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Latest stories Straight Sex Assignations – 1

As the light of the dawn starts to show the colours within the darkened room, I begin to see you in more detail.
    You sleep on, quietly.
A half smile on your face, your eye-lids fluttering to some half remembered, half forgotten dream of rapture long ago.
Or maybe you remember our passion of last night.
  The frenzy of our love-making, inspired by the prolonged sensuous build-up of our drawn out, saucy and risqué letters over the time we thought we would never get together.
  Our passion and the intensity of it had finally worn us out in the wee small hours.
I distantly remember the feeling of loss as my spent cock finally died and slipped from the hungry depths of your eager pussy.
We both rolled on our backs at that point and sleep must have overtaken us.
  I got up an hour ago, quietly, without disturbing you – that older man thing.
The need for a bathroom break.
  Chemical help? I certainly hadn’t needed that last night! But now I took a tablet, if we were going to carry on this morning this time I would surely need it.
  A little later already half hard, I eased up onto an elbow.
I traced the outline of your nipple with the tip of a finger.
You moaned softly and arched your back to try and make me touch you more firmly.
You still slept though.
Time for a move a little further into your waking process.
Gently, so as not to disturb you too much at first, I eased your knees apart and moved to kneel between them.
Then, oh so slowly I moved your legs so they were on my shoulders.
  You wriggled a little which opened your centre to my gaze.
That wonderful centre I had fucked so hard last night, driving you into the mattress, your legs crossed round my waist as you fucked me back so hard, so urgently, so wantonly.
Your noisy appreciation echoing in my ears.
  I leant in and licked the fragrant lips, the taste and aroma once again bringing me to an eager, ready hardness.
I covered your opening with my mouth and lips trying to drink your luscious juices dry.
    Sleep now long gone, you held my head so tight, pulling me into your wanton, spasming cunt.
You came so hard again and again until you could take no more.
Then pushing me away, onto my back, you half covered me, and began smothering my face with kisses, trying to lick me clean of your wonderful dripping cunt juices.
Climbing over me, you placed your knees either side of my head, half sitting on my upper chest.
  You spoke for the first time this morning, “So that’s what you want is it?”   Moving forward, you queened me, covering my mouth with your succulent centre.
I struggled to breathe, my tongue and lips working so hard on your clit and cunt as we crashed towards your next orgasm.
Again you flooded my waiting mouth with those wonderful juices, that sublime taste so much that I only just managed to stave off my own coming.
  Still struggling to breathe I pushed on your hips and you slid down onto my chest, then further on down, your sopping, dripping cunt snail-trailing all the way.
Your pendulous, wonderful breasts dangling their stunning, hard nipples along my neck and chest – almost enough to bring me off in themselves.
Now you arrived in reach of my questing, hard, red, throbbing cock as it awaited its destiny.
Sliding down the last inch or so the knob end of touched and met the slippery lips of your cunt.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maddie_Luv   You slid a fraction further at the same time as I bucked myself towards you and was in.
Just the tip and bell-end at first.
So sensuous, so easy a home-coming.
  Now a hand on each ass-cheek pulled you all the way onto me in one sliding swoop.
Your sharp intake of breath as my long, thick questing rod went all the way deep inside, engaging in the ring of your cervix, before slipping in.
  I made him twitch then and you shuddered and groaned in delight.
Again you rolled your hips in that fabulous sensation I first experienced last night.
Now we fucked hard against each other.
Both feeling the rising tide of passion as we reached for our pinnacle yet again.
  And the moment arrived.
It came crashing in on both of us, as I tried to bury myself even tighter and further into that wonderful, hot, tight cunt.
Spasming once! Twice.
And then one last time – back arched, ass high off the bed.
Totally uncaring about noise, mess, who might be listening.
Nothing, nobody, no one else mattered.
  You slumped on my chest, those wonderful breasts trapped between us, our heartbeats battering away, each trying to outdo the other.
Our breathing heavy and deep as we fought to gain some semblance of control.
  Truly the fuck to end all fucks.
  Then as you eased off me you realised that my cock, almost steaming in the dawn’s early light and the cooler temperature of the room, was still hard.
Those pills still doing their job.
  You moved your head down my body to be able to suckle on him, bringing your rear closer to me.
It’s only a slight wriggle and a half-second to slide my head under your leg and bring my mouth back to where we started.
  As you clean me so I clean you.
  Then we snuggle together under the comforter as the sun’s early light brightens.
  What a hell of a lover’s way to start the new day.
  It’ll sure as hell take some beating….
  Author’s note – For several years now I have suffered from so-called ‘Writer’s Block.
Trust me, it’s very real – so I owe a huge debt of gratitude to a lovely Lady here on Lush.
In a way she challenged me to get back to writing and so below I post the first of a Trilogy all with the same theme – an Assignation.
A slightly naughty theme.
A theme I first used a long while ago and was first used many years earlier by the celebrated Novelist Erica Jong in her novel ‘Fear of Flying’ – ‘The Zipless Fuck’ – no names just a damn good Fuck!   All will stand alone without needing to read in order.
Hopefully you will enjoy them (please let me know) just as much as the Wonderful Lady who inspired them.
  Sven   ©Sven the Elder Jun ‘15    



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