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Latest stories Straight Sex Finding the right co-worker

In my second sales job, in a time before the web and cellphones, I was working in downtown Boston for a small software company.
As things progressed, the company decided to hire two new telesales people.
The preference was for female voices, so we were all on the lookout.
One Wednesday, in late summer, I had an initial call with an executive on the 21st floor of a building downtown.
I took the elevator up and, when I got off, I was in the lobby of the offices as they had the entire floor.
I checked in with reception and then went to the chairs and couches in the waiting area to wait for my meeting.
As I looked up, I saw a tall beautiful brunette woman in a light blue form fitting dress, with a dark blue jacket, reading a fashion magazine.
She looked up as I approached and, although a bit heavy with eyeliner, she was magnificent as she smiled broadly at me.
I sat down across from her and drank in her beauty, noticing the tight body hiding under the jacket she wore.
She had looked back to her magazine, but then looked up again a few minutes later and our eyes met.
When she saw me looking, she smiled broadly and her brown eyes inviting me.
As I began to gather the courage to speak to this vision, I was called for my meeting.
I got up and went towards the office I was going to.
At the last minute I turned and looked back to see her still observing me.
I smiled to her as I went through the door and she smiled back.
An hour later, I left the meeting and started for the elevator.
The door opened and I got in and turned around only to see this beauty dashing to make the elevator.
She looked like a tall version of Pat Benatar.
I held the door so she and the last couple of people behind her could enter.
“Well you just made it,” I said smiling (I am 6’4 she was 5’9”) looking down in her deep brown smiling eyes.
“Yes, thanks for holding the door.
I am Linda,” she said holding out her hand for a shake.
I took it and said, “My name is Bill.
What were you doing at the company today?” “I was interviewing for a job in telemarketing for them.
” “Have you worked at telemarketing before?” I said, my being vibrating with desire for her.
“Yes, actually, I am quite good at talking on the phone.
I transitioned well moving from support to telesales and marketing.
” “That’s interesting, Linda.
My company is actually looking for some telesales people right now.
Here is my card.
Listen, maybe we could speed the process by meeting for coffee.
Do you have some time this weekend?” “Sure.
How about Sunday at eleven? We could meet at the restaurant at Wellington Circle,” she said smiling.
“Sounds like a plan.
Please bring a resume with you so I can pass it on.
I’ll see you then.
” We shook hands as we looked in each other’s smiling eyes.
She turned and started to walk away and I was impressed with her manner and grace.
Combined with her beauty, it was a compelling and sexy combination.
This could be very interesting, I thought.
I couldn’t wait until Sunday.
I went to the parking lot early and hoped Linda would come.
Shortly after I arrived, a black Toyota Corolla drove up and parked next to me.
A vision got out.
It was Linda in skin tight shorty shorts and a totally form fitting t-shirt with her breasts, and their hard nipples, on display.
She approached with a broad smile, opened the passenger door, rapidly got in and leaned over while she pulled my head to her and a full kiss was my reward.
We got very passionate for several minutes, tongues intertwined and dueling.
We sort of lay into each other, hugging as best is possible in a car.
I pulled away and said – “Wow.
That was incredible.
You are incredible! I am extremely attracted to you.
But we have to stop.
If you are going to interview with the company and come on board, I can’t appear to have a personal interest in you right now.
I’m really sorry because I am highly attracted to you.
“ Linda smiled broadly, leaned on my thigh and moved forward, sliding her hand up my thigh to grasp my hardened cock, handed me an envelope and said, “Actually this is quite refreshing to find someone with honor.
Here is my resume for your boss.
I figure we will see each other again when we meet at your office before my interview.
Until then…” She pulled my head to her and we kissed passionately again.
But this time her hand slowly rubbed my hardening member.
She broke the kiss, still holding me and leaned back into the seat and looked deeply into my eyes.
“I guess you are really attracted to me, as I am to you.
I will go now and we will take this up another time.
” With that she turned away, jumped out of my car, went to hers and with a wave, was gone.
Four days later, she came to our offices in Waltham.
When she came through the door and passed my desk, she looked down and smiled broadly, while my heart pounded and my cock responded in kind.
She interviewed with the executives and Carl, the sales manager.
She was hired that day and started work the following Monday.
The second day of work, she came to my desk while I was working on an email and stood very close, her stomach rubbing my arm, she reached down and grabbed my shoulder.
I looked up into her eyes and was instantly breathless and at a loss for words.
Her loveliness was as intoxicating as her perfume.
She said, “Bill, my car is in the shop.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnniKaRR Can you give me a ride home this afternoon?” My heart leaped as I leaned back and said, “It would be my pleasure.
I’ll see you later.
” “Great!” She exclaimed, “I look forward to it.
” And with that she turned and I watched her walk away, swaying a sexy sway, my breath still gone.
At 5PM she came to my desk and we left for my car.
She lived in the next town over from my apartment in Somerville, which we would pass by on the way.
As we were going by my street, she said, “ Isn’t that your street?” “Yes,” I replied.
“Would you mind if we stopped in so I can use the bathroom? I have to go really soon,” Linda said.
“No, that’s fine,” I replied as I took the right into my street.
I parked and we got out and walked the three flights to my apartment.
We went in to the four room rooftop apartment of the third floor Victorian.
I showed her the bathroom in the back through the eat-in kitchen.
After a couple of minutes she came out and went towards the living room.
“This is real nice,” she said as she sat down on the couch.
“Long as we are here, would you like something to drink?” I asked.
That would be great.
A beer would be fine if you have one.
” I went back into the kitchen and futzed around to get to the beers in the cold spot at the bottom rear of the refrigerator.
Took me a couple of minutes, but I pulled out two, popped the tops off, and poured them into glasses.
I turned and went into the living room and looked up.
I was stunned.
Linda had stripped all her clothes off and was seated with her legs bent up on the sofa naked – and she said, “ I want to thank you for getting me the job.
Come here for your gift!” And she uncurled her legs and held out her arms to me, displaying her incredible body with champagne glass breasts topped by thick inch long nipples, a flat athletic belly, and a shaved appetizing pussy.
I put down the drinks on a table next to me and moved to stand before her.
She stood up and began to unbutton my shirt.
She started kissing me, our tongues intertwining with the sweet taste from her apple lipstick, while my hands encircled her waist feeling her heat for the first time.
Her hot smooth skin exciting to my touch, as she kept unbuttoning my shirt, finally pulling it free of my pants and then pulling it down my arms.
This caused me to pull my hands through and, circling her again, pulling her pointed breasts to my chest, feeling our naked heat while we passionately kissed for several breath taking moments.
We pulled away for a minute breaking the kiss, while she fumbled with my belt and lowered my pants, as I got my sneakers off with my feet, one at a time, and my pants left me and we were naked.
My erection bounced free, my cock so hard it lay standing up between us as we merged again in a long passionate French kiss, our arms around each other.
Finally I broke away and said, “Linda, you are so beautiful!” She laughed and grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom.
We moved quickly, her breasts heaving, my throbbing cock bouncing, as we ran to the bedroom.
She pulled me hard by the hand, so that I fell on the bed first.
I rolled over on my back and looked at her as she stood at the bottom of my bed, smiling and said, ”I love the look of that cock.
” She moved onto her hands and knees and approached my body from the end of the bed, moving in cat-like motions, eyes straight ahead and focused on me as my eyes were focused on hers.
When she hovered over my crotch, she lowered her head down and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, peeling back my foreskin revealing the sensitive head below to her wet tongue.
The warm wet feeling was enhanced as she sucked me in further and bottomed out at my pubic hair.
She swirled her tongue around my cockhead and shaft driving a pleasure I hadn’t ever felt before.
“Ohhhh, Oo My God!” I moaned out twisting my head back and forth and hands gripping the covers.
She began slowly pulling my cock in and out of her mouth, all the while with great suction.
I moved my hands to her hardened nipples squeezing them, rolling them between my thumb and forefingers, twisting them gently, then harder.
She moaned quietly, mouth full, tongue active rolling around my cockhead as I began to leak precum.
She lifted her head and said, “Tasty.
I like it!” She sucked my back in her mouth as I continued to rub her breasts.
I was moving rapidly towards a cum, the hitch in my balls starting and the sensation a powerful pull.
I moved my hands back to the covers and grabbed hard as she spun her tongue faster, bobbing at the same time.
My back arched as suddenly, my cock turned to stone and released a heavy load of cum into her mouth which she began swallowing.
I came in five strong throbs and she leaked a bit from the corners of her mouth as I fell back to the bed.
She moved up my body and lay on top of me squishing my still hard cock between us with warm cum smearing, pointed breasts nestled on mine.
I put my arms around our nakedness as she kissed me deeply, opening our mouths and sliding a good bit of my cum into my mouth which began to swirl around our tongues as they danced together and we took off into the space of a long passionate kiss.
After a time, she broke the kiss and looked at me smiling, “And that was just the appetizer!”



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