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Latest stories Straight Sex Kara’s Spring Break – 4

Kara was sitting with some stranger in a bar a mile or two up the island from the boat.
They were seated at a corner table, Kara with her back to the room.
The place was deserted except for the bartender and the two of them.
David – as she had learned the stranger’s name to be – said there’d be a few people come in a little later.
Kara had come to the island for Spring Break, but this bar was definitely not the spring-break type.
The few people that did come in would be quite a bit older.
Kara had met David less than an hour before.
She had ventured out by herself for a walk on the beach, leaving Bill on the boat taking a nap.
She had met and become fascinated by this older man, probably in his late thirties she had guessed, and allowed herself to be talked into coming to this bar on the bay-side of the island.
The place was called Casablanca.
David said he owned it, and while Kara thought him to be quite charming, she was originally skeptical of the claim.
However, from his interaction with the bartender and a girl who had been leaving as they came in, he certainly appeared to be the owner.
Kara concluded that he had probably been truthful.
With David’s urging, Kara had called Bill shortly after their arrival.
She invited him to join them for a drink.
David had told her that she and Bill were welcome to drink in his place, even though they were still only nineteen.
He had explained that the TABC, and all the other enforcement type guys, would be too busy at the usual spring-break places to bother checking anybody in his place.
Casablanca had been converted from a two story house on the bay side of the island.
The downstairs was really just one big room.
They had knocked out all the interior walls and replaced them with a few supporting columns.
Other than the horseshoe shaped bar that divided the place into a front and back, it was pretty much all open.
David said he lived upstairs.
It was only thirty minutes or so before Bill appeared.
He stopped just inside the door, hastily looked around, and walked straight to the table where Kara and David were sitting.
Kara hadn’t heard him come in, and until David looked up, she didn’t realize there was anyone behind her.
“Are you the Bill she called?” David asked.
Kara turned around as a broad grin came across Bill’s face.
He replied, “Yeah, and if I’d thought she might run into you I would have warned her.
” “Warned me,” Kara snapped.
“You mean you know this guy,” she said, motioning in David’s direction.
The smile on Bill’s face grew.
“You mean David there? Yeah he’s my uncle.
” “Your uncle? And is he sort-of-related to Tommy too?” “No, no, no connection to Tommy, probably never even met him.
He’s my father’s brother.
My mother grew up with Tommy’s father.
So no, no connection.
But David does know Tommy’s folks.
He’s who they were staying with when I met you last summer.
” “Well they weren’t really staying with me,” David corrected.
“They were actually staying on the boat.
But they did spend a lot of time up here.
C’mon, sit down Bill.
” He hollered to the bartender, “Steve, get my nephew a drink, whatever he wants.
And Kara might need another one too.
” “Thank you no.
I’m not ready just yet,” Kara said over her shoulder to the bartender.
Then speaking to David she said, “So let me get this straight, you have no real connection to Tommy’s parents, the Taylors, but you do know them.
” “Right and.
Oh my God.
I just figured out who you are.
At least I think so.
Do you live next door to the Taylor’s?” “Uh huh, but what made you think that?” “So you’re the one.
The girl next door that Tom – that would be Tommy’s father – kept talking about.
You’re the reason Bill and Tommy chose to stay in San Antonio.
” David stood up and walked around the side of the table, giving Kara a very obvious appraisal type look.
“I can’t say as I blame them for choosing you over a trip to the beach.
Not one bit.
” He went back to his seat.
Kara blushed crimson at David’s remarks.
“Well I’m sure I wasn’t the only reason for them staying in San Antonio, but I don’t mind you thinking so.
” She lowered her head some and looked out the top of her eyes at David.
After a second or two, she jerked her head in Bill’s direction.
“But I did good, huh, running into your uncle on the beach?” “Yeah, you did good, but you better watch out.
He is kind of a lecher.
” “Nephew, you better watch it.
You keep talking like that and I’ll be on the phone to my sister-in-law, telling her that her darling son is down here shacked up with some hot number from San Antonio.
” Bill looked at Kara.
“Well, I’m not sure that’d be all bad, if it was true.
” He explained about how they were both Tommy’s guests, but that Tommy had had to leave.
“Okay, so you’re not shacked up.
but I’m not a lecher either.
” David had kind of blasted them with that statement, but now his voice returned to a more normal conversational level.
“How about we go upstairs.
I got a beautiful deck up there where we can watch the sunset and see a good bit of the island.
” He got up from the table.
“Bring your drinks and follow me.
” David motioned for Kara to lead the way up the stairs.
He and Bill both knew she was wearing a bikini under the shirt, but there was still something exciting about following those bare legs, looking up under the shirt and seeing that little strip of cloth stretched between her legs.
Kara understood full well what was going on behind her and didn’t rush at climbing the stairs, giving the guys plenty of opportunity to look.
Reaching the top of the stairway, they found themselves in David’s living room.
The wall opposite the stairway was floor to ceiling glass, separating it from the deck and providing a panoramic view of the bay beyond.
A sliding glass door directly ahead of the stairwell provided access to the full width deck.
Exiting onto the deck, Kara still in the lead, she sat her drink onto an umbrellaed table near the middle of the deck and went directly to a telescope she spotted near the porch’s far-side railing.
It was mounted on a tripod and locked into position.
She bent slightly and put an eye to the eye-piece.
She was surprised by what she saw.
Kara motioned frantically to Bill who, along with David, had sat down at the table.
“Quick, Bill, come here.
I think you’re going to want to see this.
” Bill hastened to Kara’s side and elbowing her out of the way, looked at what had captured her attention.
The spotting scope was zoomed in on an apartment window a half mile or so down the island.
In the window was a hanging plant and tending to the plant was a young woman, probably in her twenties, completely devoid of any clothing.
“Oh wow,” he exclaimed musically, “This is awesome.
” While he continued to look, Kara asked David, “Do you know her?” “If you are talking about a girl in a window with a planter.
” His face acquired a light shade of red.
“Then yes, I would suspect I do.
She’s the girl you met just leaving here as we came in.
” “The one that works for you?” “Uh huh,” David acknowledged.
Bill whirled around.
“You mean you actually know her? Does she know you’ve got a telescope pointed at her window?” “I’m sure she does.
She and her husband were up here just a few nights ago.
The telescope is still aimed right where it was when they were here.
” Bill was aghast.
“But surely her husband doesn’t know that she stands in the window without any clothes on.
” “I’m sure he does,” David responded without hesitation.
“He helped her hang the plant.
And she wasn’t wearing any clothes then either.
” Kara dragged Bill away from the telescope and back to the table.
Sitting down, she said to David, “You’re fucking her, aren’t you.
Does her husband know?” David had been caught flat-footed.
He stammered, “Uh, what makes you ask that?” Kara studied David’s facial expression.
“Curious is all,” she replied without looking away.
She held his gaze.
After a few seconds she asked, “So, are you going to tell me?” “Tell you what?” “Are you fucking her?” “What do you think?” “I think you are.
” “And what makes you think that?” “Well, several reasons,” Kara began slowly.
“First, she stands in the window naked when she knows you have a telescope trained on her window.
” “That doesn’t prove anything.
” “No, but if you’re not,” Kara stroked her chin as if rendering an important judgment.
“Then you’re missing a good opportunity.
” “You forget, she’s an employee.
” “Right, an employee who comes to work in a short skirt and no underwear.
” “And where the hell did you get that idea?” “You forget.
She was coming down the stairs, on the way out, when we were coming in.
” “So.
” “As soon as she saw us, she grabbed hold of her skirt and held it so we couldn’t see anything.
” “So what if she likes going without underwear.
You’ve probably been known to do that too.
” “So what if I have?” “Do you like going without underwear?” Kara was still looking at David.
She turned and made a quick look at Bill, then back to David.
Some color had come into her cheeks and her lips curled up slightly.
“Sometimes,” she allowed.
“Like right now, wouldn’t you rather be wearing nothing under that shirt?” Kara pushed her chair back to where David wasn’t so close and to where she could see David and Bill at the same time.
“You guys would like that, wouldn’t you?” she asked of both.
“And you’d like it too,” coaxed David.
“Well it’s not going to happen, so just forget it,” she snapped.
“How about just the top?” Bill asked.
“I mean you go without a bra lots of times and it really looks great!” “You mean, leave the shirt on, just take the swimsuit top off?” “Right,” Bill agreed, “You wouldn’t even be showing anything.
” “I wouldn’t be showing anything? Then what’s the point.
” David tried to bale his nephew out of a losing argument.
“Well, you’d know, and we’d know.
Even if nothing was showing it’d still be kinda neat.
” There was silence as Kara looked at David, trying to decide whether to let Bill’s uncle’s argument win her over.
He was old enough to be her father, but there was still something about him that made her want to take her clothes off.
She had met him on the beach, little more than two hours ago, and already she was imagining what it might be like to be making love to him.
She looked dreamily at the bulge in his shorts.
David was medium height, about her father’s age, late thirties or early forties, and like her father seemed to be in pretty good physical shape.
What wasn’t covered by blue cargo shorts was heavily tanned, even darker than his light brown hair.
He had been blessed with a strong jawline, and his physique – muscular arms and chest, tight stomach, and powerful looking legs – suggested that he regularly worked out.
Then Kara looked down at herself.
She was wearing a man’s cotton dress shirt, covering just about the skimpiest bikini she’d ever owned.
Otherwise it was just bare skin from the hem of her shirt to her toes.
She was definitely not appropriately dressed to be in a night-club, but David had insisted, assuring her that she was not attired any differently than many of the women that made up his afternoon and early evening business.
Besides the bar had been empty when they came in, so she hadn’t thought too much about it.
And now they were enjoying the privacy of the upstairs deck, so how she was dressed didn’t make a lot of difference.
But what she really wanted to do right now, was to get naked.
‘And with two of them, who knows,’ she thought.
‘But as exciting as that might be, it would be way too extreme, especially since I just met David.
Besides, Bill and I haven’t even really done it yet.
‘ While her mind was still clinging to the improbable scenario just imagined, her eye caught the outline of what appeared to be a shower head, mounted on the extreme corner of the deck.
“Is that a shower over there at the edge of the deck?” she asked David.
“Uh huh,” he replied.
“It is kind of public though.
especially when there are customers on the patio.
” He let that last part sink in.
“Of course there aren’t any there right now.
Would you like to use it?” “I was kind of thinking maybe.
” Kara answered dreamily.
She had been staring off into space, deep in thought, but turned slowly to look at Bill, then at David.
“You know,” she said, “between the salt and sand from the beach, and the muggy air, I am feeling kind of scuzzy.
Would you mind?” “You’re asking, would I mind if you got naked and let Bill and me watch you take a shower? Are you kidding? Of course I wouldn’t mind.
” Kara blushed.
“I was planning to leave the bikini on.
Is it still okay?” she asked hopefully.
“Well, I’m not so sure about that, but since this is your first time here.
” He smirked as he looked over at Bill, “Whadaya say Bill.
you think I should make an exception?” Kara looked in Bill’s direction as his mind painted the picture.
Answering David he replied, “I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but that bikini she’s wearing.
well there’s not an awful to it.
and wet?” He looked at Kara.
“Yeah, I think so.
” Kara turned toward David.
“Yeah, go for it,” he urged.
Kara got up from the table and walked over to the shower.
She took the shirt off and hung it over the railing.
The shower had only one spigot.
Kara turned it on, expecting the water to be cold, but it was actually quite pleasant.
She stepped under it and soaked herself thoroughly.
When the water suddenly turned cooler, she turned it off and stood there a few seconds, letting the water drain from her.
Kara looked over at David and Bill.
Neither said anything as they stared in her direction.
She looked down at the suit she was wearing.
Bill had guessed correctly, as had she, that when wet it was nearly transparent.
Kara turned her back on the guys and went over to the railing on the side toward the bay.
She retrieved a towel that was conveniently hanging there and looked to the patio below.
It was deserted, but she could hear music coming from the bar, and knew that customers might at any time decide to move out to the patio.
She turned to her right, looking over the four story condominium just to the north of Casablanca.
There didn’t look to be anyone watching, but she had to wonder if there might be a pair of eyes peering at her from behind the darkened windows.
She looked in the direction of Bill and his uncle.
They were watching her intently, wondering what she was going to do.
Kara wondered too.
‘There was that time last summer when Tommy and I went for a night swim.
and then there was last night too, when we were sailing.
but those times were different.
‘ In addition to David, who she barely knew, there was also the possibility of being seen by customers from the bar.
and maybe even someone in the condominium.
She did want to do it though.
She faced the corner of the porch.
With her back to Bill and David, and an eye on the patio below, Kara furtively scanned the windows next door.
Believing the opportunity was right, she quickly removed the wet bikini and let it drop to the deck.
Although it was plenty warm, goosebumps rapidly developed on her naked skin.
She hurriedly dried herself and reached for the shirt hanging on the rail.
Hastily Kara pulled it on and buttoned it, all but the very top button.
She picked up the wet bikini from the deck and walked quite normally to the table, where she resumed her seat between David and Bill.
She deposited the bikini on the table.
For several seconds no one said anything.
Kara looked from Bill to David, then back again.
Both were studiously eyeballing her, especially her upper thighs where the shirt barely covered their juncture.
The guys knew Kara wasn’t wearing anything under the shirt, and she knew that they knew.
At long last, David spoke.
“Well,” he let out a big sigh, “I don’t know about you guys, but I would like another drink.
Whadaya say we go back downstairs?” Bill looked at the bikini on the table, then at Kara.
“You going to be okay? I suspect there will be some customers there now.
” The thought of doing it sent shivers through Kara’s body.
She just had to do it.
She answered rapidly, “They aren’t going to know anything, and if David doesn’t have a problem with it, I mean like it is his bar.
” Kara paused and looked at David.
“Uh no.
Not a problem for me,” David assured.
“Kinda figured that,” Kara quipped, still looking at David.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven Then she turned back to Bill.
She downplayed her excitement.
“I’ll be okay,” she stated evenly.
“Then let’s do it,” Bill said as he got up from the table.
Pointing toward the bikini while looking over his shoulder at Kara, he reminded, “Don’t forget your suit.
” Downstairs they resumed sitting at the corner table where they had been earlier.
A few customers had shown up but they were all on the other side of the bar.
Steve, the bartender, approached the table carrying a small plastic grocery bag.
Handing it to Kara he said, “I thought you might want something to put your suit in.
” Kara looked up blushing with the realization that Steve knew too.
“Yes,” she said, “Thank you.
” “So what does everyone want?” he asked, “Same thing?” Everyone nodded.
“Coming right up then,” Steve said as he turned back to the bar.
“So then,” Kara began, looking in David’s direction, “You never did answer me.
” She lowered her voice so as not to be heard beyond the table.
“Are you fucking her?” David chuckled.
“I’m not sure that’s any of your business.
” “Okay then, would you like to?” “Of course.
But what of it?” Kara looked around the bar, making sure there was no one close enough to hear.
She bent low over the table and with eyes darting back and forth between Bill and David, whispered, “Would you like to fuck me too?” “Oh jesus,” David exclaimed.
“I uh -” “Well would you or wouldn’t you?” Kara prodded, raising up and sitting normally.
While waiting for David’s answer she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her shirt, the ones just above and below her breasts.
Bill sat dumbfounded while his uncle stammered, “I uh hadn’t really thought about it.
” “Bullshit,” Kara snapped.
“All evening long,” she looked from Bill to David, “both you been undressing me with your eyes.
” “But, but.
” Bill started defensively.
“Mind you, I’m not complaining.
” Kara looked from one startled face to the other.
She broke into a grin.
“Actually, I’ve been kind of liking it.
” Once David and Bill had digested what Kara had just said, they began to relax.
Steve returned with the drinks.
He noticed that Kara had undone a couple more buttons on the shirt.
He also noticed that she didn’t seem to mind him trying to get a glimpse inside her shirt.
She even bent forward a little to make it easier.
After Steve had gone, while they sipped their drinks in silence, Kara fiddled with the top of her shirt until she had her breasts nearly uncovered.
The nipples were still covered, but just barely.
Dropping her hands to her side, she asked David, “So how long have you had this place?” Her question was accepted by Bill and David as a signal that there would be no more talk of sex.
They also understood it was highly unlikely that they were going to see any more of Kara than they were seeing right then.
For the next fifteen minutes or so, until their drinks were gone, they engaged in idle chitchat.
“Another round?” David asked as they finished the drinks.
“Thank you no, we need to be going.
” Kara looked at Bill, silently urging his agreement.
“Right,” he said, “We do need to be going.
Can you get Steve to call us a cab?” “I’ll do better than that,” offered David as he got up from his chair, “I’ll have him drive you.
” “Wow!” Kara exclaimed, “Drinks and a ride too? Now we really do owe you.
” “Right,” confirmed Bill, “We will have to do something more before the week is out.
Maybe do dinner or something.
” “I’m counting on it,” David turned toward the bar.
“Steve,” he shouted, capturing the bartender’s attention.
“Take my car and drive these two back to their boat.
The keys should be in the register.
I can watch the bar till you get back.
” “Right,” said Steve, popping the drawer on the register as he eyed Kara’s bare legs.
He knew that Kara wasn’t wearing anything under the shirt.
He licked his lips at the thought of the three of them being jammed into David’s Corvette.
“Glad to boss,” he chimed.
Kara pulled the top of the shirt together, but still left the buttons undone.
She retrieved the bag containing her bikini, stood and headed for the door.
Bill followed close behind.
At the car, Kara crawled in first, climbed across the seat and sat straddling the hump, the gear shift lever between her legs.
“Good thing it’s an automatic,” she quipped as Steve and Bill got in either side.
She tucked the hem of the shirt firmly between her legs.
The trip back to the boat was short and relatively uneventful.
Except for Steve brushing Kara’s bare thighs every time he had to shift, nothing of any consequence occurred.
At the boat Kara politely lied, “We would invite you in for a drink, but I know David is expecting you right back.
” After he had driven off, Bill and Kara climbed aboard the boat.
She scrambled below while he checked the lines.
She expected they would probably play that quarters game again and considered it might be good to put on some underwear.
‘On the other hand,’ she thought, ‘It might be fun to see just how far I can push him.
‘ She looked to the hatch.
Bill hadn’t yet begun to make his way below.
Kara once again spread the top of the shirt open until her nipples were barely concealed.
Then from the bottle and glass stowage she removed a half empty bottle of tequila and a couple of shot glasses.
Reaching across the divide, she dropped them on the table.
From dry stowage, she selected a whole lime, and with a knife from the knife rack, sliced it into eighths.
As Bill came below, closing the hatch behind him, Kara took the limes and some salt, and worked her way into the ‘U’ of the dinette.
“You going to do some shots with me?” she asked.
Kara had no doubt as to what Bill’s answer would be.
He saw she had the shirt pulled open, nearly exposing her breasts.
He took a deep breath and said to himself, ‘Oh my god! She’s still wearing that shirt and it doesn’t look like she’s put on any underwear.
She’s even got the shirt half off.
‘ He exhaled slowly.
“Uh yeah,” he responded, sliding into the booth, “Sounds like a winner.
” As Kara poured him a shot he looked at her nearly exposed breasts, down at her bare legs and nearly exposed pussy.
His dick took on a life of its own.
Kara was not surprised by what she noticed to be the focus of Bill’s attention.
As she pushed a salt shaker and a piece of lime toward him, she spread her bare legs a bit more.
Seeing the twitching in his shorts she said to herself, ‘It’s going to take some effort to make this last a while.
‘ Kara slid a shot in front of Bill, then raising her own, she said, “Salute!” Bill clicked his shot glass against Kara’s, took a bite of the lime, sprinkled salt on his hand, licked it off and downed the shot.
His eyes bulged as he exclaimed, “Oh wow.
that is good!” Not wanting to make known the burning he felt in his throat, he continued hastily in a strained voice, “I don’t think I could have taken any more of that sicky sweet stuff my uncle uses for margarita mix.
” Having seen Bill’s reaction, Kara played it a little more cautiously.
Instead of taking it all in one gulp, as Bill had done, she took it in several short swallows, but still didn’t waste any time emptying the glass.
Slamming the shot glass on the table she echoed breathlessly, “Oh yeah.
I do know what you’re saying.
” After a moment’s hesitation, and in a more normal sounding voice she added, “That’s one of the reasons I was anxious to get out of there.
I mean, like don’t get me wrong.
I do think it was awful nice of him to treat us as he did.
” “Yeah, but he wasn’t just being nice.
He had a pretty serious case of the hots for you too.
” Kara looked at Bill, smiling coyly.
“I think that was made pretty clear, but I kind of thought you were acting pretty interested too.
” Bill did the once over again.
“Yeah, I guess I was being kind of obvious, but you weren’t exactly acting offended.
” Kara broke eye contact, studying the label on the tequila bottle.
“No, I guess I wasn’t,” she allowed Bill watched Kara as she studied the tequila bottle.
He was pretty sure she wanted him to continue.
A smile crossed his face as he asked, “Is that why you took the bikini off?” Kara looked up and offered in mock protest, “It was too wet to wear, but I did put the shirt on.
” “Yeah, but somehow a few of the buttons worked themselves loose.
” Bill looked deliberately at Kara’s exposed cleavage.
“So I like being a little bad.
I don’t see you complaining.
” Kara was once again grinning.
Bill put his hand on Kara’s thigh.
He drew the next word out.
“Nooo, actually I like it when you’re being bad.
” “You do huh? Want another shot?” she asked, ignoring Bill’s hand, now under the bottom of her shirt, within an inch of her bare pussy.
“Sure,” replied Bill as he gave Kara a very close once over.
Kara’s cheeks turned a light pink.
She remained focused on the task of refilling the shot glasses.
“Here,” she said, pushing one of them to Bill without looking up.
Eschewing the salt and lime, Bill raised the shot of tequila to his lips and downed it in one motion, while the fingers of the other hand drummed against Kara’s thigh.
Wrapping her trembling fingers around the tiny glass, Kara lifted it to her lips, tipped her head back and emptied the shot.
She closed her eyes and shook her head from side to side as the fiery liquid burned its way down her throat.
“So why did David, your uncle David, have Steve bring us back to the boat, instead of doing it himself?” Kara asked.
“You were wanting him to bring us back?” “Yeah, I thought we might invite him in for a drink, you know, kind of a thank you for everything he did for us at his place.
You know we do still have an unopened bottle of Scotch.
” ”Right and uh.
” Bill was pretty sure, especially with the way she had the shirt undone and spread apart, that Kara wanted him to know she was naked under the shirt.
“Would you still have left the underwear off if David were here?” Bill’s fingers found their way to Kara’s pussy lips.
She caught her breath.
Kara had been expecting the fingers, but the question was a bit of a surprise.
She wasn’t sure how she should answer it.
“Yeah, well I’m not sure.
Who knows.
I mean I was kinda thinking it might be fun.
you know, fooling around with both of you.
” The blood rushed to Kara’s face.
“Not that I would ever do such a thing.
At least I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t.
” She was looking deep into Bill’s eyes.
Without so much as blinking his eyes, Bill returned Kara’s stare and pronounced, “You would though, wouldn’t you.
” His fingers traced the slippery surface of her pussy lips.
They stared silently at each other.
After several seconds, Kara averted her eyes, staring off into space and squeaked out, “What would you think if I did?” She slid down in the seat, urging Bill’s fingers onward.
“What would I think?” Bill burst forth, “Well shit, I think it’d be great.
” His fingers moved furiously along Kara’s slit.
“You’re uh.
just saying that,” Kara accused breathlessly, squirming under Bill’s touch, “Because you think th.
that’s what I want to hear.
” Bill grabbed Kara’s hand and pressed it to the front of his shorts.
“You feel that? You think it can get any harder? No, I’m not just saying it.
” He jammed two fingers into Kara’s pussy, nearly lifting her off the bench.
“No way would I have a problem with it.
The only thing I can think of that would be more exciting than jumping your bones myself would be you getting it on with two of us.
And get that shirt off.
You been teasing me all day.
I’m ready to find out what you feel like.
” Kara was trembling with excitement.
She used both hands, racing down the front of the shirt, hastily snapping each button loose as she went.
With all the buttons loose she spread the shirt open, all but taking it off.
As Bill’s fingers continued to excite Kara’s insides, he bent and pressed his lips against hers.
Her lips parted as she hungrily sucked his tongue into her mouth.
Bill sensed Kara’s dam about to burst.
He abruptly backed off and withdrew his fingers from her pussy.
“You tease,” she screamed.
“I was just about to cum.
” “I’m a tease?” he questioned.
“Well, uh, I guess I did kinda have it coming,” Kara sheepishly replied.
Bill lifted his pussy soaked fingers to his lips and licked them clean.
“Uhm,” he moaned.
Then picking up a piece of lime he squeezed it onto Kara’s bare breasts.
“I think I need some lime with that,” he said as he bent to lick the juice off Kara’s tits.
“Oh Jesus,” Kara screeched, her eyes tightly shut.
“Can we just take this into the bedroom.
please,” she whimpered.
“I thought you’d never ask,” Bill said triumphantly as he got up from the table.
Kara scrambled after him, yanking the shirt from her body.
“Wait,” she said, grabbing hold of Bill as he stepped toward the aft state-room.
As he turned she unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it aside.
She hastily dropped to her knees and reached for his belt buckle.
Undoing it, the snap beneath it and the zipper too, she dropped his shorts to the floor.
She ran her hand teasingly over the very pronounced bulge in his briefs.
Then tugging them down she let his cock spring free.
Cupping his balls in one hand and circling his cock with the other, she lapped the pre-cum from the head of his dick, much like a cat might lick the cream from a saucer.
Bill placed his hands on her head, urging Kara to take the length of his cock into her mouth.
But Kara continued, playing with his balls, stroking his cock with her fingers and licking the tip of it with her tongue.
“Tommy said we’d have fun without him,” she pronounced.
Bill had trouble speaking.
“So he uh.
kind of expected then uh.
something like this?” “Oh yeah, even made me promise it would happen.
” Bill tried to say something but it was totally unintelligible.
His dick was twitching like it was ready to burst.
Kara wrapped her lips around it and fucked him vigorously with her mouth.
Kara had judged well.
It was only a few seconds before Bill exploded in her mouth.
She swallowed repeatedl



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