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I like sex.
I refer to making love as an art.
Can’t even figure out the right words to describe that feeling when I orgasm.
Its like mixture of best pleasure emotions blended together, some sort of a tickle and overload of happiness.
It will make your body shake, lose control over yourself and doesn’t leave you completely breathless.
It can be recognized as the best feeling ever a girl can have.
I love writing about it.
That way I can send my thoughts, through lush to far off countries, destinations and places where they are far more required to be enriched and blended with their own experiences, feelings, sensations and emotions than just staying in my mind.
Let me share with you about my trip to Spain.
That was last year and I had the time of my life enjoying it.
I needed some time off, walk away from the world and the people I know.
Distance myself for a while.
It was hot, usual for summer days like sunny as today.
I was at the beach, using the sun as much as possible to tan myself.
The beach I went to wasn’t very crowded, because I wanted to take my top off to avoid any tan lines.
And that was when I saw HIM.
He just got out of the sea swimming.
He was all wet and dark skinned.
His body looked like he downloaded it from some porn site.
I think I got all wet just by merely looking at his perfect abs.
He looked too hot to be real.
He caught me starring at him and returned me a smile.
He reached out for my hand and by the gesture; he invited me to swim together.
He introduced himself in Spanish but I had no idea what he was saying.
He lifted me up and carried me up to sea.
It wasn’t too deep when he let me go off him.
I turned around grabbing his waist around with my legs and putting my arms around his shoulders.
He asked me if he could kiss me.
While waiting for my answer his hand was sliding down my back and next thing I know he was rubbing my back and squeezing my ass.
He pulled out his dick and pulled my bikini bottom aside and started rubbing his hard dick against my pussy.
I got off him and started swimming away.
He shouted my name as I walked away.
I turned around and found him behind me saying things I didn’t really understand.
He pointed to a hotel saying he works there.
I understood that part.
I really wanted to see him again, thinking we just got off to a bad start.
Next morning I went out to do some shopping.
I was passing by that very hotel, I decided to walk in and just say hello.
I went in and looked around.
I walked by to a man asking him if he knows the guy I’m looking for.
He called him for me.
He seemed so surprised to see me; he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Said he had to go, but he wrote down his number on the back of my hand and asked me to call him later.
He promised to show me around.
It was late at night when I decided to message him, there was no point calling him as we did not understand each other even if we tried to explain for hours except through the language of our body or signs.
I took a shower and put on a short black dress with low cut back and no bra underneath.
He was waiting for me outside.
We took a long walk around the city, holding each other’s hands, had a very romantic dinner on the beach.
Our walk ended in his apartment.
When arrived at his apartment we both were half drunk.
He was holding on to me, helping me out to regain my balance as I tried to take my heels off.
Pressing hard on my ass while supporting me to take my heels off.
I remember laughing out loud for no reason and he was acting silly.
Online Now! Lush Cams Naomi_Hill I fell in love with that smile right there.
Once inside his apartment, he kissed me passionately.
I felt his warm tongue deep inside my mouth.
We started making out.
He continued to kiss me down the neck, taking one string off my dress down my shoulder.
He quickly ran his fingers throughout my sexy curvy body and finally helping me to let the top of my dress slide right down to my hips.
I just stood there enjoying.
Soon as I got into the mood he walked away, played some sexy music and opened a bottle of blueberry liquor and took a sip from it.
He sat down on the couch and watched me strip all of my clothes, leaving nothing on but my high black stockings.
I turned around as I slow danced, taking my time, feeling every inch of my body.
I bend over so he can have a look of my perfect round ass.
I started pleasing myself and touching myself gently sliding my hands along.
My skin was covered in sweat out of excitement; it felt so soft and smooth.
I turned aside and got down on my knees.
I started crawling up to him, unzipped his pants and I had his dick in my mouth.
He swayed my hairs aside so he can enjoy the view fully.
I picked up speed and he tossed his head back closing his eyes, moaning not so loud.
I am good at giving a head.
I can do a deep throat few times in a row without choking.
I can take it to a real deep throating.
Guy’s love it.
I can make them cum as soon as they start feeling my watering and salivating mouth.
I climbed up to him sitting in his lap, rubbing against his hard dick while kissing him behind the ears.
He lifted me up and left me laying on there, as he got down on me.
Spilling some of the drink on my hot pussy he then went on to lick it off.
He got some in my belly button and licked it off as well, in the process teasing my belly button piercing with his tongue.
I took a sip from the bottle and spit it on to his hard dick and licked it off.
He tied me up to the bed using my panties and started licking me everywhere.
I was in heaven.
He rubbed my pussy as I begged him to get inside me.
He untied me, positioned me with my ass facing his dick and started to go in real slow.
He grabbed on to my head placing his fingers on to the very bottom of my hair pulling it gently.
With his other hand he was guiding his dick in and out, real slow and deep, once at a time.
He massaged my back with strong up and down motions, rubbing on my shinny sweating skin.
He kissed on my back as he entered inside my pussy.
Soon he was on top, fucking me and looking straight into my eyes.
Making love to me like no one did before, slow and passionate.
He caressed me down my neck up to my hairs, holding up my chin and biting on to my lips while kissing me.
He lifted me up and touched my breasts and then he went on to put his hands underneath me and grabbed my ass.
He admired my body and treated me like I was something very special.
His hard dick was sliding inside my wet pussy peaking up a bit of speed.
I now sat in his lap.
We were hugging and making love.
Almost bouncing of his dick making it hard for him to resist the urge to cum.
He came inside me, shooting his dick load his juices inside my warm leaking pussy.
I felt so filled up inside and as I got off I felt some warm sticky cum dripping out of me.
My pussy was so loosened up it couldn’t hold on to it.
We both took a shower.
I spend the night there.
My last night in Spain.
I knew I would never see him again.
I fell asleep in his arms while watching the most beautiful sunrise ever.



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