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Standing there behind the small group that had gathered at the cemetery, I couldn’t help but feel sad for her.
And at the same time, feel guilty.
There she was, a beautiful woman at the young age of 19, four months pregnant and burying her husband of two years.
I felt sad for her because no one should have to go through this type of thing, especially at this young age.
I felt guilty because we, as adults, should have been able to prevent this from happening in the first place.
When the ceremony was over, I stood back as the small group of people passed by and paid their respects.
As the crowd made their way to their cars, I nervously walked over to offer her my sympathy.
“Nikki, I wish there was something I could do or say to make all of this go away.
” She gave me a friendly hug and said “Thank you.
” Wanting to do something, anything, to ease her mind, I offered her my business card and told her “I know that things are going to be rough for you over the next several months, so if there is ANYTHING you need, ANYTHING, please give me a call.
” Nikki took the card, looked at it and put it in her pocket.
She again said thank you and walked away.
I went on about my life but, there wasn’t a day went by that I didn’t think about her.
It was about three weeks later that my cell phone rang.
I didn’t recognize the number, so I gave my standard reply; “This is Dan.
” I got chills when I heard “Hi Dan, this is Nikki.
” Nikki agreed to meet me at a small café in a small town that was in between the town she lived in and the more rural area that I lived in, which were about 100 miles apart.
I got there early and got a table by the window.
I watched as this beautiful, blonde hair, blue eyed, five months pregnant woman came into the café and sat down.
I told her again that if there was anything that she needed or if there was anything I could do for her, to please ask.
Nikki looked down at her coffee cup and I could see her hands were trembling just a little.
I reached over and put my hands on hers and said “What is it, Nikki?” Nikki never looked up but started talking.
“Well Dan, Tommy, that was my husband, didn’t have any life insurance except what was included in the motorcycle policy.
And they haven’t paid yet.
I don’t have a job and what money we did have is gone.
Financially, it’s getting real bad, real quick” She paused for a few seconds and then continued, “the rent is due, the car payment is due, I have doctor appointments that I need to make and…” I stopped her.
“Listen, Nikki, I know this may sound strange and somewhat awkward to you but, I have a perfect solution for you.
” Nikki still hadn’t looked up from her coffee cup.
“You don’t have anything keeping you in that small town.
I know your parents aren’t there, there is not enough money in that town for friends to support you, jobs are few and far between, especially for a pregnant woman….
why don’t you come live at my house?” Nikki looked up with a certain disbelief.
I said “look, over the past six years, I have worked really hard, don’t have anybody to support, made some really good investments and have made a lot of money.
I have a five bedroom house on 120 acres.
My nearest neighbor is over a half a mile away.
You can have your own room, bathroom, total run of the kitchen, I have two cars and two trucks and you can use any of them anytime you want to.
” I was getting excited telling her about all she could have if she came to live with me.
After about 10 more minutes of talking, I finally convinced her to at least come with me to my house and have a look for herself.
We took my car and continued talking about her life.
I listened as best as I could but, every time I would look at her, I couldn’t help but see how beautiful she was! Pregnant women glow! And although she was telling me about how bad her life was, she was glowing! I wanted to slap myself when I realized a bulge in my pants was getting bigger.
Nikki looked straight at me and said “When my dad left my mom, my brother and I were 12, things got pretty bad.
Mom hooked up with a young biker, they partied a lot, drinking, some drugs and wild parties.
Sometimes the parties were at our house and my brother and I would lock ourselves in our room.
Sometimes the parties would be somewhere else and mom wouldn’t come home for two days.
We had to fend for ourselves.
” I was heartbroken thinking about what she and her brother must have gone through.
“I met Tommy when I was 16, he was 20.
He was a biker and I guess I was following in mom’s footsteps.
” “We got married when I graduated high school at 17.
Got pregnant and then he was killed in a motorcycle accident” When we started to turn into the driveway, Nikki looked concerned, because it looks like you are turning into a section of woods.
I smiled and told her that the house is secluded from the street.
As we went through the little patch of trees, everything opened up to a big house sitting in the middle of a pasture.
A four car garage was attached to the right side of the house.
Nikki’s eyes got huge! And then I saw it.
Her smile! My heart melted! Once Nikki saw the house, screened in back porch with hot tub, barn and all of the room in the house, she was convinced.
This is where she could live until she could get her life straightened out to some resemblance of order.
I made all the arrangements to have all of her belongings moved to the house, got her set up in her new room, sold her car, gave her keys to one of mine, got her set up with a doctor in town, and gave her money to go shopping for new clothes.
Over the next two months we got to know each other better.
I taught her how to cook and she kept the house up while taking online college courses.
Everyday, I noticed her while she was cooking.
I couldn’t help but realize I was getting erections on a daily basis seeing her in thin cotton shirts that you could see through when she stood with the light behind her.
Sometimes she had on a bra and sometimes she didn’t.
Seeing her large breast and huge nipples was driving me crazy! She got to where she would give me hugs that seemed to last a little longer each time, kisses on the cheek that seemed to go on forever and playful talk about how I should go out and find a woman.
Little did she know it was her that I couldn’t stop thinking about.
One evening Nikki came home around 8 o’clock.
She had been shopping for baby things.
I had been working around the house, yard and barn all day and was already in the hot tub with a bottle of wine on the side table.
Nikki walked out and playfully said “What do we have here?” I looked over and saw she had picked up my shorts and underwear that I had taken off before getting in.
“Well, I have to have something dry to put back on when I get out, don’t I? You wouldn’t want to see a 45 year old man walking around naked, now would you?” She didn’t answer but, I swear I saw her start to smile.
“Why don’t you join me?” I asked, hoping she would say yes.
“I don’t have any pregnant bathing suits” Nikki said with a smile.
“Neither do I.
Besides with the bubbles going, you can’t see anything underwater.
” I could see she wasn’t sure, so I continued to prod her.
“Oh, come on, I’ll turn my back, you can get undressed and once you get in, I’ll turn around.
” It worked! “OK, but don’t look, you may barf seeing a fat, naked, pregnant woman!” If she only knew! With my back turned, I could hear her getting undressed.
My dick started swelling and my imagination was going to town thinking about what she looked like.
It was killing me, knowing that she was right behind me taking her clothes off and I had to be a gentleman and not look! I reached back and offered her my hand to steady herself as she got into the hot tub.
As she was getting in I felt she was slipping and spun around quickly and grabbed her with both hands.
I helped her ease down into the water.
It seemed like everything was in slow motion.
Online Now! Lush Cams MadissonEvans My eyes went from her beautifully tanned legs, up to her thick blonde bush covering her pussy.
With her bush being blonde, I could see her thick, full, pussy lips and I almost shot cum into the water.
My 8” cock was as hard as steel and sticking straight out.
Her belly was round and beautiful.
My eyes went up as I was lowering her into the water.
They stopped on the prettiest titties I have ever seen.
I couldn’t even begin to say how big they were, I just know that both of my hands wouldn’t be able to fit around one of them.
Her areolas where about the size of the top of a soup can and her nipples were as round as a dime and about ¾” long! And hard! Finally she was standing in the hot tub, my hands on her waist, my eyes locked on hers.
She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! The water was up to our waist so, thankfully, she couldn’t see my erection.
She got this sly grin and said “you weren’t supposed to look!” I smiled and said “oops, my bad.
” Nikki and I settled in and were enjoying the relaxing jets of water.
Then out of nowhere, she asked me if I had a woman in town that helped me out with my sexual needs, since she knew I hadn’t had a woman at the house since she moved in.
Trying to play it off, I said “yeah, I have four or five hookers in town that I rotate around every other day.
” Suddenly, Nikki excitedly sat up with a wide grin on her face.
“Come here, quick!” I wasn’t sure what she was doing or going to do but, moved over to her side.
She grabbed by hand and placed it on her tummy and said “the baby just kicked!” Still holding my hand, she rubbed my hand around on her tummy from side to side and top to bottom.
She said “that feels so good.
” Nikki took her hand off of mine and leaned back and I continued to rub her belly.
My dick was so hard and hurting so bad I thought that any second now, it was going to split wide open! The timer went off and the jets on the hot tub stopped.
The water stopped rolling and settled down to a flat calm.
Now I could see everything.
With her head tilted back and her eyes closed, she couldn’t see me looking at her beautiful, naked, pregnant body.
Her legs were parted just a bit to support her.
Her hands were on the seat beside her hips and her head was titled back.
I was sitting beside her, with a raging hard-on, rubbing her belly and looking at every inch of her.
Suddenly, I felt the baby kick and it scared me a little and I pulled my hand back.
When I did, my hand brushed her breast and nipple.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.
” Nikki slowly took my hand and placed it back on her breast and held it there.
She said “I hope you don’t think less of me, or think I’m some kind of bad person, but that really felt good.
” “I know I shouldn’t feel like this but, I haven’t had a man touch me in a long time and when you were rubbing my belly, I started getting really horny.
When you touched my nipple, I thought it was going to explode!” She let go of my hand and I continued to caress her breast and rub her nipples.
I said “I hope to don’t think less of me or think I’m a bad person but,….
” and I lower my head and took a nipple softly into my mouth.
I brought my other hand up and continued to enjoy the pleasures of massaging and sucking on her tits.
Nikki reached over and wrapped her hand around my swollen cock and slowly started to pump in up and down.
I knew I wouldn’t last long if she kept this up.
I stood up, helped her up and out of the hot tub.
I took a towel and dried her off.
I took her face in my hands and leaned in and kissed her softly on the sweetest, softest lips I have ever known.
“Let’s go to my room” I whispered.
She nodded.
Once in my room, I arranged pillows on my bed so that Nikki could sit on the edge of the bed and lean back on the pillows and be comfortable.
I knelt at the edge of the bed and dragged my fingers along the inside of her thighs.
She spread her legs wide and I was looking at her full pussy lips that was sparkling from the juice that had soaked her pussy and was running down her slit to her ass.
I couldn’t help myself, I leaned in and licked her sweet fluid.
I stuck my tongue on her asshole and licked all the way up to her clit.
She started moaning and telling my how good it felt.
I slid a finger into her pussy and was exploring where her sensitive spots were.
I would finger her pussy and lick her clit and then lick her asshole.
Nikki grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tight.
She was breathing really loud and hard.
Nikki said “I’m fixing to cum….
I can’t believe I’m fixing to cum!” I was soon rewarded with a flood of the sweetest cum I have ever tasted.
It was like having five or six juicy fruits squeezed into my mouth at the same time.
I didn’t let a single drop get on the bed.
I licked and sucked and swallowed every bit of her sweet nectar.
I licked her asshole and pussy dry.
I stood up and leaned over and put my hands beside her to support myself.
I leaned in and softly kissed her lips.
Nikki grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a more passionate kiss.
I felt her tongue trying to get into my mouth.
I opened my mouth and our tongues explored each other’s with a passion I had never felt.
She put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer.
Nikki wrapped her hand around my raging cock and guided it to the entrance of her womanhood.
I asked her if she was sure this is what she wanted.
Nikki said “More than you’ll ever know, I want your hard cock deep inside my pussy!” “I want you to fuck my pussy like you’ve never fucked a woman before.
I need you!” My love for Nikki, my lust for Nikki, my total body desire for Nikki took over my mind, body and soul.
Inch by inch I slowly buried my thick meat deep inside the wet raging fire between her legs.
I knew that this would not be the only time that I would enjoy the pleasures of this beautiful creature that was giving herself to me.
I rammed my hot hard dick in and out of Nikki’s wet pussy until sweat was dripping off of me and her titties were covered.
Nikki started shaking and was trying to tell me something but, she couldn’t because she was breathing too hard.
Then she tensed up and I felt her pussy flood my dick with her cum.
It made my cock so slick.
I never slowed down.
I told her I was going to cum.
Nikki pushed my back, got off the bed and on her knees in front of me.
Nikki took my cum soaked cock into her mouth and started sucking and pumping my dick.
Looking down at this beautiful, erotic, sexy, naked, pregnant woman on her knees with my raging hard, cum soaked cock, sliding in and out of her mouth, while she pumped her hand back and forth was more than I could take.
I didn’t have the breath to tell her I was going to cum.
I just shot rope after rope of hot, sticky, white cum into her mouth.
Nikki swallowed every bit of the cum that I gave her and she continued to milk my cock until she got all of my cum.
I help Nikki stand up and we kissed with more passion than.



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