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Latest stories Taboo Corrupting Secrets 3

Amy usually wore a short cotton nightshirt, but tonight she wore just the tops of her black satin pajamas.
They were almost as long as the nightshirt anyway, and offset her brown hair in what she thought was a very attractive manner.
They also showed off her long, slender legs.
A thunderstorm was forecast for that night, so her stepfather Conner made sure all the windows were closed before they all went to bed, not wanting to get up in the middle of the night to do it when it started raining.
A little past midnight, the storm hit, with lightning and loud thunder.
Jeff was watching the lightning from the comfort of his bed, when he heard a knock at his bedroom door.
“Jeff, are you awake?” Amy asked.
“Yeah, just watching the lightning,” he replied.
“I wanted to finish what we started earlier today,” Amy said in a husky whisper.
“I guess we could.
C’mon in,” Jeff replied.
As the flash of lightning filled the room, Jeff could see her in the darkness of the room, her body in front of the window.
Lightning flashed outside as she slowly pulled her night shirt over her head, her long brown hair falling about her shoulders as she dropped the night shirt to the floor.
 He stared at her body, as the room was lit up by the lightning flashes.
Free of a bra, her breasts were softly hanging, and she was wearing no panties either.
Amy had shaved her bikini area so there was just a strip of brown hair above her pussy.
 She gently climbed into the bed and knelt by his legs.
“Let’s get these off you,” she said as she grabbed his boxers briefs and lowered them down his hips.
Jeff’s rock hard cock jerked up and almost hit her chin as she lowered his shorts.
“Nice, very nice,” Amy whispered.
Amy leaned up an kissed him.
Her tongue parted his lips and found his.
Her lips were so soft She slowly licked down his neck to his chest.
Her lips found his left nipple, while her fingers caressed his right nipple.
The feeling was sensational as she licked first one and then the other.
 She kissed her way down Jeff’s stomach, and he closed his eyes, anticipating her lips on his hard cock.
 He opened his eyes when he felt her hot breath on his cock.
She looked up into his eyes as she brought her mouth down to his cock.
Jeff almost died when his dick slipped past her lips and into her mouth.
It was so wet and hot, her mouth moving up and down, saliva trickling down onto his balls.
“Tell me when you’re going to cum,” she said when she came up for breath.
Amy resumed her attack on her stepbrother’s cock, her lips wrapped around the head and her tongue licking the sensitive underside, her hand pumping his shaft at the same time.
The feeling was getting to be too much for him, and he could feel the urge to cum getting stronger.
“I’m going to cum soon,” he groaned.
Amy doubled her efforts, pumping his shaft, attacking the head of his cock with her lips and tongue.
She looked up into his eyes with lust filled eyes, and that did it.
Jeff exploded in her mouth, his hips pumping his dick up into her mouth.
Amy swallowed every burst, a little leaking past her lips and dribbling down her chin.
Amy let his softening dick leave her mouth, licking her lips to get the remaining drops.
“That’s lesson number one,” she said, “Always let a girl know when you’re about to cum when she has your dick in her mouth.
Not all girls like the taste like I do.
” Jeff looked down at his deflated cock, and then back at his stepsister Amy.
“Oh, the night’s not over yet,” Amy said with a husky voice.
“I think you’ll be up for another lesson soon.
I have a few things to teach you!” The lightning flashed and the thunder boomed.
Jeff was sitting up naked in his bed, still a little shocked by what had just happened.
His stepsister, Amy, was sitting there, also naked.
She had just given him a blow-job and had told him that he and she were not done just yet.
Amy noticed the look on his face and moved closer to him, wrapping her arms around him.
“Don’t worry about anything that happens tonight,” she said.
“You’re my stepbrother, and I would never do anything that I thought would harm you or me in any way.
Let’s just have some fun with each other, and I’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know.
” Jeff thought about that and realized that she was right.
He nodded his agreement, and she smiled.
“Now just lie back, and let’s get comfortable,” Amy replied.
They both lay back on the bed, on their sides facing each other.
The rain was still beating on the window outside, and when the flash of lightning would light up the room, he could see her face, her eyes looking deep into his own.
They both leaned into each other at the same time, his lips meeting hers as they shared a soft, almost innocent kiss.
He was enjoying the delightful wickedness of it all.
Amy opened her mouth and her tongue flicked against his lips, seeking to pry them open.
He obliged, and her tongue slipped onto his mouth, seeking his tongue.
As their tongues twirled together, his hands started to explore her body.
Jeff reached down to feel her tits, marveling at how soft and silky they were.
Amy’s nipples hardened as he caressed them, rolling them in between his fingers.
 He rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him.
He could feel her nipples against his chest.
Amy’s hair cascaded down onto his face as they continued their kiss.
His hands slowly moved down her back, towards her firm ass that he had so long admired.
He felt her cheeks in his hands, loving the way they felt as he squeezed them.
Amy moaned and rolled onto her back, bringing him around on top of her as she broke their kiss “Time to learn how to please a woman,” she said.
Amy took his head in her hands and guided his lips to her breasts.
Jeff kissed first the left and then the right nipple, both nipples hard as rocks.
He slowly licked her left nipple with his tongue, and then taking the whole thing into his mouth, trying to devour her whole breast.
Amy guided his mouth over breasts, first one, and then the other.
Jeff felt he could spend all night just suckling on her nipples, but Amy had other ideas.
She moved his mouth down her soft belly until he could feel her pubic hair against his chin.
Jeff looked down and saw what must have been heaven! He could smell her muskiness and see a faint glow on her lips where she was already getting wet.
“Start by licking up and down my lips; you’ll learn fast enough what gets me going,” Amy explain.
Jeff hesitantly licked at her lips, finding the taste not as sweet as the porn magazines were always saying, but still not a bad taste at all.
He started at the top of her lips and let his tongue slide down between them until he found her hole at the bottom.
Jeff dug his tongue into her pussy, and he heard Amy let out a light moan.
As he tasted her on his lips, he felt Amy guide his head up to the top of her pussy and felt her small nubbin against his lips.
“That’s my clit; be good to it and I’ll do anything you want,” Amy said.
Jeff sucked her clit into his mouth, feeling it get more and more wet as he licked it.
Amy started to moan louder and he looked up to see her grasp both of her large tits in her hands, pulling at her nipples.
“That’s good, baby.
Keep that up,” she moaned.
He continued to lick up and down her slit, stopping every now and then to concentrate on her clit, while she moaned in pleasure.
“Put your finger in me, please,” Amy begged.
“Fuck me with your finger,” Jeff slid a finger into her pussy as she gasped.
He locked his lips on her clit as he finger fucked her, moving his finger in and out of her.
Amy started to roll her head side to side as her orgasm approached, her hips moving up and down as he sucked her clit into his mouth.
“I’m going to cum, baby, keep sucking my clit!” Jeff felt her pussy tighten around his finger as she came, a long moan escaping from her lips.
Amy whimpered as he slowly removed his finger from her pussy.
Jeff kept a gentle licking motion on her pussy lips as she regained her composure.
“Jeff, that was pretty damn good!” Amy said, smiling down at him.
“Just wait till you get more practice!” She pulled him up on top of her and guided his lips to hers.
He was surprised that she would do that, considering where his lips just were.
She licked her own pussy juice from his lips, smacking her own lips in approval.
“I love the taste of my own pussy,” she said wickedly.
“Especially when it’s on a guy’s lips or on his dick after fucking me.
” Jeff was getting past being shocked by what his stepsister was telling him, but that last remark left him wondering just how far they were going to take all this.
Masturbating him in the shower and giving each other oral was one thing, but were they really going to fuck? Amy smiled at him as lightning lit up the room.
Jeff would have been happy if the night had ended right then, but he didn’t think Amy was quite finished yet.
Jeff lay down on his back as Amy straddled his hips.
He could feel her ass cheeks against his legs.
His cock was rock hard again; he could feel it nestle against her ass crack as she wriggled back and forth against it.
Jeff reached around to hold her ass in his hands.
Amy cupped his cheek in her hand as she caressed his face.
“Are you ready for this?” she asked.
“God, yes,” he replied.
“Please fuck me.
” Amy smiled and lifted her hips up so she could reach under and grasp his cock in her hand.
She slowly rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit.
Jeff could feel the head of his dick getting slick with her juices.
After a few strokes, she stopped when the head reached the opening of her pussy.
She left the tip there at the entrance to heaven as she put both of her hands on his chest to brace herself.
Looking deep into his eyes, she slowly lowered her hips, and his cock slid inch by inch into her warm body.
Jeff couldn’t believe how good it felt.
 She was snug, not too tight, and so warm around his cock.
They rested like that for a moment, getting used to the feel.
Amy leaned down and kissed him, her nipples scraping against his chest.
“Just relax now, and let me do the work for a awhile,” Amy said.
Amy then sat back up, and he could see her tits swaying slightly as she moved.
She started with slow, small strokes, letting him get used to the feel of a pussy fucking his cock.
She was so wet that he moved easily in and out of her.
Jeff reached behind her so he could hold her ass in his hands as they fucked.
 He held her with hands, helping to lift her hips, and then bringing her back down hard on his cock.
He let his fingers drift to the crack of her ass, and caressed up and down her crevice.
He noticed that when his fingers touched her ass-hole, she would give a little whimper.
Jeff decided to push the envelope a little.
He slid his finger down to her pussy, feeling his cock going in and out of her, and got his finger nice and wet.
He traced his way back to her ass and slowly rubbed her puckered opening.
 He rubbed a little harder each time, and when Amy didn’t protest, he applied a little pressure with his finger and slowly penetrated her ass.
 She groaned, but didn’t tell him to stop.
Jeff took this as a good sign, and started to finger her ass to the same rhythm as his cock going in and out of her pussy.
They were moving together now, like they had been doing this all their lives.
He could feel her pussy grip him as he slid in and out of her.
Amy was getting tighter now, and the feeling of her pussy was getting him close to the edge.
Jeff decided it was time for him to take over.
He pulled his finger from her ass, and grabbed her hips and started to fuck her harder and harder.
“Oh yeah, big boy,” Amy moaned.
“That’s it, fuck me good!”  He continued to slam into her, knowing he wasn’t going to last very much longer.
 She started to moan louder and he knew her orgasm was close too.
“I’m cumming!” Amy groaned.
Jeff felt her pussy convulse around his cock as she came, her face glowing.
Amy never looked more beautiful than when she was cumming.
 He held her against his body while she recovered, her body shaking and quivering.
Amy slowly opened her eyes and smiled, then kissed him tenderly and caressed his face.
“That was wonderful, Jeff,” she whispered.
“But now I think it’s your turn.
Cum when you’re ready, don’t hold anything back.
Fuck me hard!” Amy encouraged.
Without warning, he flipped Amy off of him and onto the bed, quickly moving in behind her and turning her on her stomach.
Then he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up onto her hands and knees, her big breasts hanging down in front of her.
Online Now! Lush Cams Darwin_Peyton He grabbed his cock and placed the head against her opening and quickly thrust forward, impaling her on his cock.
She cried out with pleasure, and he immediately grabbed her hips and began thrusting in and out of her in hard, long, deep strokes.
“Oh my God!” she gasped between strokes.
“Going to… cum… again! Keep that… up!” “That’s the idea,” Jeff said, and he reached around to grab both her tits.
He gripped them hard, using them as leverage to pull her back into him as he thrust forward again and again, driving his cock as deeply into her as it would go with each stroke.
Yes! Oh… my… God!” she cried with each stroke, “Going to… cum….
aahhh!” she cried as she came, harder than ever.
He continued thrusting in and out of her pussy as she came, and all she could do was grip the bed sheets in her fists and grip his cock with her pussy as he pounded her.
“Now,” he cried, feeling his balls twitch, “Now I’m going to cum all over your ass,” Jeff said, sweat forming on his body.
“Shoot it in me, let me feel your cum inside me,” Amy groaned.
Jeff came hard, his cock exploding, spewing stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her pussy.
She cried out as she felt the first spasm of his cock inside her, and she gripped it harder with her muscles.
His cock pumped and throbbed over and over, pulsing as his cum shot out deep inside her.
He gave one last, hard thrust as the final spasm went through him, and he held his cock inside her as his orgasm subsided.
They were both gasping for breath and covered in sweat; Amy dropped down onto her elbows in exhaustion as he held her by the hips to keep her in place, his cock buried inside her.
When he felt his shaft go soft he let her go and she slipped to the bed, a stream of cum seeping out of her slit as she lay panting for breath.
Jeff sat on his haunches for a few moments to catch his breath.
 He caressed her back and ass as she whispered, “I love you, Jeff.
” “I love you too, Amy.
” They fell asleep that way, holding each other, the rain outside tapping against the window, the thunder and lightning slowly fading away.
Jeff awoke the next morning; the thunderstorm had passed and sunshine was now streaming through the window.
He found himself snuggled with Amy in a spoon position, her back to him with his morning erection pressed firmly against her ass and a hand holding her breast.
He turned to the clock to get the time; a little after seven in the morning.
 She felt him stir, and turned slowly to face him.



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