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I woke up to Ally’s lips around my cock.
  “What a way to wake up,” I thought to myself.
  Ally’s head was bobbing up and down and her hand followed suit on my morning wood.
  She was on a mission to make me cum.
  I was in no position to stop her.
Not that I wanted to.
  I couldn’t wait to fill her mouth with a hot load of my spunk for her morning breakfast protein shake.
“Ally, if you don’t stop, I am going to cum” I said.
Ally just looked up at me and just went faster.
Her hand was stroking my cock as her mouth devoured it as well.
  Ally took her free hand and caressed my balls and I couldn’t take it anymore.
My orgasm hit me so fast; I couldn’t warn Ally fast enough.
My cum hit her mouth, but it didn’t deter her one bit.
  She swallowed every drop I could give her.
She didn’t miss a bit.
Ally crawled up over my body and straddled my lap.
  Her pussy was dripping wet.
  She leaned over and kissed me.
I could taste my cum on her.
It was a bit salty, but I loved the fact she was okay kissing me after that magnificent blowjob.
  Ally had never done that before.
  In fact, we’ve been doing a lot of things we never did before.
  Masturbation over a video chat tops the list so far.
  It was exciting for both of us.
  I can’t imagine what we will be doing next.
  But I am sure ready to find out.
“Mmmmmmm, Thanks, sweetie.
I really enjoyed waking you up like that.
Maybe I will do that more often.
  I’m taking a shower if you want to join me”  Ally smiled and walked into the bathroom and started the shower.
  I couldn’t resist an offer like that.
  I threw the comforter off me and ran naked to the bathroom.
  My cock was still semi-hard from our morning shenanigans.
I slid in behind Ally and wrapped my arms around her sexy soaped up body.
  My hands groped her tits as my now hard cock rubbed her ass cheeks.
  “Oh baby, I can’t begin to tell you how much I want you right now.
So, I guess I will show you.
” I pushed Ally against the shower stall.
I adjusted the nozzle, so the hot water poured over our bodies, then I spread her legs and stuck my cock in her tight pussy.
  “Ohhhhh, Bret.
  Fuck me, Fuck me hard.
Make me cum on that cock of yours” Ally stuck her ass out and I grabbed her hips and pounded her needy pussy.
She moaned and it echoed in the shower.
  It was quite an erotic sound.
  I grabbed a handful of her gorgeous wavy red hair and pulled it tight towards me.
  Ally arched her back and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock.
“Ally! Fuck! I’m going to cum.
Cum with me baby.
  Oh God, yes”,  I didn’t let up fucking Ally.
  I shot rope after rope of my cum.
  I didn’t think I had any more left in me.
  God, it felt fantastic exploding in her again.
Even though it was less than four hours ago that I filled her pussy,  Ally turned around and kissed me deeply.
  We embraced under the running water.
Our tongues danced like we were horny teenagers.
My hands wandered down and grabbed her tight ass cheeks,  Ally did the same, grabbing me and pulling me even closer.
   We had finished our shower and got out.
We grabbed our towels and took turns drying one another off as we kept teasing and kissing each other.
Ally pulled herself away from me and strutted into the bedroom, shaking her ass at me.
“Bret, as much as I’d like to keep doing this, I have to go out and finish a few errands for tonight.
” “Tonight? What’s going on tonight?” “You’re not the only one who can surprise their lover and best friend.
  I know you will be pleasantly surprised.
We have talked about it before.
 I hope you don’t mind and won’t be upset if I can make our fantasy a reality.
” Ally said.
  I started to rack my brains as to what we had discussed.
Ally got herself dressed as I sat on the bed, still a little dumbfounded in what I just heard.
  Ally dressed in plain shorts and top but still looked incredible to me.
Her hair was still a little wet, giving her that ‘Just Fucked’ look.
She walked over to me and gave me a smoldering kiss and told me she’d be back in an hour or so after she was done with her errands.
She told me to relax and wait to clean the house when she got home.
We would have lunch on the back deck.
Her treat.
“See you soon, lover boy!” “Bye, gorgeous, I love you.
” “I love you, too” After Ally left, I was still racking my brain as to what she had planned.
We had always had open discussions about our sex life.
Nothing was off-limits.
I was just not sure what we’ve never done that we had talked about.
Ally had gotten in her car and headed towards the mall.
  She grabbed her phone and dialed Kyra’s cellphone.
   She picked up on the second ring with an excited voice, “Hi Ally.
  How was your night with hubby? “ ‘“OMG Kyra.
It was incredible.
  From the spa to dinner, to the sex all night long.
” “Damn, girl.
I knew you were going to have a busy night fucking that sexy husband of yours.
I feel a little responsible for getting you worked up and getting you horny for one hell of a night.
” “You should, Kyra.
But it was worth it.
Last night we were so hot for each other.
We were so insatiable; we barely made it to dinner.
  Kyra, are you free right now?” “Yes, I am.
  What’s up?” “Can you meet me at the mall?” “Sure, give me about twenty minutes.
I’ll meet you in the food court.
” “Great.
I’ll see you then,” Ally said as she hung up her phone.
  She continued her drive to the mall and thought about her idea for tonight.
  She was both excited and nervous about it.
  She hoped that Bret wouldn’t be upset or think it was too kinky for him to accept.
  Besides, they had already talked about these fantasies.
  Ally grabbed two coffees and sipped on hers as she waited for Kyra.
  Ally saw her as she entered the food court.
Her petite body looked amazing in her tight yoga pants and hoodie.
Kyra spotted Ally at the table and headed towards her.
“I got you a coffee, Hun.
” “Thanks.
You didn’t have to do that.
I’m glad you called.
I wasn’t expecting your call so soon.
  Tell me.
How was it?” “Kyra, it was such a memorable night.
I couldn’t wait to tell you.
  We teased each other all night and then when we got home, I rocked his world and he rocked mine.
” “I knew you were going to have such a hot night.
I’m so jealous.
My boyfriend stood me up last night.
  I was so horny yesterday when I got home;  I had to take care of myself again.
” “That’s what I want to talk to you about.
I think we both wanted more yesterday but didn’t know how to break the ice, so to speak.
” “Yeah, I know what you mean.
” “I want to surprise Bret tonight with a fantasy of ours.
  I want to make it real, but I’m nervous in more ways than one.
” “What do you mean, Ally?” “Our fantasy is Bret watching me with another woman.
Another one is a threesome.
  I was wondering if you would want to be with me as Bret watched us.
” “OMG, Ally.
I would love to be with you like that.
In a heartbeat.
” Kyra got up and went over to hug Ally.
She hugged her back and they kissed on the lips.
Deep and with lots of tongues.
Then they slowly separated before they caused too big of a scene at the food court.
Online Now! Lush Cams tasty_Heidi “Kyra, What about your boyfriend?  I don’t want any problems with him if we do anything he doesn’t like or gets jealous of.
” “Forget him.
We weren’t serious anyway.
Besides, he blew me off to have fun with his buddies and he probably fucked some other slut.
I want to have the same kind of fun.
” “Okay.
  Do you want to join me tonight to be my surprise for Bret?” “Hell yes.
When and where?” “Seven pm, my house.
For dinner and dessert.
” Ally and Kyra spent the next few hours shopping.
They hit Victoria’s Secret for some sexy lingerie as well as some bras and panties.
They also got a few more dresses and skirts from a few of the other department stores.
  Back home, I gave up trying to rack my brains as to what Ally was up to.
  I’ll just go with the flow tonight.
  I got in the car to run to the store for dinner and wine, then the spa to drop off the tip that I had promised for everything going off without a hitch.
They were incredibly happy about that and they gave me a gift certificate for aa couple’s massage.
Maybe I could talk Ally into getting one with me.
  I got home and started cleaning up the house as Ally got home with all her packages.
I tried to sneak a peek, but Ally distracted me by sticking her tongue in my mouth and feeling me up through my jeans.
That should calm your curiosity for a while.
Give me a minute and I will be down to help you finish cleaning up.
” There wasn’t much to clean up, so I was finished by the time Ally got back down.
“There, all done,” I said as she took my hand and led me to the couch.
Ally sat me down and sat on my lap.
Ally wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close so we could kiss,  both of our hands were feeling each other up  Ally straddled my lap.
She started to grind on my cock.
Ally was wearing a low-cut teddy with no panties.
She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock out.
I slid them down off my ass.
Ally started gyrating on my bare cock.
Her pussy was wet and covered my cock with her juices as she continued to tease me.
I slid the straps of her teddy and slid them down her arms and pulled her into me.
  My cock slid into her, penetrating her luscious folds.
  Ally moaned when I was fully in.
  “Oh, fuck, yes.
Don’t you dare stop.
” Ally started to ride my cock as I rubbed her clit and didn’t take Ally long for Ally to explode in orgasm.
  Her juices dripped all over my cock as I continued pumping in and out.
“Honey, I’m going to cum,” I said.
Ally wrapped her arms around me and moaned once more.
“Give it to me Bret.
I want it all,” she leaned back and looked me in the eyes as I shot my load in her pussy.
  Ally didn’t stop either.
She continued riding my cock until I slid out of her,  our cum dripping out of her, and my cock covered in our mixed juices.
  Ally slid down and cleaned my cock off in no time when she was done; she climbed back in my lap as we kissed again.
After a few minutes, Ally spoke up.
“Bret that was amazing, I have something to ask you.
” “Sure, honey.
Ask away.
” “Would you want to add another person to our playtime together?” “Wha….
What are you talking about? Are you not happy with me? Do you want another guy in bed with us? I’m not sure what to say,” I asked her hurt and dejectedly.
“Bret, stop what you’re thinking right there before you get all worked up over nothing.
It’s not what you think.
”  Ally sighed and then she continued her explanation.
  “Bret, when I got my massage the other day, my masseuse was incredibly talented.
  She teased the butt plug you gave me and rubbed my pussy.
  It turned me on, and I got very horny.
Kyra said I was a lucky lady but also wanted a hard cock in her ass like you gave me last night.
  I wanted to do more things with her.
But I wanted to do so with your knowledge and approval.
” “Ally, I’m not upset.
Shocked is more like it.
  I never knew you felt that way, honey” Ally hugged me and gave me a hot kiss on the lips.
“Bret, this isn’t going to be the normal thing.
We wanted to try new things together.
Like we have been doing.
  It’s up to you though.
  I just want to be honest with you about my feelings.
” “As long as we are just experimenting like everything else, then I’m good with it.
  I am guessing you’ve already thought about this detail.
” I questioned her.
“Not everything.
Just seeing if she was interested or even willing, that’s about it.
  She really likes what she heard about you,” Ally said, smiling coyly at me.
“You were talking about me?” “Yeah, it was about what you did for me when I came home to you.
  I told her how you treated me like a queen.
a little bit on how you fucked me all night long and again this morning.
  She was so happy for me.
  I do feel bad though.
  I got her so horny yesterday and her boyfriend blew her off for some bimbo or to hang with buddies.
  She had to take care of herself.
  I’d like to make it up to her.
” I gently pushed Ally off my lap onto the couch.
  Her legs spread as I ran kisses up her inner thighs.
  I purposely blew on her puffy red lips that were glistening with wetness.
  “Oh my God, Bret.
  What are you doing to me?”  She asked inquisitively.
I stopped my kisses, but my hand gently began fingering her wet slit as I spoke.
  “I’m getting a piece of my wife’s ass again before her girlfriend gets here.
  I don’t want to disturb you two tonight.
” “Disturb us?  What are you talking about, Bret?  We aren’t going to be alone.
  You’ll be right there with us.
  This is as much for you as it is for me.
You told me you fantasized about watching me with another woman.
  I am not doing it without you beside me or at least in the same room.
” Ally pulled me up to kiss me as she navigated my cock into her tight sphincter.
  It went in like a hot knife through butter.
I guess I am a little dense because it took me a minute for Ally’s words to register in my brain.
”  Ally wanted me to watch her and her friend.
  “Damn, we did talk about that,” I thought to myself.
  Now back to reality.
  I started pumping my cock even harder into Ally.
“Yeah that’s it, you got the right idea now baby.
  Fuck my pussy.
  I can’t get enough of your cock baby!” With that added incentive, I thrust my cock in as deep as I could and Ally squealed in delight as I didn’t hold back and let my cum loose in her tight ass as I pumped every drop out of me.
  Maybe her new girlfriend will enjoy the present I left her.
  My mind started to wander, and my cock grew harder at the thought of seeing Ally and her friend together.
  I am sure she will taste me later tonight, whether she wants to or not.
    “Oh, God, Bret.
  What are you trying to do to me?  Wear me out before tonight?” “Hell no, I’m just getting you warmed up for.
What’s her name, baby?“ I said as I snuggled up to her as she molded into my body.
Her name’s Kyra.
” “She sounds sexy.
” “She is.
  And you’re doing a good job getting me warmed up.
  You know what I like.
  And what I’d like right now is to fall asleep in your arms as you cuddlefuck me so that we can get some rest for our big night tonight.
” I didn’t need any more encouragement.
  My cock was still hard when I lifted Ally’s leg and slid right in her waiting pussy.
  I was slowly grinding my hips deeper and deeper as Ally matched me stroke for stroke.
  It was so slow and sensual that we ended up dozing off together while my cock was still embedded deep in her soft velvet folds.



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