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Living in the house were John and Sylvia.
John was her youngest stepson.
Her oldest stepson was Craig.
John had recently finished college and was looking for work.
Sylvia was married to Griffith, their father, but they had a loveless marriage.
Griffith was often away working as a computer engineer for his company.
He trained military personnel in the use of the computer systems and software that the company provided to the services.
Griffith had left an instructor’s position in a college to join the company.
He had done quite well.
But his marriage to Sylvia was never a happy one.
Griffith was gay, and he had followed the old idea of hiding it by marrying and having children.
When the mother of his children had died he remarried one of his college students.
It had been disastrous for Sylvia.
Her emotional side had shutdown.
One of the only few times they had actually fucked she had become pregnant.
She hadn’t wanted to have her own children.
Raising her stepsons was enough.
She terminated her pregnancy.
After that she had her tubes tied.
She neither wanted nor needed any more children.
Her life become an emotional wreck.
She had thought it would never get better.
She was wrong.
It was a day or so after John had made love to his stepmother.
Sylvia and John had broken the barrier and established a sexual relationship.
It was something she had never looked for but now that it had happened she was filled with a newfound love of life, and for her stepson.
He had given her more than he would ever realize.
Little did she know how much her life was really going to change.
Going into town, after kissing his new lover goodbye, John made a stop at the company where Craig worked as an accountant.
He had time to see John in his alcove.
They greeted and then Craig asked why John looked so happy.
Whispering, John answered the question.
“Craig, you’ll never believe me, but I had sex with Sylvia.
Jesus, it was the best fuck I’ve ever had.
And she sucked my cock, too.
Damn, man, she’s really hot when you get her going.
” “Bullshit.
You’re putting me on.
Our stepmother would never do that.
She’s always been a cold-hearted bitch.
I don’t even understand how she ever stayed with us.
I’m certain she and Father haven’t had sex in years.
They’ve had separate rooms since I can remember.
” “I know, I know Craig, but I shit you not.
She was crying the other day and I finally got her to tell me why.
It’s all because Father is gay and their love life was nil, man.
I can hardly believe it myself, but it’s great.
She does love us, man.
She does.
She’s shown me.
God, she is so fucking beautiful and she needs sex so much that it’s all good.
I hardly wanted to leave the house today ’cause I knew that hairless pussy was there waiting.
I think she had it waxed just for me.
” “I still think you’re putting me on.
We’ll see.
Anyway, the boss is coming this way.
You need to leave.
Talk later, okay, bro?” John left and went to his next interview.
Craig mulled over what he had been told, hardly noticing the figures he was working with on his computer.
It was a long day.
He wanted to get home to Gretchen, his wife.
They had married last year and he had finally got her trained properly.
He might be a peon here in the office but he was a Master at home.
Arriving home at 6:00 o’clock that evening, with some flowers in hand, Craig opened the door knowing what he would find.
His Gretchen was sitting on her haunches, naked, with her hands lying upon her legs and her eyes looking downward.
He touched her hair which allowed her to look up into his eyes with all of her love and devotion.
She waited to be spoken to.
“Little pet, I’m tired now.
I brought you some flowers.
You’ve been a good pet for so long you deserve them.
Now go into the bathroom and wait for me.
” “Yes Master.
Thanks so much for the flowers.
I’m so lucky to have you.
” Craig went into the bedroom and disrobed.
He glanced at his body in the full mirror covering one whole wall.
He liked what he saw.
He and John had followed their stepmother in one way at least.
They had kept themselves healthy and in great shape.
His prick was flaccid now, but it would soon be hard and ready for his pet.
Walking into the bathroom he found Gretchen kneeling upon a rug near the walk in shower.
He again caressed her auburn hair and she looked up into his eyes and smiled.
As he walked into the shower she rose and followed him.
He turned on the shower, set the temperature, and then stepped in and waited.
Gretchen began massaging and cleaning his body with a large soapy sponge.
She paid particular attention to his cock and ass hole.
These were her favorite spots.
His too.
When he was thoroughly cleaned she again knelt before him.
His prick was upright.
“You may worship my cock, pet.
” With those word she began fondling his balls with one hand and stroking his dick with the other, keeping her eyes on his, begging to be told she was a good pet.
She was.
He caressed her long hair and she smiled and then started licking his prick up and down the shaft.
Slowly, the way he liked it.
He loved the way she sucked cock.
He had trained her well.
She was happy and so was he.
He was nearing the point where he would ejaculate into her face, but he wanted to fuck something instead.
“That’s perfect pet.
Now lean against the wall.
Master wants to fuck you.
” The water continued to cascade against their bodies.
“Thank you Master.
I love to be fucked.
Please be rough with me.
Please?” Her hands were pressed against the shower wall.
“Take what I give you, pet.
I’ll fuck you the way you need to be fucked.
I’ll decide.
” With that he held his cock in one hand and spread the cheeks of her ass with the other.
His placed his dick in her ass hole, popped the mushroom head into it, and crammed it in with a hard thrust.
She cried out in pain and lust, and begged him to fuck her harder.
Gretchen loved it rough.
Craig didn’t mind.
He just loved fucking his submissive wife.
He grabbed her long red hair and jerked her head back while he kept a hand on her neck.
With hard stroke after hard stroke he screwed her ass as she kept moaning with pleasure.
He knew she was coming, but he had always enjoyed making her come.
That was a pleasure for him.
He was thinking it would be a pleasure to make his stepmother beg to be fucked too.
Harder and rougher, as she cried out, he fucked his little submissive wife.
Thinking of doing the same to his stepmother.
Yes, she needed this, too.
The fucking bitch! He rammed his hardness deeper and deeper with each thrust, using his Gretchen and letting her know how much he wanted her.
Fucking her faster and faster.
It was time.
Craig filled her ass with his spurts of come.
He screwed her as long as he had come to give her and then pulled out abruptly so that he could watch the creamy goo ooze out of her bung hole.
He wiped it up with his hand and feed it to Gretchen.
She gobbled it up eagerly.
He liked that.
They finished washing up and then went into the bedroom to dress.
They were dining out tonight.
That same evening John and Sylvia were dining in.
They had lots to talk about.
John didn’t let on that he had told Craig anything.
The brothers were very close.
They always had been a team, making up for the lack of love in the family by being best buddies.
Sibling rivalry was never part of their life.
But now John was discovering what he had missed, and hoping to make up for lost time, as was Sylvia.
It surprised her how much she really cared for her stepsons now that she had allowed her emotions to escape and be freely expressed.
She couldn’t keep her hands off of John, continually touching his hand or arm or leg.
Sometimes even caressing his cheek, with a smile.
“Sylvia, I have to go out of town this Sunday.
One of the places I interviewed with has given me a callback, but they want me to interview with another group about two hundred miles away.
So that means I need to get there on Sunday to prepare and be fresh on Monday morning.
I can drive back in the afternoon and get home Monday evening fairly early.
I’ll leave here around noon on Sunday.
” “That sounds wonderful for you John.
I’m sure this is a positive thing.
You’ll get that job, I just know it.
Anyway, I was going to invite Craig and Gretchen over for a luncheon on Sunday.
I think it’s time I talked to Craig as I spoke to you.
He needs to know the truth too.
” John didn’t bother to let his stepmother know Craig already knew.
He’d let Sylvia tell it in her own way.
He just wished he could be here to see how Craig took it.
Craig had always felt more abandoned by their stepmother than he had.
He was sure things would go well.
His love and respect for Sylvia was growing every day.
And he looked forward to a night of frolic.
He could smell his stepmother’s sexual juices right now.
Both of them had been aroused throughout the dinner.
They spent an evening together watching a movie, with Sylvia cuddling on John’s lap, feeling his erection and looking forward to using it a little later.
Finally it was too much.
Both were ignoring the movie.
John had been caressing her breasts and she had been rubbing her ass on his hard cock.
“Fuck it.
I need your pussy Sylvia.
I know you want me.
I can feel it.
Let’s fuck stepmom.
” “Yes, yes, yes.
Quick, let’s fuck here in the den on your father’s leather sofa.
I need some cock baby.
Fuck me now.
” Getting rid of clothes takes an eternity when you want sex as badly as these two did.
John’s eyes were lustfully gazing at his stepmother’s tits and pussy.
So fucking sweet.
His prick could not get any harder.
As he moved towards his now naked stepmother it bobbed up and down, and he could see the fluids glistening on her pussy lips.
Online Now! Lush Cams SophiaColeman She was wet and ready.
Her arms were extended and they came together, arms hugging tight and lips battling as they kissed and made out like teenagers.
John sucked on her earlobes and neck as she moaned with lust.
His cock was pressed against her belly, waiting to fuck something.
He leaned down and took each tit into his mouth, chewing and sucking each, until her nipples were pointing proudly out.
His middle finger went into her cunt and found the sweet spot in the front and she began coming quickly and wetly.
He took the finger and let her lick her own essence.
It turned her on more.
All the while she had been tightly gripping his pecker.
As if she never wanted to lose it.
It was time.
Sylvia needed a fast and hard fuck.
John took her body and placed it over the arm of the sofa, with her ass in the air and her arms outstretched.
He got on his knees to praise her ass with his tongue.
Tossing her salad, he licked and chewed her puckered hole while her juices were running down her thighs onto the wood floor.
They might even ruin the leather.
Neither one gave a fuck.
They were in full lust.
Now his cock wanted pussy.
And her wet slit wanted hard fucking.
He got up off his knees, leaned forward, and pressed the head of his dick into her wet pussy.
It went in easily but he was teasing Sylvia.
She begged for more.
Her hands were pounding the leather sofa, pleading for more dick, more fucking.
He took pity on her.
John began sinking the length of his cock into her cooze and she groaned with relief and took it all, wishing there was more.
Sylvia was feeling like a real whore now.
And enjoying it.
He was driving into her deeper and deeper with all his force.
Her body shook from the plunging prick and trembled with the orgasms she was experiencing.
They rolled over her body in waves as he probed ever deeper until he was banging against her cervix.
Nothing was more important right now than fucking his stepmother.
Sylvia whimpered as she felt him approaching his own orgasm.
He was fucking faster and faster and yelling out filthy names, calling her a whore and a bitch and a slut, and she loved hearing it as he started squirting his spunk in streams into her quim.
Her hairless, tasty quim.
He filled her and kept fucking until he could drain no more.
He almost fell as he pulled out and sat roughly upon the floor, gazing at her gash as it dripped his and her come out onto the floor.
That was their fuck play for the night.
They were both exhausted.
It was time for bed.
John had wanted to start sleeping with Sylvia but she nixed that.
She was so used to sleeping on her own and she loved having the space to sleep where ever she pleased.
So they just used her bed for screwing whenever they felt like it.
Tonight they had used the den.
Perhaps some day they would use the kitchen table.
For now they went to their showers and off to bed.
Happily, of course.
The week progressed and Sylvia phoned her stepson, Craig, to ask him and Gretchen to come over for a luncheon on Sunday.
She thought that would be more convenient.
She knew her stepson was not religious.
None of the family were.
So they wouldn’t be attending any services.
In addition, after having their meal, they could converse freely in the afternoon and it would still allow the young folks to get home before it became dark.
Craig was rather surprised to hear from her.
This was the first time they had made contact since his marriage to Gretchen over a year ago.
But perhaps John had not been having him on.
Perhaps Sylvia was changed.
Well, in that case, he had something in mind for dear stepmother.
He readily agreed to the luncheon invitation.
On the next Sunday morning Sylvia served John a good breakfast in anticipation of his long drive to the larger city upstate.
He left around 10:00 o’clock, before his brother and Gretchen would arrive for the luncheon.
He knew they were coming, of course, and he was glad to hear it, because he hoped that the family might become more of a loving entity for once.
John was always the more emotional and soft hearted of the two boys.
Sylvia heard a car as it drove up the long driveway, crunching the gravel.
It must be Craig and Gretchen.
She was looking forward to this, but also worried, and ashamed of what she was about to tell her stepson and his wife.
The truth had set her free so far.
She hoped it would be even better when Craig learned the truth.
Finding how much she loved John had made her reevaluate her feelings towards Craig, and she realized that she loved him too.
She had always loved her stepsons.
She had only been unable to express it because of the emotional turmoil inside that she had struggled so hard to hide, from her husband, and her stepsons.
Now she made last minute adjustments to the table setting, and the flowers she had placed around the table and the living area.
She was pleased with the effect.
She hoped Craig and Gretchen would be pleased too.
It was important that they feel welcome.
She wanted badly to change the course this family had been on.
The doorbell rang.
Sylvia quickly went to open it.
Craig was standing there.
Gretchen wasn’t with him.
“Craig, dear.
I thought Gretchen was coming.
Please come in.
Welcome to your home, dear.
” “Sylvia.
Gretchen couldn’t make.
I hope I’m enough for you.
” “Of course, of course.
I have the luncheon ready.
Do you need to wash up? We can eat anytime.
Please, Craig, come in.
” Craig was looking at his stepmother in a new light.
He had made Gretchen stay home in anticipation of something occurring that she didn’t need to be part of.
He followed his stepmother into the front room.
There was a washroom off of the den.
He went in there and washed up, especially putting cold water on his face.
He had plans.
He needed to stay cool.
He came out and the two of them.



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