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The following afternoon, Tyler prepared for his date with Krystal.
He was nervous as a cat in the dog pound and shaking so hard he almost couldn’t get dressed.
But he managed to calm himself enough to get ready.
  He had already looked up her street on the map, so he knew the route he wanted to take to pick her up.
So when the time came, he gave his mom a kiss on the cheek, and with a “good luck” from her, he went off to pick up his dreamgirl.
Tyler drove over to Krystal’s house, finding it easily thanks to her directions and his mapping it out beforehand.
He pulled up to a very impressive two-story house just as she described it.
  This must be the place.
he thought, looking around at the neighbor houses.
He was in awe of the wide, tree-lined road, the well-kept lawns, and enormous houses in the area.
Tyler pulled into her driveway and turned the car off.
He sat in the car for a moment or two, working up his courage before walking up to the front door.
A couple of moments after he heard the faint “ding dong” of the doorbell, Krystal came to the door.
  “Hi, Tyler! Come on in.
My folks want to meet you!” She opened the door and Tyler came inside.
Krystal introduced him to her parents – Krystal’s mom seemed very nice and friendly and her father was impressed at Tyler’s respectful handshake.
After talking with her parents for a couple of minutes, Tyler and Krystal left for their date.
They had driven just a short distance before Krystal turned in her seat.
“Tyler, I know we were supposed to go to the movies, but would mind if we went someplace else instead? Can we go to Riverside Park? I thought we could talk and get to know each other easier there instead of trying to talk over the movie.
” “Sure, if that’s where you want to go,” he said.
Tyler turned at the next intersection and headed in the direction of the park.
Arriving at the park about five minutes later, they found there was no one there so he parked close to the pathway and they got out and walked towards the river, holding hands.
  “Want to sit here?” he asked, finding a wooden park bench that faced the river.
“Thank you, Tyler.
” They sat down and Tyler noticed she sat closer than he expected.
He wanted to make sure he was getting the right signal, so as subtle and tactfully as he could, he reached around her and laid his arm over her shoulders.
She looked at him and smiled, moving closer and putting her head on his shoulder.
This is going great! Tyler thought.
“You look really amazing today, Krystal,” he said.
“Thank you, I wanted to look good for our first date.
I don’t get to wear this dress very often, so I thought I would wear it for you today.
” “You look beautiful, Krystal,” he said.
Then he took a deep breath.
“Listen, Krystal, I know that I am not the kind of guy you normally hang around with.
I mean, I see you in school with all the other kids and that’s not my crowd.
  “Hell, I don’t even have a crowd.
I keep to myself mostly because in the past whenever I made friends, we ended up moving and I lost them.
” “But now you’re going to be in school here for the next four years, right? Didn’t you say your father was retiring and you were going to stay here in town permanently?” she asked.
“Yes, but.
well I.
I don’t know how to make friends anymore,” Tyler said sadly.
you made one,” Krystal said.
“Can I tell you a little secret? Most of the kids you see me with aren’t really my friends.
We just hang out together because we all are about the same on the ‘social ladder’.
  “I mean, we are all sophomores, most of us come from families that are well off or at least upper-middle class, and we have all known each other for a while.
But if any of that changed, we’d be shunned and left behind with no hesitation.
“It’s not as easy as it may seem to you.
Honestly, my life is kind of a mess,” she said.
“A mess? You?” he asked, in complete disbelief.
“It’s true.
I may seem like Miss Popular to you, but I haven’t been on a date in like forever – Dad makes me bring any guy I date over so he can meet them first and most of the guys turn me down after finding out they have to meet Dad first.
  “Of those that do meet him, he doesn’t like most of them and won’t let me date them.
He seemed to like you, though – I could tell you impressed him,” she said.
“How do you know?” Tyler asked.
“Two reasons.
First, you left with me.
If Dad didn’t like you, I wouldn’t be here talking to you.
Secondly, you left on your feet!” “Oh.
Well, in that case, I’m glad your parents like me!” he said.
“Aside from my pathetic dating life, school isn’t going so well for me either,” she said.
“What’s wrong in school?” Tyler asked.
“Well, in Mr.
Douglas’s class I am doing okay, I think, but I am taking algebra and I don’t get it.
I never was good at math anyway, and algebra is totally beyond me.
I may as well be talking Latin to a Chinese person!” she said, exasperated.
“I can help you with math.
Math is easy for me.
I have taken Algebra One and Two and I’m in Pre-Calculus now.
” “Really? You would help me with my algebra?” she asked.
“Sure, why not?” he said.
“Oh Tyler, you are wonderful!” she said.
She leaned over and kissed him in her excitement.
But excitement gave way to something else.
something stronger and more intense.
Her kiss of gratefulness deepened and morphed into passion and before either of them realized it, their natural instincts had taken over.
  The arm around Krystal’s shoulders pulled her closer, while his other hand began slowly moving across her stomach and up towards her young breasts.
  Krystal didn’t make a move to resist either, instead, she placed one hand on his cheek holding his face to hers.
Her other hand began doing some exploring of its own moving down where she knew there was someone waiting to meet her.
But sitting next to each other and trying to make out was uncomfortable for them both.
“Wait a minute!” she said when she came up for air.
She got up and turned to face him, straddling his legs and sitting down on his lap backward, facing him.
  “There that’s better!” She put her arms around his neck and they resumed their passionate kissing.
Tyler wasn’t about to argue with her decision, feeling her sitting on his lap was wonderful and having her pressed against him made his young cock as hard as the oak tree that shaded their park bench!  And apparently, his “condition” didn’t go unnoticed by the young lady causing it, either.
Krystal, feeling something hard growing in his crotch, began slowly grinding on it, enjoying the way it felt against her own hungry crotch.
Tyler’s hands moved around her waist and down to her ass, grabbing her ass as best he could through her dress and panties.
He held her hips pulled in tight against him, letting her squirm around without getting too far away from him.
  But Krystal wasn’t going anywhere.
As she ground her needy pussy on his hardness, she devoured him with her mouth, both hands holding his face while she made a meal of his lips and tongue.
Finally, she pulled back still holding his face.
She looked down at him, “Tyler, baby, I need you.
I need you right now.
Please, fuck me Tyler, please!” “Krystal, I would love to, believe me, but I don’t have any.
you know.
I mean, I didn’t expect.
” he said.
“That’s okay, I don’t care.
I just need you! I need to feel you inside me.
please Tyler!” she implored him.
Tyler was not going to refuse her request.
This was his first date with her and he wanted to make sure he got another.
  On top of that, he wanted this as much as she did! His cock was screaming to get out and play and it was getting more and more uncomfortable just sitting there with a fencepost in his lap! “Wait here, I’ll be right back!” he said and he went back to the car, only to return a few moments later with an old wool army blanket.
“I keep this blanket in my trunk in case I need to lay on it to work on the car or something.
” He laid it out on the grass and they both got on it.
Krystal began to remove her dress and Tyler sat there stunned for a moment.
“What if someone comes by and sees us?” he asked.
“No one uses this park anymore since the new one opened up over on the other side of town.
That’s why I like coming here.
it’s always quiet and I can be alone and think.
”  She stepped out of her dress and laid it carefully along one edge of the blanket so it wouldn’t get dirty.
Then she unhooked the front clasp of her bra and peeled the edges away to give Tyler his first look at her naked breasts.
Tyler sat there and stared at the pert young B-cup globes.
He had never seen a girl’s tits in real life like this.
Being a military kid and moving around like he did, he never got to know a girl long enough to be able to get her to have sex with him.
He was a virgin and this was unbelievable to him! “Hurry Tyler! Get undressed baby, and let’s do this! You DO want to do this, don’t you?” she asked.
Tyler didn’t even formulate an answer, he just ripped off his shirt and pants as if they were on fire and before she knew it, he was in the same state of undress.
  Both paused for a moment as if unsure what to do next or waiting for the other to make the first move.
Finally, Tyler took the lead and moved closer to Krystal, gently pushing her onto her back on the blanket.
He moved over top of her until they were face to face.
“Tyler, wait a minute.
I have to tell you something and I hope it won’t change anything.
I’m a virgin.
I’ve never done it with a guy before,” she said quietly as if she didn’t really want him to hear her.
“You are? But you seemed so.
I mean I thought.
” he said, surprised at her announcement.
“Well, I’ve done a little making out, you know, like we were doing on the bench.
Letting him feel me up and kissing and all.
But no one has ever been down there before.
No one has ever been inside, even with their fingers.
Well, except for doctors, that is.
” “You never.
?” he asked again.
I told you that very few guys even got to take me out.
And those rare few, when they found out I was a virgin.
well, Daddy isn’t a small guy and he can be pretty intimidating, I guess!” Online Now! Lush Cams Joe_Lewis Tyler started laughing.
“What’s so funny?” “Nothing, honey, I’m not laughing at you.
It’s just I thought I was the virgin in this arrangement!” he said.
“You are a virgin too?” she asked.
“Yeah, moving around every year or two makes it difficult to have a girlfriend much less have sex with her,” he said.
Krystal paused for a moment.
“So, Tyler.
am I your girlfriend? I mean, here we are about to have sex, both for the first time.
So am I?” she asked, looking up into his eyes.
“You tell me, Krystal.
Are you my girlfriend? Am I your boyfriend?” he asked her back.
“Come here, baby, and make me your girl for real.
Take me and make me yours right now!” she said, taking her panties off and spreading her legs.
She held out her arms to him, inviting him to take her.
Tyler removed his shorts and laid on top of her using one hand to guide his cock to her waiting hole.
“Please take it slow, Tyler.
” she said softly and apprehensively.
  He tenderly kissed her forehead.
“Of course sweetheart.
” He eased himself forward just a bit until the head of his cock was nestled against her tunnel entrance.
  Krystal let out a small gasp when she felt him opening her outer lips and pushing against her tight hole a bit.
“All right Krystal honey, I’m going to start pushing into you.
I will take it slow, but if you need to stop, you tell me okay?” She nodded her head, then gripped his upper arms in preparation.
When he felt she was ready, he began pushing into her.
He took it slowly as he promised, keeping his eyes locked on hers.
He watched her carefully for any signs, good or bad, that he could use to judge how he was doing.
Krystal’s expressions and moans gave him all the direction he needed too.
As he began to open her up, her eyes got wide – Tyler may only have been sixteen years old, but his cock was still bigger than anything that had been inside her before.
Even her gynecologist’s speculum was smaller than Tyler’s cock.
Tyler pushed further in and Krystal began moaning.
“Oh, Tyler! Oh, your cock.
oh it feels sooo good in me! Oh, you’re stretching my pussy so wide.
it’s wonderful!” This encouraged him to continue burrowing deeper into the tight young pussy.
But suddenly his way was blocked by something.
  “There’s something.
in the way.
I’m not even halfway in and something is blocking the way,” he said, looking at her concerned.
“That’s my hymen,” she explained.
“You know my ‘cherry’.
You will have to go through it, Once you have, I will be a real woman.
Then you can go all the way in.
” “But won’t it hurt?” he asked concerned.
“Yeah, probably, but it has to be done if I am going to be a woman.
If I am going to feel you all the way inside me,” she said.
“I don’t know.
I don’t want to hurt you, hon.
And what would your Dad think if I took his little girl from him?” Tyler said.
“Please, Tyler.
this has to happen eventually.
I mean, I can’t have kids if I don’t lose my cherry.
And I’d much rather lose it to you than someone else.
  “And Dad will understand once Mom and I talk to him.
He can’t keep his little girl forever, no matter how much he wants to.
I’m going to grow up, it’s just that simple,” she said.
“Krystal, what did you mean you’d rather lose your cherry to me than someone else?” he asked.
“Tyler, honey, I like you.
I know we’ve only known each other for a short time, but I feel more comfortable with you than I have with anyone else.
I feel like we have known each other for years.
  “That’s why I asked you to go to the movies with me.
I wanted to get to know you better because.
well because I like you.
a lot,” she said.
Tyler had to pause to take this all in.
Krystal Smith, the head of the junior booster club and the most popular girl in the junior class liked him, a sophomore who didn’t even have any sophomore friends!  It not only broke the hierarchy protocols, but it didn’t even make sense! By all rights, she should look at him like something you scrape off your shoes to keep from getting the carpets dirty! “Tyler?” she finally said, breaking him out of his thoughts, “What are you thinking, baby?” “Krystal, I really like you too – I have since the moment I first saw you.
But before we go through with what we are about to do, I have a confession.
“When I first saw you I didn’t figure there was any chance in the world that I would ever get to talk to you, much less do anything like date you.
or this.
  “I just figured that I would maybe see you in passing back and forth between classes and that would be it.
I mean, I thought a girl like you had to have boys falling all over themselves to get to you and what chance did I have? “Then the State Fair came to town and I went there one day.
Walking around the fair, I found this old Zoltar machine.
I guess I was grasping at straws, but I made a wish that you would fall in love with me.
  “It’s silly, I know, and I passed it off.
Until that day when Steve knocked the book from your arms and I helped you pick them up.
Since then you’ve been.
” “Tyler Allen Martin, that is the most romantic thing I have ever heard! You really made a wish that I would fall in love with you?” she asked.
Tyler fished the slip of paper out of his pants pocket.
“See? It says my wish has been granted.
” “It certainly has, baby!” She pulled him back down on top of her, kissing him with everything she had.
  When she broke the kiss, she took his face in both hands.
“Now I want you to fuck me like you own me.
Because after hearing your story, there’s no way I’m letting you get away!” He lowered himself into position and she put her head in his neck, preparing herself for the act of becoming a woman.
  “I’m sorry,” he whispered in her ear.
Then he pushed through her hymen.
He felt her wince and clutch at him and heard the whimper of pain even though she tried to be brave.
He stopped as soon as he tore her open, not wanting to hurt her anymore.
  Tyler let Krystal rest for a few moments and then began moving very slowly in and out.
He used very short strokes at first, just enough to move around inside her a bit.
But as the pain subsided, his strokes got gradually longer.
After several strokes, he was able to use the full length of his cock.
By now Krystal was moaning and writhing around on the blanket in complete ecstasy.
“Oh God Tyler! Oh, your cock.
I feel so full! Yes, baby right there! Fuck me right there! Ohhh.
” Tyler took her moans and actions as a sign he was on the right track and so he increased the power and speed of his thrusts.
Before long he was fucking her for all he was worth.
  He looked down at his girl squirming and moaning, her eyes closed in complete rapture – it was better than any Internet porn clip he’d ever seen! And she felt so much better than any masturbatory yank and crank he’d ever given himself! He watched as Krystal, caught up in her passions, was tugging and pulling and pinching her nipples, clawing at her tits in frenzied exaltation.
But if he was supposed to be pleasuring her and showing her he could give her everything she wanted, why was she having to do the work?  Tyler took her wrists and put them down beside her and used his arms to pin hers at her sides.
Then he lowered his mouth to one of the hard, eager buds and began licking and sucking the tender meaty nipple.
“Oh yes, Tyler! Yes! Suck on my tits! Oh fuck, that feels so good! Suck my tits! Bite them, please, I love it when a guy chews on my tits!” she pleaded.
  He trapped her nipple between his teeth with just enough pressure to make her gasp and then began running his tongue over the morsel.
The combination of pleasure and pain set her world spinning.
She had never felt anything as wonderful as what he was doing to her.
But the fun would not last nearly as long as she would have liked it to.
Unaccustomed to such intense sensations flooding her young brain, she was quickly overwhelmed and her natural need for release came upon her quickly.
“Oh God Tyler! Oh, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Oh, OHHH GAAAWDD!” she cried out.
  Then her body whole tensed and locked up and her eyes rolled back in her head as she exploded.
Stars and fireworks burst in her mind and she began shaking like she was going through some kind of seizure.
Tyler felt a flood of warm liquid coat his cock as he kept pistoning in and out of her.
Tyler himself was not prepared for her cumming and when her pussy clamped down on him, it sent him over the edge as well.
He gave a great groan and added his own contribution to the mix of fluids churning inside her young womb.
  He pumped spurt after hot spurt into her, causing her to cum all over again.
Their combined orgasms exhausted them both and finally, Tyler didn’t have the strength to hold himself up off her and collapsed onto her, rolling off so she could breathe.
  They lay there on the blanket, panting and sweat-covered, both struggling to calm down enough to breathe.
God, Tyler! That.
incredible!” Krystal panted.
Tyler could only respond by taking her hand and holding it while he tried to regain enough air to speak.
  The pair lay on the blanket for a few more minutes, calming themselves down.
Then Krystal moved over top of Tyler and looked into his eyes.
  “Thank you, Tyler for making me a woman.
You were so sweet and so kind, taking your time and not pressuring or rushing me.
Mom always said that I should save myself for someone special and that my first time should be something I remember fondly.
And you made that happen for me.
Thank you.
” Then Tyler asked her.
“So does this make you my girl, Krystal?” “Always, my dear, sweet Tyler.
” Then she sealed the pledge with a kiss.
Both had found just what they wanted.
And the following year they went together back to the State fair to thank Zoltar for bringing them together.



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