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Latest stories Straight Sex Brandy Puts Me in a Tight Spot (Chapter Four of My History with Brandy)

I must have dozed off, because when I opened my eyes, Brandy was standing at the foot of my lounge chair, blocking the sun as it descended towards the distant valley behind the house.
She was silhouetted by the sun, her glorious figure darkened, the sun’s rays forming a halo around her body.
“Here, baby,” she said as she handed me a fresh gin and tonic.
I reached up and felt the refreshing coldness of the glass, only slightly damp with condensed water in the dry air.
Taking a sip, I marveled at the wide range of sensations I had experienced already that day: flight, fantastic food, beautiful women, and the thrill of speed! Not to mention the indulgence in Brandy’s fantastic body, and two incredible orgasms so far.
Yes, I was certainly living a charmed life.
“I can see your mind working behind that pretty face of yours,” she said.
“What are you thinking about?” “I was just musing about what an incredible day we’ve had so far,” I said.
“Well, it’s only going to get better!” Brandy quipped.
Taking the bottle of baby oil she had brought with her and pouring a handful, she sat at the end of the chase and began to rub it into my skin.
The liquid had warmed in the sun, and felt fantastic as she began at my feet, stroking my flesh as she worked her way up my legs.
“You, Stephen, have the most beautiful calves I’ve ever seen.
I absolutely love rubbing your legs! I can nearly feel the power in them.
It makes me wet just thinking about it!” “Well, your hands feel wonderful, Brandy, and you’re welcome to touch me any time and any where you want,” I replied.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” she said with a wink.
She poured more oil into her hands and continued up my thighs.
The attention she was giving me caused my penis to begin to stir, which she noticed right away.
“My, someone is enjoying this,” she remarked with a smile.
I said nothing, but anticipated her touch on my growing erection.
Instead, she straddled my thighs and poured a generous amount of baby oil directly on my chest.
Leaning to the right to place the bottle on the table next to us, her pendulous breasts swayed provocatively mere inches from my face.
I reached up to cup one in my hand.
Brandy smiled, but admonished, “Just relax and enjoy this, Stephen.
You can oil me up as soon as I’m done!” I relented and released the silky orb, settling instead with resting my hands on her golden thighs.
As she finished oiling my torso, she leaned forward and kissed my deeply, parting her lips and probing my mouth gently with her sweet tongue.
It was an incredibly erotic kiss, slow, and enticingly delicate.
Her breasts grazed my slick chest, and my erection pulsed against her warm belly.
Without breaking the contact between our mouths, she reached for my cock with both hands, and began milking me with soft strokes of her oiled hands.
I couldn’t help but moan at the intensity of the situation as I enjoyed such an intimate moment.
She reached further down with one hand, and caressed my balls as she continued stroking me with the other.
We made out like this for several more delicious minutes before she finally broke the kiss.
Leaning back over to the table, Brandy grabbed the baby oil again, oiled her hands, and ran them over my neck, shoulders, and down my arms.
She sat back and took my hands into her own, and massaged the palm and fingers of each hand in turn.
Then she took my hands and placed them on her breasts and encouraged me to explore her.
“Touch me, Stephen! I need to feel your hands on me.
” Eager to oblige her, I poured a generous stream of baby oil across her shoulders and chest.
The light shimmered off her as the oil began to run over her heated flesh.
I began at her shoulders and sensuously massaged the oil into her skin.
Brandy closed her eyes and sighed softly as I oiled her beautiful body.
As I began to caress each breast, I looked up at her beautiful face framed by her hair draping down on each side.
She wore a slight, contented smile, and her eyes were still closed, and I marveled at the incredible creature before me.
Her breasts felt heavy as I circled them with my hands, covering each thoroughly with warm oil.
Her nipples stood proudly erect and she twitched slightly as my thumbs contacted them, but she only smiled more, and continued to enjoy my ministrations.
I applied more oil to my hands and worked my way down her torso slowly, erotically, enjoying my task immensely.
I moved my hands to her muscular thighs and did my best to cover them with a slick coating of baby oil.
“Ready for your back?” I inquired.
“Absolutely!” she replied enthusiastically.
Standing up and turning around, she seated herself at the foot of my lounge chair.
I sat up and slid forward, straddling her hips between my knees so that I could reach her back more easily.
She reached up and pulled her silky blonde hair over her shoulder as I poured more oil directly over her shoulders.
I gave her a very thorough shoulder and neck rub with my thumbs, which elicited a satisfied moan from Brandy.
As I finished her back, Brandy again stood, but without turning, knelt down to her hands and knees on the rubbery surface at my feet.
She arched her back and without a word, placed her elbows on the soft deck.
Even now, I’m almost at a loss for words at the vision that was directly in front of my face! The smoothness of her back tapered to a delicate waist then flared again to her womanly hips, then down each of her toned thighs.
Of course, the firm globes of each buttock waited mere inches from my pulsing erection! I had been hard the entire time I was rubbing her, and copious amounts of clear fluid had run down the length from the head to mix with the coating of oil that was already there.
I poured oil across her buttocks, and watched it run up and over the small of her back, and across her little tattoo.
Of course the rest of it ran down over her butt, and especially down between her cheeks, across her tight anus, and on to her swollen pussy.
I must have sat entranced for a moment too long, because Brandy cleared her throat, bringing me back to reality, and I began to massage the oil into her skin.
I ran my hands over her hips and down the outside of her thighs, then up the inner thigh of first her left, then her right leg.
Saving the best for last, I finally allowed the top of my left hand to contact her vulva.
Instantly, she shifted her weight to move her knees and thighs farther apart.
I continued to caress her thighs with my hands, and using the knuckles of my left thumb, I parted her outer lips and stimulated her by continuing to slide my hand back and forth across her thigh.
Brandy responded by beginning to undulate her hips, trying to increase the pressure and stimulation she was feeling in her clitoris.
I watched with fascination as her muscles rippled beneath her silky skin, and her anus alternately clinched and relaxed as her arousal continued to build.
The silky-smooth feeling of her, coupled with the erotic vision of her moving her body had me turned on beyond belief.
I took my right hand off her outer thigh and began to squeeze and stroke my penis while continuing to pleasure Brandy.
Turning my hand slightly, I extended my thumb and slid it smoothly into her vagina.
She responded by shuddering, and began to increase the tempo of her rocking against my hand.
Soft moans were replaced by staccato grunts as she moved closer and closer to orgasm.
From this position, I was able to press my thumb forward into the spongy flesh of her G-spot, while simultaneously allowing her to grind her clitoris against the pad at the base of my index finger.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maddie_Luv Suddenly Brandy stiffened and began to cry out as the first wave of her orgasm overtook her body! The stillness of her was only momentary however, as she inhaled with a massive rush of air and began to wildly buck against the hand pleasuring her.
I watched as the muscles in her neck, back, arms, buttocks, thighs, and calves pulled tight under her oil-slick skin, and her anus began to pulse rhythmically, and felt the walls of her vagina contracting tightly against my thumb.
She took in another massive breath of air, and then again cried out, as her hips bucked uncontrollably and a flood of wetness gushed from her and coated my hand.
It was absolutely fascinating watching her unbridled orgasm like this! She was unabashedly giving herself over to experience every facet of the pleasure she was receiving, and I counted myself fortunate to bear witness.
As she came down off the peak of the wave, she collapsed over on her side and lay curled on the soft pool deck at the foot of my chair.
Her body glistened in the dying sunlight in a mixture of slick oil and beads of perspiration.
Her breasts lay together under her arm which was extended before her, and her breathing began to slow, and her nipples to relax and expand before my eyes.
Finally she lifted her head and smiled up at me.
“My god, Stephen, you will be the death of me! I’ve never cum like that in my life!” “I loved being a part of that, Brandy — watching your orgasm was incredible.
I almost came again just from witnessing it!” Rising to her knees and turning to face me she replied, “You ALMOST came? Well, let’s fix that little problem, shall we?” With a fluid, feline motion she leaned forward and placed her hands and forearms on my thighs and began to slide up my body.
Pausing with her face directly over my painfully erect cock, she flicked her tongue into the collection of clear precum that had gathered on the tip, then slid her mouth over just the flared ridges of my glans and swirled her tongue around the head a few times.
Smacking her lips and wrinkling in her nose she looked up and me and smiled.
“A bit oily, but still good!” she remarked.
Continuing her ascent up my body she ran her lips up my treasure trail and kissed my navel.
I felt her breasts envelop my cock in her deep cleavage as they slid by the area.
I’ve never been much of a fan of titty-fucking — it always seemed to be a lot of work to keep things in place, and for it to be pleasurable for everyone.
But at that moment I’d gladly have reconsidered my position.
However, Brandy continued moving up my body until she straddled me, the shaft of my cock trapped under the hot folds of her vagina, her breasts against my chest, arms around my chest, and her tongue in my mouth.
Continuing the sensual kiss, she moved her hips up further, until my erection rested below her groin.
Then she tilted her pelvis and slid slowly back until she pressed firmly against the head of my penis.
Pausing momentarily, she then began to increase the pressure slowly until the resistance gave way, and I popped inside her.
She flinched slightly as I entered her, then she continued pressing herself down agonizingly slowly.
When she reached the bottom of her stroke, I found myself ensnared in a hot, and tantalizingly tight sheath! I sensed her smile against my lips as she broke the kiss then pushed me back onto the lounger, placing both of her hands on my chest.
Then she began to move.
Rhythmically forward and back, dragging her clitoris against the pubic bone with each slick movement.
I couldn’t believe how tight she felt, and I tried to think of the last time I’d been inside her.
I realized that it had indeed been quite awhile, but I still couldn’t recall such a marvelous sensation as she was giving me right now.
I was hoping to provide her with another orgasm, but was worried that I might not be able to last long enough to give her one.
I was concentrating on the sway of her breasts, the lust-filled look in her eyes, the way she bit her lower lip as she rode me, anything to divert my attention from the incredible feeling of being inside of her! The tempo in her rhythm increased, as did the sounds of our combined breaths, interspersed with moans and sighs.
She paused momentarily to shift off her knees, bringing her feet up next to my hips, then moving her hands back onto my thighs.
The switch changed the angle at which my penis was penetrating her, and I marveled at the new sensation.
It was when I looked down to watch her body as she rode that I discovered the reason she was so tight–I wasn’t inside her pussy like I thought–Brandy had slid my cock into her ass! “Oh my god, Brandy!” I exclaimed.
She shifted from her slightly reclined position forward and looked me in the eyes with a wicked grin.
“What is it, Stephen? Is my tight ass making you hot? Do you like being in my ass?” She ground against me to emphasize her point.
“Oh god, yes! It’s incredible!” I replied enthusiastically.
“Yes, it is baby! Now use that beautiful dick of yours and make me cum!” She resumed her ride, her knees flexed, her hands again on my chest, and her breasts swaying with each movement.
I thrilled at the vision of her, from her silken hair and beautiful face, to her swaying breasts, and her oiled thighs parted to her visibly aroused vagina, open, but unoccupied, and then my stiff erection, disappearing inside her anus and then reappearing like a magician’s prop.
I reached forward with my left hand and placed it on her slippery hip, and my right formed a fist, with my index finger slightly extended, but still bent as a fist, and placed it against her clit.
Her movements, coupled with the gentle circling motion I was making with my knuckle quickly escalated the intensity of our coupling.
She began to buck furiously, grinding herself against me, using every ounce of strength within her to reach her well-deserved orgasm.
” “Oh, Stephen.
” “Oh, yes.
” “Oh my god yes.
” “Oh that’s it, Stephen, that’s it.
I’m ready, baby.
I’m going to cum RIGHT NOW!” And with those words, she slammed herself down against my groin and began to wail as the waves of her orgasm overtook her.
She closed her eyes and cocked her head to the side as her body convulsed uncontrollably all around me.
The tight clenching of her sphincter around my cock brought me over the edge as well, and I cried out her name and pulled her firmly down on me.
Knowing that I was coming with her, she grabbed my shoulders and put her face inches from mine, looking directly into my eyes.
“That’s it, baby.
Spill your seed! Pump your cum into my ass! I want to feel your sperm shooting into me.
Give it to me!” I can barely describe the eroticism of the moment.
I felt as if I were staring into her soul as I looked into her gorgeous eyes as we each climaxed intensely.
It felt as if we climaxed for minutes, there in the dying light of the New Mexico evening.
As we finally wound down, Brandy fell forward onto my chest, our hearts thumping wildly beneath our slick skin, and we basked in the intensity of that which had transpired between us in just the few hours since I had arrived.



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