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Latest stories Straight Sex Her desire is mine (Part II)

I reached out for her and said, “I think we better do something about that, right now.
” She put a hand against my chest.
“Wait,” she breathed at me.
She was really grinding against the bony point of my knee now, her chin lifted and her eyes half closed.
Her hand closed in a fist on my chest, grabbing hold of my shirt.
“Mmmmm-ah, mmmmm-ah,” she started to repeat.
Man, she looked so fucking sexy getting herself off against my leg, I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside her.
But I wasn’t going to let her control this.
I knew that she was going to need me to control it – its what she really wanted.
It’s what I wanted too.
Just as she started to gasp as she rode me, I took my knee away and she gasped and fell against me, disappointment flooding her face.
“What the fuck? I was so close!” she said, her hands shaking.
“I’m the one who decides when you cum tonight Jess – not you,” I said as I pulled her in between my splayed legs.
“I don’t want you wearing yourself out before I’ve had my fill…” She humphed but pressed against me, her eyes still locked on me.
I was gently caressing the back of her legs beneath her dress and as she leaned in to kiss me again hungrily, I trailed my fingers up her legs and pulled the dress with it, caressing her ass.
She sighed into my mouth and snaked one hand down to feel my once again throbbing shaft through my shorts.
I broke our kiss and looked at her.
”Go and get your vibrator,” I said.
She looked at me quizzically with a half smile.
“How do you know if I have a vibrator? Maybe I don’t.
” She replied, her eyes dancing.
“Of course you do,” I said, bringing one hand up and brushing my thumb across a rock hard nipple under her dress as she clenched her jaw.
“I’ve pictured you using it many times in my mind, so I’m sure you have one.
” She leaned in again to me and gripped me through my shorts a little tighter and breathed into my mouth, millimetres away, snaking her tongue out and licking my top lip.
“But it’s not the vibrator I want inside me babe, it’s this magnificent cock of yours.
” I moved my arms up and gripped her and pulled her back gently.
“And you will have that, believe me.
But do you trust me?” I asked as she strained against me, wanting to get back to pressing into my body.
It took a lot of effort on my part not to let her.
“Definitely,” she responded instantly, never breaking eye lock.
“Then go and get it.
” I released her arms and crossed my own with a little half grin.
She smiled back for a minute, and then turned and walked briskly inside.
This gave me a chance to get my breath for a minute.
My own hands were starting to shake with desire, I so wanted to just bury myself inside her.
But I wanted to give her (and myself) an experience to remember forever, as it would probably be the only chance we would ever get.
I took a sip of my drink and she walked back out the door again.
Walked? Hell, she sashayed out that thing like she was a schoolgirl with a new toy.
I could even see in the light the insides of her legs shining from the wetness that her pussy was leaking down her legs.
Damn, I realised I hadn’t even touched her there yet to explore the wet folds of her mound.
That needed to be corrected.
Holding up a bag, she started to say “OK, I got it ju -,” but I interrupted her and strode to her with 2 quick strides and put my finger to her lips.
“Quiet now.
” I said gently but firmly.
I took the bag from her hand and threw it onto the table and in the same motion pushed her back against the back wall of the house.
Her hands started to reach for my shorts again but I grabbed her wrists and pushed them against the wall and pressed myself against her and put my lips almost to hers, brushing them gently as her mouth opened, her lips searching for mine but never quite finding them as I would pull back slightly every time.
I caressed her lips with my tongue at one point and she moaned into my mouth, “Oh, you fucking tease.
” “Keep your hands where I tell you.
No matter what.
OK?” I said looking into her eyes.
She nodded slowly, her breathing deepening.
I released her hands and stood back a little, placing my left hand on the wall above her shoulder.
“Pull your dress up for me.
” She reached around and put her hands on her thighs and brought them up slowly, curling her fingers under the front of the dress and raising it with her hands, slowly revealing the top of her tanned smooth legs and then, ever so enticingly, her lacy white thong which was drenched at the front.
I could smell her, and it was oh so delicious, a sweet musty aroma.
It was taking all of my will power not to just sink into her right there.
She stopped with her hands at waist level in front of her, her wrists resting against her pelvis and the bottom of her dress bunched up in her fingers.
I dropped my right hand to the outside of her thigh and caressed my fingers up and down.
She sighed.
I leaned in again and nuzzled into her ear.
“You loved giving me that little display at the table before didn’t you,” I said, caressing my fingers closer to the insides of her thigh.
“Mmm hmm” she responded, nodding slowly, her breathing quickening.
“You wanted to touch this wet pussy of yours so badly didn’t you?” I asked, tracing my fingers to the edge of her panty line on the inside of her thighs.
She nodded again, her nostrils flaring slightly as my touch came ever so close to what she wanted.
I put both hands down to her panties and ran my fingers along the top of them against her skin on her lower belly, caressing back and forth.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wow_Kris_Wave She groaned and looked at me pleadingly, “Please….
” She whispered.
“Please what?” I asked, leaning in and kissing her neck.
“Please just fucking touch me, take me, fuck me.
” she begged.
I hooked my fingers on both hands on either side of her thong and pulled in both directions as hard as I could.
She gasped as her underwear tore away from her left leg and mostly from her right, leaving them shredded and hanging from her.
” I said as I finished the job on her right leg as she giggled, the sensual moment broken momentarily at the underwear not cooperating by tearing fully.
I grinned at her and finished tearing them through.
I had her attention again as I dragged them slowly out and upwards from between her legs, providing some friction right where she needed it.
“Ohhhh,” she moaned, “Fuuuuuck.
” I tossed the shredded underwear to one side.
“Spread your legs a little.
” I said.
She complied immediately, and I looked down to take in the site of her shaven pussy, a small strip of hair remaining just above it.
It was beautiful, I could see her swollen folds and her thighs and pussy lips were all shining from the wetness that was almost dripping out of her.
She looked so fucking hot standing there with her legs parted, back to he wall and shaking hands holding her dress at waist height, exposing herself to me.
I put one hand against the wall again and leaned in and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth.
She moaned into my mouth and that moan turned into a much more guttural groan as I ran a finger up and down her soaking slit and around her clit.
She pushed her tongue into my mouth feverishly as I did this and then broke our kiss to look skywards and groan through gritted teeth as I pressed a thumb to her clit.
I pushed a finger inside her and she thrust her hips at me, trying to fuck my hand.
Our lips met again as a pushed both of my middle two fingers into her, curling the tips forward to press against her G-spot and started to move my hand back and forth rather than in and out, massaging her clit and the front wall of her pussy against my palm, as my fingers inside her caressed and applied pressure, releasing it and applying it again as my hand went back and forth, faster and faster.
“Shiiiiiit,” she said her legs shaking, looking at me with shock as the sensations flooded her body.
She let go of her dress with one hand to grip my shoulder as her legs started to buckle.
I moved my hand faster and faster, firmer and firmer as her breath came in ragged gasps and her pussy leaked more and more, coating my whole hand and squelching as I moved inside her.
“Holy fuck Garry, I’m gonna….
oh my god….
oh god, oh god oh god oh god OH MY FUCKING GOD!” she said as her pussy contracted hard against my fingers, her legs spasmed and her orgasm hit her hard.
I felt a jet of hot fluid against my hand – she squirted! Oh man, that was so hot, I’ve only ever seen that once before but she just jetted cum against my hand, her back arching as she threw her head back and gripped my arm like she was drowning.
“UUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG” she grunted, her body convulsing and another spray of cum streaming out against my hand and my leg.
She could barely stand and leaned heavily against the walls as her legs continued to convulse as her orgasm continued, finally starting to abate as I slowed my hand down.
I withdrew my fingers slowly as she panted against my shoulder, her chest heaving, her eyes wide and looking at me.
I kept tracing my fingers through her folds gently and smiled at her and winked.
“You seemed to enjoy that.
” I grinned at her.
She shook her head slowly at me.
did you do??? I….
I’ve never……I don’t know what to say….
that was….
” She took a deep breath.
“That was fucking unbelieveable.
No one has ever touched me like that and I’ve never cum like that – and so quickly! And I’ve certainly never….
sprayed everywhere.
I really sorry, I made a mess…” She said looking down at my soaked shorts.
I put my soaked hand under her chin and lifted her face back up.
“Don’t you fucking dare apologise for that – that was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.
” I said, and I pushed my soaked finger into her mouth “Taste how good your pussy is.
” She sucked on my finger, never breaking eye contact.
As I removed my finger, she shook her head again and said “I didn’t think that was possible.
I’ve never cum so hard, let alone spray like that.
That was so fucking good.
” She snuck her hand around behind my head and pulled me to her, kissing me deeply again.
After exploring each others mouth again for a moment, I pulled back.
“That’s just the beginning.
” I said.
“We’ve got a lot more exploring to do yet.
” I pulled her dress up sharply to her chest, exposing her beautiful bra-less B cups, nipples hard and protruding.
I leant in against her, my hard member pushing through my shorts against her sopping pussy and she grunted appreciatively up at me as I pressed and released, pressed and released.
I bent down and sucked one nipple into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue and teeth as she sighed, pushing back against me.
I released her nipple with an audible pop and looked at her.
“It’s time for us to fuck now.
But first, I need to taste you…” and with that I licked my way down her body, and she drew her breath in sharply.
To be continued….



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