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Latest stories Taboo Bonding With Her Step-Brother – Part 2

Please note that this story is part 2 of a series.
It is recommended you read part 1 first.
Ryan slowly walks over to Mer.
He stands in front of her for a moment, stroking his slick cock and pinching at her erect nipples through her thin tank top.
She throws her head back in pleasure as he continues to tease her, twisting them slightly before stepping away.
He then goes towards his closet, slides a small bin out and starts to rummage through it.
After a few moments, he throws the lid back on and sloppily kicks it back into a random spot on the floor of his closet.
In his hand is another handful of strong zip-ties.
He turns back around to Mer, grabbing a pair of scissors from his desk as he sets the ties down.
“Up,” he says to her sternly.
Mer obeys, struggling to get up due to her bound wrists and ankles but she manages.
As she stands there, Ryan cuts off the tie around her ankles, sliding her panties down from around her thighs.
He then takes them and tosses them in the trash.
“You won’t be needing those anymore,” he says to her as he wraps a new zip-tie around her ankles and pulls it tight.
He then connects two ties and wraps the elongated tie around her thighs, pulling it snug so she can’t spread her knees apart.
He does the same around her elbows, pulling the thick zip-tie tight, so that her arms are fully bound together.
He grabs her around the waist and picks her up, carrying her over to his closed door and putting her down.
She watches him as he loops one last zip-tie loosely through the tie binding her wrists together.
He then removes a robe from a sturdy metal hook on the back of his door.
With a wicked smile, he grasps the loose loop and pulls her arms up high, hooking the loop onto the back of the door.
“Face the door and stick that ass out for me,” he commands her as he gives her a firm smack.
Mer squeals as his firm hand contacts her fleshy cheeks.
She follows his command, turning around and sticking her ass back towards him, her toy still firmly lodged inside her.
Ryan stands behind her, pressing his erect shaft against her crack as he runs his hands up and down Miranda’s sides.
She lets out a low moan as he starts to cup her still clothed breasts, squeezing them firmly.
His hands slide back down her sides, grasping onto the bottom of her top and quickly pulling it up over her breasts.
Wasting no time, he pinches and pulls at one of her swollen nipples, causing her knees to buckle from the sensation.
With his free hand, he smacks the base of the plug, pushing it deeper into her as for a moment.
“Is this ass nice and loose for me yet?” he asks her rhetorically, and he smacks the toy a little harder.
“‘Mhmmm,” she moans through her gag.
Slowly, he starts to pull the plug out from inside her loose hole, pushing back in a little bit before pulling it all the way out.
Ryan then kneels quickly behind her, setting the used toy down as he spits into her gaping hole.
Without another word, he stands and slides his thick cock into her ready hole.
Slowly he pushes in, stretching the walls deep inside her anus.
Miranda moans loudly in ecstasy, pushing back against him, as he starts to slide his rod slowly in and out.
As her walls get looser and looser on his cock, he picks up his pace.
He grasps firmly onto her hips and thrusts deep inside her.
As he begins to pound her, Miranda starts to scream something, but her gag makes it completely inaudible.
“What was that?” Ryan asks softly, as he loosens her gag and let’s it hang around her neck.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Miranda screams, her voice echoing through the quiet house.
Online Now! Lush Cams Romiinaa “Fuck my little slut ass!” Ryan gives her what she wants, pulling her ass closer to him as he relentlessly pounds her asshole.
He pauses a moment, tightening her gag once again and grabbing a thick handful of her lush brown hair.
He then continues to fuck her, pulling strongly on her hair.
“Cum,” he demands, and he pounds her harder.
Without any convincing, Miranda’s body begins to spasm on his cock.
She jolts her hips back and forth and her body is overcome with pleasure, screaming into her gag as her orgasm washes over her body.
Her orgasm continues to hit her wave after wave as Ryan continues to fuck her, grunting as he nears his own orgasm.
After another minute, Ryan finally let’s out one last grunt as his muscles contract and shoots his cum deep inside her ass.
Miranda can feel stream after stream of cum splash deep inside her.
Ryan finally slows, keeping his softening cock inside Miranda as he bends to the side and grabs the used toy from beside him.
As he pulls his cock out, he quickly replaces it with the toy.
A little bit of his cum is pushed out, but most of it remains plugged inside Miranda.
Without a word, Ryan slowly begins to remove Mer’s zip-ties, carefully cutting them and tossing them in the trash.
“Now both of you, get back to bed.
” He says softly as he opens his door.
“However, I expect those little toys that you two love sooo much to stay where they are,” he continues to say as the exhausted girls shuffle back to Miranda’s room and collapse on her bed.
Miranda and Samantha are woken in the morning by Ryan’s stern voice.
“Put some clothes on, you sluts.
” His voice booms as he pulls the sheets off of them.
“Breakfast will be ready any minute now,” he continues with a wicked grin.
“I want both of you to wear mini-skirts.
no panties.
We are gonna have a little fun today,” he tells them as he leaves and closes the door.
The girls listen, each putting on a cute mini-skirt that barely covers their asses and a low cut tank top.
After a few minutes, Ryan’s father hollers from the kitchen.
“Ryan, girls, breakfast is ready!” his voice bellows.
As the girls walk downstairs, no one seems to notice their funny walk, except for Ryan, that is.
A sly grin crosses his face as he notices, knowing that the girls still have their toys firmly inside them.
The girls sit down, their toys getting pushed in further as their weight bears down on the base.
Breakfast goes by as usual, small talk between the girls and Mer’s parents talking about their usual stupid ideas.
As time passes, Miranda can feel her pussy growing damp with excitement.
She fantasizes about what Ryan might have planned for the two of them, as she finishes up her plate of waffles and bacon.
” Ryan’s dad says as he stands.
we are heading off to the store to grab some things for around the house, anyone care to join us?” he asks the kids as he starts to clean up the table.
Before Miranda even has a chance to reply, Ryan jumps in.
“Actually, I was gonna take the girls up to the mall and then catch a movie,” Ryan replies as he finishes up his orange juice.
“That’s awfully nice of you Ryan, hope you three have fun,” Miranda’s mom says with a smile as she helps her husband clean up.
And with that, the girls help finish cleaning up, and all three of them pile into Ryan beat-up Mustang.
To Be Continued.



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