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“I do not have a companion anymore,” I told the organizer over the phone.
“My husband left me for his secretary.
” “I am sorry to hear that.
” She sounded sincere.
“May I come on my own?” “Of course.
” “Won’t that throw your numbers out?” “We always welcome a unicorn.
Besides, we cannot have the festival without our guest speaker.
” “I am glad to hear that.
” “I have just one question.
” “Yes….
?” “Will you participate?” “I would love to, if anyone would find me sexy enough.
” “Oh, Dr.
Valerie, you will blow them away.
” “Call me Kelly, please,” I said.
“That settles it.
We will see you on Friday.
”   During the week before the festivities, I completed my speech manuscript; spent a few hours a day naked in the sun; had my pussy hair removed; had my prematurely greying dark hair cut short and did some last-minute shopping.
At home, I walked mostly naked and when I went to town, I dressed in a short thin summer dress with spaghetti straps and nothing underneath.
That caused a few wide-eyed stares, a lot of clicks from disapproving women and sexy grins from aroused men.
As Friday drew closer, I became nervous to go on my own to a nudist swingers’ convention in the Magaliesberg Mountains in South Africa.
What made me agree to such insanity? As a respected lecturer at the University of Johannesburg in Integral Theology, I should not even have considered going public in the nude.
And there I was as giddy as a schoolgirl on her first date with a boy she had a crush on.
My vagina, no scrap that, my pussy was as slippery wet as the summer rain on parched land and my pussy lips as puffed up as fresh croissants.
My clitoris was pure sensational nerves.
Every little bump or touch would send me in a bodily bliss.
With all the discipline I could gather I did not give in to the temptation to relief my sexual frustrations.
I wanted to save it for the weekend.
How I longed for someone to go down on me, to pleasure me, to make me orgasm, to send me into orbital bliss.
Martin was never able to do that and for the last fourteen years of our twenty-year marriage, he didn’t even touch me.
All my knowledge gathered from books would be put to the test that weekend.
Now was the time to gather experiential knowledge or as the mystics called it, gnosis.
  As I drove down the winding road to the Sun-Kissed Valley the wetness between my legs threatened to flood my car.
I did not want them to know how desperate I was for passionate lovemaking.
Grabbing a Kleenex, I wiped the wetness from my pussy, sniffed my own juices and brought my attention back to the road.
Winding down the window, I became aware of the silence of the bush.
There were no cars honking, no people shouting at each other and no buzz of city life.
Just the silence of the African bush.
I could hear birds calling, but as a city woman, their sounds were unfamiliar to me.
Kelly Valerie,” said a blond naked woman with a broad smile, as I got out the car.
“Welcome to our corner of Paradise.
” She enthusiastically hugged me, her breasts squashing against my thin summer dress.
As she released me, I looked at her, a woman in her early fifties, with a few extra pounds and still beautiful.
Her mound was clean-shaven and her eyes sparkling blue.
“I’m Celia, the organizer of this event.
How was your trip? Is there anything I can do?” “Thank you…” Celia rambled on about the place and how glad she was that I have arrived.
I was immediately attracted to her, to her joi de vivre and her openness.
“Let me show you to your bungalow.
” Picking up my small bag and a food basket, I followed Celia to a small thatched chalet, with three sides open, a bed in the center, at the back “wall” a small kitchen to the right and an open-air toilet, shower and washbasin to the left.
I was taken aback.
There was no privacy.
The next hut was about twenty yards further away, separated by a few scrubs and a large shady tree.
I could not see the occupants.
Maybe this was I needed after a lifetime hiding behind walls, cherishing my privacy.
“I’ll give you time to freshen up before I’ll show you more of the place,” she said after she showed me how the shower and the gas stove worked.
Without saying anything else, Celia left me standing there, flabbergasted.
Looking at her beautiful ass as she walked away, I hoped that the next few days I would experience things I wouldn’t regret.
The cold shower refreshed me in the early morning heat.
With climate change and the El Nino creating havoc across the world we needed to use as little water as possible.
I vowed that as long as I was in the Valley, I would never shower alone.
I knew I made promises I might not be able to keep, not on my part, but others might not be interested in sharing a shower with me.
That was the ego’s vanity talking again and I quickly reminded myself to live in the moment, to accept things as they were.
Life had a greater plan for all of us that I could have imagined.
“Feeling better?” Celia asked as she entered the bungalow.
For the first time in my adult life, I was naked in the presence of another person, other than my ex-husband.
As Celia looked at me, I became self-conscious and I wanted to hide my breasts and naked vulva from her eyes.
It was as if all the muscles in my body tensed up to overcome the scrutiny.
I had to use all my self-discipline not to give in to the shame of years of social conditioning about public nudity.
Then I saw something else in her eyes that I haven’t had for more than twenty years; acceptance.
“Much better,” I answered, as I relaxed, feeling the tension drain away.
You are sexy and beautiful,” said Celia, to put me further at ease.
“You’re going to cause a lot of erections and wet pussies, my dear.
I know I’m wet already.
” She stepped forward and hugged me again, this time our breasts and mounds touched, unhindered by the trappings of society.
I hugged her back and she kissed me on my mouth, a wet sensual kiss.
Opening my mouth in astonishment, I was surprised by her tongue slipping into my mouth.
It took me a moment before I could react, my mind still reeling from the overwhelming sensations my body picked up.
“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist.
You’re so fucking desirable,” she said as she stepped back, releasing me.
“Please forgive me.
” I didn’t expect her reaction, but I knew I had to move fast.
Taking her beautiful face in my hands, I pulled her closer and kissed her again, this time pushing my tongue into her mouth.
After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I dropped my hands to her full breasts and played with her nipples.
Just to make sure that I am that desirable, I inserted a finger between her pussy folds and discovered that she wasn’t telling a lie.
She was dripping wet.
When I rubbed her clit, she sucked my tongue deeper with the sharp inhalation of her breath.
“Lunch is ready, and the others want to meet Dr.
Valerie,” said someone.
We broke our embrace, breathless, the passion still high.
“Graham,” said Celia, without any guilt or shame.
Valerie, let me introduce you to my husband, Graham.
Graham, this is Kelly.
” A tall well-built man with a shaven head stepped into the room, his erection on full display.
I couldn’t help smiling as I remembered Mae West’s famous line: “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” Graham must have seen my smile and my gaze on his erection.
“I am glad to see.
 meet you,” he said, extending his hand to greet me.
When in Rome… I stepped forward and hugged him, flattening his cock against my tummy and squashed my tits against his pecks.
“Graham is an excellent lover,” said Celia as I let go of her husband.
“With such a package, it is no wonder,” I said, hoping that his manhood, cock, would find its way into my pussy before the day was out.
Online Now! Lush Cams Antuan_Deep On the way to the dining area, they both showed me around, explained the ins-and-outs of the resort and the people.
By the time we arrived at the huge round table, I knew everyone (all five couples) and their passion for nature and swinging.
  During lunch, a chicken salad, I fell in love with them all.
They were honest with each other and open about their passion for sex.
The men were not ashamed of their erections and the women loved the attention.
They showed me their pussies and I had to stand up to show them mine.
“Are you not afraid that your spouse would leave you for another swinger?” I asked the group.
“I know that when my wife fucks another man, she would come back home to me as she is mine,” answered Steve.
His wife, Mary, nodded in agreement.
“And I’m hers.
” That seemed to be the general agreement among the group.
“Don’t you get jealous?” “No,” came in as a chorus.
“Sex is sex and love is love.
We play together but love our spouses.
” “Why can you not love the one you are having sex with?” I asked.
“You are all friends here.
Don’t you love your friends?” “Of course, I love my friend, James,” said William.
“But I am not in love with his wife, Sarah.
” “You better not, buddy,” responded James.
“Why not? Are you not in love with life, with Eros?” The group was silent.
I might have overstepped some boundaries and stepped on a few toes.
“Men and women are sometimes ignorant of the female anatomy.
” I stood up to show the group my pussy again.
“Our pussies are not just holes to accommodate men’s cocks for their pleasure.
Our pussies, the woman’s cervix, is connected to our brains and our souls.
” They looked at me as if I told them the world was flat.
“When a man touches my soul with his cock, I respond with love.
Or is it my soul that responds? How can I not treasure that moment of pure acceptance of unconditional love?” I knew I was losing my audience, but I was invited to give them a speech and I was delivering it.
“Swinging is wonderful.
Having sex with different partners can strengthen a relationship and increase the passion in a marriage.
Robert Bly wrote a book called “Sibling Society” about modern adults never growing up.
He used the TV sitcom “Seinfeld” as his example of adults never taking responsibility and making issues of the most trivial things.
That is what swinging has become, adults sharing “toys” but always taking the toys back home.
” I stood up, knowing I have overstayed my welcome.
My ideas and the things I wanted to practice always alienated me from others.
Martin could not reconcile my ideas with his paradigm.
It was easier for him to fuck his secretary than to love us both.
He wanted me to be his property.
“I love you all, unconditionally.
I thank you for sharing this meal with me.
I am sorry what I said offended you.
I will not bother you again.
” I rushed to the bungalow, packed my bags and made it to my car before William and James stopped me.
“You didn’t give us a chance to take it all in,” said William.
“You cannot leave now,” added James.
“The truth is I love James and Sarah.
I love my wife, Claire.
I love Celia and Graham but were always too scared to mention it.
” William’s head dropped in shame.
James walked up to William, hugged and kissed him, their erections squashed against each other.
Turning around, his erection pointing straight at me, still in my summer dress, he said: “You opened my eyes, all our eyes, to love, to the real reason why we swing.
” “You nailed it for us, Doc,” said William, standing next James, his right arm over the naked shoulder of his buddy.
I didn’t know how to respond.
I might have convinced these two because they grew up together and shared toys, girlfriends and wives for so long that it was natural for them to make that paradigm shift to love in their swinging.
“What about the others?” I asked.
“Look behind you.
” Eight naked people stood behind me, holding hands and opening them up to me.
All naked.
Before I could do anything, William removed my dress, moved behind me, dropped his head between my legs and picked me up onto his neck.
Together they took me to the pool and dumped me unceremoniously in the deep end.
Then everybody joined me, frolicking, touching my boobs, my pussy and the men pushed their erections against my body.
Horsing around in the pool cooled us off but it also helped me bond with everyone else.
Celia and Steve pulled me out the pool, dried me off and laid me on a towel on the soft grass beneath a shady tree.
Steve offered his cock to my mouth while Celia pushed my legs open and looked at my pussy.
I wasn’t used to someone looking at my private parts like that, but my attention was elsewhere; Steve’s cock.
Pulling back his foreskin I exposed his purple gland and saw the precum leaking out its slit.
Grabbing the shaft, I pulled his erection to my mouth and licked the clear liquid from its source.
Feeling Celia opening my pussy petals to expose my pink slit, I felt very vulnerable.
I had to let go of all control or I would never have been able to practice what I preached.
My soft moan must have encouraged Celia because the next thing I felt was a tongue on my clitoris and a finger running up and down my slit.
My clit became one long extension from the tip beneath its hood, straight through my slit valley and into the depths of my vagina.
Celia increased the pressure of her finger between my pussy lips and I felt how that small tube became more engorged than ever before, increasing the pleasure deep within me.
Steve was patient with me, letting me experience pussy ecstasy before giving him the attention he needed.
As Celia sucked on my clit, I swallowed Steve’s cock deep in my mouth.
Making gurgling sounds on his cock, I heard Steve screamed with pleasure.
I squeezed his shaft tight to prevent him from coming too soon.
When I let go, I heard him sigh with relief.
We continued pleasuring one another orally until I was too sensitive between my legs.
I needed a cock in my pussy.
As if on call, Tony and Jean appeared next to me.
They were an unassuming couple, in their late thirties but with an intensity and focus that overwhelmed me.
Taking their places next to me, Jean’s hands on my breasts while Tony played with my sensitive clit.
“Thank you for releasing the love in us,” whispered Jean in my ear, then she kissed me softly on my full lips.
She played with her tongue between my teeth, flicked my lips, moved down my neck and throat to end up sucking on my pointy nipples.
Tony did the same on my other side.
I was lost in desire but had enough control to see what the others did.
William and James were double penetrating Mary while Claire encouraged them to give her the best orgasms of her life.
“Please,” I begged them.
“Please let Tony fuck me.
” “Oh, yes of course.
” “Jean, you do the honors and put Tony’s cock in my pussy and come sit on my face.
I want to taste your pussy.
” Tony took his place between my spread legs, lifting my hips up while Jean guided his cock into my wet pussy.
I squeezed my muscles to add to the friction on Tony.
“Oh, fuck.
You’re tight.
” “Make love to her, my love,” said Jean as she took her place on my mouth.
Looking up, I saw her beautiful smooth vulva, her thin but puffy lips and the small bud hiding beneath a hood.
Using one hand I spread those lips with my two fingers to peek into her soul.
She was dripping wet and I wanted so desperately to taste her, to drink from her depth.
Before I could continue, she sat down on my mouth and the last I heard was: “Eat me out, now.
” Then Tony was moving his cock in and out of my overflowing pussy.
I became aware of a sensation, an emotion or a series of emotions, overwhelming me.
I became the embodiment of love, and the more I let go, the more love took over.
At last, my theory turned into a practice and Eros manifested Herself through sex as Her ultimate expression.



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