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It was pouring outside.
No one in his right mind would want to be out in weather like that, but Claudia was trying to collect surveys.
There was a contest to see who could get the most done in a week.
Every door she knocked on was slammed in her face.
No one was in the mood to help her out.
It wasn’t even a long survey, but people were just too mean.
That’s when she knocked on Kurt’s door.
She had decided that if this one got slammed in her face, she was going home.
Kurt opened the door and looked at the sopping wet woman.
She looked pitiful standing there.
He noticed that she was very attractive, even for being dripping wet.
She hoped he would be kind to her.
He immediately opened the door and asked her in.
She stepped inside and took off her dripping coat, not sure where to put it.
Kurt took it and hung it so it would dry a little.
He noticed she was still wet, as her jacket had soaked through.
He invited her to come in and sit in the living room, where he started a fire.
“You’re soaking wet.
Why would you be out in weather like this?” “I need the bonus for taking the most surveys.
I’m a little short on money this month, so I need to have a little more next month to come out even.
” “I see.
So what is this survey about?” He sat down next to her on the couch.
He could smell her shampoo.
Raspberry scented.
She smelled so good.
He longed to touch her.
“It’s about payphones.
” “Payphones?” “Yeah.
Would you be interested?” “Only if I can ask you a few questions after.
” “Okay, I guess.
” She asked him everything on the survey.
He answered to the best of his ability.
He rarely used a payphone.
Then they got to his questions.
She wasn’t sure exactly what she’d said yes to.
“So, you wear underwear, correct?” “Yes, of course.
” “And what kind?” She knew then that she was turning him on.
She looked at him, this time in a more personal light.
He was quite good looking.
She really didn’t have a problem answering his questions.
In fact, they were kind of making her want to show him.
“Well, I’m wearing a thong.
” She noticed him close his eyes for a second.
She figured he was trying to picture it.
“What color?” “Navy blue.
” “Hmmm…very interesting.
” “Oh, how’s that?” “I’ve never seen them in navy blue.
” “Oh really?” They both fell silent.
He looked deep into her eyes, looking for a sign.
His sign came in the form of a hand placed gently on his cheek.
She ran her fingers through his short, dark brown hair.
They moved in closer.
He lightly brushed his lips against hers.
Then they pressed their lips together and wrapped their arms around each other.
She tasted so good.
He loved it when girls wore lip-gloss, and hers was raspberry, just like her shampoo.
He looked at her, remembering how wet her clothes were.
“We really should get you out of these wet clothes.
Don’t want you to catch a cold.
” He flashed her a mischievous smile.
She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it, too.
She untucked her blouse and started to unbutton it.
He took her hands from her shirt and told her to let him do that.
He undid her buttons, opening her shirt a little farther with every release.
He got to the last button and pushed the shirt down her shoulders, taking one of her bra straps with it.
She looked at him and ran her tongue across her teeth as if to say, “What are you going to do now?” He leaned back towards her and kissed her bare shoulder.
He moved up her shoulder, kissing up to her neck.
He lightly sucked on her neck, making his way to her ear.
He whispered into her ear, “You are so beautiful.
I’d love to see what you look like without anything on.
” Then he licked around her ear.
She stood up from the couch, letting her shirt drop off her arms.
She pulled him up to meet her and kissed him.
“Where’s the bedroom?” He took her by the hand and led her to his room.
They got to his room and he immediately pinned her against the wall.
“Mmmm…What are you gonna do?” “What do you want me to do?” “You’re the man, you’re in charge.
” He liked this.
Power was quite a thrill for him.
He suddenly stepped back.
“Strip for me.
Make it good,” he ordered.
She obeyed.
She undid the clasp on the front of her bra, holding her breasts together as she did so.
She started to dance around him, squeezing her chest before finally letting them go, putting them right in his face as he sat on the bed to watch.
She swung the bra over her head and threw it to him.
Then she danced her skirt down her legs, kicking it behind her.
The only thing left was her thong.
She grabbed the sides with her little fingers, slowly rolling them down her hips, revealing her soft, clean-shaven pussy.
She stopped moving then and looked at him seductively, licking her lips and flicking her tongue at him.
He stood up with a very strong hard on.
She stepped out of her thong, stepping closer to him.
“Now strip me.
” Again she obeyed.
She came to him and started to kiss him.
Then she stopped and roughly grabbed his shirt.
She pulled him closer and wrapped her arms around him, running her hands up his back, taking the shirt with them.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alex_Gabino She lightly dragged her fingernails up his back, causing him to shudder but keep his sturdy pose.
She pulled the shirt over him, dragging her chest across him as she went.
He could feel his rock hard cock growing to full staff, and so could she.
She slid her hands between their two bodies and put her pointer fingers under the elastic holding up his pants.
She lightly pulled down and they gave way instantly.
She used her other fingers to drag down his hips, again sending chills through him.
She continued to pull them down, dropping to her knees as she did so.
She reached his ankles to discover that she had his cock in her face, as he had not been wearing underwear.
A smile crossed her face.
She was staring at 7 inches of hot, throbbing meat.
Again she licked her lips, and then the tip of his manhood.
He flinched, as she had a very skillful tongue, only touching the most sensitive part of the tip.
She stood up.
He looked at her and told her to continue.
“Now I get a second to be in control.
You can have it back, I promise.
” Then she winked at him.
He was curious as to what she was going to do.
She put her hands on his shoulders, pushing him backwards.
She walked him backward to the bed.
He felt the bed against the back of his legs and then felt his knees give.
He bounced a little, but she steadied him quickly.
She dropped back to her knees, again staring at his cock.
She lightly kissed the vein on the underside, making his cock twitch slightly.
Her lips were only slightly warm compared to her clit.
She was so wet it was running down her leg.
She wanted to climb on him and hold on for the ride of her life.
She took his whole cock into her mouth.
This surprised him and made him moan suddenly.
She gripped her lips around his cock and sucked hard.
He arched his back and shuddered a deep breath.
He could already feel the pressure inside him building.
He moaned loud and tensed farther.
She tasted his pre-cum and wanted more.
She continued to suck harder, flicking the tip of his cock with her tongue.
“I’m gonna cum!” he screamed out suddenly.
She kept sucking, but pulled off slightly.
She wanted to taste him, not just swallow him.
His back seized and he shot his hot load into her mouth.
She moaned slightly with the feel of him letting loose.
She slid her lips off him, cleaning him off in the process.
He sat up as he regained his breath, knowing he was back in the power seat.
He looked at her, licking his lips.
He pulled her up to him, kissing her and tasting him on her tongue.
He stood up, giving her space to get on the bed.
She laid down, not sure what he was going to do next, not that she cared as long as she got to have him inside her.
He dropped to his knees this time.
She felt his hands spreading her legs.
He was being very gentle with her, so she could tell he was going to be a tease.
He lightly ran his finger down her slit, covering it in her juices.
He put it to his lips and licked it clean.
This was torture! She looked down at him.
“Mmmm…don’t tease me, fuck me! Fuck me! I want you so bad!” He flashed his bright white smile and flicked his tongue across her clit.
She moaned with a shuddered, “Ahhhh.
” He felt her body quiver and stopped.
She was about to go crazy.
He could feel himself hot again and climbed on top of her.
She knew she was in for the best fuck she’d ever had.
He kissed up her stomach as he climbed up her body.
He stopped at her breasts for a moment, licking and sucking on each until they were hard as they could be.
Then he moved up her neck and to her lips.
They shared the most passionate kiss until she broke it, moaning as he slid himself inside her.
He started off just inside her with the tip of his cock.
She wanted him inside her completely and bucked her hips to try to push him in.
He stopped moving, just to torture her and tell her that she shouldn’t do that again.
“And if I do?” “Well then I’ll have to spank you, you bad little thing.
” The way he spoke to her just made her want it more.
He slid inside a little further, and she bucked again.
He spanked her, calling her bad.
She got caught up in the passion of the moment.
She pulled him down to her and kissed him deeply.
He couldn’t control his body anymore either, and pushed deep inside her.
She broke the kiss again, his lips stifling her moan.
He started to pound into her, moving faster with every thrust.
They were both in utter ecstasy.
He slid out until he was barely inside her anymore and put one leg on the outside of hers.
Then he slid his other leg under the same leg, pinning her leg between his and making them turn slightly sideways together.
He continued to ram her deep, hitting every possible nerve.
She started to scream as she tightened around him.
He worked to keep himself from stopping, as she was becoming very hard to move in as she milked his cock with every motion.
She tilted her head back and screamed, reaching orgasm.
Her juices spilled out of her and down his cock.
This pushed him over the edge too.
He exploded into her, groaning with the pressure.
Their hot liquids mixed and spilled out of her onto him.
They both lay there, out of breath.
Kurt collapsed onto her, trying to breathe.
He stayed inside her, slowly relaxing and recuperating.
He gently slid out of her and lay next to her.
She wrapped her arms around him, and they both fell asleep.



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