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Friday had finally arrived, and Peter had the motor home pulled out.
He and Jean were loading their gear to go to the lake for the weekend.
Their friends Gregg and Susan were supposed to call, letting them know they were on their way to their house.
Jean was helping to hook the boat up when her cell phone rang.
She answered, and heard Gregg’s voice.
“Hey, sweet stuff, we are on our way so don’t let your old man leave us behind.
” Jean giggled, telling Peter, “It’s Gregg; they’re on their way and should be here in a bit.
He says don’t run off and leave them.
”   “Well he’d best get here fast, ’cause we’re ready to roll – tell him to be sure Susan is coming or he can stay home.
” Jean relayed that to Gregg, laughing, to which he replied, “Damn, I thought we were going to share you, sweet stuff.
Your old man is a stingy old fart.
Oh well, we just turned the corner so get my hug and kiss ready.
” Before she could reply, their car stopped out front and Gregg came running up to grab Jean in a bear hug, planting a smothering kiss on her lips.
Susan came up and hugged Peter, saying, “Damn, Peter, how are we going to keep them apart the whole weekend?”   “Hell, I don’t know – we might have to put your hubby on a leash outside.
”  Susan laughed, “Guess we could lock them in the motor home while we fish, but if he doesn’t break that lip lock on Jean I might have to put a knowledge bump on his head.
” Gregg finally turned Jean loose.
“Damn, babe, it’s just a little kiss; don’t get yer panties twisted.
” Susan grinned.
“Are you okay, Jean? It looked like he was trying to suck your tongue out!”   “Oh, he’s just being himself, and I knew you would save me, Susan.
” Susan laughed, “Well, when he’s bothering you at least he isn’t chasing the neighbor girls.
” They all loaded into the motor home and Peter pulled out onto the highway for the two hour trip to the lake.
Jean had made iced tea and snacks for all of them.
Gregg sits on the couch and Susan takes the rocking recliner, while Jean is in the passenger seat up front going over her list to make sure there is nothing forgotten.
Jean is a pretty blonde, five-foot four, thirty years old with short hair and deep brown eyes.
About a hundred and thirty pounds with 38-26-34 measurements, a ready smile and a quick wit.
Susan is tall, at five-foot seven, and hundred and forty-five pounds, with shoulder-length brown hair with blonde streaks.
She has blue eyes and an engaging personality, all enhanced by her 34-28-34 measurements.
Gregg is the tallest, at six-foot three and a hundred and ninety pounds, with a bald head and blue eyes.
Peter is five-foot nine and two hundred pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.
The four of them have been best friends for many years, and are very comfortable with each other.
The drive up seems short, and they are soon pulling into the place they usually park .
It’s close to the lake proper, and the river that feeds the lake runs close by.
They fish mostly in the river, taking the small boat to set lines to fish from at night.
They quickly level the motor home, hooking up water lines and electrical plugin, and put the boat in the water.
Jean and Susan went to find wood for a campfire later, while Peter and Gregg got out lines to set, poles, and bait.
They loaded the boat and went up the slow-moving river, setting lines along about a half mile stretch.
Arriving back at the campsite they pulled the boat in and lowered the awning on the motor home, while Jean and Susan are inside fixing sandwiches and tea and coffee.
They soon have the fire going brightly, and there are hotdogs and marshmallows for whoever wants them.
By now the girls have changed into shorts and halter tops and are chatting back and forth, yelling at the guys to hurry up and eat so they can all fish.
Darkness has fallen and lines are checked and baited for the night.
All are sitting around the fire.
Fishing is slow, so poles are set in pole holders and will be checked later.
Gregg said, “I make the motion we go inside and play strip poker.
” Jean laughs, “No way, ’cause you always cheat.
” “Yeah, but you like for me to cheat so you can see me without my clothes on.
” Susan giggles,”If I remember right, Peter and Gregg wound up naked last time and all we had to show were our boobies.
” “Seems to me I was the only one not cheating last time,” said Peter, with raised eyebrows.
For such a glaring misstatement he is pelted with marshmallows and they all went in to play cards.
It was close to midnight when the card game finished, and the smiling men watched as the girls put their clothes back on.
Gregg laughed, “Damn, Peter – we should have confiscated their clothes!” Jean said, “You wish, mister smart ass; just for that you get to make the bed up for you and Susan.
” “Susan?” he yelped, “hell, I thought you were sleeping with me, Jean, so I could show you what you’ve been missing.
” Grinning, Jean tossed a pillow at him, “If I remember right, five minutes and you were finished the last time, so I’ll have to pass, Mister Studly.
” Peter tells them he is setting the alarm for two hours, to go check and bait the lines and take off fish that are caught.
Susan laughed, “Hell, you’ll never get Gregg up, ’cause he went to work at four this morning.
Wake me up, Peter, and I’ll go with you – as long as I don’t have to touch the fish.
” “Whoever wants to go, all you will need to do is hold the light for me.
It won’t take more than forty-five minutes.
” Soon they are all sleeping, and the only sound is owls and night birds through the open windows.
Two hours later Peter is up, and as he put on coffee he saw Susan standing up and putting her clothes on.
He whispered, “Coffee will be ready in a few minutes, and I’ll bring you a cup outside.
” They sat in the lawn chairs and drank their coffee.
“Jean woke up and I told her to get some sleep, ’cause this won’t take more than an hour.
I wasn’t sleeping that well anyway.
” “Yeah, I don’t sleep that well out here either, too many critters making noises,” said Susan.
“I don’t think Gregg is asleep either.
They will be screwing as soon as we leave, I betcha.
” A few minutes later they are heading upriver to check lines.
Gregg watched till the boat was out of sight, then, being quiet, he slipped into the back room.
He smiled to himself as he saw Jean sleeping peacefully on her back with arms raised over her head.
It being warm in the coach, she has thrown the sheet off and is sleeping in the nude.
Gregg quietly slipped into the bed and moved next to her.
She moaned sleepily, saying, “You back already, babe? Did we catch anything?” Gregg slid his hand over and rubbed her nipple, and leaned over to take the other in his mouth, sucking and licking it gently.
Jean groaned, pulling his head onto her breast as he sucked harder and slipped his hand down between her thighs, massaging her pussy lips, slowly sliding two fingers into her hot passage and finger fucking her slowly.
He raised up and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth, he slid over on top of her and settled between her thighs.
Suddenly her eyes open, and she saw Gregg in the pale light.
“Gregg, are you crazy? They might come back anytime.
” He kissed her again and she felt his hard, thick cock push slowly into her wet pussy, stretching her, making her groan.
“Ah, god, go slow – you’re stretching me so much.
” He slowed and pulled back, and then eased slowly back in.
Finally he bottomed out and began fucking her slowly with long, gentle thrusts.
Gregg whispered, “Damn, you are even better than the last time! I have been looking forward to this.
” Jean glared at him, “Well, I have been waiting too, but now they will accuse us of getting a head start.
You might get us both shot, you big goofy.
” He laughed, “Well, they won’t shoot us for at least an hour, so lets enjoy it, babe.
” Soon Jean felt her body surrendering to him and a huge orgasm ripped through her; shuddering and groaning, she clawed and scratched his back, crying out, “Oh god yes, yes, yes!” Gregg pushed in deep and held there as his cock pulsed, and jets of warm cum filled her pussy.
Gregg says, “Okay, now we’ll wait for them and pretend that we just started when they get here.
” He started to pull out, but Jean, feeling his huge, thick cock is still hard, said “Not so fast, mister – I’m the one getting screwed here and I’m not finished yet.
” She wrapped her arms around him and locked her legs around his, “Now you keep going till I tell you to stop.
” Gregg, sounded worried, “But what if they come back, Jean?” “Well, you’re on top mister, so you’ll get shot first; now quit whining, ’cause I want to go again.
” Gregg gave up and started pounding into her hard and fast, each thrust eliciting a grunt from her as she thrust up to meet him.
Time was forgotten as they each tried to outlast the other.
Jean was in the midst of orgasm number three just as Gregg filled her hot pussy again.
They were both worn out, and he laid on her, bracing himself on his elbows as his big thick cock softened inside her.
Jean giggled, “Well I’m glad you didn’t wait! Thank you, it was nice.
” Outside, Peter opened the door for Susan when suddenly she stopped and held her finger to her lips for him to be quiet.
Peter was puzzled, and whispered, “What’s wrong?” She looked at him wide-eyed and giggled, “Damn, Peter – I think someone is getting fucked!” They leaned their heads inside, and the unmistakable sound of grunting and moaning could be heard, and voices whispering.
Susan said, “Least they could have done was wait till we got back.
So what shall we do now?” Peter laughed, “Shall we turn the coach over and shoot them as they run out?” Susan snorted, “Dammit, we’re supposed to be mad – now get serious.
” Peter laughed, “Well, seriously, maybe we should just go in and get in the other bed and catch up – ya know, that makes more sense than killing ’em.
” Susan looked up at him and giggled, “Come on, let’s go in and get naked and fuck.
I should go in there and pinch their asses.
” A short time later, Gregg had gone back out to the front bed and discovered Susan and Peter fucking.
Without disturbing them, he quietly went back in to Jean and whispered, “They’re back, and are in the other bed fucking.
” Jean giggled, “Well then, get back in here and get busy, mister.
” Later, as the sun comes up, Jean unwrapped Gregg from around her and went in to start coffee.
She looked over to see Susan watching her, and she grinned and whispered, “I hope you had as much fun as I did.
” Susan giggled, “Well, Peter may not be as big, but he is like the pink rabbit that just keeps on going.
and his tongue is well trained too!” Jean gave her best hurt look.
“I tried to get some oral, but Gregg thinks his dick is supposed to do all the work.
” The giggles woke Peter, and he rolled over, looking up at Jean.
“I thought you guys were too sleepy to go check lines, and we come back and the moans and groans could be heard by the neighbors.
” Jean laughed, “Well, I woke up and Gregg already had me drilled and thrilled, and when he tried to stop and I wouldn’t let him.
Anyway, if you two will get your naked asses up, I’ll fix breakfast.
Susan laughed.
“I have him worn out, so maybe eating will rejuvenate him and we can start over, seeing as how you and Gregg got a head start.
” After a hearty breakfast, they were all sitting under the awning talking about who got to clean the two fish that were caught.
Three sets of eyes focused on Gregg, and he said, “Now hold on just a minute – we need to draw straws to decide this.
” To which Jean replied, “Nope the fish cleaning always goes to the biggest, so you’re it.
” “Well little miss smarty, you seem to like my biggest so maybe you should clean them.
” Peter and Susan watched them banter back and forth and grinned at each other.
Jean giggled.
“Well, Mister Big, if you had only lasted longer then I would clean, but I thought your fence post had been hit by lightning after the first thirty minutes.
” Gregg had to admit defeat on that, so he quietly went to clean fish.
After the fish were cleaned, he grinned wickedly at Jean.
“The fence post survived the lightning strike – would you like to try again?” Susan saved Jean, saying, “Nope, big boy, we are all going to hike around the lake.
Maybe if you can still breathe when we get back, which I doubt, then you can beg some more.
” Greg looked at Peter.
“Are you going to help me out here, or just set there grinning?” Peter laughed, “You dug the hole, now I want to see if you can climb out of it, old buddy – and I have my hiking boots on.
” With water bottles on their belts and snacks in their pouches, they started on the trek around the lake.
The sun was out, and there was hardly any breeze; they are all sweating, and after two hours Gregg was trailing far back.
They found a place under a tree to sit and wait for him to catch up.
Susan giggled, “I knew he wouldn’t make it, he hardly ever walks with me.
I get out and walk at least two miles a night and he watches TV.
” Jean said, “I’ll go rescue him, ’cause I think he drank all his water too.
” “He’ll try to lure you into the woods so he can molest you,” giggled Susan.
Peter, trying to act serious, said, “See if you can carry him piggy-back, Jean”.
Then, thinking about that, he said, “well, maybe not, cause he will just try doing you doggie.
” Sticking her tongue out at them, she walked back to where Gregg was sitting down in the grass.
“Come on babe,” she said, “they are poking fun at you.
I’ll be your heroine and save you.
” She put her hand out for him, and Gregg pulled her down on the grass beside him.
“Ah, my heroine has come to save me, let me kiss you sweet lady, that will give me my strength back.
” Jean squealed and slapped his hands, “Unhand me you brute, or I shall carve you with my dagger.
” Reaching down, she cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed gently, “and rip your balls off, too.
” “Okay, okay – I surrender! Read me my rights and release my balls, you cruel woman.
” Jean rolled off of him, laughing, and looked up.
Peter and Susan were both admonishing her, reminding her that they’d tried to warn her.
Gregg finally got on his feet.
“Well enough of this walking crap, I’m going back to camp and soothe my ruptured feelings.
” Susan giggled, “Okay, but Peter and I are going to go around the lake; if your heroine Jean is going with you then you are both elected to fix supper.
” Peter said, “When we get back and have supper, Gregg, if you’re able to walk by then, you and I will go reset lines again.
” Gregg and Jean started back to camp and she pinched Gregg on the ass, “Okay, babe, let’s get going ’cause I want you to wash my back in the shower before we start cooking.
” It’s almost three hours later when Peter and Susan return to camp.
There are no signs of anyone except the charcoal cooker was smoking.
Susan looked at Peter, “I have a bad feeling, Peter, that supper is not going to be good.
” Peter walked over and lifted the lid off the cooker; the fish fillets are burned to a crisp.
He groaned, “Damn, I guess they don’t get any food tonight.
Wonder where they are,” he laughed, “as if we can’t guess.
” Susan opened the door to the motor home, and the moans and squeals were heard plainly from within; she climbed inside and, getting a glass of ice water, she stepped back to the rear bedroom and tossed it on the moaning, groaning naked pair.
Screams and yells were heard from within, and Susan emerged laughing, “Well, Peter, we will have hotdogs and potato salad and baked beans and they can eat whats left of the fish.
” Peter laughed, “Damn, I wish we had pictures of them when the ice water landed on them!” A few minutes later, two red-faced people came out of the coach.
Gregg said, “That was a mean trick, Susan, I was just reading a story to Jean while we were on the bed.
” Susan giggled, “Sure, and your clothes fell off all by themselves, didn’t they?” Jean tried her hand at explaining, “Actually a big old wasp flew in there and Gregg jumped on top to protect me and it was an accident that made him slide right in.
So we were just making the best of a bad situation.
” Susan and Peter burst out laughing, shaking their heads.
Later, Peter and Gregg went up the river to reset lines and the two girls sat by the fire and giggled and laughed, relating the events that took place.
Jean looked at Susan, “Surely you don’t think I believe it took three hours to walk the rest of the way around the lake.
” “Well, a huge snake slithered out in front of us and scared us right out of our clothes, so Peter sat me up on a picnic table and he ah.
well, to be blunt he fucked me for almost an hour, and I let him.
” Jean squealed, “Damn, girl – and you threw water on us! I told Gregg we were going to get caught again, but he fucked me in the shower and then again in the bed.
But it was worth it.
You two are crazy, what if the patrol guy had caught you?” Susan giggled, “Well, he might have got lucky too.
I could tell Peter was getting hungry ’cause he left bite marks on both my boobs and a couple on the inside of my thighs.
I let him munch all he wanted then pulled him up and put him to work.
” “Damn girl, shut up; you’re getting me all hot and wet again, and they won’t be back for hours.
” Susan laughed, “I guess we could always try girl on girl.
” Jean coughed, “No, we’ll go find the trooper; I’m sure he would like to help out two maids in distress.
” The girls decide to go in and change into shorts and halter tops, and on coming back out, stop in amazement with their mouths open.
There, pulled into their clearing, sat a white patrol car with antennas swishing and wiggling.
Jean looked at Susan, “Holy shit, did you call him on your cell?” Susan burst out laughing, “No, but damn he is a cutey.
” The officer stepped out with a brisk, “Good evening, ladies; I’m Neal Bradford, deputy sheriff of Crawford county, just doing the usual lake patrol.
Are you by yourselves?” Jean said, “No, our husbands are up the river fishing and we are.
” Jean stopped as she turned and saw Susan was topless, “.
well we are guarding the fort.
” She giggled as the officer stared open-mouthed at Susan’s bare breasts.
Online Now! Lush Cams SlimPleasure He finally got his voice back and said, “Ma’am, you really shouldn’t be outside like that.
” Susan put on her best innocent look, “But Captain, it’s so hot and my poor little boobies were sweating.
Are you going to arrest me, Captain?” “Well, no I wouldn’t do that, seeing as how there aren’t any other campers around.
” Susan ran to him and pulled on his arm, “Oh goodie – then come on and sit down and have a cup of coffee with us.
Jean, take your top off, the captain said it’s okay.
” Jean said, “Well, as long as it’s okay with him,” she reached up and slipped her halter top off, letting her big breasts loose.
Susan sat the officer down in a lawn chair and Jean rushed to bring him a hot cup of coffee.
He started to talk, but Susan was fluttering around him and his eyes were glued to her breasts.
Jean stood near him, and touched his arm.
“Wow, this is neat! Have you shot anyone today, or tossed anyone in jail, Cap.
err, is it okay if I call you Neal?” “Well,” he replied proudly, “as a matter of fact, it has been very quiet today, and you ladies are the first I have had contact with.
How long have your husbands been gone?” Jean looked at her watch, “They left just before you got here,” she fibbed.
Susan took the deputy’s hat off and put it on her head, “Okay, Captain; you’re under arrest, so just sit quietly and we won’t have to hurt you.
” Jean got down on her knees in front of him, resting her elbows on his knees.
She rubbed his hard cock through his pants, saying, “Wow, Neal, is that a flashlight? Nope it isn’t – I can feel your pulse, and it’s so hard.
Hey, Susan, look at this.
” looking up, she saw that Susan had his head tilted back and had her tongue between his lips.
Carefully, she unzipped his pants and reached inside, wrapping her fingers around his hard, thick cock.
Tugging and pulling, she finally got it out, and a shudder went through the officer’s body as she slid her lips down over the thick head.
Susan giggled, “Here Captain, suck on this,” as she pushed a very aroused nipple into his mouth.
The deputy massaged the other breast, and with the other hand he pulled Jean’s lips deeper onto his huge cock.
Jean pulled her head up and said, “Susan, lets take him inside on the bed so we can take the swelling out of his big dick.
Damn, he’s bigger than Gregg!” They each grabbed an arm, and soon have the officer lying on the bed naked.
Jean quickly straddled his hips and guides the head of his hard cock into her hot, wet pussy lips.
She slowly lowered herself down and began fucking him, wiggling her hips back and forth.
Susan straddled his face, and the deputy grabbed her hips and buried his tongue in her pussy, licking and sucking, sliding two fingers into her and licking her slit.
Soon, both girls are cumming, moaning and crying out, their juices flooding over the hapless officer as his body stiffened and he sent jets of warm cum into Jean’s hot, wet pussy.
The girls collapsed onto the bed beside him and wrapped their arms around and over him, telling him how good he is, and that if he has time, they want to rest and then trade places.
The deputy got up saying, “Hell no! Girls, this is crazy – your husbands might come back.
” Susan threw her arms around his neck and told him, “Aww, Captain, if you come back tomorrow we can do it again; we’ll just send them fishing again.
The girls stood naked in the door waving goodbye to the roar of an engine and spewing of gravel, as the deputy decided that he is not coming anywhere close to this area for awhile.
Susan looked at Jean and snickered, “At least we can brag to the guys that the big one didn’t get away!” They turned and headed for the shower, talking about who the next hapless victim might be.
An hour later, the guys came back with a nice stringer of fish.
The girls were sitting out watching the sun go down and feeding the fire.
They were proudly telling their fishing tales when Gregg noticed Susan wearing a sheriff’s deputy hat.
“Okay ladies, where did the hat come from?” he asked.
Jean looked at Susan and giggled, and they both burst out laughing.
Peter turned to Gregg, “I think we’re missing out on something here.
” Susan finally got control and said, “The captain stopped by, and he was in a hurry when he left, and so he.
kinda forgot it.
” Jean looked innocently at them, “And yes, we are hoping he will come back for it tomorrow when you guys have gone fishing again.
” Peter looked at the skid marks from the deputy’s car tires.
“Damn, from the looks of it he left in a damn big hurry.
” Gregg agreed with that, and turned again to Susan, “Okay now the truth; what did you two do to him, and how did you get his hat?” Jean grinned, “You guys were gone an awful long time, and we got kinda lonesome.
” Susan continued, “Yeah, and when he got here we got a little carried away and showed him our boobies, and it kinda escalated from there and we got him in the coach and kinda took advantage of him.
” They looked at each other, and then at their wives, their mouths open wide in shock.
“You mean you actually jumped a sheriff’s deputy? Holy shit, you two will probably go to jail.
” said Gregg.
Peter turned his back to hide his laugh, saying, “Damn, Gregg! Now we’re hooked up with a couple of outlaws!” Susan, still wearing the hat, gave her best sad look with big puppy-dog eyes, “Well, tell you what, guys; when he comes back for his hat, then we’ll get down on our knees and beg his forgiveness.
” Jean, thought hard, said, “No, Susan – I was already on my knees for him.
” Susan looked at her partner in crime.
“Damn, Jean.
Now you didn’t have to tell them that – not yet, anyway.
Honest, guys; we were going to tell you sometime, like maybe tomorrow.
Are you guys upset with us?” Holding her eyes tightly shut, Susan managed to get one small tear to roll down her cheek.
Peter and Gregg walked back towards the boat, and once out of the firelight, the woods resounded with their laughter.
The girls looked at each other, grinning, and Jean commented, “I think they still like us, Susan; we’ll be extra nice to them tonight.
” The girls cleaned the fish and prepared supper while Peter and Gregg walk the short distance to the lake.
They talk quietly about some of their exploits in the past.
Peter said, “Ya know, we can’t get too upset with them for fucking a cop, ’cause we never did tell them that we both got blowjobs at that bachelor party last year.
” Gregg laughed, “Or about the two babes we met at the bowling alley that needed a ride home and then invited us in.
We were late getting home, and luckily Susan and Jean were asleep.
” Peter snorted, “We wouldn’t have been late, except that you pounded that little blonde so hard the bed fell apart.
” Gregg grinned, “Well, that stuff happens when you’ve got a pile driving ass and a big cock.
” After they had finished supper they sat around the fire talking, and Peter told them that he would check lines again around midnight.
Gregg complained that he was really tired and would rather sleep.
Susan looked at him, “Yeah, right – you just want to sneak in on Jean again.
So what we can do is, Peter and I will sleep together and we’ll check lines, and that way you two can get an early start.
” Jean laughed, “Alright, Gregg! Come on, babe, lets start now – oh, and Susan? No fair tossing ice water on us again.
” Susan turned to Peter, pulling on his arm, “No need to set an alarm, Peter, because we’ll be busy ’til midnight.
” After wearing themselves out with sex, Peter and Susan hold each other while catching their breath.
Peter whispered, “Susan, did you two really fuck the deputy?” Susan giggled, “I was on his tongue, and he was driving me nuts.
Jean was on top, fucking him, and was having a good time.
We got him off and we were going to trade places, but he jumped up and ran out, jumped in his car, and left.
Jean said he was even bigger than Gregg,” she stuck her bottom lip out, pouting, “and I wanted to fuck him too.
Anyway, if he comes back I get his cock and Jean gets his tongue.
” Peter groaned, “Okay, and what are me and Gregg supposed to do, watch?” Susan laughed, “No, you guys have to go fishing again.
” They both laughed and realized they weren’t going to go to sleep, so they got up to dress and go check lines.
The next morning they were having breakfast outside, talking and laughing.
They all turned to look upon hearing a car pulling in, and fall silent as the patrol car comes to a halt.
Deputy Neal gets out, grinning, and Susan starts to get up, “Hi Captain; its good to see you again.
” She is cut short when the passenger door opens and a woman deputy steps out, looking seriously at Susan.
She walked to the table, “Good morning, folks.
I’m Linda Myers, watch commander for the sheriff patrol.
Which one of you ladies is Susan.
” Susan swallowed hard.
“I’m Susan, ma’am.
” she looks at Jean, and then at deputy Neal, who is trying hard to keep from laughing.
Deputy Myers looked at her, and then at deputy Neal.
“Captain, do you mean to tell me you let this little lady beat you up and steal your hat?” Susan coughed, startled.
“Beat him up? We didn’t beat him up, did we Jean?” Jean walked over to stand by her friend, “Hell no, we didn’t beat him up; he was about to pass out from the heat, so we dragged him in the coach to give him first aid.
” Deputy Linda looked sternly at her deputy, “Is that true, Neal?” “Well ma’am, it was their fault that I got too hot, and when I came out of it then Susan stole my hat.
” “No way, ma’am; can I call you Linda?” Linda grinned and told them sure they can, and then walked to the table and laid her head down, laughing, looking at Peter and Gregg.
“Is it okay if I sit down with you guys? I think we may have several loonies on our hands here.
” Gregg and Peter both have tears streaming down their faces from laughing.
Finally, Peter said, “Ma’am, if they give his hat back are you going to arrest them?” Linda laughed, “If I arrest them then I have to arrest Neal too – so what do you say, Neal; do we haul ’em in?” Susan turned and reached inside the coach, bringing the hat out.
She handed it to deputy Neal, grinning.
“We weren’t going to keep it, we just thought he might come back for some more first aid – and after all, it was his fault he got too hot, because he told us we could take our tops off.
” Linda grinned.
“How long are you folks going to be here?” Gregg grinned back at her.
“We were going to leave in the morning, but it’s been so much fun that Peter and I are calling in and taking three more days off.
” Linda winked at him, “Good, because I will probably come back later to interrogate you two guys, seeing as you were the ones who brought these two wild women out here.
” She turned to get back in the patrol car.
“Come on, Neal, you big sissy.
” And with that they pulled out, and Susan and Jean looked at each other.
Susan said, “Well damn, now you guys are probably going to get screwed – but if you think we are going fishing while you do, you’re full of shit.
” Peter looked at Gregg.
“Did you ever fuck a cop, and do you think she’ll really come back? That lady was stacked! She can interrogate me anytime.
” Jean looked at Susan grinning, “Maybe she will bring Neal with her as a backup – and if she does, Susan and I get the bed and you guys can fuck her on the couch.
” Gregg laughed, “Hey, Peter, maybe we should wear these gals out to where they would be too tired to fuck.
” Susan punched him on the arm.
“Nope, sorry guys, but you don’t get any till she comes back; isn’t that right, Jean?” Giggling, Jean blushed, “Damn, Susan! That’s like cutting our own throat.
That’s why we come out here, is to fuck them senseless before we take them home.
Oh, and while I’m thinking – Susan, Peter said last night he done you doggie in the boat and you about turned the boat over.
” Red faced, Susan blurted out, “That dumb boat isn’t exactly an aircraft carrier, and mister wild man missed the target and rammed my butt! I guess I did get a little wild.
” With tummies sore from laughing, they donned swimming suits and walked to the lake to swim before having lunch.
Shrieking and screaming as they swam and played in the cool water, they finally head back to have lunch.
Inside the coach, changing out of swim wear, they took showers to rinse off.
Greg and Jean were in the shower when a sharp scream rips through the coach.
Susan jumped and yelled,” Gregg what are you doing to her?” Silence prevailed for a short time, and then they heard Jean say, “Ah damn, babe, that’s deep enough; you damn big bull, you about ripped me in half.
” Susan stood outside the shower tub, “What’s he doing to you, Jean?” Silence, and then, weakly, “He has me up against the wall and I can’t touch the floor – and shit, it feels so good!” Susan grinned at Peter, “Calm down, big boy, we’re next.
” Later in the evening, they had a fire going and were roasting hotdo



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