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Jeff twirled the ice in his scotch and let out a long sigh.
“She’s cheating on you,” the voice in his head said.
After all that he had done for her over the past 6 months he just couldn’t believe it.
But now, as he thought about it, all the signs had been there.
The lack of communication, the persistent mood swings, the excuses not to have sex.
All of those things pointed to one excruciating fact: there was someone else.
Jeff’s worst fears had now become a reality.
He was in Boston on business trying to complete a deal that would give his company complete control of the east coast market in terms of product distribution.
He had been sitting in a meeting with some potential suitors when he got the text message.
For as long as he lived he would never forget those words: He’s out of town, can’t wait for you to do this pussy right.
Now Jeff sat in the bar of his hotel trying to numb the pain.
All around him were young men and women enjoying the after work happy hour.
He looked to his left and saw a tall blonde in a grey work suit laugh seductively as a potential suitor whispered something in her ear.
A group of young men in expensive suits to Jeff’s right were carrying on a conversation about a young intern who, as one of them put it, had an ass like Serena Williams.
Jeff downed the remainder of his drink, left a fifty dollar bill under the glass and headed to the elevators.
He wasn’t in the mood to be around happy people.
He would go up to his room and indulge himself in the liquor the hotel provided.
He pressed the up button and waited for the doors to open.
“I figured you would be out celebrating,” a voice said.
Jeff turned around and saw Lisa Simms smiling back at him.
Lisa was the executive vice president of marketing and she had accompanied Jeff on the trip.
Lisa was about five foot 6 with short brown hair and hazel coloured eyes.
She wore a black executive suit which fit her toned body perfectly.
Her legs were long and shapely and were perfectly accentuated by the black stockings she wore.
She wore a white blouse underneath her jacket which showed just the right amount of cleavage.
“Not really in the mood to celebrate,” Jeff murmured as he stepped into the awaiting elevator.
Lisa followed him in and Jeff pressed the close door button.
“Fifth floor right?” Jeff asked.
Lisa nodded her head and said, “It’s not everyday that we close a multi million dollar deal.
” “It’s true but I just don’t feel like being around all that commotion in the bar,” Jeff snapped back.
The elevator doors opened at the fifth floor and Jeff let Lisa exit first.
His thoughts went back to the text message he’d received.
Lisa reached her room door and dipped her hand into her briefcase for her room key.
“Why don’t we see what the bar in the room has and have a quiet toast?” Jeff said as he put his hand on Lisa’s.
What the fuck are you doing? a voice in Jeff’s head said.
This bitch is your boss, she’s damn near 45.
Are you serious? Lisa faced Jeff who quickly removed his hand from hers and was about to run to his own room before he was reprimanded.
“Come in,” Lisa said.
Jeff’s heart skipped a beat as he walked into Lisa’ room.
Lisa went over to the balcony and opened the sliding door.
The cool September breeze flowed through the room.
She took off her jacket and heels and went over to the mini bar.
“Scotch right?” she said questioningly.
“Yeah,” Jeff stammered.
Lisa took out a bottle of scotch and two glasses.
“Grab some ice will you,” she said and handed Jeff the ice bucket and her room card key.
Jeff grabbed them both and headed to the ice machine.
After all that you’ve been through the least you can do is fuck this broad, he thought.
I mean, it’s not like your girlfriend is waiting at home for you to return.
Her legs are probably spread open right now.
Yeah but this your boss, another voice chimed in.
You work with this woman, she’s damn near 50.
“But she looks damn good,” Jeff said aloud.
Jeff got the ice and returned to the room, still torn as to what it was he should do.
As he entered the room Lisa was standing with her back to him.
He could see the perfect shape of her ass, nice and round and it looked firm as hell.
Lisa turned around and pointed to the balcony.
“Let’s go out there and relax.
” She poured herself and drink and handed the bottle to Jeff.
Their fingers brushed against each others and Jeff could have sworn he felt sparks in the touch.
They sat down on the patio chairs and began to chat about the days events.
“You looked a little unsettled today,” Lisa announced during a period of awkward silence.
“Yeah I got some personal problems that I got to work out when I get back home,” Jeff replied as he reached for the bottle to pour himself another drink.
Lisa smiled to herself and inched a little closer.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wow_Kris_Wave “I honestly believe that it’s best to leave personal problems at home.
” She’s really hitting on me, Jeff thought.
You need to take this opportunity right now, the voice in his head said.
But before Jeff could react Lisa got up and stood against the balcony facing the city.
Jeff took a quick swig of his drink and got up and joined her.
He walked up behind her and pressed his body against hers.
Lisa responded my pushing her ass back on his crotch.
Jeff immediately began to harden.
Lisa giggled and began to move her ass cheeks up and down on Jeff’s hardening member.
Jeff grabbed Lisa by her arms and pulled her as close as possible to his body.
Her short brown hair tickled his nose and he could smell the sweet fragrance of her shampoo.
Jeff reached in front of her and forcibly took hold of her breasts through her blouse.
They were round and firm and he could feel them hardening against his touch.
Lisa gasped at his forcefulness and moaned quietly.
Jeff lifted up the Lisa’s skirt and stared intently at her well shaped ass for a second.
She had on no panties.
Jeff couldn’t help himself and before he knew if he was spanking it with his free left hand.
“Hmmm go ahead, daddy,” she responded seductively.
It was as if all his inhibitions vanished at that moment.
Jeff bent down and nibbled on Lisa’s ass before his tongue found Lisa’s pussy.
“Oh shit, “Lisa responded.
Jeff opened Lisa’s pussy with his fingers as his tongue probed deep inside her.
Lisa began to purr like a cat as Jeff’s tongue moved in and out of her pussy.
“Fuck your tongue is magical, ” she managed to say.
Jeff stood up and undid his fly, pulling out his dick.
It was rock hard and he slapped it against Lisa’s exposed ass and she gasped once again.
“I need it inside me,” she said.
Jeff rubbed his dick along Lisa’s swollen pussy lips to get some lubrication before he attempted to enter her.
He eased the tip of his dick into her and Lisa reached back and spread her pussy with her fingers to allow an easier passage inside of her.
Jeff reached down and lifted her left leg onto the banister of the balcony and proceeded to fuck her in a smooth rhythmic motion.
He looked down and watched his dick slide in and out Lisa’s pussy.
His strokes were deep and long and as his dick went in and out of Lisa’s pussy he could see her cum shining along the length of his shaft.
Lisa was moaning with sheer delight and coaxed Jeff through his task.
“Harder, harder,” she screamed and Jeff quickly obliged by picking up the pace.
Jeff was fucking Lisa with such ferocity that the bannister began to shake and Lisa was loving every bit of it.
The sheer excitement of having sex outside on a balcony five floors up overlooking the city increased her sex drive ten fold.
Lisa looked back over her shoulder and looked into Jeff’s face.
His face was intense as he continued to pound away at her pussy.
When he realized she was staring at him he looked down at her with a smile.
“I wanna feel that dick in my mouth,” she whispered.
Jeff took his dick out of her and Lisa stooped down and licked the tip of his dick before taking the whole of his member in her mouth.
Jeff closed his eyes in sheer ecstasy as Lisa’s tongue massaged and caressed his dick.
Lisa’s right hand was wrapped securely around Jeff’s dick as she simultaneously sucked and jerked him off.
Her left hand groped for his balls which she twirled around her fingers.
“Jesus fucking christ,” Jeff screamed.
“What the fuck are you trying to do?” “I wanna feel your cum running down the back of my throat,” Lisa replied as she continued to jerk him off.
That said she shoved Jeff’s dick back into her mouth and deep-throated him.
Jeff put his hands on the back of her head and forced himself deeper into her.
The tip of his dick nestled on her tonsils.
Lisa gagged and when she pulled him from her mouth a trail of cum and saliva dripped off her lips and onto the front of her exposed breasts.
Lisa ran her fingers over drops and placed her fingers in her mouth.
She seductively licked them clean and then swallowed.
Then she stood up and led Jeff by his dick into the hotel room.
“Time for round two,” she purred.
Jeff grabbed the bottle of scotch and took a long swig.
It’s just business, the voice in his head said.
Jeff smiled to himself and for the first time since he got the text message he felt like everything was going to be fine.



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