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I looked out from under the bill of my cap at Sarah.
I couldn’t get over how sexy she looked lying on her towel in the sand.
I knew I shouldn’t be looking at her or thinking of her in that way.
She was, after all, my wife’s younger sister.
But how could any man not want to look at a beautiful tanned body in a tiny blue string bikini.
Sarah was never one to bother with guys.
I think she only ever had maybe one or two dates in her entire life.
And at age thirty-four you would have thought she would have dozens of men after her, but she didn’t.
She was a home body.
And what a body it was.
We had always been very friendly towards each other although there had never been any sexual attraction between us.
That was until now.
The way she looked lying there on her stomach was making me think of all kinds of naughty things.
She had a gorgeous dark tan and long blonde curly hair.
It was quite a sexy combination.
She would jog and watched her diet so she had a very slim and toned body.
I never noticed how incredible her ass looked until that afternoon.
I loved how the top of her bikini cradled her breasts.
They looked very inviting.
“Wow,” I thought to myself, “No way should I be thinking of all of this.
” But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep peeking at Sarah’s incredible body lying just a few inches to my right.
I had to control my arousal as to not make it apparent to everyone what was on my mind.
That would be hard, or should I say difficult.
We had gone to the beach for a family outing.
There were seven of us in the group.
All of the others were about fifty yards away in the water enjoying the waves.
I was enjoying Sarah.
I lay back on the towel and closed my eyes.
I was hoping to have a nice daydream about Sarah.
I began thinking of different scenarios in which we may find ourselves alone.
I must have drifted off.
“Michael?” I heard a voice call my name.
I thought it was in my dream.
“Michael?” The soft voice said again.
It wasn’t in my dream.
It was Sarah.
“Sorry, I must have drifted off,” I said as I sat up.
“I didn’t mean to bother you.
Do you mind rubbing some lotion on my back? I don’t want to get burned,” Sarah said as she handed me a bottle of suntan lotion.
At first it surprised me that she would ask me to do that.
I had never imagined I would be touching her.
I felt a little awkward.
But then my male hormones kicked in.
“I don’t mind at all,” I said with a smile as I took the bottle from her.
She lay back down on her belly.
I was admiring her perfect ass when she reached around and untied her top.
I hope she didn’t hear me gulp when she did that.
It fell to her sides and I could see the very edges of her tits pressed against the towel.
I almost squirted the entire bottle of lotion out.
I didn’t think it would come out that fast,” I said sheepishly as I wiped most of it from her back.
She just laughed.
I began spreading the lotion on her back.
Her skin was so smooth and warm.
I couldn’t help but become aroused as my fingers slid smoothly over her body.
It was like slow motion as I watched my hands caress her entire back.
I was becoming very horny.
“Do my sides too,” she said without looking up.
My hands slid off her back and around to her sides.
I felt a little uneasy as my hands slid closer to her tits.
She didn’t seem to mind.
As my hand slid near her right tit, she turned her head to the right.
It raised her right side a bit as my fingers slid close to her tit.
I could feel it against my fingers as I applied the lotion.
I thought I felt her body tremble a little as I touched the side of her tit.
I know mine was shaking as well.
I spent a little extra time applying lotion in that area.
As my left hand moved upwards on her left side, Sarah turned her heads towards where I was kneeling.
It lifted her left tit enough that as my fingers approached it they slid underneath it.
I thought my cock would rip a hole in my swimsuit when I felt her hard nipple against my fingertips.
I wasn’t sure if she did that intentionally or by accident.
I didn’t know what I should do.
She then shifted her arm and it slid her nipple across my hand.
My fingers slid once again over her hard nipple.
I thought I heard her moan softly.
I couldn’t believe what was happening.
Then she lay down on the towel with my hand under her left tit.
I hesitated before I moved it.
I slowly slid my hand from under her tit.
Her hard nipple pressed tight against my fingers.
My cock was now hard as steel in my swim trunks.
“All done,” I said as I sat the bottle of lotion beside her.
“You’re not going to do my bottom?” she asked in a disappointed tone.
“I would love to do your bottom, your top and anywhere else I could,” I thought to myself.
I can do your bottom,” I said with a smile as I reached for the lotion again.
I squirted some lotion on my hands as I stared at her fabulous ass.
Soon my hands were going to feel that.
My cock jumped in my swimsuit.
Her tiny string bikini didn’t cover much of her ass.
Slowly I rubbed the lotion of her firm round butt.
Her skin was so warm from the sun beaming down on her.
Her tanned skin glistened as the lotion slid over her.
I didn’t think her ass could look any more inviting that it had before.
I was wrong.
With the oil on it, I wanted to take a bite out of it.
She lay very still as I rubbed, well, more like massaged her sweet ass.
As my fingers slid down her legs she parted them slightly.
I obliged by sliding my fingers along the inner part of her legs.
Quickly I glanced towards the water.
All was okay.
The rest of the family was still being occupied by the waves.
I massaged the back of her thighs and calves for almost five minutes.
I really wanted to make sure she would not get a sun burn.
What a thoughtful gentleman I had become.
That feels so good.
Thank you so much, Michael.
” “No problem.
Anytime,” I replied in a willing tone.
The rest of the afternoon all I could think about was Sarah and how incredible her skin felt against my fingers.
Especially her rock hard nipple that she pressed tight against my hand.
Too bad she was my wife’s sister.
Later that evening they all decided to go back to the beach and build a fire.
They wanted to make s’mores.
I wasn’t really excited about that but I went along.
The air was quite a lot colder than I had thought it would be.
I helped to build a fire while the rest of them huddled under blankets.
After the fire was started, I found a place under one of the blankets.
My wife sat to my left and snuggled up tight against me.
I felt a tug at the blanket to my right.
It was Sarah.
She was wearing a thin white sweater and shorts.
Her nipples expressed the coldness of the night air.
They poked at the sweater as thought they were trying to escape.
Online Now! Lush Cams CiaraGallardo “Move over, I’m freezing,” she said as she slid in under the blanket to my right.
My God.
It’s so cold,” Sarah chattered.
We sat and ate s’mores and talked for about an hour.
My mother-in-law decided it was too cold and headed for the condo.
It wasn’t long after when my wife decided to join her.
That left me, Sarah, her sisters Christine and Rebecca, and Christine’s husband still huddled under the blankets.
Sarah leaned closer to me.
“I can’t believe how cold it is,” she said shivering.
The other three were huddled close together on the other side of the fire.
“I think it may snow,” Rebecca chided.
Not ready for that yet,” Christine’s husband replied.
No one spoke much after that.
We just sat and listened to the sound of the waves rushing onshore.
I was enjoying the fact that Sarah was huddled close to me.
I could feel the warmth of her body against mine.
Christine began to tell a story.
We all groaned.
“Oh, shut up and just listen,” she said.
We all laughed.
Sarah put an arm around my back under the blanket and leaned closer.
I was feeling more than just the warmth of her body now.
I was becoming hot with arousal.
We listened, well, pretended to listen to Christine tell her story.
Just a few moments after she started, I felt Sarah’s other hand slide onto my thigh.
I know she could feel my body shake a bit.
I didn’t move her hand.
Christine’s voice now seemed so far away as she continued to tell her story.
I was concentrating on Sarah and what she intended to do with her hand.
Slowly she began to move it up and down my thigh.
I loved the way she was touching me.
She was not the Sarah I had known for so many years.
Like I had mentioned earlier, she was not that experienced at all with men, or with women for that matter.
My wife had told me that Sarah was still a virgin.
It was hard to believe that with the way she looked.
But the more I thought about it, I knew it was probably true.
While all those thoughts were going through my head, Sarah had moved her hand to the inner part of my thigh.
She wasn’t rubbing up and down my thigh now, she was rubbing across it.
Her hand slid down between my legs farther with each movement.
I just sat very still.
All the while I was hoping she would touch my cock which had been steadily growing since she began touching me leg.
A few more moments passed and I felt Sarah’s fingertips against my crotch.
My cock jumped as she touched it.
She spread her fingers around it through my shorts and squeezed it.
I felt it jump again.
I should have stopped her, but I couldn’t.
I mean I could have, but I didn’t want to.
I wanted her to take my hard cock in her smooth warm hand and let her fingers gently caress it.
While she gently rubbed my cock, she also was rubbing my back.
Her body was tight against mine.
She looked straight ahead as though she was really interested in what Christine was saying.
I had no idea at that time if she was still even telling her story.
I felt Sarah’s hand move to the top of my shorts and loosen the draw string.
“Oh my God.
She’s really going to touch my cock,” I thought as I felt a warm flush come over me.
She loosened my shorts and began to push them downward.
I could feel the night air rush in against my now hard cock.
Another push of her hand and my shorts slid below my cock and it sprung upward.
I almost moaned out loud as Sarah’s hand wrapped around my pulsing cock.
I closed my eyes as she slid her hand so very slowly up and down my shaft.
Her fingers played with my vein which was now engorged with blood.
Then she slid her fingers slowly around my tip and the valley between it and my shaft.
She was driving me crazy.
It was all I could do not to moan out loud.
I gripped the blanket hard with my fingers to keep from shaking.
She continued to slowly explore each and every inch of my throbbing cock.
I thought back as to how incredible it was feeling her hard nipple and smooth firm ass on my fingers earlier in the day.
With each movement of her hand on my shaft she would go a little faster.
I didn’t know if she knew what she was doing or was just reacting to my cock as it jerked to her every touch.
She gently rubbed her thumb over my tip.
I could feel it slide smoothly.
My pre-cum had moistened her thumb.
She then closed her fingers around just my tip and began to jerk me off.
I was about to lose my mind.
Not only did it feel so incredible, but the fact that this was Sarah doing this to me was even more arousing.
My cock jumped and jerked in her hand as she began sliding her fingers once again up and down the entire length of my shaft.
It was hard to believe she was a virgin.
Never before had any woman stroked my cock in such an erotic manner.
I wondered if she knew what she was doing and what was soon about to happen.
Her stroking became faster and tighter.
Her fingers were now wrapped firmly around cock as it throbbed and pulsed wildly.
I knew it wouldn’t be long until I could no longer resist her efforts.
“Was I really going to let Sarah jerk me off in front of our family?” I thought.
Yet I did nothing to stop her.
The others couldn’t see what was happening.
I was sure of that.
They were on the other side of the fire and we were all under blankets.
I had propped my legs up so the blanket wouldn’t move as Sarah stroked my cock.
All that was left now was wondering if she was going to finish the task.
I could feel her warm breath on my neck as she stroked my cock faster and faster.
My heart was racing and I was breathing very hard.
I tried to remain as calm as I could.
I wanted to moan so badly, but I couldn’t.
I had to hold it all in.
I was able to control my moaning but not my cock from exploding in her hand.
Sarah wrapped her hand tight as she stroked upward.
I could hold it in no longer.
My cock pulsed in her hand as it spewed forth a huge load of my creamy hot cum.
She continued to pump me.
I felt the cum squirting from my cock once more.
It flowed onto Sarah’s hand.
I could feel my warm slippery cum on her hand as she continued pumping me.
Two, three, four more times my cock pulsed and as it pumped out load after load.
In between the last few ejaculations, Sarah leaned towards me and softly moaned.
That drove me even wilder and I erupted with one final load.
Her stroking slowed.
I could feel my cum on her fingers as she gently slid them up and down my cock.
As my cock began to go limp, she stroked it and forced out the last drop of cum.
She then slid her hand out of my shorts and pulled them back up.
Christine was just finishing her story when Sarah slid her cum covered hand under my shirt and placed it on my chest.
I know she could feel my heart pounding.
She didn’t say a word.
She just leaned her head against me and softly moaned again.
I smiled as I thought, “What an incredible way to spend the first night of our vacation.



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