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Latest stories Taboo For the Weekend pt2 – A quiet night

Soonafter John and Kenny finished cleaning up, Lacy returned home.
They all talked for a little bit and decided to go out for dinner.
Conversation around the table is nothing unusual, just small talk between bites.
John can’t help but notice the flirtatious looks Kenny sends his way when Lacy isn’t watching.
He tries his best to avoid her, but it’s too much.
His mind wonders about earlier that afternoon.
He needs to have her again.
The rest of the night is pretty boring.
After dinner the three of them head home and watch TV for a bit.
Lacy is already starting to fall asleep on the couch so she suggests that it be time for bed.
John and Kenny agree and everyone changes into their pajamas and lies down for the night.
However, just as John is about to fall asleep, he hears his phone buzz.
Hey, come out here now.
The text reads, from Kenny.
Making sure Lacy is sound asleep; he creeps out of bed and sneaks out of the bedroom.
He closes the door quietly, and turns around.
His jaw drops as he lays eyes on Kenny, her legs spread and her hand down her panties.
She smiles at him.
“I need more.
” She says to him in a soft, seductive voice.
She lets out a soft moan as she rubs herself.
John smiles at her.
“I was thinking the same thing.
” He says as he kneels down in front of her and pulls her panties to the side.
He pushes her hand away and starts to eat her again.
Just like earlier, her hands find her nipples as pleasure flows over her body.
She pinches and tweaks as John sucks on her little clit.
It isn’t long before Kenny is trying to hold back wild moans, as she grows closer to orgasm.
John smiles and without warning, slides two if his thick fingers into her soaked pussy.
She lets out a gasp as he starts to finger her.
“Shhhh,” he says with a coy smile, “you don’t want to wake your sister, do you?” She shakes her head, but can’t help but moan more at his comment, knowing her sister could wake at any time and see her husband eating his sister-in-law.
“That’s not quite enough,” he says to her as he pulls his fingers out, pulls his face away, and lifts her up.
“I know what can help you.
” He says as he lies on the couch under her in the sixty nine position.
Once more he sucks on her clit and fingers her tight pussy.
Kenny opens her mouth wide, taking John’s ready cock inside and sucking on it softly.
She moans and gasps as John continues to pour pleasure on her.
She takes his cock deeper into her mouth, gaging softly before coming up for air and doing it again.
She sucks harder as she nears an orgasm.
John can feel the contractions on his fingers and slows his pace, keeping her teetering on the edge of a wild orgasm.
He does this a few times, fingering her hard and deep until she’s about to cum all over his fingers, then stopping.
Once he finally decides he will let her orgasm, he adds his pinky into her tight asshole.
Pushing his way in, Kenny lets out a few gasps as her hole is stretched.
John then begins to finger both her holes, hard and fast.
Online Now! Lush Cams MelissaGolden Kenny moans hard on John’s cock and in no time at all, a powerful orgasm hits her.
She keeps John in her mouth as she bucks in pleasure.
Her legs shake as the orgasm slowly subsides, leaving her gasping for air and yearning for more.
She runs her sensitive clit slowly as John gets out from under her.
He watches her, kneeling on the couch, ass in the air.
He strokes his cock, which is covered in her spit.
Both of them know this night isn’t over.
He positions himself behind her, spitting on her slightly stretched out asshole and pressing his head against the opening.
Kenny lets out a soft moan and pushes back against him.
With a little force, his cock starts to slide inside her eager ass.
She buries her face into the couch cushion, letting out soft grunts as he continues to push deeper into her tight ass.
Once he’s half-way inside her, he pulls out slowly, spitting inside her once more, and sliding his cock back inside to stretch her out completely.
She pulls her cheeks apart, taking all of his cock inside her.
Once he’s balls deep inside her ass, he starts to fuck her slow and deep.
Kenny rubs her clit wildly as the pleasure already builds inside her.
John picks up the pace a little, sliding into her stretched asshole with ease.
He can once again feel her contractions as he continues to pick up pace until reaches a moderate speed.
Kenny’s fingers work quickly on her clit as her body starts shaking uncontrollably.
Without even thinking, her hand roams from her clit and her fingers plunge into her pussy.
Fucking herself as John pounds her asshole, she moans wildly.
“Give it me to John, make me cum with your fat cock in my ass and fill me up.
” She begs him between gasps.
John lets out a series of grunts and slows down.
He gets a good grip on her hips and starts to pound her as hard as he can, his balls slapping against Kenny’s hand.
Moments later, Kenny lets out an uncontrolled scream, burying her head into the couch as another orgasm hits her with even stronger force than she has ever experienced.
John continues pounding her, grunting with each thrust.
Kenny’s mind is a blur as her orgasm still lingers.
She is suddenly brought back to reality when she feels herself being pumped with warm liquid.
John slows down and pulls out, watching his load ooze out of Kenny.
He smacks her ass softly and heads toward the bedroom.
He turns back to her.
“You’re a good little slut.
Stay right there.
” He returns after a moment with a few things in his hands.
First he hands her a handful of tissues to clean up with.
Then he tosses two toys near her bag.
“Wear these tomorrow.
” He says as he leaves the room and gets back in bed with his wife.
Kenny takes a moment and finishes cleaning up.
She throws the tissues away and goes to the toys John left her; one medium sized butt plug, and a pair of remote controlled panties.
She falls asleep, dreaming of what is to come the next day.
To be continued.



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