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Latest stories Supernatural Forever in the Underworld, chapter VI

The first feelings of doubt have entered my mind.
I have never felt this before.
My life is miserable, but I have never regretted my decisions before.
Why does this come to me now? What has triggered these emotions? I cannot find the answer.
Stilling the hunger has become my only relief on these dark nights.
I think of her every day.
Even the wonders of the forest cannot hold my attention for long.
I see a crowned elk reach for the dark needles of a pine.
A loon moans through the dancing mist of a black pond.
The red light of morning shines back at me from the eyes of a lynx and her young.
Thousands of creatures rustle through the moss and leaves.
Beauty is all around me.
The forest is teeming with life.
It seems all I do these days is cry.
—– My new role had changed something in me.
There was absolutely no way for me to reenter my human life, and with that realization a whole new situation emerged.
With no other choice before me, I found it surprisingly easy to adjust, and being a nymph was the most wonderful thing in the world when I was with Skuld.
The other trolls also seemed to know that I no longer had a life amongst the humans.
I was allowed to venture outside and have the same life as any other nymph in the mountain.
Although I was at the bottom of the hierarchy, I was strangely satisfied.
Finally I was treated according to my own image, even though it happened a bit differently than I had imagined.
My new freedom was spent with all the youthful energy this new body contained.
Together with Skuld I lived my happiest days in the forest and under ground.
We made love underneath the stars each night and explored the farthest reaches of the wilderness together.
She showed me all her secret places and hidden beauties.
In the mountain I experienced the bond that tied all fairy-folk together.
It was a strict society with harsh rules, especially for women, but I was happy.
Behind the happiness though, was the vague feeling that this couldn’t possibly last.
How could I at one moment be distrusted and feared by my people and the next moment be fully accepted without consequence? I tried to let my fears go but every time with Skuld felt like our last time together.
The only thing that could release me from my worries was the intense orgasms she pulled forth in me when we had sex.
After the initial adrenaline-like bliss gave way I began contemplating my purpose in this society.
I knew perfectly well what nymphs did to humans.
Ever since I was little I had been fed stories about men seduced by these wonderful forest creatures and stripped of every ounce of life force.
This dawned on me as I over the days felt increasingly tired.
Even though I ate and slept there was something in me that never truly replenished.
The energies that had made me able to endure hours of pleasure now felt like they seeped away with each day.
Skuld explained this to me and called it “the starving”.
Every nymph felt it from time to time.
Trolls believed it to be similar to their taste for human flesh, but this was something deeper.
Something more rooted in the very essence of the underworld.
Just like every being need to kill in order to replenish, nymphs need to seduce.
Skuld accompanied me on my first hunt.
This was an awkward and frightening experience.
We were heading for the human settlements on the outskirts of civilization.
Several days of travel from out home.
This was the race that had born me and raised me, but I felt no remorse for what I was about to do.
I loved Skuld and my new people, and the starving was strong.
In contrast to my mind always being momentarily focused in the frenzy of lust, my body was constantly focused on this.
I needed it.
Not just for my own replenishment, but also from a desire to be able to give Skuld all that she needed.
We encountered him on the edges of the forest.
The steady, rhythmic sound of his axe-blows told me that this was a healthy, strong man in the prime of his life.
Today he would experience the most intense pleasures he could ever feel, but also drown in deep, obsessive despair.
The irony was not lost on me.
As I saw the bare torso with muscles straining to uphold the rhythm of the axe, my body surprised me by delivering jolts of arousal.
Still considering myself a man in a girl’s body, I did not think that I could feel such desire, but at this moment body was clearly stronger than mind.
As soon as the erotic thoughts entered my conscience, I felt warmth and moisture spread across my crotch.
Skuld seemed to be able to read my body language, and smiled slyly at me.
“Do you feel it? Your body knows it will feed tonight.
” I already knew her predictions were right.
The more I looked at the man, the more my body ached for him to take me.
To lay me down and fuck my brains out.
I imagined his huge, warm member enter me and tear my body apart in fantastic orgasms.
“You’re panting so loud they’ll hear you,” Skuld whispered.
“Try to master the hunger and use it to your advantage.
There is nothing more arousing to a man than a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.
” I did not understand at first, but somehow the female part of my mind instinctively gained the composure I needed.
All that I wanted was to throw myself at him and lower myself on his cock.
The only thing that allowed me to restrain the urges was my subconscious promise to my body that it would be satisfied soon enough.
She could not have prepared me for the surge of energy that shot through me as I had my first orgasm with a man.
It was easy enough to seduce him.
The powers that inhabited this body seemed to know what was coming, and they blossomed.
He was chanceless.
We were far beyond the reach of his fellows.
We were all alone but for Skuld, skulking somewhere in the dense foliage.
The heedless chase into the wilderness had whipped him into a frenzy.
His pants were nearly torn by the immense pressure of his manhood, searching, yearning, smelling my sexual scent.
I yielded and pretended to fall, heart hammering in my chest like the immense bull-clad drums in the king’s hall.
He was strong.
Hands gripping my arms as if they were axe handles.
Firm, impossible to slip, but a skilled gentleness that would allow for flawless presiscion.
I was just as worked up as him.
Could not wait for him to do all the work.
My hands found the buttons of his trousers and freed the aching flag-pole inside.
It was as hard as the stones pressing into my back and warm as Skuld’s loving thighs.
I knew I wanted it inside me.
Whilst I freed his stake he ripped my dress apart and pressed his lips to mine.
Online Now! Lush Cams SandyFleur I answered his lips’caress with mine and filled his nostrils with my sweet breath.
Our tongues entwined like newborn snakes experiencing their first taste of fresh air.
His thick drake aiming for its dark, moist lair.
When he entered me I had no choice but to empty my lungs in a long howl of sheer pleasure.
There was no other possible outcome.
I arched my back as he grasped my sides and lifted me off the ground with each thrust.
My eyes rolled in their sockets, swimming across our surroundings and taking in every sight at once.
I caught a glimpse of Skuld, hidden beneath a juniper tree, rhythmically penetrating herself with several fingers as she watched the frenzied spectacle.
It did not take him long to reach his goal.
I wanted him to go on forever, but after just a few powerful thrusts, I could feel his body shaking, preparing for the oncoming torrent.
My legs were spread wide as I welcomed him into me.
Begging him with every ounce of otherworldly power.
His intensity increased beyond my expectations, and as his short moans became elongated howls of strain, I knew I had what I wanted.
His member rapidly began to twitch, and suddenly powerful gushes of his essence surged against my inner walls.
With his release, he lost all control of his mucles, boring strong fingers into my white skin.
I was oblivious to the pain.
His thick bursts sent me over the edge and resulted in the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced.
There was nothing that could have prepared me for this.
Each onslaught of his seed filled me with more than essence.
I could feel the warmth spread in me as fast as a hurricane.
My eyes searched for Skuld and found her, mouth wide open, eyes half closed and watching me with unsecluded satisfaction.
Now I knew.
After feeling his lifeforce drain into me along with his semen, I found I could not resist him.
I wanted his life.
I needed the energy that resided in his body.
An unidentified emotion tried to surface, but was quickly subdued by the incredible and strong sexual power that overwhelmed me.
The man left the forest as wrecked as I felt rejuvenated.
I spent the next few days in Skuld’s company.
We found great joy in each other’s company, and when I occasionally saw Burr’s huge presence, I made sure he could see our affection.
In a way I felt like this was a kind of payback for what he did to me.
It didn’t matter.
He knew Skuld still loved me, and I was certain he could do nothing to prevent it.
Living in the mountain was a worryless experience, but a voice in me kept saying that I shouldn’t be lulled.
I should have paid more attention to it.
One day, a troll arrived and told Skuld that her father requested her presence.
I knew instantly something was wrong, and stayed at home waiting for her in tense agony.
Every possible alternative went through my head, but I could not find a pleasing answer.
Finally, after two hours I heard someone coming, but instead of Skuld’s smooth, white face the tough, wrinkled skin of the same troll appeared.
” His voice was blank and void of any subliminal information.
I followed him back through the caves, feeling like a prisoner on the way to my own hanging.
People had noticed something was up and stared, but none of the faces made me any wiser.
As I approached the throne room and heard the familiar sobbing of my fiancée I began to panic.
There were obviously bad news ahead, but I decided to play the brave role.
A second later I saw Skuld’s tear-streaked face, and the determination vanished like mist from the sun.
I tried to smile bravely, but her sad eyes were full of grief and sorrow.
Before I could say anything to her the troll king began to speak.
“Skuld say she still love you.
You have a pleasant appearance, but why she choose you before a warrior I do not understand.
This can not go on.
” The deep, rasping voice sounded like stones being chewed to gravel.
“Instead of a son, I now have another girl.
What use are you now?” Some of the surrounding trolls laughed out loud when he said this.
They obviously found something amusing in my situation.
“You must be this way forever.
And so you can not marry my daughter.
Bad enough that my grandchild is born without a father.
” This revelation hit me like hammer.
She was pregnant.
And I was obviously the father.
The words stayed with me forever and etched themselves into my mind and dreams.
But the revelations were not through yet.
“The marriage is cancelled.
Burr will be Skuld’s new man.
You are just a nymph.
You must stay here.
Skuld is not yours anymore.
” The last five words echoed over and over through the throne room and seemed to grow and wane like the tides on an ocean I would never see again.
Skuld was standing in front of me and I could not bear looking at her.
I turned away and stared directly into a pair of red, triumphant eyes amongst the onlookers.
The ugly face of Burr was torn in half by a wide grin of rotten, yellow fangs.
Lips slick with droplets of green saliva.
The hideous troll walked over to the throne and took his woman’s arm.
As he led her away, she looked back at me with tears in her eyes.
I desperately fought the desire to break down.
—– I fuck another man again today.
As he lay me down in the grass and talk to me with passion in his voice I feel an ounce of happiness.
My body aches for his caress and my sex is longing to be filled.
My heart races when he tells me how beautiful I am.
I close my eyes.
Imagine the soft, tender hands of my girl.
I scream when he enters me.
Energy surges through my body and drives me into a frenzy.
My fingernails leave deep wounds in the skin of his back.
My legs clasp him tightly.
My tongue twirls around his own.
His frenzy is the opposite.
It is the desperate attempt of a man knowing he will never see pleasure like this again.
A man trying to prolong the inevitable.
With his release comes a sigh so long that I begin to wonder if the wind is blowing through him from the wounds in his back.
The eyes that were filled with sexual madness are now dull and uninteresting.
He falls asleep instantly.
I could not have woken him if I had wanted to.
I lie there for a while.
Feeling the warmth of another body on top of me.
His rasping breath reminds me of the tormenting voice of the king.
I cannot stand it.
With refueled strength I throw him off me and run.
How long or how far I do not know.
I only know that when I stop I am exausted.
I still feel the throbbing sex between my legs.
A glistening line of semen reaches all the way down my thighs.
Pure life-force soaking into the black earth beneath.
Sickness wells up in me and I empty my stomach on the ground.
I feel more wretched than ever.



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