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It was July of 1991.
Kelly and I took a two-week trip to the southwest with our travel trailer.
We absolutely fell in love with the desert, the culture, and the whole vibe of being there.
We spent a couple of days camping near Canyon de Chelly.
We stayed at a private campground that was owned by a Native American named Howard.
Howard was a pretty cool dude.
He had native music piped around the campground.
Nothing like native flutes and drums to make you feel like you’re in a very different place.
It was July in the desert, yep “dry heat” and all that.
It was hot but without humidity, it wasn’t miserable.
We were traveling simply.
We’d park the trailer, plugin, drop the awning, set out a couple of bag chairs, and call it good.
We were sitting outside and just enjoying life.
The campground was very quiet, serene even.
Only one car drove past our site in the course of a couple of hours.
Driving on gravel, we heard them coming around the corner before they could see us.
Kelly decided time, temperature, and mood were all just right.
She stood up and stripped off her couple of pieces of clothing.
At thirty-one Kelly had the body of a goddess.
She stood five-feet-two, with blonde hair to her shoulder blades in big loopy curls, huge natural 32F boobs, long legs, a little bubble butt, and sexy size seven feet.
She’d tanned in our back yard for several weeks to prepare for the trip and was a sexy bronze babe with no tan lines.
She kept her twat shaved bare and silky smooth.
The tattoo of a blooming red rose on her pubic mound always caught the attention of those lucky enough to get a glimpse.
She sat back down and my cock sprang to attention.
Our conversation was about our overall enjoyment of the vacation, our plans, etc.
It wasn’t sexual at all, but we were definitely in a beautiful mood.
And just looking at Kelly, my pecker couldn’t help itself.
It was as hard as steel and had begun dripping precum.
It was Kelly who suggested I’d be more comfortable naked as well.
I couldn’t argue the point.
As soon as I slid down my shorts Kelly squealed with happiness.
There’s not much in life that she enjoys more than the sight of a hard-on and super bonus points if she was the cause.
Instinctively she jumped up and stood in front of me hugging me and rubbing her warm body into mine.
At six-feet four our parts don’t line up so great and my cock was pressed against her tummy.
I dipped my head and kissed her.
It started slow and tender.
When we broke the kiss and looked at each other with huge smiles of happiness we knew what was next.
I laid a beach towel across the picnic table and helped Kelly hop up onto the table.
She laid back with her pussy right at the edge of the table.
I stood between her knees and slid my cock into her wet slit.
I had her knees draped across my elbows as we slowly and gently fucked.
We continued our conversation as though nothing had changed.
The music continued to play.
It was just the most amazing experience.
Hot, yet not blazing, and neither of us was dripping sweat.
We continued our happy fuck for probably ten minutes or so.
A song came on that had, what sounded like to my untrained ears, war drums.
Most definitely a beat to fuck to.
I picked up the pace and kept time with the music.
That experience took hold of Kelly and a minute later she locked up, stifled her sounds, and had a gentle orgasm.
Watching her nipples, which had been nearly melted by the heat, stiffen up and brighten in color as she came is what did it for me.
Kelly could feel my ass tense up.
“Don’t leave me messy,” was what she said.
I knew what it meant.
A moment later I pulled my cock from her cunt, stepped back, and slowly jerked myself.
Kelly leaned up on her elbows to watch.
Watching a guy jerk off is also one of her favorite sights.
The mood was right.
The fuck had been right.
Everything was working.
I started to shoot.
I launched three hard streams of jizz that hit about three feet out and left a wet trail on the red gravel back to just short of my feet.
Kelly squealed again.
Loving seeing a guy jerk off can only be made better, in her eyes, by him launching a big payload.
She jumped down and swallowed my shrinking dick, capturing my last few drops.
We went back to sitting in our chairs and continued on the conversation.
Again, being in the presence of her naked body meant my cock was not going to completely shrivel up.
It stayed at half-mast.
I also knew well that nothing makes Kelly hornier than getting fucked.
Perhaps twenty minutes after I had launched, Kelly had casually lifted both knees onto the side arms of her chair, sliding her butt down a bit.
She lazily, at first, used a couple of fingers to explore her pussy.
Slowly the pace picked up.
Ten minutes after she’d started Kelly had one hand rubbing her clit and the other was fucking herself with two, three, or four fingers in random order.
Kelly was building herself up to something spectacular.
I caught sight of them out of the corner of my eye, seeing her first.
My eyes were darting back and forth.
Kelly was in her own world and her eyes were closed.
The couple that was walking on the drive toward our campsite were around our age.
She was a brunette with hair to the middle of her back, wearing a bikini top and low-slung short shorts.
From a distance, she appeared gorgeous.
He, in my words, looked like a guy Kelly would happily fuck.
She waved first.
I waved back.
He waved also.
“Isn’t it just beautiful here,” she said.
Kelly’s eye’s bolted open.
I could tell Kelly was perhaps a second or two from what she’d been building up to.
She looked at me with the eyes of a feral animal.
I had replied, “Yes, it is,” to her.
The guy said something I didn’t catch because I was also watching Kelly.
We were sitting at about the middle of our trailer.
I had my back toward the trailer and my left side to the road.
Kelly had her back to the road.
The road was just over the length of my Suburban away.
Kelly could hear the voices were getting closer.
They stood right at the hood of the Suburban as we continued to share pleasantries.
My mind calculated that they were also surprised at the seeming lack of people around and were happy to see other faces.
The logical thing to do would be to invite them to our campsite.
My brain had also detected an accent.
Quick calculation determined it was French.
The closer she was the prettier I realized that she actually was.
All of this happened in less than a second.
Kelly’s eyes had gone wild at the sound of the woman’s voice.
At the sound of the man’s voice she started to cum.
She was way too far gone to even think about holding back.
She sprayed her cum like a sprinkler.
Again, she tried her best to control sounds.
My brain was about to explode with too much happening at once.
Kelly couldn’t help herself.
She’d been building this huge orgasm for a long time.
It couldn’t be stopped.
Her legs lifted up involuntarily as she continued to fuck herself.
The guy said something else and Kelly blasted another huge spray.
My cock was rock hard.
The other couple was now just fifteen feet away.
I was naked with my six-inch prick aiming straight up and ready to fly a flag.
My wife had just blasted two massive cum sprays.
I think the woman did her own quick study.
I think she glimpsed my hard-on.
She saw the movement of Kelly’s legs and, as a woman, realized why legs move like that.
She made some polite comment and they moved on and continued their walk.
Kelly let out some sort of aftershock noise, which I’m sure they heard.
Kelly collapsed in her chair.
Several minutes later she had returned to earth.
“Who the heck was that?” I explained it was a good-looking couple probably looking to meet people.
“Oh my God, I thought I was going to meet them by cumming on them.
” We had a good laugh about it.
A couple of hours later we walked over to the edge of the canyon.
It was about a half-mile walk.
I had my camera and we were right at the “golden hour”, that time before sunset and after sunrise when the light makes for great pictures.
I snapped a couple of pics of the canyon.
Words cannot begin to describe the beauty.
Again, we were in a zone.
I took a pic of Kelly.
She pulled off her T-shirt for the next one.
A few great shots later and she tugged off her nylon shorts.
I was getting some great shots.
There were all of these columns of stacked up rocks around us that made for really interesting pics.
Kelly was lying down and stretched to her longest, her tits thrust into the air.
She saw them first.
She noticed a couple about fifty or sixty feet away.
They stopped and watched us for a few minutes.
Kelly stood up for a couple more shots giving them a great view of her naked body.
After a few minutes, she acted like she just noticed them and waved to them.
They waved back.
Then Kelly motioned for them to come closer.
I turned and saw it was the same couple.
I whispered to Kelly, “they almost watched you cum.
” We made some more hello’s.
They introduced themselves as Marie and Greg.
Marie apologized for their interruption.
Marie pretty much did their talking to both Kelly and I.
Greg was running his eyes all over Kelly’s body and not saying much of anything.
To be honest, I was doing the same to Marie.
Marie had a white triangle bikini top and a pair of brown jean shorts that hung very low on her hips.
So low in fact that I figured she couldn’t have a bush or I would have seen it.
She and I started to talk.
Greg and Kelly stepped a few feet away and they were talking, well Kelly was talking.
Greg was staring and occasionally nodding.
The first thing Greg actually asked Kelly about was her tattoo.
She pulled up on her groin to better show him her tattoo, which of course pulled her lips further open.
Greg had a great view of her clit.
Kelly moved her feet slightly further apart and slightly shifted from pulling her groin up, to more purposely spreading her lips wide open.
I could hear they were talking about Kelly posing for the pics.
I offered Greg my camera if he wanted to take a few, then turning to Marie and asked, “If that’s okay with you?” She responded with a broad smile across her beautiful face.
I loaded a fresh roll of film.
Greg suggested Kelly pose further away by some of the scrub.
They started with some innocent poses.
But within minutes Kelly was lying on the flat rocks, on her back, knees up, and Greg was focusing to take a straight-on closeup pic of her twat.
I asked Marie if she was interested in posing.
She declined, smirking toward Greg and said, “He’s having too much fun to ask him to stop.
” I had to agree.
Marie asked if we do this often.
I wasn’t clear about what she meant.
She clarified, “Enjoy being naked in the desert? I apologize that we’ve interrupted you twice now.
I got close enough earlier to see that you were hard.
I really didn’t mean to intrude in your space like that.
” I just laughed and said I hoped she wasn’t offended.
She giggled.
She asked if we came out to that spot often for pics.
She also asked if I posed as well.
I explained that we had just arrived that afternoon but we would be back out in the morning after sunrise for some more pics and as far as posing, I left that to Kelly and I ran the camera.
I invited her to join us saying, “I can only imagine how great you would look against these rocks.
” Marie replied, “I just might do that,” which I heard as a polite blow off.
About then, Greg and Kelly rejoined us.
Greg and Marie said their goodbye’s and continued their walk along the canyon.
Kelly pulled her clothes back on and we walked to our camp.
Kelly shared that Greg was just a typical guy.
He tried to be cool at first but all he really wanted to do was stare into her pussy.
They had walked further away than Marie and I had realized.
Kelly said she could see the panic on his face when Greg realized that I would see the pictures he’d taken.
Kelly assured him that everything he took would be fine “even if you took one with your cock inside of me.
” Kelly was stunned he didn’t take the bait.
She was so wet from him staring into her pussy that would have fucked him without question.
We got into the travel trailer to cool off a bit.
Kelly shared more details of Greg directing her posing for the pics.
Kelly could see he’d pitched a tent in his shorts.
I was even surprised they didn’t suck, fuck, or something more than just taking pics.
Kelly shared that he seemed nervous.
Kelly jumped in and worked her magic on me telling me how wet her pussy was from showing it all to him.
She even fingered herself a little between pics as he watched her, nearly drooling at the sight.
She again shared how badly she wished he would have fucked her.
My cock was raging.
I slipped my finger through the leg hole of her shorts and straight into Kelly’s sopping wet pussy.
She moaned and I quickly jerked her off.
“I’m just sorry your pussy didn’t get pounded out there,” Kelly replied that it seemed like he felt like he was going to get in some sort of trouble.
I couldn’t take any more.
I pushed Kelly back to our bed.
She flopped on her back and held her legs in the air as I pulled off her shorts, pushed down mine and fucked the hell out of her.
I hit her cunt at full speed and we both came with roaring orgasms just a couple of minutes later.
And that time I left her with a very messy pussy.
Our EDST-calibrated bodies made it easy to wake up early.
We were at the edge of the canyon, a quarter mile or so further along than the previous evening, by six a.
As we walked along I mentioned to Kelly that Maire said she’d join us, but I was pretty sure we that wouldn’t see her.
Kelly seemed confident that she’d show.
That was the first time I considered that she actually might show.
Kelly wore a tiny bikini that stayed on for a dozen or so pics.
Kelly was the one who really wanted to get naked quickly and she did.
Again, the light and scenery were beyond incredible.
I was burning up a couple of weeks worth of film and made a mental note to hit a store at the next town to restock.
We had been shooting for maybe ten minutes when Kelly said, “See, your dreams do come true.
” I was confused until I turned around and saw Marie walking our way.
Marie dropped her coverup as soon as she joined us.
She was naked underneath.
Holy fuck! Her body was amazing.
Marie had straight dark brown hair that hung to the middle of her back.
She was about a half-foot taller than Kelly.
She was slim but with a really nice set of C-cups that had just enough sag to show their weight.
Marie had a closely-trimmed landing strip about an inch wide that ran up from the top of her slit.
Her lips were bare.
Her skin was a naturally darker tone than Kelly’s.
We found out that she was originally from Quebec but had been in the US since she was a young teen.
That explained the tinge of French in her voice.
Her eyes were chestnut brown.
I bring this up only as an homage to Kelly’s butt.
I think it is perfect.
It bubbles out just below her waist and her buns end with a perfect crease straight across the tops of thighs.
I think Kelly has the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen.
Marie’s butt was different.
Her cheeks were just one smooth muscle all the way down without a defined crease like on Kelly to define the bottom of her butt.
I digress.
Suffice to say I certainly enjoyed seeing Marie naked.
Kelly asked Marie about Greg and she shared that he was still sound asleep when she slipped out of their tent.
Kelly took the camera from me.
Marie was a damn model! I’d never seen such a natural in front of a lens.
Marie posed for and Kelly took a half-dozen photos.
Marie said to me “why do you have clothes when you have no camera?” Online Now! Lush Cams LettyStevens If a beautiful woman wants you to be naked, you get naked.
They both squealed when they saw how hard I was.
Marie expressed appreciation for the fact that I too was shaved.
Kelly handed Marie the camera.
Marie put me in a couple of poses ending with my legs spread wide, me gripping my cock and the rising sun just below my balls.
It is still Kelly’s favorite pic of me.
I took a few of Kelly and Marie together.
Marie kept them very sexy, but not sexual.
Which was good because we were all surprised when a couple of elderly women walked past us.
According to Kelly, they seemed to enjoy that I was naked.
The perfect light had left us so we all dressed and walked back to camp.
I got what Kelly had said about Greg.
Marie was fine posing naked.
Although she was shaved down below, she had one of those tight little clams and even though I got one shot of her with her knees spread there was no view of pink.
Marie also seemed uninterested in sex itself.
Kelly and I had plans for the day.
That evening we built a small campfire, really just for something to stare at, and we were sitting outside at our campsite.
We heard footsteps on the gravel and Marie and Greg appeared on the road and waved.
For once we were clothed! I stood and invited them to join us.
I grabbed a couple of more chairs.
They had their own beers and we sat and chitchatted.
They were from California.
Getting up at sunrise was too much for Greg.
After hearing Marie’s story, he was kicking himself for not getting up early.
Everyone’s conversation was very flirty.
Kelly noticed Greg’s beer was empty.
She shared that we had several brands to choose from in the trailer and he should join her to make his selection.
Into the trailer they went.
A few minutes later Kelly popped her head out of the door and asked me if it would be okay if they loaded a roll of film into the camera.
“Of course.
” I could tell from Kelly’s bare shoulder that she was at least topless.
She was actually bare naked.
As soon as they got inside the trailer Greg had his hands all over her body.
Kelly stripped naked and, rubbing her hands up and down her body, asked him if that was why he regretted not getting up early.
He asked her if she was serious about me being okay with a picture of his cock inside her? Kelly stuck her head out the door asking me for film.
When she popped it back in she told Greg that indeed I was.
“He knows why we want film.
” As Kelly loaded the film, Greg removed his clothes.
Turning and seeing him naked, Kelly handed him the camera and dropped to her knees.
Kelly said his cock looked a lot like mine but was a little fatter.
Greg wasn’t shaved bare, but he had ”trimmed the bushes.
” Greg took two pics of her sucking his cock, one with her nose on his groin and one with her lips just touching the tip of his cock.
Soon they moved to our bed.
Kelly was on her back with her knees in the air.
Greg handed her the camera and Kelly took a few pics of his cock entering, and then fucking, her.
Over the next hour or so either one of them would grab the camera and take a pic of them fucking.
Greg loved using the mirrors to get pics of them coupled.
Marie and I could tell that they were fucking from the more-than-telltale rocking of the trailer.
Marie said, “I think Greg found what he’s been wanting so badly since last night.
He didn’t think I could be okay with him screwing another woman.
I asked him why he thought that since he’d never asked me?” Later I found out that they’d only been married for two years.
It was his second and her first.
Marie convinced him that a little ‘no strings attached’ fun with us could be a good time for both of them.
Marie asked if I had a flashlight? I popped into the trailer to get it.
Kelly was on the bed on all fours with Greg nailing her doggy style.
Kelly had a huge smile on her face.
I told Kelly that it looked like Marie and I was going for a walk.
“I hope you have as much fun as I am,” was her response.
Marie was naked standing by the campfire.
It was a vision I’ll never forget.
“Why are you still clothed?” she asked.
I slipped off my shorts and T-shirt.
Marie stepped up and tugged on my hard-on as she breathily told me that she wanted to walk out into the desert.
We held hands for the ten-minute walk.
It was a new moon and so dark we could see nothing without the flashlight.
Marie was carrying a picnic blanket.
She decided we’d walked far enough and she laid out the picnic blanket.
She dropped to her knees.
I stepped forward and enjoyed Marie’s mouth as she sucked and lapped at my ball sack.
My cock was raging hard and I was close to begging her to swallow me, yet conflicted because her skills on my nuts were world-class.
Suddenly Marie stopped and told me to lie down.
I followed directions and she slowly dropped her tight little pussy onto my prick, with her butt facing me.
I was in heaven! Once she bottomed out she just sat on my cock and gazed at the sky.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” I had to admit that it had been many years since I’d seen the Milky Way.
And I’d never observed it with my cock inside a tight little snatch.
It was an awe-inspiring moment.
My cock couldn’t help but twitch inside of her cunt.
Marie’s body responded by slowing sliding up and down my cock as we continued to stargaze.
Marie was kneeling on her shins.
I could feel her cunt loosen up from her increasing amount of lubrication.
She began to pick up the pace as her twat became more slippery.
My cock felt as though if it became any stiffer it would blow an artery.
Again, Marie suddenly stopped.
She wiggled her feet out, one at a time, in front of her, then stretched out her legs and laid her back onto my chest.
She slipped her feet between mine.
Her cunt was unbelievably tight on my cock.
The only way I could get movement was to clench my ass muscles causing my cock to pump so slightly in and out of her.
My hands immediately went for her tits as she laid back on me.
I, as well as her nipples, had begun to notice that the desert was quickly cooling off.
Her nipples were erect like little rockets also ready to blast off.
Yet again Marie suddenly stopped and stood up.
“Let me lay down.
” Even though she wanted me to mount her, I couldn’t resist tasting her little pussy.
I dove in face first and made it race to make her orgasm.
It didn’t take me long to win! She pulled my head toward hers.
I mounted her and she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me.
“I was getting a little chilly.
Maybe you can toast me up before we head back?” Yeah.
I could sure as hell do that.
After a bunch of practice laps, I finally had the green flag.
I wrapped my hands behind her shoulders and pulled her head tightly to my shoulder.
My ass muscles had already been driving things and I used them to push us further and faster.
The faster I humped her the more ‘mmmm’ sounds she was making.
I was in a zone and we fucked for a long time.
She finally let out one loud, guttural, “Un, un, UHN, UHN, UHN, UHN!” I felt a small amount of warm fluid on nuts and realized she’d had a small squirt.
I quickly found her mouth and plunged my tongue deep into her throat.
I made the sounds of a wild animal on the attack.
I fucked her furiously to another orgasm.
We swallowed each other’s noises so we wouldn’t draw unwanted attention from the local wildlife.
My ass was pumping her cunt so hard I thought it may drive us both through the rocky desert floor.
I held my load as long as humanly possible.
When I eventually let loose, it was just one long stream that felt like a hose had been turned on.
And then it was done.
We were still locked together.
Marie had me in a death grip and it felt pretty good.
I told her to hang on.
I carefully made my way to standing.
On the way up, she grabbed the flashlight and I grabbed the blanket.
It was now officially cold.
We swapped objects.
We got the blanket wrapped around Marie and I used the flashlight to find our way.
It quickly dawned on me how very light she was.
She couldn’t have been over a hundred and ten.
My dick was still inside of her but shrinkage was happening.
My cock slipped out.
Marie had her head laying on my shoulder as my cum slipped from her cunt.
She nibbled my neck and said, “Mmm.
You left me quite the gift down there.
” I whispered back, “When something feels that good it deserves everything I have to give.
” We were back at our camp.
The fire had completely burned out.
I set Marie down and we both scooped up our clothes.
I opened the trailer door and found Greg and Kelly sitting at the dinette.
Kelly laughed and said, “I thought we were going to have to call the Coast Guard.
” I asked, “How long were we gone?” “Close to a couple of hours.
Aren’t you cold?” Kelly was topless.
Greg was dressed.
Marie had slipped into the bathroom and reappeared fully dressed.
I put my clothes on as we continued to talk.
Kelly asked, “Well, did you have fun?” Marie replied “It was incredible.
I saw the Milky Way.
” Kelly nearly snorted and she slapped the table as she laughed.
I chimed in, “The stars actually were amazing…” Kelly laughed so hard she nearly choked, “I thought she meant the mess that you like to leave behind!” Marie snickered, “Well, yes, I guess we had two Milky Way sightings.
” Greg started the goodbye’s (although he started by slipping me some cash, an address jotted on a napkin, and a request to please send a copy of the pictures).
 He let Marie know that we were planning on leaving first thing in the morning.
We shared passionate kisses and body rubs with each other’s spouse and then away they went.
The furnace had kicked on in the trailer and I found that I was getting hot, so I stripped again and headed for bed.
Kelly joined me a few minutes later.
She climbed into the bed from between my legs, kissing her way as she moved from my ankles to my knees and then my thighs.
I wondered what was up, but kept my mouth shut to not break the mood.
Kelly made her way to my sack and then quickly swallowed my limp cock into her mouth.
She was licking and sucking and cleaning my cock.
She popped up her head for just an instant to remark, “Marie tastes pretty good,” and then she went back to her business.
While her mouth worked on my cock, her hand was playing with my nuts and occasionally her middle fingertip would tickle my brown eye.
When Kelly wants something, she is committed one-hundred percent.
And after ten minutes of serious effort, she had my cock fully erect.
She crawled further up the bed until her wet slit scraped across my rigid cock.
Kelly pushed back and I slipped straight into her wet and waiting pussy.
Immediately Kelly laid her huge chest muffins onto my chest and used her ass to slam her cunt up and down on my cock.
“Make me cum” was almost a plea from Kelly.
I obliged and thrust upward to match her slams down and in just a minute Kelly came.
Kelly crawled off and next to me she popped her butt into the air and hugged the sheets.
“Make me cum again.
” I mounted her doggy style and fucked the hell out of her.
Kelly came two more times.
Kelly pulled off of my cock, jumped out of the bed, and returned with a bath towel.
She laid it across the bed and laid down with her ass on the towel.
I climbed up and plunged my throbbing cock into her waiting hole.
A minute later she said “harder.
” It was something she repeated a few times.
Everything in the trailer was shaking.
Cupboard doors were rattling.
Bottles in the refrigerator were rattling.
Finally, Kelly was there.
She started letting out her, “Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck, oh, fuck.
 Oh, Fuck.
OH FUCK! OH FUUUUUCK!!!” On the last one, she crammed her hand between us and frigged her clit.
I felt her first spray onto my groin.
It was hot and I was soaked.
Kelly didn’t stop.
Neither did I.
A few moments later she screamed so loud I thought it may bring the police.
She blasted me so hard with her cum I felt streams running off of my nuts.
Marie had drained me so hard I didn’t know if I had anything left for Kelly? But she took me up the mountain.
I pulled out of her cunt and beat the ever-loving hell out of my slick cock.
It took a minute but it worked.
I shot one stream of cum from her tits to her tummy.
I was exhausted and flopped onto my back.
After we caught our breath I was finally able to ask, “What was that all about?” Kelly explained that sex with Greg was a lot of fun and a different experience.
Greg changed positions every few minutes.
Unfortunately, after the second or third changeup, he was having a problem keeping stiff.
They would fuck in a new position for a few minutes, he’d pull out and start to go limp so Kelly spent more than half of their time together on her knees re-inflating his cock.
Nonetheless, Greg thought he was taking her to new heights, so Kelly faked a half-dozen orgasms trying to help keep his cock hard.
Kelly said that she didn’t really mind because she had a lot of fun.
She said they literally fucked on every piece of furniture in the trailer and in so many different positions that she was sure she’d have sore muscles in the morning from being bent, pulled, mounted and stretched so many different ways.
They finished with Greg straddling Kelly’s chest tit fucking her.
Kelly was catching the tip of his cock in her mouth on every upstroke.
He finally got close and leaned forward and face-fucked her until he nutted.
Kelly was happy because he gave her a mouthful.
Greg had to see his load before she could swallow it.
They laid in bed for a long time after their fucking.
Greg played with and sucked her tits as they talked.
Kelly confessed that Greg nearly got to see her orgasm the day before when they approached our campsite as she was squirting.
Greg quickly apologized for their interruption.
Kelly made clear nothing had been interrupted.
She had continued to masturbate and came as I was talking to them.
“Had I known the both of you were so cool I would have been happy to let you watch me cum yesterday.
” Greg then confessed that Marie had glimpsed my hard-on and the fact that I was naked and she also deduced from the way Kelly’s legs moved and the fact Kelly said nothing, that they had probably witnessed the backside view of an orgasm.
Based on all of that, they decided they really did want to meet us.
Greg told Kelly that his cock had gotten so hard and was leaking so much pre-cum as he was taking her pictures that he couldn’t believe they didn’t fuck.
Kelly told him, “You fucked up.
All you had to do was ask, or whip out your cock, or literally anything.
You had to have seen how wet was my pussy.
” Kelly and Greg eventually got up and each had a beer.
They went out and looked around the campsite and even in the Suburban looking for Marie and me.
Not finding us, and remembering th



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