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“The Party Favor” Part one This story takes place about 15 years ago.
I was about 25 years old and had been transferred by my company to Chicago for a 3 year project.
It was a great deal.
They put me up in a lovely corporate apartment, paid for all my expenses, and flew me all over the world.
During my time in Chi-town, I had been blessed enough to have met many lovely woman, and this story is about one of them.
Let’s call her Ellen.
Ellen was in her late thirties, about 5’6, with short blond hair and green eyes.
She had firm large breast that from my estimation were a very full C.
Her ass was round and tight, and looked like it would have belonged to a woman half her age.
We met in a bar and quickly became friends with a whole lot of benefits.
The sex with her was mind blowing.
She was to me an interesting contradiction.
She loved to be dominated, to be controlled, and to be taken forcefully.
I was happy to play the role she desired, but was often told by her that I could be little more forceful.
I would later find out that she had many rape fantasies, but that is another story for anther time.
What I found to be the great contradiction was as much as she likes to be dominated.
She also had a thing for being the one in control.
One of her favorite things was for me to just sit back and do nothing as she ravaged my body.
She would run her lips and tongue over every inch of me, spending the majority of her time between my legs.
And let me tell you she was masterful in her oral attentions.
She would give the longest, slowest, teasingly erotic blowjobs I had ever experienced.
They would last for hours, yes I said it hours! She would suck me slowly until I would explode in her hot mouth.
She would drink all of my essence, and then start again.
I remember one wonderful night she was able to drain me three times in one sitting.
She would often tell me that her ex-husband would never just sit back and let her take control.
I thought he was the biggest idiot in the world, but it was my gain, and I was not complaining.
Ellen worked for a fairly large pharmaceutical company, and from what I could see made a pretty good living.
She had a huge loft apartment which was located in one the most hip Chicago neighborhoods.
She drove a new Jag, and was always dressed in the most expensive woman’s apparel.
It was because these facts that I found it odd when she spoke of her side job.
After a few of my inquiries she informed me that she ran her own sex toy business.
She told me that she would arrange parties for woman and sale her sexy nick knacks.
This seemed to explain her seemingly endless supply of flavored oils and sex toys.
I thought it was cool, and never really asked her about again.
Months went by and we continued our little friends with benefits arrangement.
I was thinking how great it was that I was able to have such great sex with this hot woman without the problems that come with a true relationship.
I mean, in my eyes it could not get any better.
I was wrong, it could and did.
One night she called me and asked if I was going to be out of town this weekend.
I told her no and that in fact I would not have to travel for work for the next three weeks.
She then asked if I could help her out this weekend with one of her parties.
Unsure of how I could help, I still agreed thinking that she just needed someone to model some men’s clothing or something like that.
“Great” she said, and informed me that she would pick me up Saturday around 6.
Saturday came, and she picked me up and we headed to her place.
On the ride, I asked “so what have I gotten myself into”? She just gave me a sexy grin and said “I just needed a model” Ok I thought, thinking it was just what I had expected.
She would most likely have me prance around in some silk boxers, or a thong with an elephant face with my cock filling it’s trunk for her guests.
I found the Idea of it all to be harmless and admittedly a bit sexy.
I mean, I had a great body if I do say so myself.
I’m African American, with brown eyes, deep caramel colored skin.
I stand 5’11, at 210 solid ripped pounds.
I kept in good shape, working out 4 days and running on the other three.
Now I would love to say that my cock was ten inches, but it is not.
My cock is about 7 ½ inches long, with what I would say a slightly larger than average girth.
The word that I most often got when referring to my cock from woman was “perfect “.
I think one woman put it best when she was describing my cock to me.
She said “Not too big that it is uncomfortable, but big enough for you to know you are being fucked!” I always loved that description.
We arrived at her loft, and just as I had pictured it her living room was filled with all sorts of boxes, oils, and vibrators.
I was then that I noticed a strange chair that sat in the middle of the room.
It looked like some kind of recliner slash massage chair.
I remember thinking that it a person’s body would barely fit on that.
I also thought that it was an odd chair, and it did not match any of her other furniture.
It was then that I noticed the straps and restraints.
I turned to Ellen, who at this time was standing behind me grinning boldly.
“What is that?” I asked.
“That, lover boy is for you.
” “For me” I asked as she looked into my eyes and clasped my face in her small hands.
“Yep, it is a kind of sex chair.
The man sits in it, and the woman rides him.
” “I see” I said” but what’s with all the straps and restraints.
” “That’s the best part; the man is strapped down and helpless, and the woman get’s to ride all she wants.
” “So tell me again how this is for me” I said.
“Well, I’m going to strap you down in it so I can show the ladies how it works.
” “What do you mean SHOW them how it works” I asked.
Now a bit nervous at the thought of being strapped down and helpless, I mean it scared me a little.
I had known Ellen for about 5 months, and we had a lot of sex, but what did really know about her.
For all I knew she could be a member of some sort of cult and I was to be the sacrifice to their god.
“Come on, your not backing out on me now are you.
I just need you to lay there as I describe the chair and how it works.
You are not scared are you? You know I would never do anything to hurt you…Right?” I looked into her eyes and I saw that she was hurt at the thought of me not trusting her.
“Ok, ok, I trust you, so what do you want me to do.
” Great, now take your cloths off” she said with a wicked grin.
I quickly stripped down and in no time I was standing before her in all my naked glory.
Ellen picked up clothes and took them to her bed room.
I just stood there nervous and excited at the idea of being naked in front of woman I did not know.
Just as my mind began to create all sorts of sexy, nasty scenarios I felt Ellen’s hand on my ass.
She dragged her long finger nails slowly across each cheek, causing an almost immediate reaction from my cock.
Slowly it began to fill and harden, reacting slightly with each beat of my heart.
Ellen walked around to face me.
Taking both of her hands she grabbed my face and drew it to hers.
She kissed me deeply, driving her tongue deep into my mouth.
I was surprised by the force and passion of her kiss.
This was all my cock needed to finally reach its full potential.
As if she senses my arrival at to full hardness, Ellen broke our connection.
“We don’t have a lot of time; my guest will be here in twenty minutes.
” That being said she kicked off her heels, dropped to her knees and quickly engulfed my length.
This was not her usual blood job.
This was something different.
This was fast, hard, rough, and wonderful.
She pulled me in deep, massaging, and squeezing balls as she worked my manhood.
I was in heaven; I liked the urgency of her actions.
She was a goddess on her knees, and she was worshiping at MY shrine.
It did not take long for me to reach my journeys end.
And I moaned out load as I filled her waiting mouth with my quintessence.
She took it all, not letting a drop of me escape her pick lips.
She held me there in her lips for a moment, making sure that I had given her all that I had.
She then kissed the head one last time and quickly got her to feet.
“Ok lover, time to hop in.
” I did as she asked and lay back in the chair, and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was.
I watched as Ellen went to work strapping my legs, then my arms and then my chest down.
She would lookup at me periodically, smiling and licking her lips.
“Ok, now that you are set,” she said “I have a few more things have to get done.
Just sit back and relax, our guest should be here shortly.
And thanks for helping me out, this really mean a lot to me.
” She turned to walk away and suddenly stopped in her tracks “oh, almost forgot.
“She said “Forgot what I asked” I forgot to cover your eyes” she said.
“Why do my eyes need to be covered?” “Some of these women are very successful business woman, or married, and I think they would be more comfortable if you could not see who they were.
Just relax everything is going to be just fine, trust me.
” She said as she covered my eyes with a sleeping mask.
She then covered me up to my neck with what I would later discover to be a black silk sheet.
Now with my eyes covered, and my hands secured, I had only my ears left to explore my environment.
I listed and Ellen moved around the loft, mentally picturing what she was doing.
I was able to put together from my remaining senses that she had set out wine glasses, and had placed something in the oven.
I could hear the click and clack of her heels on the cherry wood floor as she quickly moved from room to room setting the stage for her party.
It was then that I heard the buzzer.
Due to the pounding of my heart in my ears, I could barely hear Ellen buzz her guest in.
I knew I had a few minutes before they would reach the door because there was no elevator and Ellen’s loft was on the third floor.
“OK lover, show time” Ellen said as she gave me a kiss on my cheek.
“Trust me?” she asked.
“I would not be doing this if I did not” I said “Good, now open up” and before I could say a word she put a pill in my mouth and instructed me to swallow.
I did before thinking.
” What was that “I asked with an obvious tone of concern in my voice?” Relax” she said “I told you I would never do anything to hurt you.
I just gave you a half of a Viagra.
I need you to be at full attention during the party.
” And before I could say anything else she covered my face with the silk sheet and quickly walked over to the door.
I listened and tried to learn as much as I could from the information my ears was giving me.
As far as I could tell there were six women.
There names were Jennifer, Jessica, Kim, Erica, Lisa, and Gia.
I heard Ellen welcome to the ladies to her loft, and thanked them for coming.
She told her guest to grab a wine glass and to head to the living room.
Online Now! Lush Cams MelinaHouston Almost from the moment the ladies reached the living room were they asking Ellen what was under the sheet.
She told them that it was a surprise, and they would get to it later.
I could hear the ladies laughing as they talked about the many toys and flavored oils that Ellen was vending.
I could feel my cock starting to harden, and I was not sure if it was from the Viagra or of the subject matter of the ladies conversations.
I listened as the woman spoke about cocks and fucking and sucking.
I found it interesting and arousing to hear them talk that way.
I never knew that women talked about sex in the way that I was hearing.
I continued to listen intently as Ellen described the various dildos, vibrators, and lubrications.
I was not sure what she did in the real world, but she was truly in her element in this one.
She was quick to answer question and to make suggestions on what toys would be best for what each lady was looking for.
I listened as Ellen spoke of the different sizes and shapes of the toys.
How some of them were water resistant, and how others were G-spot stimulators.
I was so interested in the conversations that were being had that I had almost forgotten the situation that I was in.
My Viagra induced erection was now at full power.
And even though I could not see it, I imaged that it must have looked huge and angry.
I could not remember the last time I was that hard.
It throbbed and ached and felt as if there was a larger more power erection trying to release it’s self from the confines of it’s now inadequate skin.
I must have squirmed, because it caused the black silk sheet to move a bit.
The movement did not go unnoticed.
“What the hell is that?”Asked one of the women in an obviously startled and loud voice.
” It just moved” I thought to myself “ok the jig is up” and I felt my already titanium hard cock get harder as my mind pictured what was about to happen.
“Ok ladies” Ellen said “I was going to wait until later to show you this, but I guess it is time to let the cat out of the bag.
” It was then that I felt the silk sheet being slowly removed from my body.
The smooth silk caressed my cock head as it was pulled from me, almost sending me over the top right then and there.
When the sheet was completely removed there was silence.
All that could be heard was the faint buzzing of a vibrator that had been left on before my unveiling.
“This ladies, is the new sex chair that I will be now vending.
” There was still stunned silence.
“Who is the guy?” one voice asked “”does he come with the chair?” another asked, and the room exploded with laughter.
All the nervousness that I had felt before about being naked in front of these strange women was gone.
My cock was hard and it was really turning me on to know that they were all staring at it.
There was no way from me to know if they were truly staring at it.
But in my mind I could not have imagined it not being noticed.
Ellen Laughed, and said “He is my boy toy.
Is he not just the sexiest hunk of caramel love you have ever seen? And he was nice enough to come here and help me demonstrated the chair.
And no Gia, he dose not come with the chair.
” Ellen quickly changed back into saleswoman mode.
She quickly explained all the chairs features settings and adjustments.
I could now feel the air moving around me, and I could sense that the women were standing around me.
I could almost feel their eyes on my body.
They asked many questions “Does it come in other colors”, “what are the weight limits”, “is it easy to clean” All question were quickly and fully fielded by Ellen.
“Well ladies if there are no more questions, what do you think about a demonstration?” A demonstration! I thought.
How in the hell is she going to demonstrate this thing.
One of the ladies must have been thinking the same thing be cause she asked Ellen “And just how Are you going to demonstrate it?” “Well Lisa, I was not going to do anything, I was going to let one or all of you take a ride for yourselves.
There was silence again.
And then Ellen began to speak.
“Look ladies, this is an expensive piece of equipment.
And I would not ask you to make such an investment with out letting you try it out for yourselves first.
” I could not believe what I was hearing.
This was beyond my wildest imagination.
Ok, not really beyond my imagination.
Truthfully, I had fantasized about something like this early.
But by no means did I ever think that anything like this would really happen.
I thought that I would just sit there for the duration of the party.
And when everyone had left Ellen and I would have a go at it.
But Ellen’s suggestion had really caught me by surprise, It was then that I felt a hand run across my chest and nipples.
I let a loud groan and the sensations ripped across my body.
” Come on girls, do you really think that would have gone to all the trouble of bringing him here just for show.
So who is going to be first? We are all friends here, so there is no need to be modest.
I blindfolded him just so that it would be more comfortable for you during the demonstration.
No one needs to know about it.
It’s just like Vegas.
What ever happens here stays here.
And I just know that you would hate to pass on such a young virile specimen like this.
” Ellen said as her had slowly made its way down to my hardness.
My mind was reeling, was this really going to go down.
Was this really going to happen? My answer came quickly when I heard one of the woman say rather loudly ” Why the fuck not! My shit head of a husband has not touched me in months.
And it surly would be a waste if I were to let this opportunity pass me by.
” “Great” Ellen said “And to spice it up a bit.
The first one of you to make him cum will get half off on their other purchases.
” I heard movement around me, and a voice say “I am sure glad I wore a dress today.
” Which I assumed was the first jockey preparing for herself for her ride.
“I don’t know Ellen” I heard another voice say.
” “Oh come on Jen ” Ellen said.
” you have complaining for months about how bad you needed to get fucked since you and John called it off.
Stop being such a tight ass, and have a little fun.
” “Fine” Jen said “and for your information I’m not a tight ass.
But I am going to need to have another drink.
” “Me too” the other voices chimed in unison.
“Great, I’ll get some more wine, and we can all watch Gia have a go at it.
” It was then that I felt a pair of hand touch my chest.
I surmised that it was Gia getting ready to mount me.
I felt her warm smooth thighs as she straddled me.
She then settled her full weight on me, her plump soft ass resting on my legs just below my cock.
I guessed her weight to be about 125 lbs, and imagined her to be a woman with curves to die for.
It was then that she leaned close to my ear, and I could feel her large breast pressing against my chest.
“This is going to be fun” she whispered” “Lets see if you are good as Ellen has bragged about.
” I was just beginning to think about her comment of Ellen bragging about me when I felt her hand grasp my cock and position it at her entrance.
I let out a loud gasp as she rubbed the head of my cock across her slick hot entrance.
The sensation made my body tremble.
I could feel the heat of her sex as it radiated down on my hard member.
And as she lowered herself on to me; had I not already sitting I would have swooned from the sheer pleasure of it all.
Slowly she pushed her intimate of intimates on to me.
I groaned in frustration because I was not able to thrust my hips upwards to meet her assault.
She was deliberate in her endeavourers, pushing me deeper and deeper into her depths.
Oh, she was so tight.
I swear I could feel each and every one of internal muscles and they reluctantly gave way to my hardness.
Gia moaned “Yes…Yes.
” as she granted me deeper access to her silky slick nest.
When she had finally had all of me immersed balls deep, she began to rotate her hips.
Slowly at first, allowing me enjoy the tightness of her honeyed walls.
She would give out a small yelps every time my cock head scraped her cervix.
She pinched my nipples harder and harder with every rotation of he magnificent hips.
I bit my lip trying not to yell out at the sinfully sweet pain that she was inflicting on me.
Gia would rock back every once in a while pulling me deeper and deeper with every stroke.
I could feel her nectarous juices and they rained down on my balls.
Suddenly without warning she changed her movements.
She was now using the chairs foot pads to push up and slam down on me.
I was surprised by the change and tried my best not to show how it had almost pushed me over edge.
I could hear my balls slap against her ass as she drove into me.
She moaned loudly “Come on baby….
give it to me… your cock feels so gooooood…….
It’s been so long”.
She was now really pinching my nipples hard and I gasp in pain.
This seem only push her harder in to her sex induced delirium.
” Yeah baby……you like how that feels don’t you….
my tight pussy slamming down in that hard cock……OH God!.
this feels good.
” She screamed.
Harder and harder rammed our sexes together, and I knew if she kept this pace up I would explode.
She then switched her movements again, this time grinding her pussy hard against my pelvis.
Her essence now flowed liberally down my balls and I loved it.
I could feel her internal muscles as the pulled, and beckoned me deeper and deeper.
“Oh Shit…Oh Shit….
I’m going to cum….
I’m going To Cum.
” She screamed as she clamped down on my sex.
” OH GOD!!!!!She yelled as the first wave hit her.
I felt her whole body freeze, and then violently shutter over and over again, all the time grinding her pussy against me between each wave.
When she had finally finished, she collapsed on my chest, pressing her lips to mine.
She kissed me tenderly, which in its self surprised me.
After the sheer violence of our lovemaking I more expected her to bite my lips or something along those lines.
I was then that I heard Ellen’s voice from across the room.
“Wow that was fucking hot.
So what do you think Gia you want one?” Gia kissed me one more time, and with my cock still inside of her she said “Yes, I’ll take them both….
the chair and the boy toy.
” Ellen laughed and said “Well he is not for sale but….
I can let you borrow him ever once in a while.
” Gia said “you got yourself a deal…you hear that boy toy…I get to ride you again” she then pulled herself off of me.
My cock was still standing attention, still throbbing, and still not satisfied.
” Who wants to have a go now” Ellen asked “Let Jen Go, I really think she needs it as much as I did” said Gia.
“Well Jen, it’s your turn” said Ellen.
“Well, like you said what the fuck….
let me at him!”



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