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“This is the last time I go camping, I swear,” Toby grumbled as he hiked through the thick undergrowth around his legs.
His weekend hadn’t been going quite the way he had intended.
It all started early Friday morning upon arriving at his girlfriend Martha’s house, where he found her cooking breakfast for his friend Paul.
The three of them and Paul’s fiance had been planning this camping trip for weeks.
Needless to say, Toby was shocked and furious.
His first reaction was to kill Paul.
Or call Natalie, Paul’s fiance.
But when Natalie walked out of Martha’s bedroom in a towel, Toby just bailed.
So now here he was, in the middle of the woods, traipsing through the underbrush looking for somewhere to make camp.
He’d been so mad the whole way there, he’d trekked far out into the woods and had lost track of where he’d left his car.
“And to think, I was gonna’ ask her to move in with me!” he growled.
“And of course I forgot my bloody compass in the car.
” Toby kicked a nearby log in frustration.
“And now the sun’s going down.
” Just as he was cursing his fate, he heard something.
It almost sounded like screaming, only smaller somehow.
But there was no such thing as a “small” sound, right? Still, Toby followed the sound.
He eventually came to the source of the sound.
But whatever it was, he couldn’t seem to find it.
Instead he walked around in circles in a small area, looking up at the trees and all around him.
Finally he stopped and sat, lifting his canteen to his lips to drink some water when he heard the mysterious sound speak.
A tiny voice said, “Help me.
” Naturally, Toby jumped to his feet, his head swinging from side to side, looking for the source of the voice.
Kneeling down, he looked under the bush behind him.
Underneath, there was a small hole.
The voice seemed to emanate from there, its plea for help constant.
As he pondered that, a thought occurred to him.
How the hell did I hear a voice that soft.
from half a mile away? “But there couldn’t be anyone in there,” he reasoned aloud.
“It’s a hole in the ground.
” “I’m in here!” the voice called again.
“Please, someone help me!” “What the-?” Toby thought he must have been losing his mind, but reached into the hole anyway.
Something met his fingers.
He flinched, thinking it was some kind of animal about to bite him, but the grip on his fingers didn’t feel like teeth.
Slowly, Toby extracted his hand from the hole, the something held carefully in his hand.
When he was able to see what he’d pulled out, what he found was a tiny woman sitting in his hand.
A tiny woman with wings! His jaw dropped.
“Wha-?” Toby was speechless.
“Thank you so much! I didn’t think anyone heard my call!” the woman exclaimed.
She had a soft, musical voice.
“To be honest, I didn’t think humans could even hear a fairy’s cry for help.
I thought I’d have to wait until dark for a raccoon to come and help me.
I tried the squirrels nearby, but they’re so scatterbrained, all they can think about is nuts and-” “Woah, woah, woah!” Toby said, cutting off her rambling.
“Fairy? You’re.
a fairy?” He felt rather silly as soon as he’d said it.
After all, she was a woman with wings no more than four inches tall.
“Well of course I’m a fairy.
” She laughed and attempted to stand.
“Ough!” she fell back down, one of her wings bent at a strange angle.
“But,” her voice cracked, “I think I broke my wing.
I can’t fly and it hurts so bad.
” “Oh,” Toby mumbled, trying to think if there were any way to splint something so small and fragile.
“Uh, is there any way I can help?” “Huh?” She looked up at him.
“You’ve already helped me so much.
My bird friends couldn’t reach me in there, but now they can just fly me home where I can heal.
I don’t want to inconvenience you any further.
” “It’s no problem,” he replied, his brain in a sort of shock-induced numbness.
“So, where do you need to get,” he asked tentatively, adding “Miss.
?” “Oh, sorry.
I’m Rianabella.
But my friends just call me Riana.
Family name,” she shrugged.
Riana winced immediately afterward.
“Ow!” “You need to sit still,” Toby told her.
“Tell me where to go.
” “That way.
” Riana pointed away from the clearing they were in.
Toby nodded and started walking, cradling the injured fairy in his hands.
“So what’s your name?” she asked after a few minutes of silence.
“Toby,” he replied.
“Well, Tobias, but you can call me Toby.
” “So Toby,” Riana began, “why are you way out here all alone? You seem kind of upset.
You hide it well, but there’s definitely something bothering you.
I can tell.
” Toby looked down at her, noticing for the first time Riana’s beautiful brown eyes.
There was a moment’s hesitation, but he decided to trust the fairy and told her his sad story.
By the time he had finished, they had reached a small stream which curved its way through the forest.
“I’m so sorry, hun,” Riana told him, giving his thumb a one-armed hug and patting his palm gently with her other hand.
“She doesn’t deserve a nice guy like you.
I’ve never met a human like you before.
Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever properly met any human before you,” she added with a laugh.
“Most of them are horrible, though.
Killing my friends and destroying the earth.
” “Oh, I agree with you on that last part,” he said.
“I’m in environmental law.
I actually just won a big case against some logging company to stop them from chopping down this forest.
I used to come here as a kid and there’s a subspecies of woodpeckers here I made sure people found out about.
Now the whole place is protected.
Two hundred and fifty square miles.
That’s why we were coming out here.
To celebrate the big win.
” Riana stared up at him.
“I have no idea what most of that meant, but are you saying that you fought other humans to protect nature? This forest?” “Well, not in a physical, knock-down, drag-out kind of fight, but yeah, something like that.
That’s what I do.
Just about bankrupted another company six months ago for polluting a lake across the state, too.
It’s kind of my job.
The money’s lousy, but you can’t eat or breathe money, right?” He shrugged nonchalantly.
She just stared at him, mouth slightly open.
Toby couldn’t help but notice her full lips and smooth, tanned skin.
“Um, you’re staring at me like I just cured cancer or something,” he mumbled.
He’d never been used to accolades or praise other than the typical “job well done”.
Even at work, where his coworkers considered him a hero, he just shrugged it off.
But the way this fairy was looking at him was a look of adoration.
“Thank you,” she whispered.
“Thank you so much, Toby.
” Riana hugged his thumb again, laying her face against it.
When he felt moisture on his thumb, Toby realized she was crying.
“Wha-what’s wrong, Riana? Is it your wing? Where am I going, anyway? Is it much farther? It’ll be okay.
” He was rambling, obviously afraid her injury was getting worse.
“No, no.
I’m just.
I’m happy, Toby.
” Riana smiled up at him and wiped her cheeks.
“You saved my home and I didn’t even know you.
You’re a hero!” “Pssh, no.
Me? Naah.
I was just ah.
doing what needed to be done.
Those guys are monsters.
” Toby was blushing now.
It wasn’t exactly everyday a beautiful (and rather scantily clad, he noted) fairy called him a hero.
“It was the right thing to do.
” Riana said nothing for the next several minutes, but her expression was contemplative.
Just when Toby thought he was going to explode from curiosity, she spoke up.
“We’re here!” she announced.
Toby looked around for some kind of structure or cave.
” he began, but Riana was way ahead of him.
She gestured to an area of grass surrounded by a loose ring of white mushrooms.
“A fairy ring?” “Oh, you know about fairy rings?” Riana asked, pleasantly surprised.
“Well, I’ve heard the old folk tales.
You can get snatched away by fairies if you step inside of one, supposedly.
” He paused and looked down at her.
“Um, there isn’t any truth to that, is there?” “Well, we use them to get home.
” she replied.
“To the fairy domain.
It’s here, but hidden from mortal eyes.
” “Oh.
So do I just put you down in the ring, or.
?” Riana shook her head.
“I want you to come with me.
My village should meet you.
” she said with a smile.
“Just step into the circle and leave the rest to me!” Toby did as instructed and stepped over the mushrooms.
Riana waved her hand over her head and something in the air shimmered for a moment, sparkling lights trailing behind her tiny fingers.
A strange feeling of weightlessness came over Toby’s body as though he’d just gone over the top of a roller coaster and gravity hadn’t taken hold yet.
His body tingled then he felt the ground beneath him again.
He opened his eyes and glanced around, not even realizing he’d closed them.
Then Toby’s jaw dropped.
He was standing beneath an enormous tree; something you’d expect to see in the Amazon.
And everywhere he looked, there were fairies.
The man could not believe his eyes.
What happened next was a blur as he met fairy after fairy, all wondering how a human had entered their home.
Riana told them all that Toby had saved her and was her friend.
Several other fairies landed on Toby’s palms and set to work on Riana’s wing.
After only a few minutes, they backed away and Riana stood up, her wing and shoulder completely mended.
With a flutter, she flew right up to Toby’s face and kissed the tip of his nose.
His whole body grew warmer.
And not just because he was blushing.
The strange sensation continued as he felt something change inside him.
Suddenly the ground rushed up toward him and Toby found himself standing at eye level with several fairies.
Fairies standing on the ground.
The tallest of which was probably no more than five inches high.
Then Toby felt the difference in his shoulders.
He had wings! He screamed.
“Wah! You- what- you turned me into a fairy like you!” As someone who had spent his entire life as a human, his shock was natural.
The fairies just laughed.
One spoke up.
“You’re just a spriggen.
We’re sprites.
Different kinds of fairies entirely.
” Toby may not have understood all the finer points, but he did know that he was tiny and that he had wings.
Which meant, at least in theory, he might be able to fly.
  “Can I fly?” he asked, eyes wide.
Riana fluttered down next to him.
“Of course you can.
I’ll help you learn.
” Her smile was warm and kind.
Toby could finally truly take in her appearance now that they were both the same size.
She wore her brown hair short, just shy of a pixie cut, which Toby found immensely amusing but decided to keep to himself.
She had a curvy, voluptuous body, covered only by scraps of material forming a skirt and midriff-revealing tank-top.
It was loose material, but Riana’s breasts were huge! They stood out on her chest, round and proud, seeming to even defy gravity against their weight.
The dark green material she wore was snug over the curve of her bosom, the shapes of her nipples just visible through the fabric.
Riana took his hand in hers and fluttered her wings.
“Come on, Toby.
Just trust your wings.
They know how to fly.
” Together, they both lifted up off the ground, their wings buzzing behind them; but rather than the hum of buzzing, they sounded more like a soft breeze blowing through the leaves.
The beautiful sprite released his hand and flew ahead of him, laughing.
Online Now! Lush Cams Adrian_Rae Not that he was complaining.
Damn, that ass is perfect! Toby thought to himself.
And I thought Martha’s was nice.
He fluttered his wings faster, catching up to her and taking her hand again.
“This is amazing, Riana,” he said, breathless from wonder.
“Thank you so much.
” “Thank you, Toby,” she replied, looking into his blue eyes as they hovered together.
“If it weren’t for you, I might not have made it home.
I could have died out there.
And you saved the forest from those other humans! You’re amazing, Toby.
” Without thinking, Toby pulled Riana close and hugged her tight, making sure to keep his arms from pinning her wings down.
After a moment, they separated.
Riana smiled even wider and said, “You’re a natural at this, Toby.
But come on! I want you to tell the whole village about your fight with those evil humans who wanted to kill the forest!” Toby chuckled as he flew down beside her into the massive tree.
He stopped dead in his flight, however, once he entered the tree.
It was amazing! The architecture inside it was like something out of a fantasy.
Flying buttresses and archways everywhere! Door and windows carved right into the wood.
Everything was illuminated with glowing mushrooms all over the inside of the tree and tiny torches everywhere.
“This place looks like Erebor in a tree!” he exclaimed.
Riana stared at him blankly.
It’s from a movie.
” he explained, embarrassed.
“The Hobbit? Lord of the Rings? Never mind.
This place is amazing, though!” The sprite laughed.
“Come on, Toby.
Over here.
” She lead him to a different part of the tree where she introduced him to the entire village of what must have been over five hundred fairies.
Riana had him recount the story of his “great war” with “the evil humans” to the whole tree.
He made sure to inform them that there were quite a lot of other “good humans” helping him, but it was clear that the sprites in attendance considered him the conquering hero.
Riana’s father, the leader of the village, even knighted him as a “Defender of Nature”.
Toby could not stop smiling.
Finally, he found himself alone on a branch, one leg dangling as he gazed up at the stars.
He wondered again whether he was in a dangerous situation, having been turned into a fairy and all.
Riana sat down next to him.
“You okay, hun?” she asked softly, placing an arm around his shoulders.
“Yeah, I’m just a bit overwhelmed,” he admitted.
“I don’t deserve all that.
” He gestured behind them to the party inside, referring to all the accolades he had received since his arrival and pixie-fication as he was calling it to himself.
“And is this,” he gestured to his spriggen body, “permanent?” “It can be,” Riana replied softly.
“If you want it to be.
You could stay here with us forever.
” Toby looked into Riana’s eyes and could see something he couldn’t quite make out.
But no, he was just in his own head.
Plus he had only discovered Martha’s infidelity earlier that same day.
There was no way he could be falling for this fairy he’d only just met.
“Riana?” he asked slowly.
“Yes?” The two fairies looked into each other’s eyes.
There was a moment of silence.
The silence intensified and neither person spoke.
The next thing Toby knew, Riana’s lips were smashed against his and her tongue was in his mouth, writhing against his own.
Her hands pawed his shoulders, fingernails scratching his bare arms.
Toby’s hands tangled in her hair, pulling her head back so he could kiss her neck.
Riana panted, grabbing handfuls of Toby’s thick hair.
Toby!” Her wings fluttered as her legs quivered.
The sprite couldn’t believe she was actually making out with a human! Toby continued his mouth’s journey over Riana’s neck, kissing and nipping at her soft, tanned flesh.
He knew Riana would have a neck full of hickeys later, but that only spurred him on further.
He wanted every fairy man who’d looked at him sideways for showing up with Riana to know that a human – spriggen – whatever – had been with the most beautiful sprite in the world.
Instincts taking over, Riana climbed onto Toby’s lap and straddled him, grinding her hips down onto his.
She could feel the hard bulge beneath her under the thin, light green material that had replaced Toby’s jeans.
With one swift tug from her hand, the material was yanked out of the way and Toby’s long, hard cock popped up, the tip pressing against Riana’s pelvis, just a breath away from her pussy.
Toby’s hips shifted and suddenly, the head of his cock was slipping between Riana’s drenched labia.
She moaned and held onto his arms tightly as he slowly entered the tightest pussy he’d ever felt.
Riana gasped as she pressed her hips down lower, desperate to have more of his cock.
Holy nymphs, she thought as the thick head pierced her pussy.
The stories about spriggens are true! Finally, they bottomed out and Riana found herself settled fully onto Toby’s member.
She sighed deeply and started to move, sliding up and down Toby’s shaft.
He groaned as he felt her hot, soft pussy clenching around his throbbing manhood.
Riana rode him slowly at first, savoring the feeling of him pulsing deep inside her.
Toby’s hands found Riana’s hips and held on, thrusting up into her now, increasing the tempo of their lovemaking.
Toby fluttered his wings and reversed their position, laying Riana on the branch beneath them so he could drive his cock down into her, angling his thrusts into that most sensitive of areas.
Riana’s nails scratched down Toby’s back and he grinned, pleased that even with this new body, he still knew how to please his lover.
His pace was passionate, but their kisses were tender.
Riana gasped and clung to him tightly.
“Toby,” she whispered in his ear.
I think I love you.
” She moaned again as his lips found hers, his teeth nipping at her bottom lip.
“Riannaa,” he moaned.
Oh God” He could feel it coming and so could she.
Toby’s cock swelled inside her, thickening as his orgasm rushed to the surface.
“Now, Toby,” Riana moaned.
“Please, cum with me!” She threw her head back as her pussy clenched even tighter around him.
With a shriek, her orgasm erupted, her pussy gushing her sweet cum all over Toby’s cock and the branch beneath her.
He brought his lips to hers and kissed her fiercely, moments away from nirvana when he felt one of her hands, which had been squeezing his ass, slip further as she wiggled a fingertip into him.
The newfound sensation startled Toby for just an instant, before it triggered the greatest orgasm of his life! He came like a cannon, firing load after load of hot, sticky cum into Riana’s molten pussy.
Toby’s vision swam as he looked into Riana’s eyes, her smile the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The sound of birds singing woke Toby, blinking in the light of the rising sun.
He was laying on the same branch, Riana curled against his side with a big maple leaf covering them.
He smiled as he remembered the night before and kissed his fairy lover’s forehead.
“I think I love you too, Riana,” he whispered.
Later that day, he bid the fairy village goodbye as he was transported back through the fairy ring.
He stood for a moment, letting himself feel everything he had experienced that weekend.
Wiping a tear from his eye, he started walking back through the woods.
He was saddened by the fact that he couldn’t stay in the fairy village.
But more saddened by the fact that he was leaving Riana behind.
Then, he heard something.
“Toby!” The voice was faint, almost not there.
He paused, listening harder.
He heard the voice again.
“Toby, wait!” He realized that the voice was in his head again.
  He turned around and ran back along the way he’d come, almost running into the tiny sprite flying at breakneck speed toward him.
“Riana!” he exclaimed as the miniscule woman landed on his palm.
“What are you doing here? Your father said I couldn’t stay with you guys because I’m human.
” “I know,” she panted.
Leaning against his thumb, she blew out a breath.
“Gimme’ a minute.
” Toby laughed as Riana caught her breath.
“He said that you couldn’t stay in the village.
” Riana looked up at Toby.
“But he didn’t say anything about staying with me.
” She blushed as her wings twitched nervously.
I meant what I said last night.
I really, really care about you.
And,” she took a deep breath.
“I want to come with you.
” “You, wait, what?” He stared at the pixie, his eyes wide.
“I want to be with you, Toby.
I want to defend the earth like you do.
I promise I won’t be any trouble.
And look!” Stepping off of his hand, Riana shimmered with light, suddenly standing before him as a full-sized woman! Toby gasped.
You’re my size!” He was shocked.
“How did you do that?” “Fairy magic, silly.
” Riana tapped the tip of his nose with her finger.
“So long as I’m with you, I can turn human-size for a while.
She turned around, letting him see her body, still clad in her fairy clothing.
He saw the shape of her wings on her back, like a tattoo.
“How do I look?” Toby smiled.
“You look amazing, Riana.
And I can’t wait to get you home.
” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Riana by his side, Toby was happier than ever.
His work improved (with a little fairy magic to help gather evidence) and he spent every day with her, helping her learn the ropes in the city.
They spent every weekend with the fairies, visiting her family and her fae friends.
Then came the day that there was a knock on Toby’s door.
It was Martha.
“Toby!” The other woman flung her arms around his neck and actually kissed his cheek.
“I’ve missed you these last few months, baby.
I’m so sorry about everything.
Please, will you take me back?” Toby just looked at her.
“I’m a lawyer, Martha,” he reminded her, pushing her back from himself firmly by the shoulders.
“I can tell when people are lying.
So who told you about the raise? I assume that’s why you’re here.
” “Raise?” Martha feigned an expression of innocence.
“What are you talking about, Toby? I didn’t hear anything about a raise.
” Right about then, Riana emerged from the bathroom in her bathrobe.
“Toby? Is somebody-” The two women looked at each other.
There was a moment of silence, then Riana smiled.
“You must be Martha,” she said.
“I’m Riana.
” The sprite crossed the room and put a hand on the door.
“Did you need something?” Martha opened and closed her mouth with a dumbfounded look on her face.
“No? Well, then I guess you were just leaving.
Toby, I was hoping we could break that record today.
” Looking back at the man behind her, she grinned.
“What was it, twelve in a day? Time to try lucky number thirteen, I’d say.
” “Sounds great to me, babe.
” Toby grinned.
“Martha, it was nice seeing you.
” Whatever Martha said next went unheard as Riana closed the door in her face.
Dropping her robe, Riana revealed her beautiful, curvaceous body.
Toby gazed at her hungrily.
He stripped off his shorts and shirt and wrapped his arms around her, pressing skin to skin.
“So,” he chuckled, “lucky number thirteen, eh? Well let’s get started.



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