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The Cornish sun beat down relentlessly on her naked body and she could feel small drops of moisture pooling between her firm breasts and onto the towel beneath them She rolled over onto her back and stretched, bringing her knees up, her legs slightly parted.
Grabbing the suntan oil she poured some into the palm of her hand and rubbed it into her skin.
Her nipples instantly hardened, jumping to attention as she massaged them with the oily slickness.
Sighing, she continued down to her flat belly, enjoying the heat and the tingles shooting through her body.
She closed her eyes as her hands moved to the tops of her thighs.
The only sounds on the deserted beach were the waves lapping at the sand ,a few hungry gulls flying overhead and her breathing.
Her fingers brushed lightly over her pussy and her thighs parted a little more.
She stroked the partly swollen lips and dipped her oily finger into her wetness, then added another.
Raising her hips in rhythm with her hand she quickly came.
Volts of pleasure racing through her body, she fell back onto the damp towel with a low moan of satisfaction.
Slowly the orgasm faded and she opened her eyes as she felt a shadow blocking the sun momentarily from her hot, excited, oily body.
She smiled guiltily as she pulled him down beside her, apologising for starting without him, but knowing he had probably watched and had a quick wank whilst doing so.
He laid down beside her and planted heavy kisses on both her tits, sucking hard on the tight buds of her nipples, then nipping them with his teeth just hard enough to make her squirm.
He was wearing shorts only and his tanned body shone in the bright sun.
She could see the outline of his thick erect cock.
His light stubble grazed her breast as he continued to suck and bite her nipples.
With each nip she dug her nails harder into his back knowing he liked it.
He withdrew his mouth from her tits and rolled her onto her front.
Sitting astride her now he poured a huge glug of oil onto her hot back and started to massage her neck and shoulders.
Every so often his fingers slid round to her tits and stroked her pert nipples.
She could feel his cock through his shorts rubbing up and down her butt cheeks with every movement he made.
Online Now! Lush Cams LolaLenno She sighed deeply as his strong hands went to the small of her back and then started to stroke and knead her arse cheeks, letting them slip between her crack and tease both her holes.
She pushed against his hand and wriggled her hips in a vain effort to get his fingers inside her.
Giving her a playful slap on both cheeks he laughed and told her to be patient.
The sting his palm left sent her nerve endings crazy with desire and her juices were flowing freely now, mingling with the sticky slick oil and making both her arse and pussy easily accessible.
He parted her cheeks fully now and, after kissing each cheek in turn, he slipped his tongue between them, swirling his tongue around her arsehole but not entering her.
His fingers eased further down to play in her soaked, silky, shaved pussy.
His thumb found the hard nub of her clit and he rolled it around it over and over again, enjoying the feeling of her writhing beneath him.
His fingers slid between the swollen wet lips and into her snatch and still he was using his tongue on her butthole and his thumb on her clit, increasing the pressure and friction with every thrust from her hips.
She was bucking fast now and he could feel that her orgasm was close.
The moans of pleasure and the feel of her, he couldn’t resist releasing his rock hard cock from the confines of the shorts and start to wank.
The biggest turn on for him was her relishing and loving what he did to her.
He could feel he was about to explode and wanked harder, pushing his fingers harder into her sodden pussy.
As her muscles clenched and her thighs tightened around his hand she was there, cumming.
He felt the spasms within her body and he came too.
Hot sticky spurts of spunk rained down on her back as she continued to writhe against his hand, riding out her orgasm, gasping how good it was and begging him not to stop.
He collapsed on top of her and in unison they rolled onto their sides spooning.
For a while neither one of them moved or spoke, they just enjoyed the sound of the waves on the shore and the glow of the sun on their nakedness as their orgasms washed through their bodies and faded slowly.
As he idly nibbled her neck and ear he suggested that perhaps a dip in the sea may cool them off a little.



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