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As I get out of the shower and wrap myself with the soft fuzzy white towel I think of you.
Your strong hands, how they hold my body, how they tease me.
I think of how you can almost read my mind in the uncanny way you know what I’m in the mood for; soft and romantic or hard and rough, you know when I feel like playing around and when I just want you to fuck me.
So when I came home and found the playful new outfit you had bought me all laid out on the bed I just smiled, and shook my head at how well you know me.
I drop the towel to the floor my fresh body feeling sexy.
I go over to the bed, and sit down on the edge.
Running my hand over the fake leather, I smile to myself.
I pick up the top piece although it could hardly be called a “top” it won’t even cover my entire chest, but I think that was the idea.
I pull my hair to the front watching myself in the mirror that is mounted on the wall across from me.
I position the long black straps over my nipples, and the connecting straps framing the shape of each of them.
I tie it behind my back extra tight, the material automatically sticking to my semi-damp skin, there is a long silky bow directly between my perky tits.
I stand up and put on the gaudy pair of similar looking underwear in which the main cover is a black satin ribbon that just covers my pussy with three separate straps coming from that, the top one is the main one and it goes up, around my hips and down into a thong reaching around and connecting with the bottom of the ribbon’s two smaller straps that hang below, all three of them wrapping around my ass perfectly.
Lastly there are two wrist covers that I barely slip over my hands that are connected by a long red satin ribbon as a shackle of sorts.
I look into the mirror my long straight hair is practically dried by now and it has a sexy wild look too it, it actually works with the outfit.
It is then that I hear you open the door; you don’t say anything you know I will be waiting for you.
I hear you walking through the condo making your way toward me; I can feel my heart beat faster as you grow closer.
As the door opens and you walk through, I turn around facing the door and as you devour my body with your eyes I hear you take in a sharp breath, before a sexy grin spreads across your face.
“It looks even better on you than at the store.
” You walk towards me taking my willing body, your hand on the curve of my back pulling me to you.
Your lips press with mine, your tongue licking softly around my lips and when I inhale, your tongue slips in with mine.
My body is like putty in your hands as soon as you touch me, your lips melt away my brain as your other hand goes down to my ass feeling it and grabbing it in your hand until your fingers travel down the material following the black leather, your hands rub my pussy through the black material.
I moan into your mouth, my way of begging you for your cock.
My hands pull the ribbon taunt around your body, as they wrap around your torso in an embrace.
You break the kiss and I’m left without breath.
I let the ribbon go behind you wrapping my arms over your head and around you, embracing you.
I keep the ribbon behind your neck pulling you closer almost touching then stepping backwards not once taking my eyes off you.
I lead you toward the bed when I run into it and it trips me into falling onto the bed and taking you with me, you land on top of me.
We both pause for a moment but you work your body up mine, gravity rubbing you against me entirely, until your mouth moves to my neck, kissing my skin, nipping my ear lobe, breathing a hot and heavy breath tantalizing my skin, hearing it sends shivers down to my clit and I feel myself getting wet, before you start kissing me passionately giving me a number of light hickeys.
I close my eyes and let the pleasure rub in, your body all over mine.
The heat you give off is starting to warm me up.
I rub my hands up and down your back running further and further each time until I’m squeezing your butt threw your suit pants.
You give a deep inner growl and your hand powerfully runs up my arm forcefully pinning it down to the bed taking the connected arm with it, until you grab both my wrists and pin them down with both hands.
You lean down and kiss me powerfully, controlling my body, leaving me moaning.
With your extra hand you undo your belt and whip it off tossing it across the room, I watch your every movement, you undoing your trousers and pulling your zipper slowly for my enjoyment letting your hard dick slowly fall out at me and bounce, I gasp a little the sight always so pleasing and dirty, you keep my hands held there, as your torso leans down low past my head letting your dick tease my lips.
My mouth is open and I pray for you to just lower your hips a couple inches.
“Tell me how bad you want it.
” You command it from me in your rough sexy voice.
I feel my pussy get even wetter.
“I want you so bad.
Won’t you please let me suck-“ Your dick pushes into my open mouth, I hungrily suck your dick flicking my tongue against the head while I keep sucking trying to make you push in deeper, but you keep moving not letting me suck it hard and deep the way you know I like to, you are teasing me with only half of your cock.
I work as much as I can moving my head up and down as much as I can from this silly angle, groaning and making filthy sounds that you know I’m self conscious of but I know you love.
  You plunge yourself in another inch and I feel it start to touch the back of my throat.
You stop thrusting and let me do all the work bobbing up and down licking up as far as you allow me to reach and then sucking tightly all the way back down.
Online Now! Lush Cams betsxoxoxo I focus on every feeling in my in my mouth sucking it hard bobbing back and forth on it like it would keep me alive.
I feel your precum start to coat my tongue and lips.
It makes me so wet every time, your groans and moans only push me farther.
Little by little you start to loosen your grip on me and I am allowed more leeway, until you stop holding me all together I stop sucking on your dick momentarily as I reverse the situation and have you on your back and I crawl in between your legs your eyes watching me carefully.
Your hand starts to caress the back of my head holding my hair out of my face, until your hands start to control my head moving me exactly how you want it, I let you use me for your pleasure.
You move me faster until I feel you’re ready to cum and you push in me so deep that I’m taking it all in and you’re hot cum bursts down my throat and I swallow it up, I lick off your cock getting every drop, hungry with the passion you ignite in me.
I suck on your cock until it softens in my mouth; I sit up and look at you.
Your eyes are closed with pleasure but your chest heaves up and down, your eyes open slowly and I lick my lips deliberately, wanting to show you how much I enjoyed that, but you already know.
You sit up on your elbows and look at me with a smile, sitting up and pushing me on to my back, again.
You lean over me, holding yourself up only so that your weight isn’t on me fully, you come towards me slowly kissing me on the lips so passionately, that I feel my heart swell, my eyes close and I relax into the mattress.
You move your lips down to my neck, licking down the side in one movement, as I reveal each inch of vulnerable space to you, you move down to my collar bone where your lips trace the outline of the bone softly, down the middle of my torso onto my barely covered chest.
Your lips devour one breast after the other, one hand always playing with the unoccupied breast, making my nipples stand out under the fabric, your tongue circles around them, over the fabric, in a slow tease, until they are so erect you can squeeze them between your lips nipping at them softly.
I groan slowly pushing my chest up to your lips, a willing victim to all of your drawn out torture.
Your hands roughly hold them pushing and playing with them, before grabbing the edge of the fabric and pulling it down, exposing my tender skin.
Your tongue is upon them, licking them and sucking them into your mouth as much as you can, one at a time.
Until my breathing is so frantic and my moaning so evident that you pause and look me up in the eyes.
I whisper “Don’t stop.
” Looking at you straight on, the desire so plain on my face.
” You smirk; it’s what you were waiting for.
You kiss your way down my stomach, licking my belly button, even through you know it makes me squirm, you hold me down.
Finally you reach the finale, I look at you, and the anticipation is electric through my body.
You drag your lips over the fabric of the barley there underwear, hovering over my clit in power over my pleasure.
You take one thigh in each hand and spread my legs, your face the picture of self-control; you descend, pushing your lips into me over top of the fabric, licking over the fabric and kissing my thighs, a loud moan escapes out of me.
Finally you take mercy on me and take off the thong, before resuming your previous position.
You lick all of me, lapping up the wetness, flicking your tongue at the wanting bud, as I cry out in satisfaction.
Your tongue returns to my opening, pushing its way into me as much as it can, again and again, moving up and down.
You’re holding my legs down the entire time as I moan along to your movements.
Your fingers find me and quickly push deep into me, my juices making it easy for you.
You push in and out roughly, while capturing my clit between your lips and rubbing it against your tongue in several different ways, I begin bucking into you, I had lost control of my own body for a while now, but as I grasp your fingers tightly inside me and moan so unaware of anything else, I realize what true happiness can be, I beg for you not to stop as waves of an orgasm flow through me I never want it to stop.
As I relax once again, my body shaking you lick your fingers clean, before licking my pussy from its mess.
My head is in a daze, lolling back and forth, eyes open and closed, I feel content in every way.
Un-aware of your rock hard erection that currently waits at the entrance of my pussy.
You grab me by the waist affording me some warning before thrusting into me with cry’s from the both of us, as you push your way in and out of me, your lips on mine, one of your hands on my chest.
I am consumed by you.
You pause for a moment to push me on to my stomach.
You tell me to get on my knees and I weakly comply.
You take the time to awkwardly maneuver the ribbon behind me, before resuming your assault on my body, but now you hold my body up by my arms, holding the ribbon behind me as you take me from behind, thrusting into me roughly, and pushing yourself in to the hilt.
I am weak and let my head hang, letting you hold me up by the shackle, not that it’s very comfortable, but knowing that your taking a sick pleasure in seeing me like this, which makes me all the more motivated to endure it.
Your breathing grows heavier as you grunt, pushing in to me, as I jerk back and forth with you, my tits swinging.
“I’m going to cum.
” I manage to sputter out.
And with those words you burst in me.
You let my body drop down, collapsing on top of me, still pulsating in and out of me as your seed leaks out of me dirtily, and your gasping breath hot behind my ear.
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