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I was going to spend an evening with my new friend and possible lover at his place.
I really did enjoy his company and we could talk about anything, nothing was taboo.
He was in his forties, of average height and weight with brown hair and some sprinkles of gray mixed in and with amazing deep green eyes.
He had facial hair, which looked good on him, but it really needed to be trimmed.
I was skeptical about the beard but I figured it was nothing if he was a great guy.
I could always work on him to shave it off, with my charming personality.
He was attractive and I found him to be sexy.
I arrived at his home and he invited me in.
We sat in the living room talking and drinking some ice tea.
I was really enjoying our conversation but had this urge to kiss him, so I leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
He turned around with a smile on his face and leaned in my direction and held my face in both his hands.
He gave me a sensual loving kiss on my lips, which I enjoyed very much.
What I found difficult was getting past his beard.
It looked as though he hadn’t trimmed it in a while.
I asked, “have you ever shaved your beard completely off?” He replied, “I do at times especially when it gets out of hand.
Why, don’t you like it?” I chuckled and said, “Well I would probably like it more if it was trimmed.
” So he looked at me with a smile and said, “Would you do the honors of shaving it off for me?” I thought he was joking, and said, “Yeah right!” He looked serious and said, “I’m not joking, I think I would enjoy it if you shave it off for me, anyway you like.
” I smiled and agreed.
I asked for a t-shirt to put on so I would not get wet.
I also asked him to get all the supplies needed and put them in the bathroom along with a chair and some extra towels.
I could see a smile on his face, he really liked the idea of me shaving off his beard.
I also, thought of making this shaving time playful and sensual.
He grabbed my hand and said, “Follow me.
” We went upstairs and he grabbed one of his white t-shirts, put it up to me and said, “This one should fit.
You can just change here and I will get things ready downstairs.
” He said, “After your finished changing, just come downstairs.
” I was feeling playful and maybe a tad frisky, so I decided to take everything off, and just leave his t-shirt on.
The t-shirt fit well and came up to mid-thigh.
My breasts were firmly in place and you could see my nipples popping through, an added bonus for him, I thought.
I debated whether or not to wear panties, so I decided not to.
I was really feeling the moment.
I came downstairs and was walking down the hallway when he popped out of the bathroom looked in my direction.
His eyes lit up and he had a big smile come across his face.
I smiled and said, “So, do you like?” He walked up to me, and said, “Yes I like very much, it looks better on you than me!” I said, “This t-shirt is rather small for you, but fits perfectly on me.
Is this yours, or an old flame’s?” He looked at it one more time, smiled and said, “I think you may be right.
” He leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my lips and I returned the kiss with a bit more than that, more sensual and loving.
He pulled back and said, “Mmmmmm.
That was unexpected, your lips are so soft, tender and very loving and I want more of them.
” I smiled at him, reached for his hand and he took mine.
I followed him into the bathroom.
He had everything setup for the barbershop.
I asked him to sit down and I put a towel around his neck and chest.
I closed the sink, turned on the hot water and reached for a hand towel.
I soaked the hand towel in the hot water.
I proceeded to get everything close by so I can reach everything without any difficulty.
I grabbed the hot towel wringed it and then slowly but it on his beard.
He opened his eyes and said.
“That felt great.
” So I left it on for a few minutes while I climbed on top of him and straddled him.
He was surprised that I had done that and took the towel off his face and said, “What, what is going on?” I leaned into him and said, “I want this to be a relaxing and enjoyable shave, just sit back and enjoy.
” I got very close to his face, he opened his eyes and looked into mine and said, “You have the most amazing and beautiful green eyes.
” I smiled back at him, leaned in and gave him a very sensual kiss.
I could feel his hands move towards my hips, then one hand on my hips while the other was on the back of my head.
I opened my eyes for a few seconds and noticed his eyes were opened.
I said, “Hey, your eyes are opened.
Do you always open your eyes while kissing? He said, “not always, but most of the time and I really wanted to see your eyes.
” I pulled away, stood up a bit and leaned into him so to put the towel back into the hot water.
His hand slid a bit, and he noticed I had no panties on.
The look on his face was priceless.
He looked right at me and said, “Wow someone is feeling rather free and playful.
” I looked down at him and said, “Yes I am, do you mind?” He shook his head no, and smiled at me and said, “You may do what you want to me, I am yours.
” I sat down on him and I could feel his hard cock underneath me and said, “Someone is excited a bit down there?” He smiled and said, “Yeah very excited and enjoying every moment with you.
” I put the wet towel on his face one more time, removed it and got out the clippers to remove the extra-long growth to make it easier for me to shave.
As I was doing that, I could feel my pussy juice trickling down.
I too was very aroused by him and that hard cock, so much so that I could feel my body rocking back and forth.
It was rough though, he had his jeans on.
I asked him, “Would you mind removing your jeans and just leave your underwear on?” He smiled back at me and said, “Not at all.
” I got off of him and he got up and removed his jeans and the towel around his neck, then proceeded to take off his shirt too.
I liked what I saw and smiled back at him.
I love it when a man wears dark boxer briefs; it is a big turn on for me.
He sat back down on the chair and I returned to my straddled position.
Now I could really feel that rock hard cock and it would not belong before he could feel the moisture of my pussy on his briefs.
I got the shaving cream, put some in my hand and began to smear it on his face, slowly and carefully.
I made sure my face was rather close to his so he could feel my breath on him.
He certainly did, and I could tell he was enjoying it.
He opened his eyes and said, “Your breath smells like butter rum candy.
” He pulled me down closer to him and kissed my lips, now he and I were covered in shaving cream, but I didn’t mind at all.
I really was enjoying his kisses and I was feeling rather playful.
I pulled away, smiled at him and grabbed a towel to remove the excess cream from my face.
He grabbed my hips and pulled me down a bit on top of him and said, “I can feel the heat from your pussy radiate on me and that wetness is getting me so aroused.
” He continued to hold me down on top of him, feeling my wet pussy clinging to his briefs while his cock got harder and warmer.
Online Now! Lush Cams katriona24 I could see in his face that he was enjoying my pussy on top of his cock, especially since my juices now drenched his briefs.
He pulled his head back and I heard a little bit of a moan from his lips.
I leaned down to him and whispered in his ear, “So baby, how are you enjoying your shave so far?” Before I got a chance to pull away, he said, “so far this is the best shave ever, and you feel amazing straddled on me.
” I slowly pulled away smiling, and knowing that so far the shave was going well and my playfulness was making him feel wonderful.
I said, “We need to shave that face of yours Mister.
I think we need to keep our mind focused on the task at hand.
” A sly smile came across my face and I started to shave him, nice and slow long strokes.
I was taking that bristly hair off his face with the razor and the warm cream.
As I was taking those long strokes on his face I could feel my body doing the same thing, slow long strokes back and forth riding his now drenched briefs.
My pussy felt even wetter, I was getting more and more turned on.
I could feel that his briefs were starting to move up and down with each motion.
I lifted up slowly to remove the shaving cream from the razor in the hot water, as I came back down I now felt his cock, bear.
I looked up at his face and saw a really big smile.
I chuckled a bit and said, “hey were did those briefs go?” He looked into my eyes and said, “I needed to get rid of those briefs, they were soaking wet.
” I got to feel that cock of his beneath me, bear and it felt great.
I lifted myself up a bit, pulled up my t-shirt to take a peek at his cock.
I could see the pre cum oozing out the tip of his cock.
His cock was of average length, nice thickness, smooth and circumcised.
It actually looked worth taking a lick or too, but that was not on the agenda for today.
I had to focus on that shave even though I think I just wanted to stop right then and there and have my way with him.
He saw me looking at his cock, and said, “So do you like what you see?” I looked up at him and with a big smile, said “Yeah, it will do.
” He looked at me, with a puzzled look and said, “Is that right, it will just do, huh?”.
“Yes, it will.
” I said, while chuckling a bit.
I turned my focus back on his face and continued to shave his face, slowly, smoothly and I could see he was enjoying it.
I told him that I wanted to shave his cock as well.
He opened his eyes widely and said, “I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.
” I told him, it was not that kind of shave.
I wanted to “shave” him with my pussy.
He smiled and with a puzzled look, said “What kind of shave then?” I quickly respond by saying, “Well, using my pussy lips to stroke him, no cutting or bruising, just getting your cock wet and slippery.
Not the traditional shave.
” I continued shaving his face and riding his cock, almost in the same rhythmic pattern.
I could see he was enjoying both shaves.
His body was quivering beneath me.
His hands moved towards my hips and he pushed me down on his cock so he could feel more pressure of my wet pussy on his cock.
He smiled and moaned.
I could see he was enjoying himself quite a bit and before long he was going to want more than that sensual rocking motion on his cock.
I knew I was driving him nuts and I loved that.
I was just about done with his shave but I wanted to soak the towel back in hot water.
I removed the water from the sink and cleaned up the bowl and then added more hot water, soaked the towel and then wringed it and placed it on his face.
I still had the razor in my hand so that I could shave off any areas that I missed.
As I slowly lowered my body on top of him, I felt his hand on his cock pointing it straight up and his other hand on my hip lowering me further on top of his cock.
His cock entered my wet pussy, slowly.
I felt tingly all over my body as his cock was filling my pussy.
My eyes half closed and my mouth slightly opened, enjoying this moment.
I could tell that he was enjoying himself as well, I heard him give out a sigh.
I started to ride him and with each motion I felt great and I got lost in the moment and dropped the razor on the tiled floor.
I felt my warm breath expel onto his chest.
He pulled my body close to him and whispered in my ear, “This is one shave I will never forget, my dear.
” His cock felt so good, it fit my pussy beautifully and I hungered for more of him.
I leaned down and grabbed his shoulders and pressed down into him and let out a loud moan.
I could feel and hear my pussy juices with each motion thrusting on top of him.
He was moaning and pushing me further onto of his cock, deeper, wetter.
My one hand went to his hair grabbing it and my other hand on his hip, continuing to thrust faster, deeper.
My body was tingling, the t-shirt was wet, my nipples erect and my eyes barely opened looking into his eyes.
I could see in his face that he could tell I was feeling great, I rode him harder and harder.
My moans turned into desperate screams.
He now held me down with both his hands.
I was out of control, my climax was approaching quickly and I felt as though he knew it, felt it.
Both our bodies becoming tense, with each thrust more deep sounding moans from both our lips.
He looked deep in my eyes and said, “I want to fill you so badly, with every drop I have.
I need you and I so want you!” As the tensions became stronger, we both knew we were both close to our climax.
I opened my eyes and said to him, “Oh baby, I’m going to cum now, I want you to come with me, right now, I said RIGHT NOW!” After I made that last plea, I could feel my pussy, constrict and then release, the orgasm was intense and strong, I continued to ride him harder and harder, and then I yelled out, “Yes, oh my God yes, that’s it, oh yes!” I came with one strong orgasm and then several more, each with a different degree of intensity but none the less it was wonderful.
He looked at me and said, “baby, did that feel good, you looked beautiful Cuming like that, so beautiful.
” Before he could really finish that comment, I could feel him explode inside of me.
It was like a geyser erupting.
He moaned louder and louder.
He filled my pussy with this warm cum and mixed with my juices it felt amazing, he felt amazing.
My body went limp with the release of both our juices.
I sank and melted into him.
My nipples were hard and I could feel them on his chest.
I am sure he felt them too.
I laid my head on his shoulder and felt blissful after our intense releases.
I heard him whisper in my ear that I felt amazing and he kissed my cheek.
He reached for my face with both hands and lifted my face away from him so that I could look directly at him and he come in and gave me a very passionate intense kiss.
He pulled away and said, “Wow, I can feel both our juices flowing down my cock and balls to the chair.
He pulled me into him and said, “you feel great in my arms, so warm, sweet, loving, and very passionate.
Who knew, that a warm wet shave could feel this wonderful?” I whispered back to him and said, “Yeah, who knew?”



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