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Latest stories Taboo Houseguests Part 1

It seemed everyone I knew had lost power due to the big storm a couple years ago.
My cell service was constantly fading in and out, but I was able to receive a very helpful call from Aunt Diane’s husband, Mike.
He had heard about my situation and offered me his town house up in Northern Jersey.
He told me how he was out of town and Aunt Diane was near my condo staying with a friend who had a generator.
He told me about the hidden key and gave me the code to the alarm.
He said he was due back tomorrow, but may get further delayed.
He had tried to get an early flight but was unsuccessful.
He ended our conversation with a reminder to clean up after myself.
I thanked him and quickly packed a duffle and hopped in my car to head north.
The trip took me three times longer than normal, but it was understandable considering all the power outages and road closures.
It was probably around 8pm when I arrived and the entire community seemed to have power, they seemed liked the only ones in the state.
  The cable was out, so I watched a couple DVDs before going to the guest room to sleep for the night.
The only problem was there were no sheets or blankets.
I didn’t want go looking around for them so I decided to go into the master bedroom.
It was twice the size of the guest room and everything was neatly in place, which was Mike’s OCD at work.
I placed my duffle in what seemed to be Mike’s closet, stripped down to my boxers and hopped in the bed.
It was nearly 1am when I began to fade into dreamland.
I felt my eyelids getting heavy as I stared at the faint light coming from one of those aroma things plugged into the wall.
Just before drifting off, I heard the door creak open and in walked someone, “Oh Mike you were able to catch that earlier flight,” came Aunt Diane’s voice.
“Oh you’re asleep,” she said in more of a whisper.
“Wait til I tell you about my day in the morning,” she continued as if she could tell I was awake and listening.
She came around to the side of the bed I was laying on and opened the door I was facing.
It appeared to be a walk-in closet.
I heard her flip a switch and a light came on in the closet.
She had her back to me, but I could tell she was still whispering to herself.
I watched her as she let down her blonde hair and then took off her wedges.
She went up and down a couple times on her bare feet like she was stretching them out.
She then bent over and picked up the wedges and put them away on a rack with her other shoes.
As her jeans stretched over her well-rounded ass, I felt the memory of our intimate encounter earlier that summer stir in my head.
She took off what looked like a lightweight beige jacket and hung it up.
Aunt Diane then proceeded to take off her white short-sleeved top and let it drop to the floor.
She still had her back to me, and I watched intently as she unfastened her jeans and pulled them down before kicking them off.
She was wearing white sheer high cut panties and a white bra.
I felt the blood instantly rush to my cock.
She took the strap off one shoulder then the other before taking her arms out and spinning the bra around before it too fell to the floor.
She bent over to pick up her clothes and I could make out the crack of her ass through the panties.
As she picked up the clothes, her body turned and her breasts looked just as I remembered them as they bounced.
Online Now! Lush Cams Darwin_Peyton I could see the tan lines once she stood up again holding her clothes.
She put them in a hamper and then grabbed what looked like a t-shirt out of a drawer.
She stood in the doorway, put on the t-shirt and shut the light.
I listened as her bare feet walked around the bed and she pulled back the covers on the other side and lay down before covering up again.
She was laying on her side with her back to me.
I continued to pretend to be asleep and turned toward her with my hand landing around her waist and I snuggled in tighter.
My hard cock was pressing my boxers against her ass.
“Of course this is just my luck.
You’re asleep and have a hard-on.
Just once I’d like you to be awake with a hard-on,” she whispered.
Feeling overwhelmed by my libido, I slid my boxers down and then pulled her panties down to her thighs.
She began to turn toward me, “You’re awake?” “Shhhh,” I whispered.
“But we really shouldn’t because .
” she began but stopped once I slid my cock into her moistening pussy, “ Oh my God!” she exclaimed.
I continued to slide in and out of her at varying speeds.
I also slid my hand up her shirt and played with her breasts, first rubbing her areolas then pinching and pulling her nipples.
Her moans became increasingly louder.
I felt the inner walls of her now soaking wet pussy squeeze my cock as she came hard.
Her cum gushed down my shaft and she couldn’t contain her voice anymore.
“Oh my fucking God! Yessssss!” Her body collapsed and I pulled out my cock.
She turned onto her back, “Oh honey, you .
haven’t .
made me cum like that .
in so long,” she said exasperated.
“I’m not done yet,” I whispered and slid down between her legs and began to lap up her sweet juices.
“Honey, you’re amazing!” her voice went up as my tongue brushed against her swollen clit.
Her body stretched and her legs spread and wrapped around me.
I began to finger her and suck on her clit.
I rubbed a moist finger around her asshole and felt her entire body shiver.
I felt her reach down and pull my hair.
“What the hell,” a light came on.
“Rick! What are you .
” (I have much more hair than Mike).
“Shhh,” I cut her off and before she could say another syllable I slid my finger into her ass.
She moaned with pleasure.
“I should’ve known you weren’t Mike.
I haven’t felt this good since our summer day together.
Don’t stop, I’m going cum again.
” I proceeded to tongue her asshole and pinch and rub her clit.
Her moans increased in frequency and volume until she screamed with ecstasy one last time, “Yesss, you are so .
” She collapsed and was at a loss for words.
I moved back to my side of the bed and lay on my side watching her breasts rise and fall in the low light as she tried to catch her breath.
“Oh honey, I think I might just die if you ever fuck me again like that.
” “Wait til morning,” I said with a smile.
Her head turned toward me with a mixed look of shock and a little bit of fear.



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