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It started out innocently, she was a student, I was her teacher.
Little did I know then that the teacher/student line was going to be blurry in a few short years.
I first saw Lexy during my first year as a teacher, she was 15 and I was let’s say a few years older.
As the year progressed I saw the leadership in her start to grow.
She took charge and led the way, in more ways than one.
At first it was just a quick glance, a sparkle in her green eyes, then it was the way she dressed.
Not in that teenage slutty way.
She was trying to be an adult; she dressed in clothes that fit her figure.
She had all of the guys in class wrapped around her finger.
They would do anything to get the attention of Lexy.
Lexy would always volunteer to help with projects and activities after school.
I thought it was because she wanted more out of life than what was being offered to the students in our area.
And I guess you could say I was right! Fast forward three years, this teenage girl was turning into a gorgeous young woman.
She could make your heart melt with a sparkle from her green eyes, your heart skip a beat when she walked into the room or your dick get hard just thinking about her.
At the end of her senior year, just before graduation she turned 18.
Her parents invited me to her birthday/graduation party.
I had no idea what she had in mind.
The party lasted several hours, as I was making the rounds to leave, Lexy came up to me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and thanked me for everything I had done for her.
I told her seeing her grow into the woman she had become was all the thanks I needed.
She had other ideas.
Lexy told me that she wanted to show her thanks for making her what she had become in more ways than just a simple “thank you”.
I asked her what she meant and at that time she pressed into my hand a hotel key card with the address and a short note on it.
I thought about the key and note for several hours.
Having seen this “girl” grow up in front of me, I had to see more.
I arrived at the hotel and went to the room.
When I knocked on the door, it opened slightly.
I could hear the showering running and could see the steam bellowing out of the shower.
I called to her and she met my call with a bright smile and sparkling eyes from behind the shower curtain, “I didn’t think you would come by, I am so happy you did!” Before I could answer she told me to make myself comfortable and she would be out in a second, she just needed to rinse her hair.
I went to the chair and sat down, not really sure what the fuck I was doing there but knowing that she was 18 and graduated, there was nothing but age between us at this time.
When Lexy walked out of the bathroom, she was wearing nothing but a towel wrapped tightly around her hair.
I thought I had gone to heaven.
Here before me was a gorgeous, nubile teenager standing in front of me in nothing but a towel.
Lexy is 5’11” and 120 pounds, long ass length black hair and the best looking 34b tits I had ever seen.
Her legs were muscular, thanks to the intense exercising I put my students through, and led straight to the most perfectly formed ass I have ever laid hands on.
She stopped in the middle of the room, slowly turned around and asked if I liked what she had turned into.
I couldn’t speak so I just motioned for her to walk towards me.
When she reached the chair I was in, she slowly sat down on my lap, ground her neatly trimmed pussy on my dick and kissed me for all she was worth.
I wasn’t real sure that this wasn’t a dream but I didn’t care if it was.
I wrapped both arms around her damp back and kissed her with all I had.
Between the sight of her naked before me, her grinding her pussy on my lap and the intense tongue battle raging between us, I almost came then and there.
I broke the kiss, picked her up and carried her to the bed.
I then turned the lights down as low as possible and lay next to her.
I slowly traced my fingers across her shoulder and down to the perfectly shaped tits in the world.
As I slowly traced around her nipples, I felt her shudder and moan softly.
I sucked a nipple into my mouth while massaging the other one.
This caused her to twist and moan as if she had never before felt an orgasm building.
I continued the assault on her tits until she arched her back, and let out a low, long “fuuuccckkk”.
As she slowly returned to earth I explored the rest of this gorgeous teenage body.
I kissed my way past her belly button and into the groove of her hips.
I slowly made my way to her neatly trimmed patch and over to the other side.
Lexy was moving in rhythm with me, as I kissed my way to the left, she would try to shift to the right.
Online Now! Lush Cams Stevens_Connor I know what she wanted but I wasn’t going to give in just yet.
I wanted to make this a night to remember, for the both of us.
When I returned to the center of attention and slowly rubbed her pussy she demanded, “Eat my pussy…NOW!” Knowing that she wanted this as much as I wanted to do it, I dove in.
The smell of her sex was strong, sweet and intoxicating.
I love to lick slowly up a woman’s thigh, just to the point where the lips start and then continue to the hip groove.
This was driving Lexy insane.
She grabbed my head and directed me to her pussy.
I am not sure if she had ever had a guy eat her before but she was directing me s if it would be the last time she would ever get it.
I slipped a finger inside her young twat and felt the muscles ripple around my finger as I sucked on her clit.
This caused her to arch her back again and she let out a low growl as she came all over my face.
Lexy pulled me up to her and kissed me again.
The thought of her tasting herself while kissing me made the precum dribble from my cock soaking my boxer briefs.
When we came up for air she looked into my eyes and thanked me for that incredible experience.
Before I could respond, she slipped from under me, rolled me over and sat on my cock, grinding in circles.
She reached up and unbuttoned my shirt, moaning about how good she/I felt.
She pinched my nipples and slid her hands down to my jeans.
Without a moment lost, she flipped around, putting her ass in my face, unbuttoned my jeans and kissed my dick through my soaked briefs.
With a quick wiggle of her ass in my face, she slid off the bed and pulled my jeans and underwear down to my knees, freeing my 6-inch cock from its prison.
Before I could recover from the rapid pace of events, I felt her slowly take me in her mouth.
Her tongue swirling around the head of my dick, like a new sucker.
This sent shivers down my spine.
She slowed her pace and began kissing the shaft and massaging my balls.
Lexy grabbed the base of my dick in one hand, squeezed almost to the point of pain and bobbed up and down on my cock, making the plop sound each time I came out of her gorgeous lips! This was almost too much to bear.
I moaned, “Careful, I am about to cum.
” She swallowed my dick all the way to the base and sucked for all she was worth.
I placed my hands on her head and exploded.
I was seeing stars, between the build up to this, her skills at cock sucking and the unbelievable situation; I had the largest orgasm ever.
I felt like I dumped a gallon of cum into her mouth.
She never missed a drop.
As I began to come down from that mind-blowing experience, she slid up next to me.
We kissed a slow sensual kiss.
I was in heaven.
As the kiss progressed our hands continued to roam and explore.
I stroked her perfect ass, kneading the mounds of flesh and enjoying the feeling of her ass between my hands.
She stroked me back to life.
As my cock rose to the occasion, she positioned herself on top of me.
I thought I was about to enter heaven, however; I soon found out that I would have to wait longer.
She would slowly swivel her hips up and down the length of my dick.
Causing my dick to split her pussy lips as she slid up.
When she reached the top, she would circle the head and slowly slid back down.
I was in agony.
All I wanted was to fuck the ever loving shit out of the girl and she knew it.
She was putting me through hell with this exercise.
After a couple of intense minutes of this agony, I had had enough.
With my hands on her ass, when she reached the top of her slide, I held her tight and rammed my cock as deep into her pussy as possible.
She yelped in surprise and I moaned in relief.
As much as I loved her cock sucking abilities, her control over her pussy was even better.
Now that I was balls deep, she put her hands on my chest, closed her eyes and began to ride for all she was worth.
Slow up, swivel at the top and hard and fast down.
Once she reached the bottom, she would contract her pussy and flex the muscles like she was milking a cow.
I knew this would be the end of me quick.
I told her not to stop the on the up stroke, but if she kept up the down stroke, we were going to be in trouble.
She looked into my eyes, hers twinkling as she spoke and said, “I hope so.
” After a few more strokes, I couldn’t contain myself; I squeezed her ass in both hands, arched my back, and pounded up into her with all I had left.
We came together for the first time that night and collapsed into each other’s arms.
This was the moment when I knew the lines had been blurred between student and teacher forever.



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