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I put on your favorite nightie – you know, the black satin one with lace attempting to cover my breasts.
I sit with legs spread at the head of the bed.
I pat the bed between my legs beckoning you over.
You are naked and come to the bed and lay down on your back, with your head nestled between my legs.
The top of your head butts up against my naked pussy.
  I place the blindfold over your eyes, and my fingertips work their magic on your temples.
Around and around my fingers swirl while applying gentle pressure to your skin.
 Sucking in a deep breath, you smell the sandalwood scent of the candles.
Soft jazz music plays in the background.
I created the perfect sanctuary for me to please you.
I blindfolded you so you could see what joys your other senses can bring you.
I break your massage to gently lift your head so you can take a whiff of the bourbon drink I made for you.
I pour a little into your mouth; it feels good trickling down your dry, thirsty throat.
Mmmmm, it tastes good to you.
My fingers slide underneath your neck, kneading and massaging your tight neck muscles.
I start at the base of your skull and stroke down to your shoulders with my thumbs.
You feel the tension leaving your body with each stroke.
Taking a deep breath, scents of sandalwood fill your nostrils, relaxing you further.
I have an amazing view of your tight body from where I sit.
I admire your strong arms, broad chest and the sexy nature trail that leads to the treasure below.
I lift your head, to give you another sip of your bourbon.
You lick your lips in appreciation.
“I’ll be right back, baby,” I say.
I return with a small towel, bowl of warm water, razor, and your shaving cream.
Your eyes are still covered in a blindfold so you don’t see me.
“Lift your bottom, sweetie,” I say.
“And don’t ask any questions.
” After you lift up, I slip a towel underneath you.
I stand on the side of the bed and spray shaving cream on the hair around your cock.
I know you like to manscape in the summer, and you have not had time.
I will happily do it for you.
“What the .
?” you exclaim, feeling the cold cream on your skin.
“Shhhh!” I reply.
I take the razor and gingerly drag it over your skin, removing your pubic hair, taking care not to knick you.
While one hand shaves you, my other cups your balls, reassuring you.
I take my washcloth and dip it into the warm bowl of water and wipe away your hair and the shaving cream.
This special pampering feels good to you.
I continue until you are as smooth as silk.
You are very well endowed, but your cock looks even bigger without the hair around it.
It is on full display now and has my undivided attention.
I lay the warm washcloth on your freshly shaven skin for a few moments.
Smooth lotion is applied to you afterward.
  I squirt some lotion on my hands and lean forward, rubbing lotion from your chest down to just above your cock.
Your cock twitches in anticipation.
I climb back onto the bed and stretch out alongside you with my legs by your head and my head at your cock.
 After squirting another drop of lotion in my hand, I work my magic up and down your shaft.
I start at your base and slowly slide my hand up and over the ridge surrounding your head.
Then, I slide it back down again.
I do this over and over very slowly, taking extra time to stroke your head with my thumb.
These sensations feel good to you but your relaxed state seems to be leaving.
Every now and then you let out a loud sigh.
I see your chest moving up and down faster with each stroke.
It is time to taste you, baby.
Holding on to your base, I dip my head and lick your cock.
I slowly drag my warm wet tongue up and down the sides of your shaft, making you wait for what you really want – your cock deep inside my mouth.
I shift my body to where I straddle your face.
Online Now! Lush Cams Samantha_Softh “Do not touch my pussy,” I command.
You don’t respond, but grab hold of my ass for support.
My pussy is inches away from your face as I finally take your cock into my mouth.
I try to push you inside far enough to feel your head against the back of my throat.
You groan in appreciation.
I let you fuck my mouth, moving your cock in and out, with my tongue swirling around your sensitive head.
I want to edge you, so when I feel your breathing quicken and your hips buck, I stop.
When you settle back down, I take you in my mouth again.
We do this sensual dance for quite a while, each time you seem a little more frustrated when I stop.
You will thank me later, baby.
I look back at you and find you have removed your blindfold, and your eyes are fixed on my pussy hovering over you.
I feel your warm breath on my pussy and it is hard for me to not sit on your face and let you pleasure me.
Calm yourself, Kimmi.
I see your big beautiful cock moving on its own and it’s time to give your cock my pussy.
I swing around and straddle you.
Taking my hand, I push your cock inside my eager, sopping-wet pussy.
God, you feel good, baby.
This is about you though, so I will try not to rub my swollen clit on you as I ride you.
And I do ride you, baby .
slowly and deeply.
Up and down.
Up and down.
You feel my tight pussy hugging your sensitive cock each time I slide up.
I try to flex and stretch your cock up with me.
Our fingers interlock as you help me balance while I sensually rise and fall on your cock.
It feels amazing.
Your breath had been slow and relaxed for a while, with soft moans escaping your lips.
But, then you change.
Your hips buck me hard to try to go deeper inside me.
I release your hands and put my hands on you to relax your hips back down.
You scowl at me in uncontained frustration.
Oh no.
In one swift movement, you lift me off your cock, roll me onto my tummy, and bark, “Ass up!” Sensual massage  .
Edging  .
Patience .
You lasted longer than I thought you would.
A sharp smack on my ass prompts me to immediately obey.
I feel your hands take firm hold of my hips as your hard cock devours my pussy.
Your need is ferocious.
I glance back over my shoulder to see your lips tightly set.
Your eyes lock with mine, and your brows come together in the front, letting me know you have taken control now.
You fuck me hard, varying between long, deep strokes and short quick strokes.
I feel your strength in each thrust.
I feel your cock hitting very deep inside my pussy.
I can do nothing but hold on for the ride.
But, this ride won’t last long.
  “Cum now!” you growl.
I always try to obey you.
Sometimes it is easier than others.
This time is easy.
You hit just the right spot with your cock and I scream out in pleasure.
I feel you unload your hot cum inside me.
I feel several more deep thrusts as you fill me with your cum.
You growl with each release, leaving handprints on my hips.
You collapse on top of me, your weight collapsing me onto the bed.
  Kissing the back of my neck, you softly whisper, “Thank you, baby.
” No, thank YOU for being a real man who always has my back (and my front).
And I have you too, baby.



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