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Part 4 This story is going in a slightly different direction than the others went.
It can stand alone, but it is very helpful to have read parts 1 through 3.
Because of the lack of votes, views and comments, I’m taking it a new way.
A short synopsis: Nick (Sketch) was in love with Cameron.
She loved him too, but wouldn’t admit it out of fear of ruining their friendship.
Nick slept with Tammy (blonde bombshell), then realized that he only wanted Cameron.
They got together.
They went to Nick’s for winter break and met his family.
Outgoing Anna and introverted Eva are his sisters.
End of Part 3 As we came down, I untied her, removing the fuzzy handcuffs and the light scarves.
I watched as her chest rose as fell as she breathed deeply, still trying to catch her breath.
“Sketch, that was the best sex of my life.
” Now free, she climbed on top of me and hugged her body close to mine.
With a soft kiss on my lips, she rolled off of me, and gestured for me to spoon close behind her.
I kissed the back of her neck and held a breast in my hand as we easily fell asleep together, both of us whispering “I love you” before we drifted off.
I sat in class, my mind wandering as it often did.
I kept thinking back to Winter Break just a few weeks earlier.
No, not the sex, just spending time with Cameron.
It was so…relaxing.
So easy.
Half the time my sisters were in school and my parents were at work.
We had the house to ourselves.
Naturally we had sex.
A lot of sex.
But we also had time to just be us.
It was like fast forwarding to what our lives would be like after school.
I had no doubt in my mind that I would be with Cameron after I graduated.
And I know that she felt the same way.
My daydreams were broken by sharp pain in the back of my hand.
I looked down expecting to see blood sprouting.
Instead I saw my girlfriend removing her pen from the blue point that she had created on my hand.
“Stay awake, Sketch.
” “I was awake, just missing Winter Break.
” She gave me a sympathetic not then turned her focus back to the teacher droning on about who knows what.
She slipped her fingers through mind, holding my hand for the class, squeezing it subtly every now and again, just letting me know she was there.
Finally, class mercifully ended.
Together, Cameron and I walked out of class and back towards my apartment.
We were done for the week.
No Friday classes is fucking fantastic.
Having a weekend start at 3:15 on a Thursday is just awesome.
I opened the door and followed Cameron inside.
She dropped her bag down onto the floor and turned towards me.
“So, what exactly were you dreaming about from Winter Break?” She sauntered over to me, putting some extra sway in her hips and licking her lips as she approached.
I gladly took her into my arms.
“Believe it or not, not the sex part.
Just you and me hanging around together with nothing else.
Just the two of us together.
It was…perfect.
” “Awww, Sketch you are too sweet.
” She hugged me close, her body pressing tightly against mine.
Soon enough I felt her grind her body against mine, her hand snaking down my body to reach my cock.
Slowly manipulating it with her hand she whispered seductively, “Now what are you thinking about?” I didn’t answer.
Instead, I just pressed my lips to hers and kissed her passionately as my cock grew under her hand.
Together, we walked through my apartment towards my bed, never breaking the kiss.
As one, we fell onto the bed together, giggling even as we kissed.
In no hurry, Cameron let her hands roam over my body, slowly pulling my shirt up and off, tossing it aside.
Her hands ran up and down my bare skin as I followed suit, removing her shirt and unhooking her bra.
Both of us naked from the waist up, we continued kissing, pressing out bodies against each other.
We would have been content to stay there all day like that, but of course, we didn’t.
Soon enough, pants, panties and boxers were removed, leaving us both naked.
Naturally, we fell into a spooning position.
I pressed my body against her back and slowly slid inside her.
My right hand stroked her hair as I gently, slowly, thrust in and out of her.
My left hand found its way over Cameron’s body to cup her breast.
My angelic girlfriend let out a low moan as I pressed inside her.
She turned her head around, kissing me over her shoulder as I continue to pump in and out of her.
Slowly I gained speed.
Faster and faster until both hand were gripping her hips and I was hammering in and out of her pussy with undisguised lust.
“Fuck yes! Fuck me Sketch.
” “Fuck yes.
Turn over baby.
Doggy style.
” I pulled out of Cameron’s tight pussy with a squelching sound.
Instantly Cameron sucked my cock into her mouth and held it there for a brief moment before winking at me and getting on all fours.
“Fuck me, baby.
” I slotted my cock and re-entered her pussy, instantly fucking her as hard as I was before.
Cameron met me thrust for thrust, her body slamming back against me, wanting me deeper, harder, faster.
What had started out as a slow, gentle session had turned into a all out fuck-fest.
I leaned over her and gripped both of her tits roughly, pulling her body back against mine.
I continued rutting into her as she turned her head and kissed me roughly.
Losing my balance, I fell backwards, but that only served to have Cameron on top of me reverse cow girl.
After a few bounces, she turned around, keeping my cock fully inside her.
She reached down and started to rub her clit.
“I’m close, Sketch.
Cum with me.
Cum inside my pussy.
” Cameron started to thrash above me, her face and chest flushed red as she came on my cock.
Falling down, collapsing on me, she kissed me softly.
“Cum baby.
Show me how much you love me.
” One thrust more was all it took.
A torrent of cum exploded inside her.
Bells went off in my head it was such a good orgasm.
Wait, no, that was someone at the door.
Cameron seemed to notice it to.
She wrapped herself up in my blanket, as I threw on the nearest pair of pants I could find.
I went to the door.
I knew that I must look insane.
I mean, I just had wild, crazy sex and was wearing only a pair of pajama pants at 4:00 in the afternoon.
But fuck if I cared, I just had a mind blowing orgasm with an incredibly beautiful girl.
I opened the door to find my little sister, Anna.
She came in and gave me a big hug, despite the fact that she obviously knew what I had been up to.
I mean, it didn’t take a rocket scientist.
Especially with Cameron, only wearing my blanket, looking at the door through my bedroom door that was wide open.
“Do you two ever stop fucking?” She let go of me and went to Cameron, giving her a big hug too, despite the fact that she was naked, sweaty, and still sporting that freshly fucked look.
Not to mention that it was me, Anna’s brother, that had done the fucking.
Regardless, she stepped inside and sat on the couch, waiting for the two of us to clean up.
In a matter of minutes, we were all together on the couch, Anna sitting between me and my girlfriend.
We spent the rest of the day together.
Cameron and I showed Anna around the school.
She had been accepted and was trying to decide whether or not to go here.
Throughout the day, I saw her giving some furtive glances at Cameron, then some jealous looks at me.
I wasn’t entirely sure of what to make of it, but it didn’t seem to dampen her mood at all throughout the day.
The night ended in a bar (we know the owners and if we don’t get plastered, they don’t care that we’re not 21).
We were having fun, dancing, drinking a little bit, when we noticed Tammy come by.
Tammy, being by far the best player on the club team, had heard that my sister was coming and was trying to get her to join.
The two of them set off and left me and Cameron alone for a bit.
Taking a break from dancing, we sat down at a table in one of the corners, getting away from the noise.
Just talking, I asked Cameron if she had noticed my sister’s glances during the day.
“Yea, Sketch.
I did.
Honestly, I’m surprised you noticed them.
Online Now! Lush Cams betsxoxoxo You don’t usually pick up on signals that well.
” “What are you talking about, she’s my sister.
I know her.
” “And I was your best friend for over a year before we started dating and you never knew that I was hopelessly in love with you.
” “Touche.
” She had me on that one.
I kissed her then said, “So, oh intellectual one, what, prey tell, did those glances mean?” “Your sister’s well, she’s…a lesbian.
” “Wha.
? How…? How could you possibly know that?” “She was staring at my ass, she said she doesn’t want a boyfriend, only a girlfriend, and she was looking all jealous of you.
I’m not saying she wants me, but you do get to sleep with a very attractive girl.
” “And I never forget it.
” I kissed her again, then thought for a bit.
It made sense I guess.
“Are you sure?” “How’s that for proof?” She nodded towards the dance floor.
I turned to see my sister locked in a Sapphic embrace with Tammy.
The two of them grinding against each other, lips locked in a kiss that was hot enough to send my cock into a frenzy…even if it was my sister.
Hey, I can’t help it if she looks like a hot, Russian tennis player.
“Yea, well, that’s giving me a pretty good indication.
Damn hot too.
” I was expecting Cameron to roll her eyes at me.
She had given no indication as to being bi, unlike Tammy, who I had already slept with and was now working on my sister.
Instead, she gave a small sigh.
“Yea…it is.
” Shocked, I looked over at her.
“It is?” “Well…I mean that…well, Tammy and your sister are just really pretty.
And they look good together.
” “Are you…enjoying that Cameron?” “NO! Sketch, I’ve told you I’m not bi.
I don’t want a threesome.
I only want YOU, no other girls.
Got it?” “Ok.
Consider the conversation forgotten.
But just for the record.
If my sister is a lesbian or bi, I’m ok with it.
I still love her.
Or anyone for that matter.
I’d love them just the same, regardless of their sexual orientation.
” She cracked a smile.
“You’re such an idiot, Sketch.
” “But I’m your idiot.
” “And don’t you forget it.
” We were just cuddling together, enjoying our closeness when someone tapped me on the shoulder.
“Hey Tammy.
” My sister was standing tall in front of me.
, defiance in her eyes, confidence in her stance.
“Tammy and I are…” “Go ahead Anna.
Say it.
He won’t care.
” Tammy rubbed her back, coaxing her to tell me.
I stood up and looked at her eye to eye.
“It’s ok Anna.
Cameron kind of figured it out, then I kind of saw you and Tammy on the dance floor.
I get it.
You’re a lesbian.
And Tammy’s right.
I love you no matter what.
You’re my baby sister and I love you.
” Anna launched herself at me, hugging me tightly.
“Thank you, Nick.
So you don’t mind if Tammy and I, well…” “No, not at all.
” I turned to Tammy, “You take care of my little sister.
” Tammy hugged me next, then whispered in my ear, “I really wanted the brother-sister combo.
” I smiled then backed away, wrapping my arms around Cameron.
“I’m taken, remember?” “Oh, I know that.
She’s invited too.
” She turned around and wrapped her arm around my sister.
Looking at us one last time as she walked away she waved cheekily, then grabbed my little sister’s ass as they walked out.
I stayed out with Cameron for a while after they left.
I was incredibly aroused from watching Tammy and my sister, and Cameron knew it was wearing on me.
“I know how hard you are Sketch.
And I know it was from watching your hot little sister, wasn’t it? You loved how sexy she looked with Tammy, didn’t you?” Cameron let her fingers dance over my cock as she whispered sexily to me.
“Shit, Cameron, I don’t think I can wait until we get home.
” “Are you that close?” She ramped up her rubbing my cock.
Slipping her hand under my underwear, grasping my bare cock.
“Yes! Stop or I’m gonna cum in my pants.
” “Well, we can’t have that now can we?” She stood up and took my hand.
Together, we walked to the VIP section behind the bar.
The owners let us have a few team gatherings back there, but tonight it was empty.
We could still hear everything going on in the next room, and there was always the good chance that a bartender would walk in to get more alcohol.
Cameron pushed me down on the couch and yanked my pants down, exposing my angry purple cock.
Without wasting any time, she inhaled it to the root, sucking me hard and fast.
She bobbed her head up and down, saliva coating my shaft as her tongue would lick all over me.
One hand rolled my nuts while the other had two fingers plowing away inside her pussy.
Her moans were almost too much for me as the reverberated around my cock.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum, Cameron!” “Do it, Sketch.
Cum in your girlfriend’s mouth.
” She inhaled me again and moaned out her own orgasm on her fingers as I groaned loudly and erupted in her mouth, flooding her throat with my cum.
“Mmmm, now that’s a good midnight snack.
” Then, as if nothing happened, Cameron stood up, straightened her dress and signaled for me to follow her.
Together we walked home and got to my apartment.
I opened the door and did not believe what I saw.
Lying spread eagle, on the couch, naked was Tammy.
Her breasts thrust upward, her hair splayed all over the place.
Her eyes closed and her mouth open in ecstasy.
What might have been the most shocking though, was my equally naked little sister kneeling on the floor, her ass and pussy on display to me as she ate out Tammy, to Tammy’s obvious approval.
“Lick me Anna.
Fuck, I’ve had your brother, now you.
Fuck! I want him to fuck me while I eat you out.
Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum all over your face!” I quickly shut the door and watched, unable to pry my eyes away as Tammy moaned out loudly, gripping my sister’s hair, pressing her deeper into her pussy.
Finally, with a moan that I recognized and her body moving in a way with which I was intimately familiar, Tammy came, drenching my sister’s mouth with, what I knew to be, a copious amount of girl cum.
Tammy opened her eyes and stared directly at me, then to my girlfriend.
“Fuck that was a good cum.
And it looks as though someone else really enjoyed that too.
” I opened my mouth to speak, but Tammy cut me off.
“No, not you, Nick.
I knew you would like that, and I can tell from the tent you’re pitching.
But it seems your sexy little girlfriend might have liked it more than you would think.
” I looked over at Cameron.
Her eyes were wide, taking in the scene.
Her face was flushed, her breasts were heaving as she forced herself to breathe deeply.
She clearly looked as though she was enjoying the scene.
Tammy got up, gloriously naked and walked over toward us.
“You like that Nick? Seeing your sister eat me out and your girlfriend all hot and heavy over it.
Imagine what could happen there.
” My head went crazy.
I imagined the three of them in all sorts of erotic positions.
Then I joined in, fucking all three of them, yes, even my sister.
She is hot, and I was that turned on.
I shook the visions away, but groaned at the thought.
I managed to respect my girlfriend’s wishes though.
“No, Tammy, she said she didn’t want this.
She said no threesomes.
” “Then how about a foursome?” The buxom blonde walked up to my girlfriend like a lioness stalking her prey.
My sister and I stared on, speechless, watching, waiting to see what would happen.
Tammy got closer and closer, her naked body less than a foot away from my girlfriend.
She was in obvious turmoil, but her eyes never strayed from Tammy’s.
Anna and I just watched as Tammy inched closer and closer, before leaning in for a kiss.
Just half an inch away from Cameron’s lips and… Oooh…sexual cliff-hanger.
I think I’ll leave it there for now.
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I resurrected this story because of a fan’s message to me.
I have no problems stopping it again.
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