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With the divorce papers signed and in David’s hands, he felt like a new person.
Now he could pursue his plans to marry Diana.
As much as he had lusted for Zoe while they were married, the woman really did disgust him now.
She was common and trashy, while Diana was simply a lustful woman who was sophisticated and refined.
Diana was beauty personified, but with the ability to let out our hedonistic side without being begged.
As he lay on the bed in their bedroom, David listened to Diana singing in the bathroom.
He smiled, thinking that he would spend the rest of his life making her happy.
Diana stood beside the bed wearing only a towel.
“Should we get dressed for dinner, or do you plan to give me more orgasms until I can’t walk?” Grinning, David patted the bed beside him.
“Come sit beside me for a minute.
I want to talk to you.
” “I don’t like the way that sounds,” Diana said with a raised eyebrow.
“I’d rather hear you say you plan to make me whimper and moan.
” David pulled her towel off.
“I will never get tired of seeing your naked body,” he said as his eyes devoured her flawless skin.
“But I want to discuss some business with you while my cock is too weak to rise.
Sit down.
” Stretching out beside him, Diana pushed her hand down between his legs.
“I’m sure I could encourage it to stand up again.
” “Oh, I have no doubt about your abilities,” he said as he rolled over her.
“I’ve just been thinking that we should leave here tomorrow and return to Dallas.
Shelly and Ed obviously have a grip on things here and we’re just getting in the way.
We can fly back tomorrow and I can get those divorce papers to my lawyer on Monday morning.
” “Are you in a hurry to marry me?” David caressed her breast.
“Yes, I am.
I need to make it official before you wake up and decide you could get someone younger and more handsome.
” “When would I have time to do that?” she teased.
“You keep me naked with my legs spread half of the day.
” “That’s why you love me,” he teased back.
“You’re right about that, love.
Is there another reason to get back to Dallas? You have to admit, living in paradise isn’t all bad.
” “I’d like for us to get away from the distractions here and sit down for some serious business conversation.
” “Distractions like naked people running around looking for someone new to fuck? Or maybe a tender young morsel like Kookie wanting to suck your cock every morning?” “Those are true distractions,” David affirmed.
“I think that between the two of us, we’ve come up with some marketing ideas that could make us a fortune.
There is no reason the 416 can’t be duplicated and scattered across the country.
We could make millions in franchise fees plus taking a little off the top.
Your place in Dallas is a booming success.
Imagine having one in Vegas, LA, Chicago and New York… any city with lots of high rollers.
We could have one in Houston and San Antonio.
What about South Beach in Miami or New Orleans?” “My plan was just to have one that was mine,” she replied, somewhat taken aback by David’s suggestion.
“I just think we should go home for some quiet consideration for our future business plans.
We also have to consider where we’ll build the next Ecstasy Island.
” “We don’t know yet that this one is going to work,” Diana insisted.
“It can’t miss,” he said with a grin.
“This will be our testing ground for the next one.
We’ll iron out the kinks here and be better prepared for the next one.
When we’re ready for the next one, we’ll move Shelly and Ed.
By then, Anna will be ready to assume control.
” Diana put her hands on David’s face and pulled him into a long kiss.
“I love you, baby.
And more than that, I trust you.
Let’s go home in the morning.
”   While David and Diana were making plans upstairs, Shelly was downstairs making plans for the evening’s entertainment.
The Sybian sex machines had arrived and she was ready to put them to work.
As she sat at her desk deciding where to place the display unit for the line of sex toys, two women came in asking for her attention.
The first woman, a redhead wearing only a tiny bikini bottom, called Shelly over by whispering, “Excuse me.
Do you have a minute to talk with us?” “Of course,” Shelly answered as she stood and walked to them.
“How can I help you?” The second woman, a blonde with large brown eyes and perfectly round breasts, said, “You have a black man working around the pool.
We were just wondering if we could borrow him for a few hours.
” “You want to borrow Barney?” Shelly asked, not quite sure what they had in mind.
“Yes,” whispered the redhead.
“We want to have sex with him.
” Shelly smiled now that she understood.
“Why would you want to have sex with Barney? You have a black man as a part of your swinger’s group.
Why not just use him?” “That’s Jamal and his wife, Jasmine.
They are both just wonderful,” the blonde said with a blush.
“His cock is so big,” the redhead gasped.
“I’ve had sex with him several times and he always leaves me breathless.
” “Then why not get with Jamal?” Shelly asked.
“Oh, it’s not that we don’t want to,” the blonde explained.
“It’s just that all of our women want to fuck Jamal, which creates a long waiting line.
We were just hoping that your Barney could supply us with some BBC.
” Shelly studied the two women for a minute before saying, “I’ll ask Barney if he’s interested.
You understand that you’ll be required to tip him and the decision is entirely his.
We would never force our employees to do anything they didn’t want.
” The blonde stood back and brushed the hair away from her breasts.
She stood with her legs apart, saying, “Any man that doesn’t want to fuck me is probably gay.
” Shelly observed the blonde’s body and had to admit the woman made a strong case.
“Let me speak to him.
He gets off at 5:00.
I couldn’t allow you to have him before then.
If he agrees, I’ll add a charge of $100 to each of your rooms as his tip.
” “We’d be happy to tip him,” the redhead said with a giggle.
“No,” Shelly answered, “Barney is not a male prostitute.
If you tipped him it would be just that.
This way it becomes a service charge and keeps both Barney and the resort protected.
” “If Barney isn’t enough for you, let me know.
I’ll bring Ed and we’ll both give you some playtime.
” “Oh my,” the blonde gushed.
“Wouldn’t that be just perfect?” “After dinner tonight, you’ll want to come to the back bar for the night’s entertainment.
I’m planning a little contest using our new Sybian machines.
” “I used one of those machines once,” the redhead whispered.
“It was incredible.
It made me cum three times until I just fell off of it in exhaustion.
” “Do you suppose Zoe will put on another show for you tonight?” Shelly asked.
“Oh, that showoff slut? Of course, she will,” the blonde muttered.
“She had every cock in the house last night and she’ll want more tonight.
” “You two aren’t fond of Zoe?” Shelly asked, happy to get some dirt on David’s wife.
“We tolerate her,” the redhead whispered as she looked to make sure no one was listening.
“She organized the club and we can’t kick her out.
” “Is there anyone that is particularly hot in your group, other than yourselves, of course?” Shelly wanted to know.
“I think most of the men are really hot for Amy Lee.
She and her husband, James, are third-generation Chinese-American.
He’s a great guy but kinda has a small dick.
Amy is just hot as fuck.
She’s small but loud.
Amy makes all the men feel like they’ve got a ten-inch cock,” the blonde told Shelly.
The redhead added, “Amy’s totally sophisticated until she spreads her legs and takes a dick.
Then the ‘other’ Amy comes out.
Frankly, I’d pay to be in the same room with her when she’s getting laid.
” “How often do you meet?” Shelly inquired.
“Usually every other week,” the blonde answered.
“We try to move the meetings around, but we have eight couples and it can be difficult to find parking for anyone living in an apartment.
We think this place is going to be great for us.
Imagine… two-plus days to fuck ourselves crazy and never have to worry about prying eyes.
” Shelly smiled brightly.
“I hope you’ll let your friends know about Ecstasy Island.
If someone you recommend comes to see us, we’ll give you a discount on your next visit.
Word of mouth is always the best advertising.
” “I can’t imagine we wouldn’t come back,” the redhead offered.
“The rooms are great, your food is exceptional and we all love the privacy.
” “I’m so pleased to hear your review,” Shelly said.
“The next time you’re here, we should have two more cabanas finished that sit out over the water.
They will be ideal for two couples that are into swapping.
” The two women looked at each other and grinned.
Shelly immediately got the message that these two had more action going on than a club party twice a month.
  Strolling down to the pool an hour later, Shelly found Barney cleaning a filter.
“Hey, Barney.
How’s it going?” The black man looked up and gave Shelly a big, toothy smile.
“Everything is quite good, Miss Shelly, but I’m required to change the pool filters more often than I would have expected.
” “Why is that?” she inquired.
“There would appear to be a great deal of sex going on in the pool waters.
You see, men’s semen doesn’t dissolve and it gets caught in the filter.
When the resort is full of visitors, I’ll have to change the filters about twice a day.
At least, that’s what I’m thinking now.
” Shelly was quite surprised to get that information from Barney.
It just wasn’t something she’d ever considered.
Remembering the reason for her visit, she asked the man, “Barney, I’ve had two of our women guest asked if you would have sex with them?” “A redhead and a blonde?” he asked.
“I don’t know their names, but yes, a redhead and a blonde.
Have you met them?” “Yes, Miss Shelly.
They’ve stopped twice to make small talk with me.
They didn’t come out and say they wanted me, but I caught their intention.
” “They’ve agreed to pay the fee if you are interested,” she told the pool caretaker.
Barney grinned again, showing his pearly white teeth.
“I think it would be much fun.
” “The blonde has got some really nice tits,” Shelly said conspiratorially.
“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a chuckle.
“And the redhead has an unusually fine ass.
” “Can you handle both of them?” Barney’s grin got even larger.
“Yes indeed.
I have had experiences with white women from the States before.
When I’m through, they’ll be weak in their knees but smiling.
” Shelly patted Barney’s shoulder.
“I’ll set it up for today after 5:00 if you agree.
” “I will meet them here at the pool,” he told his boss.
“Would you like a report from me about what happens?” “That won’t be necessary, Barney.
Just enjoy yourself and let me know if you have any problems.
” “Barney never has a problem with women,” he chuckled.
“Good,” she said and left to find the two women.
  At 7:30, when the guests had moved from the back bar to the deck dining area, Shelly came out to greet them.
Online Now! Lush Cams LucyGabriela “Good evening, everyone.
I hope that you’ve enjoyed your day and found plenty of things to fill your time here with us.
For your meal this evening, the chef has prepared the main course of Bahamian Crawfish.
For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Crawfish are actually spiny lobsters.
It will be served with conch rice.
You will begin with red conch chowder.
Dessert will be Guava Duff, a favorite in the Bahamas.
If you haven’t tried it yet, I would recommend one of our favorite drinks, Yellow Bird.
It is made with rum, orange and pineapple juice, Galliano and apricot brandy.
” “Are all of the drinks here made with rum?” one of the guests asked.
“It does seem that way,” Shelly answered with a laugh.
“But rum is the right alcoholic liquid to be served in this hot climate.
” Then looking around for other questions, she continued.
“After dinner tonight, we will be offering some entertainment in the back bar.
We have just today received two Sybian sex machines and we plan to give you a demonstration.
” Shelly could hear the buzz of excitement run through the group of sixteen people.
She had a feeling this was going to be a very enjoyable night.
  After dinner, the Ecstasy Island guests began to gather in the back bar.
As was usual, it was an open bar and each guest made their own drink.
As they came in and made their drinks, the room filled with chatter.
The women, in particular, cast their glances at the bright red Sybian sitting on what looked like an animal hide carpet near the large window to the ocean.
Shelly was sitting with Ed watching the live camera feed from the back bar.
“Do you see how the women are checking out the machine?” Ed asked.
“You bet,” Shelly replied.
“They’re either in a hurry to try it out or a little scared of it.
Do you think I should give them a demonstration before we begin the competition?” Ed gave Shelly a big grin.
“Now that’s a great idea.
But when those men get a look at you naked, they’ll forget their wives and want you.
” “You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Shelly said with a laugh.
Ed grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, pulling her mouth to his.
“Just remember you belong to me, baby.
And don’t forget I’ll be watching.
” Their kiss left Shelly almost breathless.
“I’ll take care of you after the demonstration,” she said as she groped his crotch.
“Yes, you will,” he growled.
“And if I see you being naughty, I’ll have to give you a proper spanking before I fuck your brains out.
” “I think I might enjoy that,” she whispered to Ed before another long, hot kiss.
Looking back at his monitor, Ed said, “I think you can go down there now.
It looks like they’re all there.
If you leave them alone any longer, they’ll get started on their own.
”   Walking into the back bar, Shelly noticed that all of the women were topless.
Most of them were wearing tiny bikini bottoms.
The men were all bare-chested and wearing shorts or swim trunks.
“Hello again, everyone,” Shelly said as she positioned herself beside the Sybian.
“It’s so nice of you to join me to kick off something new for Ecstasy Island.
” She turned to the blonde and redhead she had fixed up with Barney and asked, “Did you two have a good afternoon?” “It was exceptional,” the redhead replied.
“Thank you for your help.
” “It was my pleasure,” Shelly replied.
“But then… I guess it was your pleasure.
” Addressing the entire group, Shelly said, “We have just received some new exercise equipment.
” Looking down at the red machine, she laughed.
“I guess that’s what you’d call it.
This one has never been used and tonight, we’d like to break it in.
To inspire you to give it a try, we’ll offer a prize to the woman having the most impressive ride.
” Looking around the room, Shelly asked, “Have any of you used a Sybian before?” A woman standing beside a man held up her hand.
“What’s your name,” Shelly asked.
“I’m Jenny,” she answered.
“One of my girlfriends has one and I tried it at her house.
” “Did you enjoy it?” Shelly inquired.
“Absolutely,” Jenny offered.
“In fact, I think I rode it three times before going home.
” Shelly grinned and turned to a man leaning against the bar.
“Hey, sweet man, would you be an angel and pour some Scotch over a few ice cubes for me?” Then to the group, she said, “To christen this machine, we’re going to have a little contest.
Any and all of you ladies can ride the machine while we all watch.
When everyone’s had their fill… I think that might be a pun… we’ll give a prize to the woman voted to have had the most dramatic orgasm.
I’ll go first to demonstrate how it works and I’ll be in charge of the controls while you are on the machine.
Any questions?” A woman spoke up.
“We’re going to use it with everyone watching?” “You aren’t required to do it,” Shelly said sweetly.
“But let me ask you.
Is there any man in this room you haven’t had sex with?” The woman blushed.
“Just one,” she mumbled.
“Then I’m sure they’ve all seen you in orgasmic joy,” Shelly said.
Shelly took a drink of scotch before dropping her sarong and halter top.
Standing in front of her guests completely naked, she picked up the controller to the machine.
While the men were engaged in admiring Shelly’s fantastic body, the women listened intently to what she was saying.
“This is the controller,” she said, holding it up for everyone to see.
“With this, I can control the speed of the motion from the plastic cock.
I’ll also control the vibration.
” Holding up the base piece for them to see, she said, “You see, this area is designed to touch your clit and massage it.
You can choose any cock size you want,” she said, holding up four different cocks.
“You’ll make a choice and I’ll operate the machine.
” “You may want to use some lube,” Shelly pointed out, picking up a bottle.
“You can use the lube on your private parts, on the cock, or both.
” She poured some lube on her hand and coated the cock that was now on the machine.
“Let’s see how this works.
” Shelly straddled the machine, resting on her knees.
She slowly dropped down on the cock and turned the dial on the controller.
They all watched as Shelly’s eyes closed and she released a soft moan.
As the speed picked up, they could see the pad under Shelly’s clit begin to vibrate.
After two minutes, Shelly threw her head back a shouted, “Oh, Fuck Yes!” It only took five minutes for Shelly to have a loud, long orgasm that left her draped over the end of the machine.
There wasn’t a dick in the room that wasn’t stiff.
Likewise, every pussy in the room was dripping wet and ready to go.
Shelly slowly pulled herself off the Sybian, looked out at the women, and asked, “Who wants to be next?” Amy Chin was the first to hold up her hand.
“I want to try it.
” “Come on,” Shelly said with a smile.
“Do you want the lube?” Amy gave Shelly a small, embarrassed smile.
“I don’t think I’ll need it.
” She put one foot on each side of the machine and looked at her husband.
James smiled and nodded as if giving his consent.
Amy moved down and touched the end of the plastic cock to her hot box.
Everyone in the room watched her big, dark eyes as she slipped the fake penis into her depths.
“Oh, yes,” she moaned when Shelly began the vibration.
Shelly had thought that ten minutes would be enough for everyone.
She was surprised when Amy was crying and groaning in just three minutes.
Amy was yelling, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” over and over.
It was just over five minutes when she pulled off of the machine and covered it with a massive squirt.
Her body shook while she continued to ejaculate more fluid and finally rolled off onto the carpet.
To Shelly’s amazement, everyone in the room clapped for Amy.
The redhead and the blonde that had used Barney came up, followed by Jasmine.
Shelly could see why the men were so taken with the black beauty.
She had a great body but took almost all of her ten minutes to get off.
Every woman in the room had a turn with the Sybian, but Zoe was last.
She stripped off her bikini bottoms and asked for the largest plastic dick.
“Of course you want the largest one,” Shelly mumbled as she fit the item on the machine.
“I won’t need any lube,” Zoe said as she moved into position.
“My pussy is so fucking wet right now I could take a telephone pole.
” She dropped down on the machine and held her large tits when the vibration started.
“Fuck yes!” she thundered.
“This thing will make me cum twice.
” She looked around the room until she spotted Jamal.
“Come over here, Jamal.
Let me suck that big dick of yours while this machine fucks me.
” The large black man strolled toward her, pulling down his swim trunks and letting out his giant black snake.
He stood beside her with his ten-inch cock pointed at her nose.
“Oh, my,” Shelly gasped as she turned up the Sybian’s vibration.
Zoe couldn’t get much more than the head of his prick in her mouth but moaned and groaned as she rocked back and forth on the machine.
The people in the room could see Zoe’s body shaking.
She was obviously in orgasmic heaven.
Ed moved the camera so that he could see the audience.
He caught at least three couples fucking as they watched.
The men were standing behind the women so that they could both see.
Another two women were actively sucking men’s cocks while at least three men were jerking off with no sign of embarrassment.
He found one woman caressing another woman’s breast and two women openly fingering themselves.
Shelly decided to let Zoe ride the Sybian as long as she wanted.
The woman was a slut and a bitch, but she certainly was entertaining.
“Suck that big dick,” she whispered in Zoe’s ear.
Zoe pulled back from the black cock with the machine going at full speed, shouting, “Fuck Yes!” as her body shook.
Jamal wrapped his hand around his cock and pulled on it twice before covering Zoe’s face with a massive load of jizz.
With her eyes closed, her mouth open and strings of cum dripping from her chin, Zoe turned her head, looking straight at the hidden security camera.
Upstairs, Ed laughed at the sight on his monitor.
“Thank you, Zoe.
I’ll have color copies made for anyone wanting a lasting memory.
” While Zoe tried to clear her face well enough to open her eyes, Shelly made an announcement.
“Everyone’s had a turn now, so it’s time to vote on your favorite.
We’ll do a secret ballot so that you can vote for someone other than your wife without her knowing,” she said with a laugh.
“There is paper on the bar and a handful of pens.
Make your vote and then hand it to me.
We’ll announce the winner tomorrow.
” When she had everyone’s ballot, Shelly noted that there were seventeen pieces of paper.
‘Looks like someone voted twice,’ she thought as she looked at each one.
One piece of paper had a message rather than a vote.
It read, “Why don’t you come to our bungalow for some playtime?” It was signed by Jasmine & Jamal.
On the way upstairs, Shelly counted the votes.
She was somewhat surprised to find that the clear winner had been Rachael Cortez, the white wife of Roberto Cortez, a Cuban immigrant.
Walking into the room, Shelly found Ed still sitting in front of the monitors.
“Can you roll back the tape to Rachael Cortez?” she asked.
“I want to see why so many people selected her.
” As she watched the film of this amazingly hot woman squeeze her tits and have an earth-shaking orgasm, Ed stood behind Shelly, holding her breasts and pushing his stiff cock between her legs.
As she watched, Shelly began to move back and forth over his wood, letting the head rub against her hard nub.
When she felt her own orgasm starting, Shelly leaned forward, taking his cock deep inside her slick pussy.
“Fuck me!” she shouted.
Grabbing a handful of hair, Ed slammed into her over and over, more than ready to relieve himself after watching so many women have orgasms.
When he was spent, Shelly stood up, turning around to see Ed.
She had a smile on her face and white cream running down the inside of her thighs.
“I love this fucking place,” she announced.
“I just love it! Now let’s go up to the spy room and watch our guests fuck each other blind.



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