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As I close the door to our apartment behind me and hang up my keys, I notice that yours are missing and assume you’re working late at the studio.
Exhausted and drenched from the sudden thunder storm that erupted as I made my way home, I let my hand bag fall to the floor and kick off my heels before making my way to the kitchen.
Not knowing when you could be home, I decide to hold off on dinner and grab a bottle of wine from the fridge and the first wine glass I can get my hands on.
I pour myself a generous serving and take the bottle with me as my bare feet pad softly across the marble floor towards to bathroom.
Fancying a hot bath to relax, I turn on the taps, drizzle some of my favourite bubble bath and whilst sipping my wine, I begin to strip slowly and seductively imagining I was not alone.
I start by peeling off my soaked pencil skirt which is hugging my body more than usual, pushing it over my hips and past my thighs before stepping out of it.
I slowly peel my saturated silky white blouse from my toned tummy and breasts and pull it over my head.
I get more aroused with each piece of clothing I remove and as I unhook my bra and slide my thong over my knees and kick it off my ankles, I realise that I have managed to polish off the entire glass of wine.
I refill it and set it down on the edge of the bath before lowering myself into the beautifully hot liquid, enjoying the sensation of the heat enveloping my body up to my throat.
Laying perfectly still, I wiggle my toes, creating small ripples that travel across the water and it gives me an idea.
I arch my back ever so slightly, exposing my nipples to the open air above the water and continue to wiggle my toes allowing the water to lap against my breasts, exciting me further.
I reach out of the water for my glass of wine and sip it slowly, enjoying the sensation of the small waves against my nipples, now pinching them and rolling them between my fingers as they pucker and stand to attention beneath my touch.
Before I know it, I have finished my second glass of wine.
Not wanting to discontinue my pleasure, I use my toes to push myself up so I can reach over the side of the bath for the bottle when I catch a glimpse of your feet out of the corner of my eye.
Turning sheepishly towards the doorway like a naughty child caught red handed, I see you leaning casually against the door frame and can tell that you missed the worst of the storm.
Your clothes are only slightly damp, but still damp enough for your t-shirt to reveal every bulging muscle of your torso and of your arms folded across your chest.
A smear of paint across your cheek and flecks in your tousled curls give away your long day at the studio and make you even more attractive to me as you bite your lip playfully before flashing me that beautiful grin of yours and make your way towards me.
The gleam in your eyes and bulge in your jeans reveal that you were enjoying the view for more than just a minute and as you grip the side of the bath to lean over me and plant a long and sensuous open mouthed kiss on my lips I want nothing more than for you to join me.
You quickly straighten up but I am relieved as you release your belt, allowing your jeans to fall to the floor.
In a blur, the rest of your clothes have joined mine in a heap on the tiles and you have lowered yourself into the water.
I fold up my knees to allow you plenty of space to spread out and wonder if you had the same idea in mind the first time you saw this large circular bath like I did.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alejandro_Castiblanco Gripping my ankles, you slide me towards you between your legs and wrap my own around you.
I bring a handful of bubbles towards your check and gently rub the paint that has stained your cheek and lightly kiss you.
As I pull away, a hunger within you awakens and your hands quickly move from my legs to wrap around me and pull me closer, your tongue delving into my mouth with such urgency that we almost lose our balance.
You plant kisses all over my neck and I lean back, exposing my breasts to you and allowing me to stroke your thick erection that is now throbbing against my ass.
Lightly biting, sucking and licking my nipples make me moan and grind against you, alighting a fire within you.
Growling with desire, you slip out from beneath me and stand to get out of the bath.
In one fluid motion you reach down to scoop me up and wrap me around you, walking towards the sink and lowering slowly to perch my ass on the edge.
Kissing me wildly, our tongues dancing together, I gasp as you delve into me, filling me with every inch of your rock solid cock and comment on how I’m incredibly wet in more than one way.
I lean back on the sink, giving you the opportunity to cup my ass as you pound me and without a moments notice, my legs have been thrown over your shoulders allowing you to plunge deeper and deeper within me.
I can’t help but cry out in pleasure as each thrust drives you into me with such force that our skin on skin colliding slaps almost as loud as my moans.
Not allowing me to finish so soon, I am once again scooped up into your strong arms and carried out of the bathroom into the bedroom.
You fling me onto the bed with all your might, causing me to bounce and I notice you watching as my breasts jiggle with the force.
Crawling towards me, our mouths soon find each other and cannot be separated as we roll in the sheets, still damp from our bath.
I push you onto your back and have to bite my lip as I lower myself onto you to stifle my cries.
Bouncing with all my energy, you reach up and using your thumb, release my lip from the grip of my teeth, signalling your request to make my pleasure known.
With one hand cupping my breast and the other under my ass, I cry out your name and moan louder than ever before.
My vocal satisfaction sparks something within you and I hear you growl again in your sexily husky tone before flipping me over to take me from behind.
Grabbing my hips and thrusting rhythmically, I can sense the end is nigh for us both.
Your strong legs steady us both as I struggle to control myself, but that doesn’t stop you from reaching forward and gently massaging my bulging clit – something you know all too well will finish me off quickly and loudly.
As my legs begin to shake, I feel myself crumbling and succumbing to the pressure building within me as you continue to caress my sex in quick circular motions, willing me to give into you.
With a long and low sigh, my legs and arms give way and I collapse onto the mound of pillows, a trembling mess beneath you as you continue to plough into me over and over but I know that the clenching of my pussy spasming around your dick will soon finish you off.
Your guttural moans give you away and seconds later, you still, emptying deep within me and the twitching of your cock inside me makes me moan again.
Unable to move, you fall beside me and wrap us both in the sheets, our moist bodies tangled together, our hearts thumping, breathlessly drifting off to sleep, already imagining our shower when we wake.



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