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I was sitting at my desk Friday afternoon wondering what I was going to do with my night.
Just then, my phone rang and I looked at the screen to see that it was my friend Macy.
I had known Macy for the past seven years and during that time, we became very good friends.
We are both in our mid-forties, share the same down to earth attitude, and have no problems telling each other things straight out.
Our friendship is good enough that we share all our sexual secrets but not good enough that we ever had done anything sexual together.
“Hey! How are you?” I asked.
“I’m good,” Macy replied.
“What are you doing tonight?” Not wanting to seem lame, I told her that I had a few things lined up but nothing that was set in stone.
“I have a favor to ask,” she said.
“And I have to tell you up front, it’s ummm.
” “What do you mean sexual?” I blurted out almost loud enough for the women outside my office to hear me.
“I’ll explain when you get here.
Can you be at my place around 6:00?” Macy asked.
My mouth suddenly became dry as I felt my heart beating in the veins of my neck.
I tried to answer but nothing came out.
I swallowed and managed to get out a very weak “sure.
” Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit kept racing through my mind.
Where the hell did this come from? I was in a daze for the rest of the afternoon not able to focus on anything.
I couldn’t figure out what she needed from me but the word “sexual” constantly re-entered my thoughts.
Then the end of the day came and I ran to my car and raced to Macy’s.
I stood on her doorstep, heart pounding in my chest and rang the doorbell.
Macy opened the door wearing a skirt and a white button down blouse.
Damn she looked good.
“Come on in and grab a seat,” she told me and then turned and walked into her living room sitting on the couch across from a chair.
I sat down looked at her cleavage and then to her sparkling blue eyes.
“So what’s going on?” I asked her.
She cleared her throat, looked at my bulge and then up to my eyes.
“Let me explain this.
Don’t ask questions, just sit back and listen,” Macy said.
“I have a friend that has been divorced for several years and has just begun dating again.
She really likes this one guy and has gone on several dates with him.
They got a little frisky but just a little touch and feel.
Now he has asked her to go away with her for the weekend and she is pissing herself scared.
” I kept my mouth shut and sat back wondering why she was telling me about her friend.
“She had a very, very vanilla sex life with her husband,” Macy continued.
“He was her high school sweetheart and all they ever did was screw missionary.
She is afraid that if she goes away with this guy, she will lose him because she isn’t good in bed.
” I broke the rule and asked, “Okay, so what does this have to do with me?” She gave me “that” look.
“She asked me if I could teach her things, things that he would like.
I told her I would but I don’t think that using videos or a practice dildo would get the idea across properly.
To be direct, I thought that maybe you could lend us your cock.
” That dryness returned to my mouth.
I just looked at her as my dick began to harden.
I tried to answer but nothing came out.
I swallowed and managed to get out a very weak “sure.
” “Great!” she exclaimed as she jumped up and gave me a hug pressing her DD’s into me making me even harder.
She felt my stiffness on her leg and gave me a little extra rub with her bare thigh.
Macy sat back down and said, “Here’s the rules.
” “My friend, we’ll call her Debbie, doesn’t want to be known so we are going to need to blindfold you.
” “No problem,” I replied thinking in my head (this is going to be awesome!).
“Debbie also doesn’t want you to touch her so I’m going to tie your hands.
” (This is going to be really awesome!).
“And the last thing is that you are just a demonstration tool for us so you will not be allowed to talk to us.
” “Macy, I’d would absolutely love to do this,” I replied surprisingly clear.
“Good, go to the bathroom, get yourself stripped down to your underwear and let me know when you are ready,” Macy said grinning ear to ear.
“What, now?” I exclaimed.
Macy smiled even more.
“Yes, Debbie is here.
I knew you would do this.
” All I could do was laugh.
I went into the bathroom, stripped off my clothes down to my boxers, took a deep breath and said “Ready!” The door opened and Macy walked in.
She looked at my hairy chest and then down to my groin.
I was already at half-mast but her looking right at my crotch made me stiffen a little more.
She walked behind me and placed a blindfold over my eyes.
Never having been blindfolded by a woman before, I became erect and the head of my dick poked out of my boxers.
Macy grabbed my cock and led me out of the room.
She brought me into another room, stopped me and pulled my arms behind my back.
Online Now! Lush Cams TammyBros My cock became fully erect.
Macy gave me a little squeeze and dropped my boxers to the floor.
Once again, she grabbed my cock, led me forward and told me to sit on the edge of the bed.
I sat down and then I heard her open the door.
“Come on in,” I heard Macy say and then heard another set of steps walk toward me.
There I was, fully erect, looking into blackness.
Then Macy spoke up.
“He is already erect so let’s get started.
First let’s start with your hands.
” I felt the two women get on the floor in front of me as they were leaning against my legs.
My head was on overdrive sitting there naked, blindfolded and bound with two women between my legs.
Then I felt a hand on my cock and my balls instantly tightened.
She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began to slide her hand loosely over my cock.
“Don’t just grab it and yank, slide your hand along him, making sure you touch his sweet spot with each stroke.
” Macy continued to slide her hand up and own my cock as she continued.
“It’s also nice to fondle his balls while you stroke him.
Sometimes, grazing your fingertips across his sacs, sometimes squeezing his balls and giving him a little tug.
” Macy demonstrated each act as she explained them to Debbie and then had her try it.
Debbie was tentative as she began and Macy assisted her in her the pressure right.
If anyone has ever wonder how it felt to have two women holding your cock at the same time.
glorious! “Now for blow jobs,” Macy said as my cock became so hard it hurt a little.
Macy nestled between my thighs and took my erection in her hand.
“First begin with licking, she said and then began to run her tongue along my shaft.
When she got to my balls, she tickled the underside with a flicker of her tongue and then sucked my sacks into her mouth.
“You try it, Macy said and then I felt Debbie begin to do the same thing.
She felt different licking my cock and sucking on my balls but no less enjoyable.
Macy said, “That’s good; now take him into your mouth.
” Debbie did as she said and I almost lost it right then.
Macy continued to instruct Debbie how to use her tongue while sucking at the same time.
How to use her hand to stroke my cock as she bobbed her head up and down on my dick.
She then had her learn how to alternate between sucking and licking my cock to keep me from cumming.
Then Macy changed course again.
“Now if you want your man to cum, to have to increase things a little.
You need to take him into your throat.
” I sat there wishing I could see any of this and braced myself for what was to come.
Macy placed her hands on my thighs and lowered her head onto my cock.
She took me all the way into her throat and licked my balls with her tongue.
She than began to bob her head up and down on me, fucking my cock with her face.
Macy sensed I was close and stopped.
“Now you try it.
” Debbie took Macy’s place between my legs and took me into her mouth.
Debbie gagged instantly and began to cough.
She tried again to the same result.
Funny how a girl gagging on a cock can make you feel bigger.
Macy stopped the next attempt saying, “Okay, maybe that will require some more work later, let’s move on.
” She had me stand up and untied my hands.
Then had me lay on the bed on my back as she re-tied my hands.
Then Macy began to explain fucking to Debbie.
“Some things, he will control.
Like if he is fucking you missionary, he will lead and do most of the work.
The same for fucking you from behind.
If he does it right, all you need to do is arch your back and grab the covers!” “But riding him.
” and then I felt the bed depress around me.
Macy climbed on top of me, held my dick steady and lowered herself onto me.
Her warmth surrounded my cock as she continued.
“Riding a man is an art.
You need to use your hips and tits.
” With that, Macy began to roll her hips, sliding her pussy on and off my standing erection.
She continued doing this and began to twist form side to side, as she continued using her hip movement s to glide on my dick.
She lowered her tits to my mouth, I sucked on her nipples, and she continued grinding on me.
Then she stopped.
Without a sound, she got off me and I felt the bed move again as Debbie straddled me.
Her pussy was soaking wet as she lowered herself around me.
Debbie began to try to roll her hips and soon began to get the feel of it.
I felt her tits at my lips and sucked her nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue on her.
Debbie continued fucking me getting more and more into it, moaning as the minutes passed.
She got very vocal and began pounding up and down at a frenzied pace.
She came with an animalistic grunt and I felt her gush splash down on my legs.
She squirted on me and I nearly lost it.
Macy had Debbie turn around and Debbie continued to ride my cock as Macy reached between our legs.
She grabbed my balls and pulled them away from me holding them there as she began to rub Debbie’s clit.
Debbie cam again as Macy encouraged her orgasm.
Then Debbie slumped a little and crawled off me.
I heard them walk to the door, open it and leave.
Right before the door closed, I heard Macy say “My turn next big boy.



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