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Zak’s hair brushed against her cheeks as his tongue completely dominated her mouth.
Her head spun, and if it weren’t for the red-haired reaper holding Alluna’s waist from behind, she would have fallen to the floor in a swoon.
Out of all the people onstage, Zak’s presence could not be denied.
He was like a god amongst mere mortals.
She missed his taste when he finally stood and backed away.
Alluna didn’t miss the looks of hatred and envy cast her way from those surrounding her.
Amaranth backed away from the edge of the stage with Alluna.
“It’s getting too hot for me here… Alluna, right?” Alluna turned to the girl with a smile.
My name is Alluna.
” “I’m Amaranth, but Remien has nicknamed me Ama.
” She grinned and then separated her wings form her back a little.
Her smile wavered.
“I’m about to pass out from the heat.
Drawback in have these babies.
” She wiggled her wings for emphasis.
“Let’s go back with Dev and Angie.
” “What about Remi?” Alluna turned to search for him.
Ama snorted.
“He’s glued to the edge of that stage until his woman finishes.
Don’t worry.
He’ll be able to see you in the VIP.
It’s clearly visible from every angle in the castle.
” Alluna followed Amaranth, but just as they reached the edge of the Alpha Angels VIP, Seth stepped right in front of Ama, blocking her path.
Alluna frowned, noting he was a bit unsteady on his feet.
“Amaranth,” he said staring into the girl’s eyes.
She reared back.
“Are you drunk?” Seth scowled.
“I’ve been drinking, but I’m hardly drunk,” he snapped.
“Well you’re off to a good start,” she retorted.
Amaranth made to brush past him but he gripped her arms and hauled her against him, making Alluna gasp.
“How easily you’ve forgotten me.
” Amaranth made an enraged sound and tried to shake his hands off her arms.
“I’m certainly trying.
Leave me be, Seth.
Look at your aura.
You’ve fucked half the galaxy.
” Seth bared his teeth.
“Why should you care? You don’t want me, remember?” Amaranth did something that surprised Alluna.
The girl fisted Seth’s newly grown locks and slammed her mouth over his in a hungry kiss.
Her wings spread out, making Alluna jump back and tiptoe away.
Apparently, those two had personal issues to resolve.
Alluna turned and walked tight into a solid wall of muscle and sinew.
She looked up, her mouth open, into a pair of dark brown eyes.
“Well, hello, princess Alluna.
” Zak was panting by the time he was done.
He started out overjoyed about being back on stage, but after kissing Alluna, a hunger for her had awoken in him so strong it was almost painful.
His hands shook as he handed the stage tech the borrowed power guitar.
When the boys from Draconius came to pat him on the back, he smiled half-heartedly and made his way quickly to the stairs leading down to the dance floor.
He stared at the throngs of ecstatic fans waiting to pounce on him in dismay.
Zak backed up with a frown.
He looked over to the VIP area.
Only Angel and Devon occupied it.
There was a large expanse in the middle and Zak concentrated on it.
He felt the snap of pressure around him before he materialized in the middle of the VIP area.
Devon, who’d been busy shoving his tongue into Angle’s mouth turned his head to look at him.
His commander grinned.
“Great show, Zak.
” Zak nodded, his brows furrowed as he looked over the din of beings surrounding the stage trying to pick out Remi’s unmistakable head of hair.
“Where’s numb-nuts?” Zak growled.
“Where ever Rowie is,” Angel answered.
Zak let his power out to see if he could feel them.
There were so many pulses of life that it was confusing.
He cursed mentally, wishing his abilities were as developed as the others.
Something to work at, boy-o— he thought to himself.
Devon suddenly shoved to his feet and stormed down the steps.
Angel watched him wide-eyed.
Zak didn’t wait to find out what was wrong.
Something was wrong—period.
He wanted to roar in frustration when he descended the steps to the VIP and was swarmed by his fans.
The Gargoyles would keep anyone from going up, but once you stepped off the pedestal, you had to fend for yourself.
“Zak, follow me,” Angel shouted squeezing in front of him.
Alarmed, he wrapped his arm around her, placing his hand over her pregnant belly.
“Baby, you need to stay up in VIP.
You can get hurt.
” “Shut up,” she snapped.
“I’m a Venushtian warrior, you silly male.
Just follow me.
” Zak’s brow arched, but he humored her by not giving her pert backside a swat for being insolent.
Angel led him toward the back exit of the castle.
Just under the ledge of one of the balconies stood, Seth, Devon, Amaranth, Rowie, and Remien.
When Angel and he drew closer, his hackles rose and a snarl tore from his lips.
Zak instantly recognized Arboria’s five Master Guardians.
Buun, Hamuun, Ukle, Joi, and Dresh.
Dresh held Alluna.
Her eyes stared straight ahead, not really focused on anything.
“Luna, baby, come back to us,” Remien coaxed.
Dresh laughed.
“She wants to go back to her home, don’t you princess?” Her mouth opened, her eyes rolling a bit.
Zak snarled, feeling his skin burning with the onset of a shift.
“Give her to me,” he roared.
Booing and hissing grew around them and suddenly the Arborian Master Guardians didn’t look so sure of themselves.
“Give Zak his girl back,” a masculine voice shouted, followed by more similar exclamations.
“You’ll never make it out of here with the girl,” Devon snarled.
“Hand her over.
” Dresh bared his teeth.
“You stole her away from her home.
The Arborian king wants his daughter back.
This is an act of war.
” “Your people tried to kill her,” Zak spat.
“If we hadn’t gone back for her, she’d be rotting away at the bottom of a volcano vent.
Give her back.
She’s mine now.
” “How dare you enslave the royal princess.
We’ve been watching you.
You’re passing her around like a common whore.
Look at how she’s dressed… so indecent.
How many of you have defiled her already? The girl was pure before she was robbed from her home.
” Zak’s rage made him see red, his back burned, felt like it was splitting, and he could feel the tips of his fangs touching his lower lip.
“Zak,” Remi said close to him.
You’ll kill us all if you lose it now.
You don’t want to hurt Luna.
” Zak panted through his mouth, reining in his fury… but just barely.
The other four Mater Guardians unsheathed their swords when the crowd of aliens around them pressed in closer.
Most looked at the Arborians with hostility, taking Zak’s side.
“Give her back,” Devon growled through clenched teeth.
“You can take it up with the LOS,” Dresh sneered backing away.
Zak threw his head back and roared, feeling when his wings tore out of his back.
When he looked back down, everyone seemed smaller, and they’d also given him a wide berth.
Remi gripped his arm, his eyes wide in alarm.
“You’re losing it, man.
You’ll kill Luna if you shift.
You’ll get too big and squash us all as well as bring the entire castle down over our heads.
Come-on Zak.
Don’t make me sing the song.
I hate singing in front of strangers.
” Remi’s stupid ramblings helped diffuse a bit of Zak’s rage.
“What did you do to her?” Angel demanded.
“She looks like she’s tranced.
” “Give her to us,” Seth demanded.
The Master Guardians took another step back.
“We will not,” Dresh shouted.
Just as Zak was about to lunge at them, uncaring if he met their blades in the process, the sound of thundering wings had him jumping back instead.
Black feathers floated down before Ashriel landed in the middle of the confrontation.
“Then you shall give her to me,” his voice growled, black wings spread out behind him ready to strike.
Dresh shoved Alluna at the reaper and fled with the rest of his cohorts.
Alluna collapsed in his arms.
Zak swatted at his feathers, his arms reaching out to take her away from him.
The reaper scooped her up in his arms and held her a moment, his wings closing in around them.
“Give her to me,” Zak shouted pulling at the black wings.
“Zak, easy.
” Devon gripped his arm and Remi the other.
“He won’t hurt her.
Wait a moment.
” “She’s mine,” Zak panted, wild with fury.
Ashriel’s wings folded back and Alluna was pressed into his arms.
Zak bared his teeth and snarled at the reaper.
Ashriel merely backed away, his expression unreadable.
“Zak,” Alluna sobbed holding him tight.
“I want to go home.
” He pressed her against his chest, raining kisses over her head.
“Yes, baby.
” His head snapped to Devon.
“Get us out of here now.
” Alluna trembled, clinging to Zak’s warmth.
She didn’t know what was more terrifying, feeling herself lost in a strange mist, hearing Zak snarl and roar in apparent rage or waking up to find herself in the arms of a death angel.
Not just any death angel, but Ashriel.
His black wings had cocooned them in darkness, the luminosity of his silver eyes the only points of light she could see.
“Remember,” he’d whispered to her.
Everything that had happened had slammed back into her mind.
Five, tall, dark men had surrounded her.
They’d told her they were taking her home and had grabbed her.
She’d wanted to scream, push her energy out to find Zak, but a strange lethargy had overtaken her.
The dark man had whispered that Zak had taken her as his personal whore and they were saving her.
She would never have to remember him again.
And then she’d awakened to find herself in Ashriel’s arms.
” Alluna felt terror slam through her, but then he opened his wings and put her into Zak’s arms.
She pressed herself against his warm skin, her hands clutching him.
“Zak,” she sobbed.
“I want to go home.
” “Yes, baby.
” Kisses covered her head and his arms gripped her tightly against him.
His head turned.
“Get us out of here now,” he snarled at Devon.
Alluna just closed her eyes and clung to him.
Silence surrounded them now and she felt Zak’s thighs under her.
His hands caressed her, his lips continued to kiss her, her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose and lips.
He grabbed her hands and kissed each finger too.
Alluna felt sleep tugging at her, but was terrified of falling asleep and waking to find him gone.
“I’m here, baby.
I’m not going anywhere.
Neither are you.
You’re mine, Alluna.
No one will take you away.
” “Zak, your wings,” Devon murmured.
Alluna felt him stiffen.
His arms around her tensed and he gritted out a pained moan, his body shuddering afterwards.
He leaned back, bringing Alluna closer to his chest.
She opened her tear-filled eyes to look around.
They were sitting in the cabin of a large space transport.
Seth and Devon sat at the helm and through the glass, she saw the stars swirling like a kaleidoscope of colors.
Devon turned, his look one of worry, but he looked at Zak, not her.
Alluna snuggled closer to him, her master.
She never wanted to lose him.
Life would have no meaning if that ever happened.
There was a clawing need within Zak… to make love to Alluna endlessly, until his scent was so embedded in her skin and hers in his… no one would be able to tell them apart.
He held her until they reached Alpha 7.
Stomped out of the cruiser when they landed in the hangar, and teleported into his quarters, shielding himself from the others in a bubble of power.
The break in the link to the Alpha Angels made him gasp in pain, but he needed to bond to Alluna alone first.
He rushed into his sleeping chamber and didn’t stop until he reached his hygiene unit.
She smelled of other males, the scent driving him insane with rage.
He needed to get it off her.
, flood her with his scent.
His alone.
Their clothes disappeared and he activated the hygiene unit.
He hit he active button four times before he was satisfied she smelled like no one but herself.
“Alluna,” he snarled gripping her waist.
All mine.
” Zak sank to his knees and buried his face between her legs.
He inhaled, filling his lungs with her sweet scent.
With a moan, he gripped her thigh and draped it over his shoulder.
He nuzzled her with his nose and mouth before opening his lips to taste his woman.
Her hands buried into his hair, her soft sighs whispering his name.
He licked her, flicked his tongue repeatedly until he coaxed the honey of her passion out.
Alluna opened wider for him, her hips thrusting against his face.
Zak found her clit, swollen with need, and sucked it.
Her hands tightened in his hair and she cried out his name.
He tormented her, but he tormented himself even more.
His cock ached and his balls hurt from how tight they were drawn up against him.
Still, the taste of her was intoxicating.
He wanted to drown in her scent and flavor.
His tongue flicked her nub, making her tremble and pant, and then stabbed her slit deep.
Alluna bowed her back and cried out.
Zak gripped her ass and held her up as he prolonged the agony of her release with his mouth.
Panting and still unsatisfied, he teleported them onto the bed.
Alluna gasped when he spread her thighs and dove between them again.
His tongue roved every millimeter of flesh, flushed a deep strawberry from her passion.
Her clit poked up from its hood quivering with delight as he cherished it again.
Zak moaned sucking on it.
Alluna’s clit had grown more since the last time he’d taken her, and her scent was sweeter.
It drove him wild.
He’d never felt so out of his mind for a woman.
He wanted to fuck her so bad he would kill anyone who tried to stop him.
Alluna began to cum, screaming.
He reared up and buried himself in her quivering depts.
Her pussy seized him so hard, to his own shock, he began to erupt as well.
His mouth opened on a silent scream.
He shuddered and clutched the sheets to either side of Alluna.
Fire coursed through him.
He kept cumming.
It wouldn’t stop.
Everything spun.
He pulled out, fearing he would collapse on her and hurt her.
His cum shot out over her shivering body, bathing her in pearly lines.
Zak fell to his side, panting, feeling the last few spurts of semen shooting over his chest and abs.
They both panted, lying next to one another.
Zak closed his eyes and felt when she rose.
His eyes snapped open again as his body tensed, thinking she was going to leave his side.
Alluna only crouched over him.
He didn’t want her more than a few inches away from his body… and even that was too much.
Mine— his inner beast snarled.
His lust shot up again when she began to lap up the lines of cum from his body, moaning and licking her lips as if it were the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.
Zak squirmed beneath her.
Normally he’d never allow a female to crawl over him that way, but Alluna’s pleasure in lapping up his seed and discovering his body with her lips and tongue gave him a satisfaction he’d never felt before.
I’m hers.
Every inch of me, for her to taste, kiss, love and adore.
Alluna climbed over Zak, her hands running over him in desperation.
He gripped her waist, feeling his heart pound, and guided her hips over his cock.
He was still hard and aching to be inside her again.
Alluna’s nails dug into his flesh as she lowered onto his prick.
Zak gasped and moaned feeling her velvety depths swallow his length.
Alluna’s sounds of pleasure echoed his.
Her cunt was still quivering form her orgasm, making Zak hiss in agony when her pussy gripped his sensitive flesh in a strangle hold.
He bared his teeth, reining in his need to just grab her and pound away like a mad man.
“Ride me,” he snarled.
Her expression changed.
She sucked in a breath, drawing her plump lower lip between her teeth and rocked her hips awkward and unsure.
Zak’s ardor calmed and he felt his heart twist.
He wrapped his hands around her waist and showed her how to move rhythmically on him.
“Yesss, baby,” he hissed.
“Mmm—such a good girl.
” She grew bolder making him moan as her hips pounded against his with more enthusiasm.
“That’s right, baby.
Fuck me—take me.
” Zak was too lust crazed to be shocked by what he’d just gritted out.
The feel of her wringing agonizing pleasure out of his prick was driving him insane.
Alluna threw her head back, her lips parted in a feral snarl.
Her sharp little claws dug into his skin and he felt her hair whip his balls pushing him closer to oblivion.
She rocked harder on him, grunting and groaning as her breasts bounced unrestrained.
Unable to resist, he reached up and tweaked her nipples.
She hissed and bit her lip.
“Oh yes,” she moaned.
That moan sent a jolt of pure lust straight down his back, making him arch his hips to bury himself deeper in her clenching depths.
Zak pinched her tight buds harder, watching her writhe and go wilder over him.
He kept one hand gripping her breast as the other one shot out over his head.
Using his telekinetic abilities, he drew the golden nipple clamps and chain he’d bought just for her many moons cycles ago when he still only dreamed of being with her like this.
Zak closed his fist when the feel of the cold metal links settled there.
She didn’t even notice.
Zak grinned watching her writhe all over his lap in wild abandon.
She was trying to find release, was on the brink .
Rising up on his hands, he drew first one nipple into his mouth and then the other, sucking them until they stood erect and wet.
Her mewling cries filled his ears.
“Zak, please…” she cried shuddering.
Letting himself fall back again, he took one nipple between his fingers and pinched hard.
Alluna arched her back and screamed out as she climaxed.
Her orgasm seized his turgid flesh so hard she pulled him into oblivion with her.
Zak’s mouth opened, a roar erupting from his very soul.
He came so hard it actually hurt.
A hot wash of semen filled her quivering depths until he feared his eyes would sink into their sockets.
Alluna milked him dry.
“Oh, fuck, yes,” he panted, realizing the extra stimuli was what sent her over the edge.
And he hadn’t even had the opportunity to put the gold nipple clamps on her.
He snarled, wanting to feel that sublime agony again.
She looking wiped out, and slumped with a little sob over him.
Alluna’s bones felt as if they’d turned into liquid.
The only thing that kept her from falling face first into Zak’s sweat gleamed torso was his big hands wrapped around her waist.
Looking up at his face through the strands of her unruly hair, she winced.
His pupils had almost encompassed the startling blue of his eyes, turning them the color of an Arborian midnight sky.
His cheeks were flushed and the pink of his tongue darted out to lick his lush lips.
Alluna’s mouth watered wanting to taste him again.
Zak wrapped one hand around her back and used the other to rise up against her.
He dipped his head and took her sensitive nipple into his mouth.
Alluna cried out, digging her fingernails into his meaty shoulders before she realized and eased off.
His mouth tugged insistently on her right breast before abandoning it for the left.
He panted when he backed away enough to look at his handy work.
She hissed and arched into the bright pleasure/pain that bloomed in her breast when he tweaked first one nipple and then the other.
Her insides fluttered and his cock twitched in response.
“You like that, don’t you baby?” Alluna bit her lip before answering.
“Yes, Master.
” Zak’s eyes narrowed and his hand wrapped around her throat.
“Master?” His lips quirked in a grin.
“You want to play, baby? Do you want to play with me?” Longing filled her.
“Yes, please, Master,” she panted.
His hand slid behind her neck and brought her down to his lips.
“Very well, my sweet little submissive.
” And then he was kissing her—a kiss unlike any other he’d ever given her before.
His mouth devoured hers, teeth and tongue plundering.
Alluna’s back met the mattress with two hundred and sixty pounds of male pinning her down.
His hair cascaded down to one side in a spill of gold to the sheets.
Zak ground himself against her making her moan and then he lifted, drawing her up with him.
Alluna’s legs faltered a moment, but he kept her from sliding onto the floor with his arms.
Her legs were definitely shaking, and the warm feel of his seed slid down her thighs making her tremble harder.
He brushed a kiss over the crown of her head.
His hands swept over her back in soothing sweeps, until, with a sigh, she locked her knees and let her legs take her weight.
He stepped back a few inches and studied her face.
“You’re almost wiped out.
” One golden brow rose.
” Alluna gulped.
He looked like he was ready to fuck her for days.
She tightened her lips and pulled her shoulders back determined to last…for him.
Zak’s lips quirked into a smile, his eyes narrowing.
He circled her slowly, like a hunter circling prey.
Alluna shivered.
She felt his heat at her back.
His hands curved around her hips and slid up her ribcage.
They didn’t stop at her arms but nudged her to lift them until his hands circled her wrists over her head.
Something warm and furry wrapped around her wrists pulling them higher up until she stood on tiptoe.
Zak stalked back around to face her.
Alluna looked up at her bound wrists to see them encased in metal cuffs that attached to a chain that hung from the ceiling.
She frowned, never having noticed the chain and cuffs before.
She wiggled her hands, feeling the soft fur that lined them.
Zak’s hands on her breasts drew her gaze back to him.
He pinched and pulled at her nipples, his gaze on her face the whole time.
Alluna felt the muscles deep in her groin clench deliciously.
Her breasts felt heavy and so sensitive now.
If he sucked her tight little nipples now she would scream in ecstasy.
Her back arched in supplication.
His fingers left her nipples and a sob caught in her throat at the loss of contact.
Metal clinked making her look down.
Alluna gasped in shock when he pinched her nipple with a golden clip and moaned in bliss when it tightened around the tip.
A second clip pinched her other nipple.
She had never been so aware of her nipples as she was now.
A chain hung between the clips, the weight tugging at her breasts.
Alluna moaned and rubbed her cum-slicked thighs together.
Zak circled behind her again.
One hand slid up her ribcage to give the chain a little pull, making her hiss and arch.
“Feel the pleasure, Alluna.
” His other hand slid over her hip to cup between her legs.
“Feel the pain.
” He bit her ear and she yipped in surprise.
“Open your legs for me.
” She spread the tips of her toes as far as she could and moaned when his finger slid into her.
The feel of his seed was cooling on her thighs.
He rubbed her clit.
Alluna wiggled in joy.
Zak gave her pussy a light smack, startling her again.
“Did I tell you you could move?” Alluna swallowed.
“I’m sorry, Master.
” “You’re sorry?” He cupped her pussy and then smacked one buttock a little harder than he’d smacked her pussy.
“You didn’t answer my question.
Did I tell you you could move?” “N-no, Master.
” His hand smoothed over her stinging ass cheek before curving over her hip again.
She felt him press his erection against the seam of her ass and began to move his hips.
His thrusting movements jerked her hips against the hand clamped over her mound.
His finger pressed over her clit and she tensed feeling pleasure soar through her.
“Don’t,” he hissed in her ear, “move.
Don’t cum.
Wait until I give you permission, my sweet sub.
” Agony made her body shake.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnastasiaOxana She wasn’t sure she could hold back and being forced to keep still was killing her.
Oh, how she wanted to cum—so bad.
She whimpered and bit her lip until she was sure she bled.
“Alluna,” he groaned behind her.
“You may beg if you want to, baby.
” “Oh, please,” she cried out, her muscles tensing even more.
She wanted to writhe so badly.
“Please what? What do you want, baby?” “I need to cum, Master.
” “So cum,” he growled.
He pulled the chain between her breasts, tilted his hips, and stabbed into her in one savage thrust.
Alluna’s toes left the floor.
The scream she let out was shrill as spasm after glorious spasm made her grind her ass against the fiery brand of his possession.
She felt the hot spurts of his seed bursting into her, filling her again.
Her head fell back against his shoulder and now that she’d climaxed, her nipples began to hurt.
To her dismay, she began to cry.
Her wrists fell to her sides and Zak scooped her up into his arms.
He made soothing noises as he laid her on the bed.
He looked deep into her eyes.
“I’m going to take the clamps off, baby.
Be strong for me.
” Alluna nodded, trusting him implicitly.
His finger pinched a clamp and she hissed as fiery pain assailed her cherry-red teat.
Zak lapped at the hurt until the pain dulled down.
“One more, baby.
” Alluna bit her lip and closed her eyes tight.
This time she knew what to expect and sucked in a ragged breath when he released the second nipple.
He soothed the ache with his mouth again before taking her up in his arms and striding in the hygiene unit room.
Alluna just lay limp in his arms.
She couldn’t move even if the space station caught fire.
“Such a good girl,” he crooned.
“You’ve given me so much pleasure, baby.
I’m going to care for you now.
Just relax.
” He didn’t take her to the glass tube with the blue rays of cleansing light.
He strode into the glass room with the sunken pool and immersed them both in the warm waters.
Zak washed her hair and body with gentle fingers, making her feel as though she were some delicate thing that might break.
He kissed her deeply when he washed the sore flesh between her legs, and then carried her out to dry in the hygiene unit.
By the time he laid her in the bed, she was barely able to keep her eyes open.
She felt the heat of his naked body press against her back as his arms wrapped around her waist to hold her close.
She snuggled back with a sigh.
“Love you, golden angel,” she yawned, sleep luring her deeper into its fuzzy void of weightlessness.
“I love you too, my temptress,” his deep voice rumbled near her ear.
Her fingers clutched his forearm, the feeling of bliss, and safety letting her drift off with a smile on her face.
  Chapter Fifteen   The feel of a hot tongue sliding up her neck had her stirring from sleep.
Alluna stretched her sore body and blinked open surprised eyes when she discovered her limbs bound tight.
As Zak continued to lick her throat and breasts, she wiggled her fingers and toes with a frown.
He’d cuffed her arms over her head and her legs spread-eagled.
A flash of gold had her gasping.
Shimmering gold dragon’s wings spread behind Zak’s back as another snarl tore from his lips.
“M-master?” He raised his head.
Alluna stared into inhuman eyes, the sapphire taking up all of the whites and slit pupils widening out to black ovals.
The bones of his face were more pronounced, and the beginnings of horns peeped from with the wealth of blond spilling down his back.
Alluna’s heart sped up, a shiver of fear skipping through her.
Zak’s clawed hands caressed down her torso.
She felt the sharps tips of his talons leave bumps of awareness in their wake.
His smoldering dragon eyes followed his claws.
” His voice was like heavy gravel, more demonic than human.
“Yes, Master,” she whimpered arching as much as the restraints allowed.
“I’m yours.
” What had come over him? He looked absolutely terrifying… but beautiful too.
Alluna cocked her head and studied her Master.
He looked like a blue-eyed, golden devil.
Zak sat up straighter between her legs, spreading his wings wider.
He licked his lips with another snarl, showing fangs at her.
Alluna grew wet.
The sounds he made had her aching with want.
Her eyes lowered to his belly.
His cock looked bigger, and the once rounded head ended in a pointed tip.
“Master, fuck me, please,” she whispered.
His eyes narrowed to slits and he snarled at her again.
Alluna bit her lip with a sigh.
Master really did not like being told what to do.
She needed to switch her tactics.
“I’m sorry, Master,” she said with a little hitch to her voice, letting her eyes well up and her lip quiver.
“I just want you so much…” she sniffled and batted her eyes at him with a pout, “I hurt down there for you.
” At least he’d stopped snarling and growling.
His eyes softened and Alluna had to bite her cheeks not to grin when a purr rumbled from his chest.
“My… girl,” he said burrowing his face between her breasts.
Alluna smiled.
His voice sounded a bit more normal.
When he suddenly dove between her spread thighs, she squeaked in surprise.
Master had developed an addiction to the taste of her pussy.
She shuddered and pulled at her restraints in desperation.
The feel of his hot tongue lashing her mercilessly was driving her insane.
Alluna felt swollen with need, and thrashed her head from side to side.
His tongue slid deep within her, driving repeatedly within her clenching center.
She couldn’t take the pleasure.
Rapture approached, coiling the erotic agony in her sweating body to the breaking point.
But Master would ease off whenever she felt ready to tilt over the edge of sexual oblivion.
And then he would start the harsh tongue thrusts again, until she was shaking and screaming…begging him to let her cum.
Just when Alluna thought she would lose her mind, Master reared up and snarled, fangs bared.
“Now, you will cum for me.
” His cock should have ripped her in two when he stabbed into her, but she felt only sublime pleasure.
Alluna screamed as she came… and came… and came.
It was too much.
Her voice grew raw from her long wail of completion.
He fucked her mercilessly, tension making his arms and chest bulge.
Blond locks covered her face, spilling into her mouth, but she was beyond caring.
Spots of bright color filled her vision as climaxes rolled into each other.
Her internal muscles clamped down on the thick cock ramming into her, until all he could do was thrust in small jerks.
Zak threw his head back and roared.
Every vein and muscle stood out on his glorious body.
Alluna felt the hot spurts within her, filling her womb with his seed.
His wings trembled, the quivering echoing out to the rest of his body, until with a groan he crumpled on top of her.
Somehow, he managed to keep most of his weight on his arms and legs, but for the most part, Alluna found herself buried under a passion-spent male.



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