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Greg sat at the glass desk in Sarah and Don’s house, writing his latest novel.
Outside it was pitch black.
If he glanced at the time he would have seen it was three am and he had been writing for seven hours straight.
The only recollection of the passing time Greg had was the empty coffee pot by his side.
As his fingers typed his newest novel his mind filled with thoughts of Sarah kneeling under the glass desk sucking his cock lovingly.
His cock twitched and hardened as he thought, One more chapter and I’ll find Sarah and give us both enjoyment.
  Sarah woke, her eyes still shut as she reached out to play with Greg’s cock while Don held her loosely.
Her hand touched the unoccupied side of the mattress before opening her eyes looking for Greg.
Don rolled over as Sarah slowly shimmied to the edge of the bed and stood up.
She smiled as she felt the cum dripping from both her holes and remembered Don filling both her holes multiple times just a few hours before.
She ran her left hand over her dripping slit thinking how great last night was, but it was just missing one thing, Greg’s cock.
Slowly she walked into the living room knowing that Greg had lost himself in his writing as he had many times before.
Leaning against the door frame, she watched him work.
She sighed to herself as she thought how most of her job was either getting Greg motivated to work or getting him to take breaks.
She knew he probably thought it was only just ten pm.
 Well tomorrow he’s not doing any writing, she thought to herself as she silently walked into the room unobserved by Greg.
  She stepped up behind him, pressing her breasts into his back as he sat in the chair and put her hands on the outside of his shoulders.
As she squeezed softly she whispered, “You have gone too long without a break.
” She stood beside him and closed the laptop slowly.
She caught sight of his erection and reached down to begin stroking him.
“And,” she looked sternly at him, “you need to remember your appointments.
” She squeezed his cock slightly and continued, “Otherwise this becomes a problem.
” She pushed the chair back with her knee and stood in front of him.
Bending over at the waist she sucked on his cockhead and then had a purposeful long lick from his balls to the tip.
She stepped closer and straddled his legs, positioning her pussy over him while keeping full eye contact.
Slowly she sank down onto his cock, moaning as she felt him spread her open.
Using the arms of the chair as support, she began moving up and down on him.
“Fuck, you’re so good.
” Greg groaned and let her take complete control.
He was glad he had chosen Sarah as his personal assistant.
The arrangement for him to live with her worked out for both of them too.
She was well lubed, he noted.
He smiled at her, winking and asked, “Don took full advantage of the alone time, didn’t he?” Sarah pushed herself down onto his cock and began grinding into him.
His cock felt so good as she sat on him.
She enjoyed pleasing her boss and giving him pleasure.
She knew his work benefited as well when they had sex.
She moved faster as she felt Greg’s hands on her breasts, pinching her nipples.
He was close to cumming, she knew because he began to thrust up and moan louder.
She smiled to herself and moaned very loud as she felt his load shooting into her as he continued thrusting.
“See, you need to take breaks.
The appointment I was speaking of was in my bed.
” Sarah winked at him, feeling much bolder these past couple months working with him.
Greg smiled as he lifted her off of his cock, feeling cum oozing all over him.
“What I need to do is to do this.
” He placed her face up on the desk, spreading her legs wide as he did.
She smiled coyly as Greg ran his shaft along her slit, letting them both know what was coming.
Slowly Greg slid his cock into Sarah’s tight but welcoming pussy.
He ran his hands along her legs, moving up her sides, caressing softly as he sunk fully into her.
Holding still he leaned down kissing her passionately as he tightened his grip on her sides.
Breaking the kiss he looked into her eyes, simultaneously pulling out till just his head remained in her.
Teasingly he held still a moment before driving his cock fully into her rapidly.
He felt his eyes drawn to her breasts moving hypnotically with his thrusts, her eyes shut in pleasure as she moaned beneath him.
Her pussy tightened around him causing him to groan.
Both knew this wouldn’t take long.
Sarah smiled with her eyes shut, his steady thrusts rocketing her into ecstasy.
This is the part of the job she loved the most, being the fuel for his passion.
He was able to use her both as inspiration and as an outlet of frustration.
It helped create his best possible writing.
Already on his third erotic bestseller, she convinced Greg that he should stay instead of buying his own place.
Why fix something that wasn’t broken.
Their sexual interludes had created two top-selling novels, no need to give up a good thing.
As the two sounded their orgasms together in animalistic sounds, Sarah knew that she had asked him to stay for selfish reasons.
Sex with Greg admittedly, at times, was better than with Don.
Online Now! Lush Cams Juicy_Molli Greg slowed the pace of his thrusts after a few minutes, giving both a chance to calm their breathing.
Neither realized the sun was near rising, dawn had already broken.
He finally stopped back, watching his cum covered cock as he pulled out of her overfilled pussy.
  A mischievous grin spread across his lips as he looked at her overfilled pussy.
Kneeling he ran his hands along her legs, letting her catch her breath.
He took her left heel in his right palm.
Greg wasn’t stupid, he knew that Sarah’s insistence on him staying wasn’t purely for his work.
He knew she didn’t want to give up having both men within access twenty-four seven.
Softly he kissed her left heel and started to work his kisses up her leg, moving slowly to her pussy.
He stopped kissing with his lips half a centimetre away from her lips.
Looking up at her he smiled softly repeating the exercise on her right leg stopping once again half a centimetre away from her cum filled pussy.
He paused for a fraction before sticking his tongue out rigidly, licking her slit slowly from the bottom of her slit to her clit.
She shivered as she felt his tongue softly caress her sensitive pussy.
Taking heart from her reaction he repeated the action several times, slowly wanting her to feel it for as long as he could.
Suddenly he changed his movements, flicking his tongue tip rapidly across her clit and circling her clit.
His hands moved along her sides in time with his tongue, reaching for her breasts.
He pushed his tongue deep into her pussy, wriggling it slowly in a circular motion searching for her sensitive spots.
Her moans increased as Greg focused moving his tongue tip against her most sensitive inner spot, his fingertips pinching her nipples softly as he kneaded her breasts.
He used his tongue to collect all the cum he could while simultaneously trying to make her cum.
Greg lost himself in the tastes that were assailing his tongue, and the lyrical moans of pleasure filling his ears.
Her hands gripped his hair roughly as she screamed out in orgasm.
  Greg let her climb down from her orgasm before moving and kissing her sharing the cum he collected in his mouth.
She wrapped her arms around him pulling him closer.
Sarah leaned into his ear and whispered to him, trying to sound as sultry as she could, “Now that performance deserves a treat.
How about you take my ass as Carlos did to Angela in your second novel?” She let out a sexy moan and pulled away slightly to see his reaction.
It was one of his best scenes and she knew that it would release some more than and get him to relax.
Seven hours was too long to be writing, and he needed sleep.
Greg let go of her and stepped away, breathing deeply at the sight of his irresistible assistant.
He nodded in complete approval of her idea.
Hiring her was the best decision he ever made, she always know what he needed.
“Over to the couch with you, you sexy vixen.
”  Sarah eased herself off the desk and across the room to the back of the couch.
Recalling the details of the scene she suggested, she leaned against the back of the couch, sitting slightly.
“If you want my ass, Carlos,” she imitated what she thought the character sounded like, “you are going to have to take it.
” She batted her eyes and winked, a half-smile on her lips.
  Greg watched Sarah get into character.
His cock jumped as he caught sight of her breasts.
Perfect size and those nipples were calling for attention.
He approached her and kissed her.
Finally, he spoke.
“Angie, you’re going to give me exactly what I want.
” Without saying another word, he pushed her back slightly so her feet were up in the air, her ass at the edge of the couch.
He grabbed her ankles and pulled them over his shoulders.
When he saw her smiling he slowly pushed into her ass.
Her tightness made him groan.
After a moment he grabbed at her breasts, pinching her nipples.
His thrusts increased as moans of pleasure filled the air.
Using her breasts as handles, he began pumping in and out, feeling his balls tighten.
  “Oh Carlos, Carlos, fill my ass.
Before your father gets home.
” Sarah called out feeling that Greg was close.
Moments later she felt his hot cum being shot deep inside her.
  A deep voice from across the room to their right interrupted the sounds of their orgasms.
“Well isn’t this an interesting sight so early in the morning.
”  Sarah looked over to see Don standing there, adjusting his toe.
She looked at the clock.
It was already six a.
and Don was about to leave for work.
  “If you don’t mind, I’d like to borrow my wife to say good-bye.
” Don chuckled and winked at Greg.



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