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Stacy crawled forward, her eyes locked on the dick she called her own.
Swooping in low like a stalking cat, she locked her mouth on the pliant member.
The taste was exquisite.
She had about half his shaft in her mouth, cradling it with her tongue.
She could faintly feel the beating of his heart.
She stayed that way several minutes, allowing her body to wind down a bit while gently nursing on her favorite toy.
Minutes passed in silence.
Betty was still flat on her back, breathing deeply but steadily.
Frank had slipped his boxers back on and settled down into one of the deeply padded chairs.
There was a thoughtful and appreciative look on his face.
Stacy released her husband’s dick, still half-hard.
She crawled her way up his body and kissed him.
Their lips met in a close but gentle embrace.
Jared let himself down onto the carpet, laying flat with his wife’s body pressed languidly against his own.
They released their kiss and she laid her head on his shoulder, finally at rest.
A kind of shock was beginning to take hold of Stacy.
What had happened to her? What had she just done? She had never behaved that way before.
She had never felt that way before.
She had lost control.
Or perhaps, she had simply let it go.
Stacy Lancaster was a sober kind of woman.
She was almost always thoughtful and deliberate in her actions.
On the other hand, she enjoyed indulging her powerful sex drive when the mood struck her, sometimes screaming at her husband to fuck her harder and harder even after she had climaxed a dozen times or more.
And she knew.
or at least assumed.
that that kind of appetite wasn’t normal.
But she had been in control all those times.
She had learned her husband’s limits.
if his amazing stamina could be called limiting.
and had thrilled in pushing both their bodies to incredible peaks of pleasure.
So yes, Stacy could be wild and demanding in her need for sexual gratification but what had just happened.
it was crazy! What she had just done to these two strangers, the way she had attacked them and demanded satisfaction from them just wasn’t like her.
Or at least, it had never been before.
She lay still across her husband’s chest, listening to his heart and rising and falling with his breath.
She wondered what he was thinking of her right then.
She gathered up what she could of her will and her wits.
She croaked once, finding herself hoarse and had to clear her throat.
Jared’s body shook with a chuckle.
Finally, she said in a quiet voice, “I can’t believe the way I just acted.
What I just did.
” She waited for her husband to respond.
He didn’t leave her waiting long.
“Honey, that was more than I could even hope for.
You were amazing.
” She raised her head up a bit so she could look him in the eyes.
The other couple in the room remained silent, allowing the Lancasters to deal with what had just happened.
Stacy asked her husband.
“You’re not upset or weirded out or anything? I never thought.
I mean, I didn’t intend to.
” She was at a loss for words.
“I just don’t know what came over me.
” Jared cupped the back of her head and smiled reassuringly at her.
“You had fun, hon.
That’s all it was; we all had fun.
You don’t feel ashamed, do you? There’s no reason to.
” She lay her head back down on his chest and let him stroke her short, damp hair.
She had spent a lot of time in just this position, laying with her husband quietly and happily.
It was very reassuring.
“Yeah, I think I kind of am.
What I did wasn’t right.
” Jared’s hand stopped and his voice took on a note of urgency and concern.
“No, honey, it’s fine.
It’s just sex.
It doesn’t.
” She gripped his shoulder to stop his protests.
“No, I don’t mean the sex.
Sex is sex.
it’s fun and it feels good.
I understood that long before tonight.
But sex shouldn’t be like that.
It’s not right.
” Betty couldn’t listen to any more without voicing her opinion.
“There’s no wrong way to have sex dearie.
I mean, as long as everybody wants what they’re getting.
” For a moment Stacy almost resented the other woman’s intrusion but shook herself free of that thought.
“Yeah fine, I understand that.
Whatever floats your boat and all that.
And I agree.
I don’t know.
I almost didn’t feel like myself.
” She still lay flat on her husband, not looking at the other woman.
Betty had sat up, sitting naturally on the floor with her legs spread out in an open circle before her, her heavy breasts and swollen sex shamelessly on display.
One finger was idly drawing circles in a wet stain they had made on the rug.
“Well, I guess who you are isn’t who you thought you were.
” Stacy had no answer for a while.
“You know what the worst part is?” The others murmured questioning sounds.
“I’m still fucking horny.
I think there’s something wrong with me.
” Frank laughed at that.
“Damn it, girl, don’t over-think things.
There doesn’t have to be a why and you don’t have to justify your actions.
Hell, you don’t even have to justify them to yourself.
Philosophers may find reasons for sex and biologists and psychologists probably know what they really are but for our own purposes, sex is just fun.
And you, Mrs.
Lancaster, are a hell of a lot of fun.
Or at least, you were until you started thinking.
” Jared let one of his hands clasp Stacy’s ass cheek, the tips of his fingers brushing the lips of her quim.
Stacy stiffened from both nervous anxiety and arousal.
Frank stood, taking a moment to stretch expansively.
Stacy turned her head to watch him.
“As for still being horny.
I’m glad to hear it.
I may not be a teenager anymore, but I’m definitely still good for more than one shot a night.
” His feet took him to stand near Betty, his knee against her shoulder.
She looked up at him.
“Can I help you?” she asked in a mocking voice.
Frank dropped and discarded his boxers.
His large cock was hanging limp but heavy.
“I was hoping for a little oral assistance.
” He answered.
Betty let her eyes roll.
“Who writes this stuff?” But while she sneered her response, her hand clasped his member at its base.
Turning to him, she engulfed his soft cock in a single slurp.
Instinctively, Frank grabbed the back of her head.
His big hand tangled itself in her long hair and pressed her face into his groin.
His fat meat was still soft and it curled and compressed to fill Betty’s mouth.
The lascivious woman’s mouth was open wide, pressed against his pelvis.
She stroked his warm shaft with her tongue and then slid it out of her mouth, lapping at his dangling sack.
Like the talented lover she was, she was able to massage his meat in her mouth while bathing his balls with her pink tongue.
Stacy rose to watch the pair.
Considering for a moment, she moved to straddle her husband’s stomach, kneeling and resting her ass against his rib cage.
She was facing Jared’s feet and could see Betty working on Frank just four or five feet away.
She could feel the prominent line of thick hair that trailed down along Jared’s navel against her still inflamed pussy mound.
She sat up straight in her kneeling position to watch Betty and Frank while playing with her husband’s cock and balls.
His shaft was becoming firmer by the moment but just this once, Stacy wasn’t in a rush to climb aboard.
She wanted to see what the other couple would do.
What Betty was doing was giving world-class head.
As Frank’s manhood began to lengthen and harden, she continued to work on its every inch.
She braced herself against his thigh with one hand while the other massaged his balls and occasionally stroked his slick shaft.
Stacy noticed that as he grew, Betty paid more attention to the head.
Stacy’s own oral skills were perhaps a little lacking due primarily to her constant focus on getting hard meat into her cunt.
A few licks and a quick suck of the head were really all she’d ever managed.
For a few moments, she was lead to believe that Betty’s skills were much the same.
Betty wasn’t consciously putting on a show.
She was just working on getting Frank ready for action.
But as he reached full arousal, Betty pulled back for a moment.
She stroked him gently while glancing over at the Lancasters.
Remembering she had an audience, she couldn’t resist showing off just a little.
She caught Stacy’s eye and smirked at the younger woman just a bit.
Knowing she had the other’s attention, she turned back to Frank’s throbbing cock.
His nine inches were red and throbbing, his tapered head aimed at her face.
She opened her mouth wide and swallowed him to the balls, apparently just as easily as she had when he was soft.
While Frank moaned in response, Stacy’s eyes bugged out.
How the hell had Betty done that? Unconsciously, Stacy gripped her husband’s erection roughly with one hand while the other ground into her own aroused mound.
Betty kept her face buried in Frank’s pubic hair for several minutes, fighting to breathe through her nose as she did so.
The man’s long shaft had plunged back past the back of her mouth and into her throat.
She used both hands to hold him in place with his buttocks as she worked on his shaft.
As a final touch, her tongue extended once again, playing with his testicles.
For as long as Betty deep-throated Frank, Stacy probably hadn’t blinked.
She had had that big shaft of flesh in her pussy and had loved every minute of it but she couldn’t imagine fitting even half of it in her mouth.
On the one hand, she really had no interest in doing so since her mouth certainly didn’t feel things the way her pussy did.
On the third hand, what Betty was doing to Frank was both impressive and sexy as hell.
When Betty finally released him, Frank’s cock was covered saliva and phlegm.
A long strand hung from Betty’s chin to his cock head.
It swayed there briefly as Betty ran her fist up and down his hyper-slick shaft.
Then Betty swallowed him again, slurping as she went.
She quickly bobbed her head along his dick several times, taking every inch as she did so.
When she pulled away again, she had effectively cleaned him up, leaving behind only a bit of damp.
She turned to glance at the other couple as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.
A couple of challenging comments crossed the older woman’s mind.
Could the hot little slut do THAT? Not a chance in hell.
But she kept her peace.
Instead, she looked back up at Frank as she fondled his tackle.
“Can you hold on for a few seconds? I want to go get Helen’s toy box.
” Frank answered as he helped her onto her feet, “Sure babe.
” He held her close a moment, kissing her deeply and pinching a nipple.
When he let her go she turned to leave the room.
“But don’t be long.
” An awkward silence followed Betty’s departure.
Stacy was staring at Frank’s erection while slackly holding her husband’s own piece of meat.
Without a word, she dismounted her husband and knee-walked over to Frank.
She grabbed his glistening cock.
“I need to try that.
” “Well, don’t let me stop you,” Frank answered.
Frank’s cock head was actually smaller than her husband’s so it had no trouble fitting between her teeth.
With more determination than sensuality, she began working more of it into her mouth.
She did pause from time to time to lick along his shaft.
The dick reached the back of her throat before she made it to the half-way mark.
She coughed and choked once, sputtering.
She pulled the thing from her mouth and first swallowed and then cleared her throat.
Then she tried again.
Her lips nearly reached the midpoint but she gagged hard.
She controlled it once but was forced to stop.
She just couldn’t swallow any more.
Stacy sat back on her feet and wiped her mouth.
She noticed that Betty had returned and had been watching her.
Stacy shrugged and looked a little abashed.
Betty tried not to look too smug.
Neither said anything as Betty placed the box she was carrying on the rug next to Stacy.
It was actually more like a chest.
It was made to look like leather but was clearly plastic.
It was less than half the size of a standard footlocker but bigger than a breadbox, as they say.
Betty knelt across the chest from Stacy and opened it.
“Playtime is just beginning,” she said.
Stacy peered inside as the other woman opened the box.
She wasn’t surprised by what she saw.
dildos and vibrators and other cock-shaped devices as well as an assortment of straps, plugs and a few shapes she couldn’t immediately identify.
It also did not surprise her that some of the objects were quite large.
Betty didn’t give her much time to examine the box’s contents.
She pulled out a slim plastic vibrator and quickly shut the box.
“Now I want you and your husband to get comfortable on the couch.
Jared, you sit down and let her mount you just like she was a minute ago.
” The young couple did as instructed.
Jared sat with his ass out near the edge of the cushion, his legs spread and his hard cock on display.
Stacy climbed on top of him; facing into the room with her legs outside his.
She settled down behind his erection, allowing it to press along her labia and past her clit.
“Perfect” Betty commented as she crawled over to them and got in close between their legs.
“Both of you just sit and relax and let me have a little fun.
” Betty pressed her hand against Jared’s shaft, moving it against Stacy’s slit and stroking it gently.
Both Lancasters trembled slightly and Betty smiled.
“You look so beautiful together.
This cock belongs with this pussy”.
She loosely grasped the organ in question.
As she did so first her fingernails and then her knuckles rubbed against Stacy’s sex.
“One so soft, the other so hard.
Always so hard.
” She broke contact for a moment to twist the vibrator’s base, turning it on.
It hummed quietly.
With the buzzing plastic shaft in her right hand, she grasped Jared’s pulsing flesh with the other.
She smiled up at the two of them as they stared down their bodies at her.
She giggled a bit as she saw Jared shifting from peering over his wife’s shoulder to peeking from under her arm as he tried to get a better view.
Betty briefly turned to catch Frank’s eye she prepared to play with the young couple.
The older man was keeping his hands behind his back, letting the hard shaft she had just finished rejuvenating bob and pulse freely in front of him.
Betty stroked Jared’s cock and let the buzzing vibrator trace a line down the center of Stacy’s subtly soft stomach.
She teased them both, grasping his shaft only lightly while avoiding contact with Stacy’s sex.
Nevertheless, Stacy was beginning to squirm.
She was trying to control her body but against her will, she hunched her pelvis up towards the older woman several times, shuddering with need.
Betty gave them one last tender smile before opening her mouth and swallowing the plum-like head of Jared’s penis.
As she did so, she let the vibrator trail down through Stacy’s bush.
With a slight detour, Betty avoided the younger woman’s clit but wasted no time in finding the core of her hot grotto.
As her mouth claimed more of Jared’s hard cock, Betty pushed the vibrating toy deep into Stacy’s pussy.
Stacy cried out, her voice loud.
Oh, yesss.
” She had one hand pressed to the arm of the couch, struggling to remain upright and in the saddle of her loving husband.
Her other hand had been once again drawn to one of her tits, mindlessly squeezing and rubbing at her nipple.
As Betty had plunged the vibrator into her quim, Stacy’s head had reared back in ecstasy, her eyes staring blindly at the ceiling.
But within moments other lusty forces drew her gaze back down to watch as the older woman went about her pleasurable task.
Betty had planted the plastic vibe base-deep in the young slut’s cavity.
In fact, as Stacy’s hips ground and wiggled in response to the buzzing intruder, Betty used her thumb to sink it entirely inside her pink vagina.
The base of the six-inch tool vanished into Stacy’s cunt, evoking a startled cry from Jared’s bride.
The feel of his wife’s squirming ass on his stomach and groin, her lust-filled cries and the droning sound of the buried vibrator were driving Jared crazy.
He clasped on arm across her stomach, holding her tight to keep her balanced atop him and also to feel every horny move she made.
He could even feel a hint of the vibrator’s action through her body.
He wasn’t even inside her and he could feel her passion in a way he never had before.
On the knife-edge of arousal, both Lancasters watched Betty.
The older woman palmed Stacy’s sex, rubbing her little clit and mashing her labia in against the buzzing machine.
She still had the head of Jared’s cock in her mouth.
As Stacy’s cries turned to pants and her movements became more tense and shaky, Betty plunged her head downward, taking Jared down to the balls.
Betty’s eyes bugged out a little bit as Jared’s massively flared head popped past the back of her mouth and into her throat.
She moaned deeply, savoring the feeling of Jared’s hot, throbbing shaft.
She pressed her face forward, pushing the bridge of her nose and her forehead into Stacy cunt.
She could feel the vibrator through Stacy’s wet and inflamed pussy.
She bobbed upward on Jared’s cock, running her nose up Stacy’s slit as she did so.
Stacy jumped slightly as Betty’s nose bounced off her clit.
Betty eased back a bit and plunged her mouth up and down the cock several times.
Stacy watched as the older woman effortlessly swallowed every inch of her husband.
a feat she could not come close to achieving.
After a minute or two, Betty released him, leaving his manhood red and glistening.
Betty rose up, gathering Stacy’s legs with her.
She pushed the pale woman back into her husband, spreading her wide open.
“Push it out, honey.
” It took a moment for Stacy to understand the command or who it was directed at.
Her insatiable pussy still had the vibrator held tightly in its grasp.
She let go.
Frank and Betty watched as Stacy’s pussy lips flowered open and the dark base of the toy appeared.
It slid smoothly out and dropped into Betty’s hand.
She grabbed Jared and aimed him at his wife’s hole.
“Time to fuck your man.
Come on, take it.
” Online Now! Lush Cams jessicalaurens Stacy allowed herself to slide forward and felt the familiar flaring head of her husband’s manhood spread her lips and enter her drooling pussy.
She sat up and a bit forward to take in more of him.
As she did, Betty rose to her knees in front of the younger woman.
They stared at each other for a moment, eye to eye.
Stacy’s lips were parted with arousal and Betty moved forward, meeting her in a kiss.
Stacy’s tongue was there to welcome hers and press together like lovers’ bodies.
The kiss didn’t last long.
Betty relinquished the lip lock and told Jared, “Fuck her”.
Instinctively, Jared’s hands locked on his wife’s hips and he bounced her up off his lap and let her fall back down.
Then he did it again, stroking about half his shaft in and out of her.
Betty’s head descended and found one of Stacy’s delicate pink nipples.
It was hot and swollen and begging to be sucked.
Betty didn’t let it beg long.
As she locked on like a suckling infant, she also brought the vibrator back into play, pressing it against Stacy’s clit.
Stacy was calling out her passion again, head back, mouth open and sweat beginning to cover her over-heated body.
The sight of her pussy stroking along Jared’s cock and the always enticing sight of one woman sucking another’s tits had Frank past the breaking point.
He could no longer keep his hands off his manhood.
But it would be stupid to bring himself off in his hand.
He quietly got down on his knees behind Betty.
Her legs were spread fairly wide as she focused on Stacy’s flesh, allowing Frank to move in between them without disturbing the ongoing action.
One hand on his cock, he made ready.
Then, in one motion, he clasped Betty’s buttock with the other hand as he drove forward, skewering her matted beaver.
Frank’s assault took Betty by surprise and drove her forward.
“Holy fuck” she grunted as Frank’s big cock bottomed out.
She was pressed forward against Stacy, her heavy tits mashed out against the other woman’s rib cage.
She could feel the wetness of the couple’s union on her stomach and Jared’s balls brushing past her navel.
As she recovered from Frank’s unexpected lunge, she growled deep in her throat.
She rose slightly and pressed her clit into Stacy’s mound, grinding it there as she absorbed Frank’s powerful thrusts.
Frank was fucking Betty in earnest, using the entire length of his cock with each thrust.
All four lovers were now in a stack against the couch.
Frank leaned against Betty’s back and reached forward with both hands, capturing Stacy’s flushed tit mounts.
He squeezed them both from the bottom, pushing them into high, flaming pink peaks.
Betty allowed herself to fall against the younger woman again, sucking most of one tit into her mouth.
As Frank stared into the wild eyes of the Lancaster woman, he watched the final thread snap.
Stacy came hard, gritting her teeth and groaning.
Her hands flew around Betty’s head and she ground the larger woman’s face into her tit flesh.
Inside her body, her cunt strangled her husband’s cock, gripping it in an orgasmic embrace.
Her body seemed to curl up, her knees pulling towards her shoulders of their own accord, her head bending across the back of Betty’s.
It was like she was forming a ball around the other woman’s skull.
She held on for a long minute as her husband continued fucking up into her cunt, driving the frantic young woman through her powerful orgasm.
With a last grunting scream, the tension released from her body.
Betty’s head came free.
She knelt up straight, pressing against Frank’s panting body, his hard cock still locked within her steaming pit.
She shook her head, trying to get her bearings after being crushed in Stacy’s climax-fueled embrace.
Panting, Stacy sat atop her man, his hard cock still piercing her core, a froth of their vigorous love shimmering along the seam of their union.
Finally, Betty broke the silence.
“Good?” Stacy smiled a little shamefully.
” Betty reached down to her own sex to tease her clit and tickle Frank’s shaft.
“Would it be okay if I borrowed your man for a bit.
I have an idea.
Sweat cooling on her body, hair plastered to her head, Stacy swallowed and nodded.
Shakily, she dismounted, more or less tumbling onto the couch beside her husband.
That climax had really taken something out of her.
It had been the type of climax that often ended the marathon sessions of demanding sex she shared with her husband.
“Knock yourself out.
” Betty bent her head back against Frank’s shoulder and made eye contact.
“Let me up for just a second, babe.
” Frank was virtually snorting with lust but he let Betty disengage.
She stood and made a show of working her neck while exchanging an accusing glance with Stacy.
Then, she descended into Jared’s waiting embrace, facing him as she smoothly slid her gaping sex down his dick.
She sighed softly as she did so and settled into place, presenting her backside boldly to Frank.
“Now Frank, I trust you to do the right thing.
You know what I like.
” Stacy was very alert now, wondering what she was about to see.
Of course, she had a pretty good idea but she didn’t know how she felt about it.
Stacy didn’t like anal sex.
She had tried it exactly two times, both with men other than her husband before she had met him.
She had initially been open-minded about the idea but it turned out that she just didn’t like it.
She could handle the temporary pain but the ongoing discomfort and the fact that it simply wasn’t enjoyable made it something she just had no patience for.
And really, it had ended up being a bit.
Still, she had offered to try it again with Jared.
Even before they had decided to get married, she came to see him as a guy she really wanted to please and would be willing to sacrifice for.
Fortunately, Jared recognized her reluctance and had told her flat out that while he had done it before, he wasn’t particularly fond of it.
There was simply no need for her to make a “sacrifice”.
he wasn’t interested.
And by that time she knew him well enough to believe him.
She was relieved.
and promptly fucked him into the ground in gratitude.
Still, Stacy had wondered if there were women who actually enjoyed it.
It looked like she was about to find out.
Except, it turned out that she wasn’t.
Apparently, at least at the moment, Betty wasn’t interested in anal penetration either.
Frank’s member was still wet and almost dripping.
He eased himself between Betty and Jared’s legs and held his cock in line.
Stacy found a vantage point behind his shoulder and watched as he pressed his cock home.
But he wasn’t pressing against her clearly visible and slightly hairy anus.
He was pressing his sizable chunk of meat against the seam made by the junction Betty’s pussy and Jared’s cock.
After slipping and sliding across their joined sexes a few times, the spear found purchase.
“Damn” Stacy whispered to herself as she watched Betty’s hole stretch to allow the new visitor in to join her pussy’s other guest.
Getting started had been the hard part.
Once the head of Frank’s cock disappeared into Betty it was quickly followed by the rest of his considerable length.
Betty had been silent during the operation and Stacy had yet to tear her eyes away from the spectacle.
As Frank’s stomach made contact with her fleshy ass, Stacy stole a glance at Betty’s face.
She had turned her head, watching Frank’s approach and Stacy could see her expression clearly.
Her mouth was open in the classic, chin forward “oh” that seemed common to both pain and pleasure.
Then she closed her mouth and gulped a couple times.
“Oh fuck, it’s been a while since I did that.
” Unable to resist (and seeing no reason to try), Stacy came in close under Frank’s legs to examine the three-way junction.
Her husband’s paler and slightly thinner shaft was wedged at the bottom and Stacy knew it must be pressed tightly against Betty’s engorged clit.
Frank’s bigger shaft was not in perfect vertical alignment; instead, it was slightly to the right.
It surprised Stacy to see that they were not pressed tightly together.
There was a slight gap between them shaped like a wedge.
The pile of humanity shifted slightly as the participants settled their positions and Stacy’s eyes got bigger as the gap between the cocks grew a fraction of an inch.
“Oh my god.
They have got you stretched so far.
” Still reeling from the experience of the initial procedure, Betty took a minute to answer.
“Oh fuck yeah they do.
I feel so fucking full.
” “All right guys, I’m ready.
Give it to me good.
” Understandably, the men did not take off at a furious pace.
As Stacy watched, Frank pulled half his rod from the pile of sexual organs and then slowly slid back in, pausing again as he reached maximum penetration.
Betty continued to shift herself, letting her body settle onto Jared’s.
Frank stroked gently again and then pulled out a third time, this time pausing with most of his cock out in the open.
Betty had found a place to put her feet on the hard couch frame beneath the cushions.
She was in a low squat now and was holding onto the back of the couch on either side of Jared’s head.
With Frank hovering over her half withdrawn, she pumped her hips a few time, fucking Jared while letting Frank’s cock pivot and shift in her hole.
Then she too paused, her pussy several inches above Jared’s pelvis and Frank still only half injected.
“Okay, now I’m really ready.
” Frank and Betty really knew sex and also knew each other pretty well.
They were in unison as they both thrust, jamming Betty’s cunt completely full once again and bottoming out with gratifying force.
Without missing a beat, they both rose again and found a smooth fucking rhythm.
Stacy was astounded by what she was seeing.
Betty was vigorously fucking both hefty shafts like it was the best thing in the world.
Stacy could see that the older woman’s inner pussy lips were stretched thin around the two shafts while her fleshy labia were engorged into meaty pillows framing the action.
The gap between the two cocks had grown just a bit more though they were still less than an inch apart.
On each out-thrust, Stacy could see one or the other cock head begin to crown at her opening.
Betty was grunting and groaning constantly now, occasionally attempting to speak but not making any sense apart from a few “gods” and “fucks”.
Frank was snorting and panting as he drove away at her sopping box.
Jared had captured one of her tits, using both hands to shape it and press it to his lips, sucking and licked at her hard nipple.
The lusty swinger absorbed many long minutes of her lovers’ attentions.
Frank was in a zone and mostly in control of himself as was Jared.
Betty began squeezing her eyes shut and gripping the couch harder as she tried to hold her approaching climax back.
Even as a swinger, it wasn’t too often she was able to arrange an assault like this and she wanted to take full advantage.
She was building up to an orgasm of epic proportions.
Stacy moved to the couch to catch the action from another angle, watching Betty’s face and swaying tits as she struggled against her climax.
She recognized the signs of a fight against growing pressure.
Her own pussy tingled and throbbed in enraptured sympathy.
She understood the goal of the perfect, mind-blowing orgasm.
Betty’s cries became more bestial.
Her cunt was milking the cocks in its embrace in uncontrolled pre-climax convulsions.
Stacy turned to her husband and grabbed his chin, pulling him away from Betty’s breast.
She kissed him savagely and then stared into his eyes.
“You have to cum with her.
She needs you to cum to make this the perfect fuck.
” She jumped to her feet and slapped a hand to Frank’s thrusting ass.
She half draped her body across his hunched back, pressing tightly to him and she spoke emphatically into his ear.
“You too.
Blast her cunt.
Fill her up.
She’s gonna cum hard and you have to fucking cum with her.
” Then she moved to Betty, tangling a hand in her hair and roughly turning the other woman’s face to meet hers.
“That’s what you want, right slut? You want them to fucking cream your cunt while you cum your ass of, RIGHT!?” “God yes.
I’m ready.
Oh shit, I can’t.
I can’t.
I need to cum.
” Stacy pressed her forehead to Betty’s and growled at her.
“You’ve got two fucking cocks in your hot,



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