning to seep through the cotton panties.
My finger finally came to rest against her button as she let out a loud moan.
“Ohh, yes, Tom! Rub my clit.
” I stole a glance upwards and was treated to a sight I have dreamed of for years.
Her face was contorted in pleasure, her eyes screwed shut, and her mouth agape.
I proceeded to slowly rub her clitoris through her panties, whilst switching the focus of my tongue to her left nipple.
Her moans grew louder and louder as I relentlessly stroked her clit.
I decided it was time to make her scream.
I stopped stroking her, and heard her groan.
I quickly moved to pull her panties down her legs to the floor.
As I moved my hand back up her legs, I stroked the inside of her thighs and felt wetness down to her knee.
I smiled with satisfaction.
I reached her swollen lips, and my middle finger easily slipped inside her soaking wet pussy.
“Ohhhh yessss, right there, Tom,” she said, as I reached the place where I knew her G-spot would lie.
I started a steady rhythm, making sure to hit that spot every time my finger went back in.
I decided to go for maximum pleasure as I moved my thumb over her clitoris.
Every time my finger penetrated her, my thumb would rub her there.
It didn’t take much of this to have her moaning louder and louder.
” she managed to utter.
going to.
CUM!” And with the last word, she screamed out loud in ecstasy.
I felt a gush of liquid erupt from her pussy over my hand, drenching the carpet below.
With that, she let out a whimper and collapsed into my arms.
I slowly moved us down to the carpet, and pulled her close to me.
“I love you, Katherine.
You are the most amazing girl on the planet,” I whispered into her ear.
And with that, she drifted off to sleep, leaving me in absolute wonder at what had just happened.
I had only ever had one other girlfriend, but she had never produced so much cum.
It felt amazing, and ignoring the raging hard-on I now had, I pulled a blanket over us, and fell asleep as well.



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