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It was late September.
  I was home for the day, cleaning up, doing the dishes, reading, and working.
It was about 3:30 and the schools were letting out and my dog was restless and bugging me.
I hate taking her for a walk, but I wasn’t getting anything done with her begging for my attention, so I hitched her lease to her collar, put my shoes on and headed out the door.
The sunlight hit me like a ton of bricks, my eyes adjusted.
Blue skies and a crisp autumn wind hit my skin and sent a chill down my spine.
I walked to the edge of my driveway and noticed a girl walking down the side walk.
Her dark brown hair, the high school uniform, I knew exactly who it was.
We never really talked, a few words here and there while walking our dogs but she was a work of beauty.
I yanked my dog and we walked the other way.
  We made our way through the back creek then up an around our street.
As luck would have Rachel was walking her dog and was headed straight for us.
I needed a line, I needed something to open with, but I had nothing.
She edged closer as my dog started to water the neighbours lawn.
Rachel was wearing a yellow shirt that showed off her breast’s perfectly, and a cardigan on-top.
She wore black leggings with moccasins.
  I yanked my dog to get going and just as Rachel pasted by she dropped her debit card.
Without turning around she kept walking and I yelled to her “Excuse.
Uh, you dropped this.
” I handed it to her.
She looked embarrassed.
“Oh, how silly of me!” Our dogs started to wrestle and our leashes got tangled.
As we were untangling the dogs she said “So, I see your parents sold the house.
”  “Oh yeah, haha thankfully! Took long enough but I can’t wait to move out.
” Her breasts were hanging out of her shirt as she touched my arm in a flirting way.
  “Thats nice, it looks like a beautiful house!”  “OH, well if you want a tour I’d be more then happy to give you one.
” She smirked a little.
“No ones home right now we can go if you want.
”  “Sure, its seems like these two can’t get enough of each other!”  *** I swung open the door into the main foyer as our dogs bolted in and played on the living room floor.
Rachel followed in behind and took off her sunglasses.
“Wow, this is beautiful!” She looked up at the chandler dangling above our heads.
“Oh, wow, your house is really beautiful.
” We walked around and made small talk.
I grabbed her hand and pulled her upstairs to the bedroom.
The stairs creaked as she made a comment about how clean everything was.
We toured the upstairs then came to my bedroom.
“So this is where the magic happens eh?” she said seductively.
“Aha not as often as I would like.
” I responded.
  She ran her hand on my quilt and went for my nightstand reading the book titles on my desk.
She asked if I read a lot and I said not as much as I’d like to.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmilySense She spun around quickly and we were face to face.
My heart raced.
She smiled and said “I love a man that reads,” then she placed her hands around my head and we kissed hard.
She was going to fall into the bed but I grabbed her and pushed her into the wall instead.
My hands felt her up, running up and down her body.
The blood rushed to my cock as her hand started to tease me.
I ran my hand along her leggings and noticed she was soaking wet through them.
She removed her cardigan and threw it on my stand as I pushed her into my bed.
  She looked at me with eyes that said “I am all yours.
” I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled her leggings off.
Kissed her on the lips.
My hand ran through her pussy as she moaned softly.
I kissed her neck, leaving my mark and moved down.
I licked her legs teasing her as she let out soft moans.
“Please my pussy.
” she begged.
I obeyed and buried my face into her wet cunt.
She tasted like heaven, I could not dream of it tasting any better.
I took her clit into my mouth and sucked down hard.
She screamed and I pulled up with out breaking my suction cup.
“Oh fuck me.
” She was breathing heavily.
Her legs began to shake and her orgasm washed over her body.
“Oh god, oh god, Im cumming.
”  She was drenched as I pulled up.
I licked my lips and looked at her.
Her face was red and she was holding her tits.
Breathing heavily she said “Jesus, that was amazing.
” She sat up and took off her top revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
I unbuckled my belt as she crawled over to me.
She was on all fours and pulled my cock out.
I let out a moan as she took me in her mouth.
She kissed my cock and I spanked her.
She liked that and kept sucking.
“Fuck, if you keep doing that I am going to come.
” She pulled me out of her mouth and said “We wouldn’t want that would we?” Rachel laid down on her stomach.
She reached behind her and pulled apart her ass offering her wet pussy to me.
I slid it in half and then rammed her.
“Oh my.
” she said.
Her wet cunt was so tight.
I reached around and grab her tits and kissed her neck.
My cock plunged deep in her hole, I was gaining momentum.
“Fuck me.
I am your little slut.
” She said.
Rachel was a dirty slut for sure.
I reached my hand around and grabbed her by the neck lightly choking her.
“Fucking take my cock you filthy whore.
” I whispered in her ear.
  I could feel my orgasm building as I pounded her pussy.
I couldn’t take it any longer as I pulled my cock out and finished on her ass.
“Fuck! AGH! Fuck!” It landed everywhere on her lower back.
I rammed two fingers back in her wet whole and smacked her ass a few time.
She rolled over and we made out for a bit.
She broke our kiss and looked me in the eyes and said, “You can pound my little pussy anytime you want.



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