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Hi, my name is Jerod.
I’m eighteen and a senior at West High School.
I’m not the hero quarterback, I don’t play any sports.
I am more of the studious type, not a complete nerd but close.
But my nerdiness cannot overcome my handsome looks.
I have girls swooning over me continuously.
I’m never hurting for a date with a hot chick from school.
I don’t want you to think I have narcissistic personality disorder either.
I’m a well grounded, hard working young man.
I’m not an A.
hole! My grades are okay, my GPA is 3.
9 on a 4.
0 scale.
I hoping that my math and science grades will help me enter the college of my choice.
I’ve been told that I am a math wiz and it is fairly easy for me.
Languages, not so much.
Science, again a wiz.
I’m also on the debate team and have a knack for common sense discussion.
My Mom and Dad were divorced ten years ago.
Dad remarried four years ago to a very nice and pretty woman.
Her name is Jill, Dad is forty and Jill is thirty seven and they party almost every other weekend.
In fact Dad met Jill at one of the parties they were attending.
Jill has a daughter nicknamed Sissy, Sissy is two months younger than me.
Finals are over and school is now on Christmas break.
Christmas was nice.
I wanted a new Citizen Eco-Drive watch and that’s what I got.
Sissy was hoping for a new tablet.
She was thrilled with her new Ipad.
We received more gifts, just to many to list here.
My stepsister Sissy, and I gave gifts to our parents.
I popped for a weekend at the Marriot and Sissy gave them a gift card to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.
I know my dad and Sissy’s mom would enjoy the gifts more than anything else we could have given them.
You see, Dad and Jill are very much into each other and Sissy and I can hear them at night after they go to bed.
Sissy and I bet each other on which night they won’t be fucking.
Jill is a screamer and Dad bellows like a bull when he cums.
Sissy was very sure of one night and bet her virginity they would have sex that night.
I gave her every opportunity to back out after she lost the bet.
She said, “No, you won fair and square, I pay all my bets.
” I will not elaborate, but I took her cherry that night.
The one and only time we had sex together.
Sissy told me, “I wanted my cherry gone and I wanted someone who loves me to do it”.
We still are best friends and we get along a lot better now than we did before.
We still bet on Jill and Dad, but usually it’s money or chores.
New Years Eve was one big party.
I think Jill and Dad invited every friend to come.
There must have been near one hundred people there.
It was costume night and I recognized only a couple of the people.
The patio was set up for dancing and tables lined the grass around it.
The booze was flowing and everyone was getting getting a little tipsy by midnight.
After the clock struck twelve everyone was kissing everyone else and wishing them a ‘Happy New Year’.
A woman, who I didn’t recognize, put her arms around me and kissed me.
She also grabbed my dick and squeezed.
That was different! She wasn’t the only one to grab me.
My cock was hard so I sat down, that stopped the groping.
I noticed Sissy was having the same problem.
Her tits always had a hand on them.
Her ass was fair game also.
Some guy stuck his hand in her crotch and lifted her up.
She just squealed and he put her back down.
I looked for Dad or Jill and could not see them anywhere.
I’m sure they would not have put up with what was happening to their children even if we are adults.
When it stopped I asked Sissy, “Why did you let those men treat you that way? If your mom or my dad had seen that, it would have been shit city here.
” “I wanted them to feel me up.
When I was dancing I asked them, ‘If they would like a feel of this young body?’.
You saw the results.
” Just then Jill and Dad, along with Jack and Nancy, came out of the house and returned to party with the rest.
I thought it was strange that they did not celebrate the new year with everyone else at midnight.
The party broke up around 2:00 AM and the house was quiet.
The caterers cleaned up the place and left.
We all went into the house and went to bed.
Sissy and I did not have a bet going that night, we were too tired to stay up and listen.
I got up around noon and went downstairs.
Dad was reading the newspaper and Jill was sitting next to him.
She looked pretty hot this morning in her babydoll lingerie.
I never saw her dressed like this before and I liked what I saw.
I looked up and saw my dad looking at me, oops, caught perving.
He kind of chuckled and went back to reading his paper.
Jill stood up and said, “I’m going to get dressed, see you guys later.
” She walked up the stairs, Dad and I both were looking at her ass as she climbed up.
The steps exaggerated her ass movement and this is another time I thought about what kind of piece she would be.
I think my dad is a pretty lucky guy, fucking her all the time! “Dad, where were you and Jill last night at midnight? Sissy and I wondered until we saw you walk out of the house with Jack and Nancy.
How come Nancy was walking hand in hand with you and Jack the same with Jill?” Dad didn’t say a word.
His face turned red from embarrassment.
I think I know why.
Dad and Jill might be swinging with Jack and Nancy.
I hurriedly said, “I’m sorry if that question embarrassed you.
It’s none of my business what you and Jill do.
” “Sorry Son, this is not the way I wanted Jill and my, shall we say.
Extra curricular activities to come to light.
I was hoping you would not find out until after you graduate college.
But now that you know, yes, Jill and I are swingers and have been before we met.
I paid extra each night so I could come as a single male.
Jill came as a single female.
Halfway through the night we hooked up and that was it.
We liked each other and we dated from then on.
We now party with other people ever since that night.
” “TMI Dad.
TMI, let’s drop this subject now, please.
” The rest of my break went by fast.
On my first day back at school, I just couldn’t think straight.
My dad and Jill fucking other people while married to each other.
I just couldn’t wrap my head around that.
I mean, Dad is a handsome man and Jill is a real hottie, so why not.
But Dad, my parent? At least they love each other and if fucking almost every night like bunnies, then they are two bunnies.
I went to my locker to pick up my books for my next class and there was a girl standing next to my locker.
She must be new and was assigned the empty locker next to mine.
I looked her up and down, ‘Nice’, I thought.
Maybe 5′ 8″, natural strawberry blonde, 110 pounds, decent rack.
She would do.
“Hi,” I said as I walked up to my locker and twisted my combination lock.
“New here at West High? Sorry, my name is Jerod, not the creep from Subway.
Jerod Jansen” She laughed, “I didn’t think so.
My name is Tori, Tori Blivens.
My dad’s new job brought us here from Rapid City.
I was glad we were moving, I wanted to go to a larger high school to graduate, I’m a senior.
” “I’m a senior too.
I’m heading off to my math class now, maybe I’ll see you later.
” “Wait, Mr Summer’s math class?” “Yes, are you heading that way also?” “Can I walk with you? I don’t know my way around here yet.
” “Sure, c’mon.
” I led Tori to Mr Summer’s classroom.
We sat next to each other through the class.
I looked at her a couple times and she smiled.
She was very pretty and friendly, I liked her.
I walked her back to our lockers, we jibber jabbered all the way back and I learned more about her and her about me.
We did not have another class together that day so we went our separate ways.
I told Sissy about the new girl at school and she asked me a bunch of questions about her.
I didn’t know all the answers but I knew quite a few.
“Are you going to date her?” Sissy asked.
“I don’t know, I just met her.
She is nice and I like her so maybe.
” At school the next day, I looked for Tori.
I didn’t see her in any of the halls or at our lockers, until just before math class.
There she was waiting for me with her books in hand.
I opened my locker and swapped books.
“Waiting for me?” I asked.
“Yes, do you want to walk together today?” “Sure, let’s hurry or we might be late.
” After class when we were walking back, I said, “I like you, you are a lot of fun.
Would you go with me to a movie Friday night?” “Like a date?” she asked.
“You could call it that.
There’s a movie with good reviews at the Cinema Plex that sounds interesting.
” “Sure,” she said as she wrote on a piece of paper, “Here’s my cell # and address.
What time will you pick me up?” “I’ll check on start times and call you.
” “I’ll be waiting,” she answered, smiling at me.
After I settled on a movie and start time I called her and told her what time.
We talked for an hour, about nothing in particular, just becoming better acquainted.
I looked at her address and saw she lived six blocks from me.
I didn’t have to drive far to pick her up at her house.
I asked Dad if I could use the car and he said, “Sure.
Hot date?” “I just met her this week and she is, as you said, “Hot.
” I picked up Tori on time.
She took my hand and led me into their house and introduced me to her parents.
They seemed nice.
They were older than my parents.
Tori had a older sister and brother.
She was the youngest.
The movie wasn’t as great as the critics said it would be.
Tori seemed to like it, maybe because there was a lot of romancing going on in the film.
I did put my arm around her and she snuggled into me.
I liked that part! Tori wouldn’t let me buy any popcorn or drinks at the movie, “Too expensive,” she said.
After we returned to my car, I asked her, “Do you want something to eat?” “A burger would be good.
” We went through the Culver’s drive through and then parked in the lot to eat.
We talked and laughed until we were done and then we talked some more.
I really liked her now and I think she liked me back the same.
“Would you like to do this again?” I asked her.
“Yes I would, I like you very much.
” “How about next Friday, would that be okay?” “I’d love it.
” she answered.
I walked her to her door, being forever the gentleman.
When we reached the door, she turned and pulled my head down and kissed me on my lips.
“Till I see you again,” she said.
I blushed and she laughed.
“Cat got your tongue?” “No, but I like the way you kiss,” I said as I came in for my own kiss.
We kissed with more feeling this time.
I liked her and she liked me so why not? I left her house and drove home.
I don’t whistle much, but tonight I was.
I was a happy person and I felt lucky also, having such a pretty girl to date.
Tori and I dated more often as the weeks went by.
I felt up her boobs on our third date.
On our sixth date I went further south and she let my hand inside her panties.
That is all the further I could go for the next three or four dates.
I would rub her clit, but as soon as my finger neared her vagina, she stopped me.
“Not yet, Jerod.
Maybe some day.
” I knew she was ready because she was so wet! I didn’t know why she was stopping me.
I would go home and jack off fantasizing of fucking her.
We continued to date and then one night we were making out and I went for the clit again.
She didn’t have any panties on! I was so surprised.
“Tonight’s the night, I want you to fuck me,” she said.
I couldn’t believe my ears! I kissed her hard and we were swapping spit like never before.
I wanted her bad, but not in the car.
We would mess up the seat and I didn’t want to explain that to my father.
No way! “Not in the car, I want a better place to bed you,” I said.
“My mom and dad are gone for the weekend to my grandma’s house.
We can go there if you want.
We’ll be safe there.
” I parked my car a few doors down from her house and we walked around to the back door of her house.
She unlocked the door and we went into the kitchen.
Tori turned on the light and she opened the refrigerator and pulled out two sodas.
After handing me one she took my hand and led me up the stairs to her room.
We went in and sat on her bed while we talked and drank our drinks.
I was getting really horny now and my dick was trying to exit my boxers.
Tori saw my cock’s outline and looked surprised.
She felt it through my jeans, “My you are big!” Tori stood up and unbuttoned her blouse.
I stood up and slipped it off her shoulders.
We kissed and I unhooked her bra and let that fall off her arms and onto the floor.
I stood back and looked at two perfect breasts.
Tori’s boobs were puffies.
Her whole areola puffed out from the remainder of her tits.
I couldn’t help myself, I immediately started sucking on each one, back and forth my lips went.
I sucked hard and nipped her with my teeth.
Tori started to moan now.
She unbuttoned my shirt and threw it over the chair back.
I undid her pants button and unzipped her jeans.
Tori wiggled her hips and with the help of her hands the jeans fell to the floor.
She kicked them away.
Tori was now totally naked.
I almost gasped at the sight I was looking at.
Tori has the body of a woman, curves in all the right places.
Her hairless pussy was waxed, there were no shaved hairs, just smooth skin.
Her clit was shiny from her wetness and so was her vulva.
Tori went to work on me, stripping me down until I too was naked.
She then dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hand.
She moved it around looking at it from all different angles, inspecting it like she had never seen a cock before.
Tori lifted my balls with the palm of her hand.
Her hand moving up and down like she was weighing them.
My cock was leaking precum now.
Tori looked at my cockhead and touched the end with her tongue.
She licked my precum off and then she slid my foreskin back.
She placed her lips around me and sucked.
Tori started to move her lips down my cock, taking in four inches before she pulled back.
I could feel her moving her spit around with her tongue.
She was lubricating my cock.
She slowly pushed her face closer to my pubic hair.
She would draw back and then move forward.
Tori seemed bound and determined to swallow my eight inches.
Tori continued to push more of my cock into her mouth.
I felt my cockhead hit the back of her throat and she gagged.
Tori worked hard to control her gag relex but to no avail.
She drew back, took another deep breath and plunged back down.
This time she kept her throat in alignment with her mouth.
Kind of like a sword swallower does.
My cock disappeared, her chin.



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