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This is a continuation of California Dreaming so I suggest you read it first.
Our bodies were like two limp noodles as we lay entwined and breathing hard.
Both of us momentarily spent.
I gently kissed her and picked her up and carried her to the large couch in her living room.
  I found a large throw and covered us both up and as we lay spooning, we both dozed into bliss.
I awoke to the feeling of soft hands slowly traveling over my chest entwined in my chest hair.
I opened my eyes to a sight of beauty as Lisa was staring into my eyes with a look of total captivation.
It was now past nine and I felt a strong hunger for food as well as love.
Lisa asked if I was hungry and I said “of course”.
She then asked for what.
I answered “you and food”.
She laughed and said she had ordered a pizza that should be delivered any minute.
  As the door bell rang she jumped up and headed to the door.
I asked if she should put a robe on and she just opened the door while standing behind it and reached out with the money and took the pizza.
I told her she was turning into a real exhibitionist.
We sat and had a cold beer and the hot pizza at her kitchen table totally nude.
It was so relaxing and so natural.
Being naked with Lisa there with no worries or self-conscious feelings.
As we finished eating Lisa suggested we retire to her bathroom and have a hot shower.
Her shower was a large one with great multiple nozzles.
As we washed each other our hands probed and touched and my cock became a rod again.
  We dried each other off and lay on her husband’s large king-size bed and began to cuddle and kiss.
I immediately began to kiss her fantastic nipples and as I did she melted into the bed and began to moan.
  After kissing her right nipple I began sucking and putting pressure behind her nipple.
Online Now! Lush Cams ElektraBlack Lisa began to curl and tense as I continued my assault on her right nipple.
She soon tensed and had a small orgasm.
  Lisa then kissed her way down my stomach to my throbbing cock and began making love to it.
Her warm mouth encircled the head and began licking my pre-cum.
She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and rolled my foreskin back to expose my tender helmet.
  She nibbled and ran her tongue under the rim of it.
As I moaned her suction increased and she ran her tongue into my hole and flicked.
She then sucked me totally into her mouth and squeezed my balls.
  I was totally under her spell.
I held her head and watched as she administered the best blow job of my life.
She slowly began taking more of me into her mouth and ran my cock down her throat.
I began to tense and told her I was about to cum.
As she took me totally into her mouth, I began to feel my balls contract.
She then ran a finger into my butt and I exploded into her mouth.
She continued to suck and swallow until I was totally drained.
  Lisa crawled back up the bed and kissed me deeply sharing my taste with me.
We then rolled into a spoon position and drifted off to sleep.
When we awoke it was just breaking daylight.
Lisa rolled over and said she was going for her morning run.
I got up as well and did some light exercise and stretching while waiting for Lisa to return.
When she returned, I met her at the door and held her hot sweaty body close, inhaling her scent and feeling her hot moist shorts.
I proceeded to kiss her neck and then slowly removed her shirt.
She helped me to pull her sports bra off and I kissed her hard sweaty nipples.
(To be continued)



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