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Latest stories Straight Sex Ann Meets James

It had been a long time coming.
He looked as though he belonged anywhere, but with her.
Then again, he wasn’t exactly hers either.
He was tall – boy was he tall.
It didn’t take much as she was just over five foot.
She had never seen this man in jeans, always dressed for success, or to kill.
That’s a matter of opinion.
Ann’s? Well she couldn’t think straight around him.
He had a lopsided smile.
You know the one.
The one that makes your insides flutter.
He was lean and just looked like he knew how to please, but also had a nerdy side.
All in all, it was Ann’s weakness and what she called the deadly combination.
Ann considered herself pretty, average build, not lacking in curves, DDs, and toned legs.
Her hair was long, soft, warm brunette with blonde highlights that framed her face.
She had similar sense of style, never more casual than skinny jeans and a classy blouse, usually modest cut.
Let’s be honest, a girl with curves doesn’t need to show off to let a man know she has them.
Ann got to know James after a happy accident at a bar called the Boot.
She found herself abandoned by her friends, who are way more outgoing in the bar scene.
Alex and Dixie just attract the guys, and they just know.
Ann never understood how this worked.
She could never get the balance of slutty and poised just right.
As she sat alone looking at her drink, James stepped into view.
“You look too pretty to be by yourself.
” She looked up, smiled and said, “Yeah, it happens sometimes, but I’m not alone now.
” She said a silent ‘thank you’ for the girls ditching her this time.
He was so her type.
They briefly talked about what they did for a living, more small talk and soon they found it was time to go.
Ann wanted to get his number, but didn’t know how to ask.
He didn’t ask for her number.
They parted ways.
Dixie remarked how cute the guy was and Ann could only say, “He was really cute, I like him.
” She repeated this sentiment a few times on the drive home.
She thought about that crooked smile and beautiful eyes while she prepared for bed.
She was not one for jumping into things, but it certainly was time to get some.
She worked herself into a total frenzy.
How could he have this effect on her? He didn’t even touch her.
She lay staring at the ceiling.
“Well, there is only one way to calm this down.
” She reached for her iPad, connected to a favorite porn site and picked out her favorite actor and settled in to watch a steamy interlude between two lovers roughly pleasing each other.
As the thrusts got harder,and the actress’s moans got louder, she thought, “I don’t know why girls deny they like this, too” and started to touch her breasts.
Heavy in her hands, they felt so soft and full as she twisted and played with her nipples until they were erect and sensitive, zinging a direct connection to her sex.
She slightly arched her back.
The porn actor was giving it just how she needed it and she had to see relief.
She slid her right hand down to play with her clit.
Oh man! This needs attention.
It was so hot and slippery.
She played with her slit and clit and knew she would get to come fast.
The actor drilled the actress so fucking hard from behind – and Ann wanted it so bad.
She closed her eyes.
It was him.
From the bar.
She didn’t usually think about anyone she knew, but tonight was different.
He put her in knots.
She wanted to know what she could do to please him, how he would please her.
She imagined that his hand replaced hers.
He lay on his stomach, thumb on her clit and two fingers sliding inside her.
It felt so good: masturbation versus someone else actually doing it gives such a different feel.
No wonder men like it so much.
James gave her several long strokes as he flicked the clit with his thumb, and Ann let out a whimper, a moan, and her breath quickened.
He dipped his head down and replaced his thumb with his mouth.
He can use his mouth so well! Whether he was writing his ABC’s or licking and sucking to the beat of his own drum, it was orgasmic since it took no time to get her moaning very loud.
As she came down from her first high of orgasm, he took the time to move up her body.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnikaSand He pressed his pelvis into her, and she felt his hard cock.
He dipped to kiss and lick each nipple before he finally reached her lips.
He kissed her passionately, the kiss she’d hoped for at the bar.
Whoa! His lips were kissable, and he took such great control.
Instinctively, she started moving her pelvis, rubbing all the wet heat over his penis, getting it so ready for her.
Finally, she thought she was getting to him and he broke the kiss.
She smiled at him and he reached to bury himself in her.
He went to thrust deep and hard, in one go, but as the head popped in, James quickly found that it couldn’t be done.
She was so tight.
He knew he had to be a more careful and stretch her a little easier.
So in three shorter, slower strokes, he was buried all the way in.
Oh, wow! She was tight.
Ann couldn’t believe how satisfying it was to be filled like this.
It really had been too long.
He started to thrust long strokes in her very wet pussy.
The wet friction is a feeling like no other.
Her hips quickly started to meet his thrusts, and his head bent to give her a quick kiss, then dipped lower to catch one of her bouncing breasts in his mouth.
He bit lightly and that caused Ann to gasp.
It nearly pushed her to the edge.
He was bringing her to the brink; she thought she would burst from pleasure.
And then it all disappeared.
She looked up at him with a look of disappointment and anger, when she realized he was grabbing her and tossing her onto her stomach.
She obliged.
The quicker she was on her knees the quicker he was fucking her again.
He was large, but it was the thickness that drove her wild.
She would beg if it meant he would take her over and over.
This time, he wasn’t nice about sinking in.
He thrust firm and fast.
His balls slapped against her clit and she bounced, nearly hitting her head on the headboard.
He caught her and grabbed her by the hips to manhandle her a little lower away from the headboard.
He then set a pace that most men would die to have.
James’ stamina was definitely one to envy, and Ann moaned so loud she might as well have screamed.
Her breasts almost hurt with the pace that they swung and bounced.
With one more shattering moan, her insides tightened and that sweet release she was begging for came.
She came so hard he had to hold her steady.
Her juices gushed down over his cock, and she knew the next time she came, he would, too.
He firmly slapped her ass, and grabbed a love handle in the left and her round ass with the right.
He slid his thumb to her asshole.
She thought about protesting, but fuck, she didn’t want to deny him anything.
So she allowed it – the second man ever to assault her ass.
He started to work in his thumb and he slowly introduced his dick into her.
Soon it was quite pleasurable and she reached down to play with her clit to complete the trifecta.
She moaned and he used his right hand to bring her to him.
Her hair spilled over her shoulders, down her back and in her face.
Though not a model, she was a sight to see.
James started to pump harder and Ann’s eyes rolled.
They were both close.
His grip tightened on and in her ass.
They were both right there, so close… Finally she spasmed so tight on him and she felt his cock pulse as they both moaned and came so hard.
It was certainly Ann’s biggest orgasm yet.
She collapsed and he rolled off her and lay next to her.
Wow, Ann needed that release so bad.
She couldn’t wait to have him again.
As she caught her breath, she thought about how loud she’d been.
To hell with her neighbors, they can go fuck themselves.
All was quiet.
Ann opened her eyes to see that the porn on her iPad had ended, silencing the exaggerated sex noises and, to her dismay, ending the fantasy she had with James.
It had been all a dream, all imagination.
But, the thought that it had satisfied her, made her crave James even more.
Call it crazy girl hormones, call it destiny, but that was the moment when she knew she had to find out how to reach him.
And turn this fantasy into reality.



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