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“You’re going to have to move your legs apart a bit.
The strap won’t go around them if they are that close,” Ethan informed me as he tightened the straps on my arms.
I gritted my teeth and carefully shuffled my feet apart a few centimeters, trying to keep my knees firmly closed.
It wouldn’t have been a problem if, when Ethan had called me needing a guinea pig, he had informed me I would be taking part in his syncope experiment and would have to be strapped to his tilt-table.
Woefully ignorant, I had come round to his room wearing my shortest skirt, no knickers and fuck-me heels, thinking it had been a ruse to try and get in my absent knickers.
Imagine my surprise at actually seeing the tilt-table set up in the middle of his room! Ethan finally tightened the straps around my arms, before moving down to my ankles.
He seemed professional enough as he strapped me in, although he did glance at my knees, closely locked, with a puzzled glance.
“Right, are you comfortable?” He asked as he checked his computer which was set up next to the table.
“Yes,” I groaned out.
Here I had been, looking forward for a night of sexual promiscuity; instead, this! Quite possibly the least arousing situation I had ever been in.
I couldn’t even be flattered that he had picked me.
I had mild postural hypo-tension, meaning that a change from lying to upright could cause me to faint.
I just hoped it would be over soon so I could try and salvage something out of my Friday night.
“Okay, starting syncope test, test number thirteen,” he spoke in his ‘doctor’ voice towards a small camera I hadn’t noticed set up on his desk.
“First test, horizontal to vertical, four second lift.
” He grasped the board by my head and smoothly pulled it upright.
Well, I assume he did because as the board started its upright ascent, I fainted.
I usually only go out for a few seconds, or minutes, but for the next five minutes or so I’m bumping into tables dizzy.
I came to to the sound of Ethan’s voice again.
“Second test- vertical upright to vertical upside, eight second turn.
” He reached for the board again and I panicked slightly.
I was very dizzy and discombobulated, so of course I tried to pull my hands up to no avail.
“No Ethan wait,” was all I got out before the world spun again and I was staring at his shoes.
I bit back a groan as the surroundings carried on spinning long after I had.
“Christ Ethan I wasn’t ready for that! You could have checked how I was before you span me again.
” I broke off as another wave of dizziness rode through me.
“What? Oh Jane, I’m really sorry I didn’t realize you weren’t ready,” Ethan said apologetically, the cool and professional voice gone.
Before I closed my eyes to try and halt the dizziness, I saw his feet step closer to me.
“Are you alrigh.
” Ethan’s voice trailed off.
Confused and surprised, I automatically opened my eyes and looked up to see what had happened.
Even with my limited sight, clarity hit me like a ton of bricks.
When I faint, my entire body relaxes, hence the falling over part.
When I had fainted earlier, my legs had lost the tight lock that was hiding my pussy and when I had been rolled over, well, my legs weren’t hiding anything and my skirt was easily low enough to see down.
Embarrassment surged under my skin, turning my cheeks bright pink, not that they weren’t already, with all the blood rushing to my head.
The more humiliating fact was the heat had also rushed to my pussy.
I could feel myself getting wet, yet I couldn’t bring myself to close my legs.
Ethan licked his lips subconsciously and I began to wonder if perhaps the night wouldn’t be such a waste after all.
Before that thought was through, Ethan spoke again.
 “I just need to do some nerve and sensitivity tests while you are in that position,” he announced before walking off towards his small kitchenette.
I waited, my heart thumping.
I was sure he was just as aroused as I was, and once he undid me from this stupid thing we were going to make good on my earlier plans.
I heard his steps re-approach me from the side.
I would have looked up, but my neck was beginning to ache quite a bit and the straps over my shoulders were digging in a bit.
“I need you to tell me if you can feel this,” Ethan said.
Was that nervously? I waited, wanting to get the tests over with.
Whatever Ethan was holding touched me near my ankle, making me flinch automatically.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnikaSand It was cold! Was that.
and ice cube? It felt as though Ethan was tracing it down my leg slowly and sensuously.
Goosebumps were breaking out all over my skin, but my pussy was getting wetter and wetter.
I could practically smell my own arousal as Ethan lowered the ice cube.
I spread my legs, encouraging, begging him with my body to take it lower.
“Ye- yes.
I can feel it,” I replied throatily, the arousal clogging my brain.
here?” He asked again as he teased my lower inner thigh.
I let out a moan, articulation beyond me as the cube slipped lower and lower, teasing the edges of my pussy.
He traced it over my lips tantalizingly, the water mixing with my leaking juices and running down the curve of my ass.
My clit throbbed and my nipples must have been sticking out like light-switches.
He ran the cube over my little nub once, and too briefly at that, before pushing my lips apart and the ice cube inside.
I let out another moan as I tried to rub myself against his hand, but being upside down made it impossible.
He repeated the process with another cube until I was whimpering and moaning, my clit feeling as through it would explode unless he touched it soon.
I was also getting pins and needles in my feet, slightly detracting from my arousal, but Ethan seemed to realize this and moved the tilt table until it was vertical again.
It was also level with his straining arousal.
He undid his trousers with one hand and pulled my top up with another, squeezing my tits.
He lent over my body and placed his mouth on them, sucking hard and I writhed under his attention.
His dick flung free, already completely erect and at least seven inches long.
My mouth parted in anticipation, but he turned around, rooting through a box before turning back, holding a pair of nipple clamps.
Each sent a spike of pain and pleasure straight to my pussy and I cried as he gave my clit a quick rub.
I jerked my crotch fruitlessly at his hand as he left my burning cunt and returned to my head, which he turned around and shoved his cock into my mouth.
“Come on, bitch.
Take it,” he grunted as he fucked my mouth.
I tried my best to reciprocate the action, tied as I was by the straps.
I wanted to badly to grab his beautiful member in my hands, which I tried to communicate by yanking my hands as hard as I could.
“No, no,” Ethan smirked at me.
“I think I will keep you tied up a little longer first.
” He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it once, twice, before cruelly yanking on the chain connecting the clamps.
I tried to muffle my scream as they dug in, almost drawing blood.
He left my aching breasts and moved down to my pussy.
My skirt had ridden up to my waist, leaving everything exposed.
The melted water from the ice cubes had long since run out, down my ass and now my cunt glistened with my own juices.
He rubbed his head through my folds, torturing me with the slightest contact on my over sensitive clit.
My body ached to take him in me, but still he teased me by pushing just the head in before bringing it out again.
I was crying in frustration and equally moaning in arousal.
He spread my legs as far as the straps would allow and in one powerful thrust he pushed himself inside me.
Almost immediately he withdrew, and started up powerful thrusts inside me.
With one hand he braced himself over me and with the other he finally reached down to my clit.
As his hand massaged my clit, he reached over and grabbed the chain connecting the clamps.
As he thrust inside me, he yanked my chain completely off and came.
The pain shot into my nipples and pushed me over the edge as we came together, his cum painting my slick walls.
His hand still rubbed over my clit, extending my orgasm and causing little mini quakes in my body.
When he was done, he withdrew his softening dick from my pussy.
I could feel his cum leak out of my cunt onto my ass.
He surveyed the scene.
Me tied up, half-comatose, with nipples bright red and cum leaking from my pussy.
He leant over my body and kissed me hard once before speaking.
“I think I might need to extend this experiment.
” He walked out of the room, leaving me tied there in a puddle of cum but with an air of satisfaction.



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