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Jonathan’s parting words to us were, “What would you think if I brought my date back here later? It might be fun.
”     Kathy looked at him, “Am I right in thinking you want us to have a foursome?”   Kathy, my stepmother, who is barely three years older than me, had become my first female lover that afternoon.
Jonathan, my sixteen-year-old next-door neighbor, had led me through my first gay experience the day before.
  I had to process all this in a very short period.
  Kathy had told me that Dad was bisexual, as was she.
They had a great sex life together sharing partners quite frequently before he passed away.
It was a wonderful time for her.
Never had she felt as free and happy as while they were married.
  Here I was nineteen years old.
Three days ago I was virginal.
Now I was about to participate in my first foursome.
I was in a state of emotional turmoil.
  I had loved Kathy from the moment she married Dad.
Earlier today I had told her of my feelings for her.
She confessed that she also loved me.
I was aware that, while I had been at college, Jonathan had satisfied her sexual desires.
No wonder I was in turmoil not knowing what to expect.
  However, I knew that her happiness was important to me.
I just wanted both of us to remain in love and not have anything spoil that.
  We both showered and got ready for Jonathan and his girl to get here at ten o’clock.
I donned some cutoff jeans and a t-shirt.
Then went down and prepared a pitcher of margaritas.
  Just before ten Kathy descended.
She was wearing a red see through nighty that offsets her lustrous black hair, and a see-through black bra and panty set that left nothing to the imagination.
She had on her feet red CFMs that added a good three inches to her five feet.
Her makeup was faultless.
Black eyeshadow accented her big purple eyes and just a dash of lipstick.
She looked adorable.
  I advanced to take her into my arms when the doorbell rang.
  In walked Jonathan with his girlfriend.
  “This is Kitty, my little kitten,” he said by way of introduction.
  Kathy said, “Welcome to our home Kitty.
Please come in and have a seat.
”   Kitty was young, probably Jonathan’s age and cute as a button.
  She was Kathy’s size at about five feet.
Long curly red hair framed her face and she had bright blue eyes.
She was wearing a white camisole blouse and a green skirt that reached mid-thigh.
Her long legs were perched on open toe sandals with two-inch heels, which accentuated her legs.
Her freckled face seemed to be devoid of any makeup.
  I served everyone a round of margaritas, we sat and chit-chatted for a few minutes.
Jonathan was interested in how Kathy and I had concluded our afternoon after he left.
I briefly recapped what Kathy and I had discussed, and how I felt about her.
  Turning to Kathy he said, “Well I guess that means you do not need me anymore?”   “No Jonathan.
That is not what that means.
What it means is that Jack and I will always welcome you here.
Without you, this might never have happened.
It does mean that I want Jack with me when you and I get together.
Jack is now essentially my husband.
As such is entitled to be a part of any activities we share.
”   I am hopelessly in love with this woman.
How can I be so lucky?   Jonathan smiled at both of us.
He winked at me and said, “Jack you are such a lucky man.
”   Kitty who was seated next to Kathy, who was lightly stroking her bare arm with her fingers, had not said a word until now.
  Jonathan told her to stand up and face us.
“Let me explain to you my relationship with Kitty.
She is my girlfriend.
By her choice, she is also my slave and completely submissive to me.
She loves sex and will do whatever I ask of her.
She is also bisexual and loves to have sex with both men and women.
Is that not right Kitty?”   Kitty uttered her first words since she entered.
“ Yes, Jonathan.
”   “Kitty is also turned on by being tied, spanked, and abused.
I have set limits to keep her from being hurt.
We can do nothing to her that will leave permanent marks on her body.
If she asks you to stop, you can ignore her and keep on whatever you are doing to her.
If however, she says her safe word, which is red, you will immediately back off.
Got that?”   Kathy and I nodded our assent.
Both of us by now itching to get our hands on this beautiful nubile teen.
  He then told Kitty to strip.
She slowly and languorously removed her camisole revealing the cutest set of tits.
Two little tennis balls standing out proudly crowned by elongated nipples.
Her stomach flat and tight below them with an adorable dimple, had a tiny gold jewel piercing.
She then shimmied out of her skirt and stood there in the tiniest of thongs.
All they were was a minute translucent triangle of fabric covering her pussy and leaving nothing to the imagination.
She looked delicious with her creamy complexion flecked with freckles from head to foot   Slowly sliding the thong from off her hips and down her long legs, she stood there with a smile on her face and a look of pride in her eyes.
Her pussy was exquisite just a slit surrounded by delicate labia and topped with a tuft of red hair.
  It was quite a performance and it made my cock stand at full attention.
I glanced at Kathy and her eyes were riveted on Kitty.
She looked at me and smiled at the sight of my erect cock.
  Kathy looked at Jonathan and asked him if she could have her first.
  “Sure go ahead she’s all yours.
Kitty go see Kathy.
I will sit next to Jack to enjoy the show you two put on for us.
”   Jonathan shucked off his shorts and sat next to me.
His erection was rampant.
Taking off my shorts, I reached out and stroked his cock while we got ready to watch the girls.
I reached out for his firm cock and gave it some firm stroking.
  Kathy stood up and asked Kitty to strip her of her nighty, bra, and panties.
She sat down and pulled Kitty into her lap.
Her hands fondled the small tits and tugged at Kitty’s long nipples.
  “Pussycat give me a kiss.
”   We could see their lips part as they hungrily kissed each other.
Kathy’s hands kept caressing Kitty’s tits and teasing her nipples.
Their tongues licked and thrust in each other’s mouths.
  “Make your mouth wet for me.
I want to taste your spit and drink deeply of you.
Just like that, my kitten.
Suck mine now you lovable horny girl.
You taste so sweet and yummy.
”   Kathy’s hand spread Kitty’s legs and her fingers disappeared into her pussy.
Kitty started making soft purring and mewing sounds while Kathy explored her.
She brought her fingers back to her lips and licked the glistening digits.
Then she went back, scooped up more of Kitty’s juices, and fed her fingers to Kitty who licked them and sucked them deep into her mouth.
  “You like to taste yourself.
”   “Mm….
Yes, and I want to taste you, Kathy.
”   “Help yourself it’s all yours.
”   Kitty got off Kathy’s lap and knelt at her feet.
She raised Kathy’s foot and removing her shoes took each foot and placed it on the sofa.
Kathy was sitting with her legs spread, her pussy and asshole were totally exposed.
Kitty took Kathy’s foot and sucked her toes running her tongue between each one.
The look on Kathy’s face was rapturous as she abandoned her body to Kitty.
We saw Kitty then lick her way up the inner thigh until she reached the juncture of the legs.
  She then spread Kathy’s ass cheeks wide open.
Her tongue licked at the now exposed ass pucker.
Her pointy tongue attempting to drill right into it.
  Kathy moaned.
“ Oh, good kitty clean up my asshole.
Your tongue feels so good.
Deeper honey.
Please! Goddamn, that feels so good.
I want your tongue in my pussy love.
”   Kitty promptly started to lap Katy’s wet pussy.
We could see her tongue thrust in and out.
Pussy juice covered her chin and mouth.
Kathy’s hips were thrusting at her.
Kitty’s fingers were now teasing her clit.
  Meanwhile, Jonathan had inserted a finger up my ass as he stroked my cock.
  “Jack I want to fuck you.
”   He positioned me on my knees so I could see the women.
Getting behind me, I felt his cock pushing at my ass hole.
After the initial resistance, I felt him invade my ass.
The feeling of his cock up my ass had my cock dripping pre-cum in an instant.
The warmth and heat of him in me was erotic.
I could feel him throbbing as he massaged my ass.
I pushed back against him until his balls and mine were rubbing on each stroke.
I tightened my sphincter and milked him.
He flooded my ass with stream after stream of cum.
  Kitty had brought Kathy to a roaring frenzied climax.
They were both sitting there cuddled together watching us.
Jonathan pulled out of me leaving me dripping his spunk out of my ass.
  He called Kitty over.
Presenting his cock to her, he had her clean it from balls to tip with her mouth.
He then ordered her to clean out my ass.
She got on her knees behind me.
Her tongue started licking the spunk dripping from me.
The sensation was incredible.
Her tongue lapping at my ass and her lips sucking at it almost drove me crazy.
When she finished cleaning me up Jonathan ordered her to stand.
He handed her a bottle of mouthwash and told her to go to the bathroom and to wash up and gargle.
  “So what do you think?” He asked us while she was away.
  “She is incredible.
I can’t wait to eat her pussy.
” Kathy answered.
  Kitty returned and Jonathan told her to come and stand in front of me while he went and sat with Kathy.
  She stood proudly and faced me.
I looked at her slim body from head to foot.
She was luscious.
I reached out and fondled her titties.
Luscious morsels of flesh begging to be licked and sucked.
Bringing her closer I sucked her long nipples into my mouth and lightly chewed them.
She started her purring sounds obviously enjoying the attention.
Jonathan came over and handed me a chain with some rubber-covered clamps.
He told me to clamp them at the base of each nipple.
  As I attached each one Kitty winced.
Then a content smile spread on her face.
I reached down and felt her pussy.
She was dripping wet.
I turned her around and fondled her ass.
Making her spread her legs and bend at the waist, I could see her pussy lips.
I reached out and inserted first one then two fingers up her hot wet twat.
Thrusting in and out got her moaning immediately.
  I pulled her on my lap and started caressing her velvety soft ass.
She purred at my touch.
  “Spank her she loves it,” said Jonathan.
  “Really?”   “She loves having her ass and pussy spanked it makes her even hornier.
”   Is that even possible? Online Now! Lush Cams CiaraRose   Kitty looked back at me “Please Jack spank me.
”   “Has Kitty been a naughty girl to earn this spanking?”   “Oh yes, Jack I have.
”   I started giving her cheeks a spanking.
She stopped me and asked me to place my cock between her thighs.
Every time my hand swatted her ass, her hips and thighs would buck massaging my cock.
My hand was leaving red marks on her creamy white skin.
Ten swats on each cheek and I could feel her pussy dripping wet on my thigh.
I spread her thighs and groped her cunt.
She was sopping wet and she clamped down on my fingers.
I thrust my fingers in and out of her tight cunt bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.
  While this was taking place, Kathy and Jonathan had settled themselves on the floor in front of us.
Kathy was riding him.
I watched her go up and down on his cock.
I felt a twinge of jealousy until Kathy turned to me and mouthed ‘I Love YOU.
’ My heart swelled with joy.
I wanted her to enjoy herself.
  I spanked Kitty a few times on her pussy.
Her wet cunt soaked my hand.
I teased her clit getting her to enjoy several minor orgasms.
Curiosity overcame me and I parted her ass cheeks to reveal the cutest of pink ass puckers.
I probed at her anus and felt her relax her sphincter to admit my finger.
I still had not cum since we started our playing around and I was on the point of putting her on the floor and fucking that cute ass.
  Jonathan who had just made Kathy and himself cum spoke up.
“Fuck her ass, Jack, she loves it.
”   “No,” Kathy said, “I want him first.
The first ass he fucks will be mine.
I want him to know that I am fully his woman now.
”   How I love my Kathy.
Yes, she is my woman and my love.
  “Come to me Jack.
Fuck my ass.
Make it yours.
”   I went to her leaving Kitty with Jonathan who promptly started to fuck her.
Lifting Kathy, I placed her on her knees.
She promptly rolled over onto her back and spread her legs wide open.
  “This way Jack.
I want to look at you as you enter me and fuck me.
”   Kneeling between her parted thighs, I lowed my face and rimed her tight ass hole.
She squirmed with delight feeling my tongue lubricate her opening.
Spreading my pre-cum over my cock I guided it to her waiting pucker.
I placed it against her and felt her push back against me.
Slowly her ass dilated and I felt the head of my cock penetrate.
She opened up to me and I slowly slide my cock into her.
I could feel her stretching to accommodate the girth of my cock.
Her ass was so hot and wet that soon I was fully in her up to my balls.
  Looking at her, I could see her beautiful eyes filled with joy.
Slowly at first, I stroked my length in and out of her.
Each stroke massaging every inch of her tight confines.
My cock pulsed and throbbed.
Soon I felt myself close to cumming.
Kathy took her hand and rubbed her clit.
I could feel her sphincter tighten on my cock and massage it in turn.
  Unable to hold back I flood her bowels with jet after jet of thick stringy cum.
This put her over the top.
She exploded into an orgasm that had her hips humping my cock and her pussy dripping with juice.
I collapsed into her arms with my cock still in her.
Many passionate kisses later, she lowered her legs and stretched out under me.
  “Thank you for that my darling Jack.
I just wanted you to realize I am all yours now and forever.
”   “I now know that.
I want you to enjoy every moment we share.
You have washed the fears out of my heart.
Not to mention the cum out of my balls,” I told her with a smile.
  “Are you two lovebirds done billing and cooing,” Jonathan interjected.
“It is time for Kitty to be your cum slut.
”   Kitty scooted over to us, took my cock and licked, and sucked it clean.
She then went to Kathy turned her on her stomach parted her ass cheeks and cleaned all my spunk out of her.
Kathy moaned obviously enjoying the attention of that velvety tongue.
  We then sat back to recover and have another round of margaritas.
Kathy slowly removed the nipple clamps from Kitty’s tits.
They were engorged and very red.
Kitty breathed a sigh of relief as the blood started to flow.
She admitted that the rush of blood made her pussy tingle.
  “I think it is time for all of us to take a shower and go to the bedroom.
Then I am going to dine on Kitty’s cunt until she begs for mercy.
” Kathy said smiling.
  After showering, we assembled in the bedroom.
Kathy had Kitty climbed on the bed.
She then had Jonathan and I cuff her wrists to each bedpost at the head of the bed.
Taking her legs, we then cuffed them to the posts at the bottom of the four-poster.
Kathy had us change the position so her legs were about two and a half feet higher than the level of the mattress.
  In that position stretched the way she was, she was open to our view and to our touch.
With a fey expression on her face, Kathy lowered herself between her thighs and started tonguing her pussy.
She would get Kitty to the edge of an orgasm and then back off.
She did this repeatedly with Kitty pleading with her to make her cum each time.
Kitty was a beautiful sight.
Sweat making her skin glisten, nipples hard and red, hips attempting to buck and force Kathy to relent and get her off.
  “Are you ready to beg my little kitten?”   “Please, yes please make me cum.
”   “What will you do for me if I do?”   “Anything you want.
No one has ever teased me so much.
I am yours to do whatever you wish.
”   “Promise?”   “ Yes, I promise.
I can’t take any more.
”   Kathy placed.



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