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Latest stories Straight Sex Helping out a Classmate – Chapter 10

Three weeks pass.
You and Danielle haven’t talked to each other, except for the usual ‘morning’ when entering the classroom.
Kim has bothered you a lot by sitting next to you and trying to get your attention.
You’ve told her that you’re not interested, but she keeps coming back to you.
It’s only a week until school’s over and the summer break starts.
You’re not going on vacation, so you hope that you and your friends can hang out a lot.
It’s Monday and the teachers are preparing you for the last test of your study.
If you pass this test, you will finally get the paper that will give you the chance to build a career.
The future still doesn’t appeal to you, since you’ll probably have to do without Danielle.
When the teachers are repeating something learned earlier this year, Danielle says she doesn’t understand the subject.
The teacher explains it again, but again to no avail.
“I’m not going to explain it again, Danielle,” the teacher says.
“But I can’t pass the test if I don’t understand this part,” Danielle calmly answers, knowing that the teacher will have to find a solution.
“Michael!” she suddenly says.
“Come sit next to Danielle end explain it to her.
” You do as your told and as all the students start to fill in some exercises, you sit next to Danielle to explain the part that she doesn’t understand.
She’s not faking it and it takes you until the end of class to explain it to her.
It was a long day and it’s almost dinner time.
You’re hungry and you know that, when you leave school now, you’ll miss the bus and it will take at least two hours to get home.
“Michael,” Danielle says.
“You can eat at my place.
” “I don’t know,” you answer.
“Please,” Danielle says as tears fill her eyes.
She wants to add something but doesn’t.
You nod at her and she smiles a little, still trying to contain her emotions.
As the two of you leave the classroom and walk through the building, you don’t say anything.
When you arrive on the deserted parking lot, however, it’s impossible for you to stay quiet.
“What do you want?” you mumble.
“Please, not here,” Danielle says, barely able to speak because of the emotions running through her body.
“I want to apologize, but please not here.
” You continue to walk to her car and drive to her apartment.
When you enter, you can see that Danielle has arranged something.
Her apartment is cleaner than it’s ever been and you can see some groceries on the kitchen counter.
She’s definitely going to cook something special.
“You don’t have to do that,” you tell her as you point at the groceries.
“Yes I do.
I’ve been terrible to you,” she answers as she walks straight into the kitchen and gets something from the fridge.
“Go watch some TV,” she says as she shows you your favourite drink in her hand and grabs a glass.
“I know there’s football on, I’ve already put the right channel on.
” “If you want to apologize, then talk to me.
Don’t treat me like some sort of king, because I’m not one.
I’ve made mistakes as well.
” “I will talk, but please, let me say sorry the way I want to,” Danielle begs.
Reluctantly you stop your resistance.
It’s clear that Danielle has planned this and wants to stick to her plan.
Although you dislike her treating you like this, you enjoy it as well.
It’s great that she wants to apologize and that she’s going to serve you the best she can, but it’s wrong that she’s the one doing everything, while you made mistakes as well.
You put on the TV, which indeed is on a channel showing a football match, and Danielle brings you your drink.
Her fear and sadness are replaced by a little bit of joy (probably because she knows this will make it all up) and determination to win you back.
It’s not going to be difficult for her to do so.
She starts to cook and after a while she walks to you to refill your empty glass.
You didn’t even asked for it, but it seems like Danielle is even more determined to win you back than you initially thought.
That thought gets confirmed again when Danielle asks you a question.
“How are they playing?” she asks.
“I read that their star player is back today.
” You are surprised to hear her say that.
She’s never been a fan of football.
“Danielle,” you sigh.
“Did you try to learn about football to get me back? You don’t have to do that.
I know you don’t like it, you don’t have to try to like it to get me back.
” “No,” she lies.
“I accidentally clicked on the article about this match earlier.
” Danielle quickly walks back to the kitchen.
You’re afraid that you might have upset her, but as you look at her you see that she is focussed on the food.
The smell is nice and you get even more hungry.
When it’s half-time you decide to take a look.
You stand up and walk towards Danielle, but she spots you.
“Don’t look!” she says.
“I want it to be a surprise.
” “Danielle, you don’t have to do all this.
Let’s just talk,” you say.
“No, we’ll talk later,” she says as she walks in your direction.
“Now stop complaining and sit down on the couch.
The half-time analysis is about the begin, you wouldn’t want to miss it.
” She seems to know what she is talking about, because it’s true.
The analysis starts and you always like watching those.
“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do?” you ask Danielle.
“Maybe set the table?” “No, I’ll do it all myself.
” Soon after, when the second half has started, Danielle starts to put bowls on the table.
You can’t see what’s in them and you decide not to take a peak.
The next time Danielle walks to the table, she’s carrying two plates filled with soup.
“Would you like to eat in front of the TV so you can continue watching the match?” she asks.
“No,” you answer.
“You’re trying so hard, I’m not going to let some football match ruin our evening.
Danielle smiles when she hears you say ‘our evening’ and puts the plates on the table.
You turn off the TV and sit opposite Danielle.
“Tomato soup with vegetables, all made by myself,” she says proudly.
“It sure smells great,” you compliment her.
The two of you start to eat the soup.
It’s hot but incredibly delicious.
In the bowls there are pieces of French bread to go with the soup.
“Hmmm that’s great,” you moan.
“Absolutely delicious.
” Danielle blushes and thanks you for the compliment.
When you and Danielle finish she stands up and picks up the plates.
“Danielle,” you say.
“I want to apologize for…” “No!” Danielle says, interrupting you.
“We’ll stick to my plan,” she laughs.
“It will take some time until the rest is finished, but I recorded that talking show that you like so much.
” “If there’s any way I can help…” you say as you stand up.
“Nope,” she says as she’s focusing on cooking again.
You turn on the TV again and you are just in time to see the last part of the game.
You watch the last five minutes and then watch the recorded show.
After half an hour Danielle tells you that dinner is almost finished and asks you to get back to the table.
You do as she asks you and sit down.
Danielle brings the plates to you and you’re surprised to see your favourite meal on them.
“How did you know…?” you stammer.
“I asked your mother,” Danielle answers.
“How does it taste?” You take a bite from the meal and the moment you taste it, all you can do is close your eyes and enjoy the taste.
When you’ve finished your bite, you open your eyes again to see Danielle smiling.
“I guess that means it’s good?” she laughs.
” “Even better than when your mom makes it?” “Definitely.
” Danielle blushes but at the same time you can see the pride in her eyes.
And rightly so.
The soup was amazingly good, but this meal is the best you’ve ever had.
During the time you eat you make small talk.
You mostly talk about what the two of you did since you broke up.
The answer is the same for you and Danielle, the two of you have watched a lot of movies and series.
You probably both hide that you’ve been crying even more.
When the two of you are finished, you are filled to the limit.
You stand up and pick up the plates but Danielle stops you.
“I insist,” you say.
Danielle lets you clean up and continues to sip on her wine.
When you sit back down, Danielle looks more serious.
“Michael,” she starts.
“The last weeks have been terrible.
I’ve missed you so much.
I started to watch football and was hoping we could make small talk about the matches at school, but I was afraid to talk to you.
I didn’t want to risk upsetting you even more,” she cries.
“It’s okay, we’re here together now, aren’t we?” is all you manage to come up with.
“I was wrong,” Danielle continues.
“I said that you didn’t do anything, but that wasn’t true.
You did a lot and I was an ungrateful bitch, but the death of my aunt was so hard for me to deal with.
I know it’s no excuse to treat you so bad, but I couldn’t help it.
” “It’s okay,” you tell her, trying to comfort her, but Danielle keeps apologizing.
“I should have given you attention.
I should have kissed you more.
I should have taken care of your needs like any good girlfriend would do,” she sobs, holding her head in her hands, unable to look you in your eyes.
“I’m worthless without you, you mean so much to me.
I need you here with me, I need you.
” You stand up and walk to Danielle.
You put your hands on her shoulders and kiss her on her head.
“It’s okay.
I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did.
And you weren’t completely wrong.
I shouldn’t have stayed in bed as much as I did and I should have helped you more,” you say as Danielle continues sobbing.
“I’m sorry for that, but if you want us to stay together as well, then we will.
” “So you’ll forgive me?” she asks.
“On one condition.
” “What is it? I’ll do anything,” Danielle says.
“I’ll forgive you, if you forgive me.
” “I will,” she says as she gets up.
“I forgive you.
” With that you lean in for a kiss.
You kiss passionately for a while, enjoying being close to each other again.
Online Now! Lush Cams kate_eyesQUEEN “I love you,” you say when you finally break the kiss.
Danielle is still crying and is unable to answer.
She just leans against you.
After a couple of minutes she regains her composure and her hands start to move down towards your crotch.
You’re quick to react and you block the way.
Danielle gives you a puzzled look.
“I don’t want you for your body, I want you for who you are,” you tell her.
“Ah,” Danielle smiles.
“I shouldn’t have said that you were with me for my body.
I knew it wasn’t true.
It just kind of slipped out.
” “Let’s watch some TV,” you say.
“And no football.
Put on something you want to watch.
” Danielle smiles again as the two of you sit down and lean against each other.
Danielle puts on another talent show, just like she did when you were together.
“I’m going to change into my night outfit,” Danielle says after a while.
A couple of minutes later she returns in what seems a brand new black nightgown.
As she gets closer you notice it’s a see-through nightgown.
You can tell that her underwear is black as well.
You also notice that she’s holding her hands behind her body.
When she stands just inches from you, she stands still for a moment, as if to let you inspect her.
Suddenly she moves her hands and holds them in front of her, the handcuffs you used a couple of weeks earlier in one of them.
“Maybe you should punish me for being a bad girlfriend.
” You take the cuffs, but instead of putting them around Danielle’s wrists, you throw them away.
You stand up and hold her head in your hands.
“Or maybe I should make love to her, to let her know how much I love her and want her,” you say.
Danielle seems to be touched by your words.
Instead of pounding away at her pussy like she’s just a fuck doll, you choose to make passionate love to her, but her feelings change when your hand moves down and then starts to lift her nightgown.
You look into her eyes and all you see is lust.
Danielle lifts her arms up and lets you take the nightgown off.
It feels like it’s the first time you see her in her underwear all over again.
Her body is just perfect and your cock starts to hurt from being contained by your pants.
Danielle looks at you and awaits your next move, but you’re stunned by her beauty.
She finally notices the bulge in your pants and starts to un zip it.
“That must hurt,” she says.
“Let your girlfriend take care of that.
” You’re not going to complain.
Danielle unzips your trousers and lets them drop on the floor together with your boxers.
Your cock springs free and points straight at Danielle’s mouth.
“Someone is happy to see me,” she jokes before she engulfs your cock into her mouth.
She bobs up and down your cock and drenches it in her saliva.
Your throbbing member is ready to spurt torrents of cum, but Danielle pulls her head away just in time.
“You were ready, weren’t you?” she jokes.
“I could feel your cock tensing up.
” “It’s been a while,” you explain.
“Maybe I should take this off,” Danielle says as she reaches behind to unclasp her bra.
“It would be a shame if they would get dirty.
” Danielle starts to tease you.
She unclasped her bra but is holding it in front of her breasts.
She grins at you, knowing that this drives you crazy.
You can’t stop yourself from moving in and taking the bra of yourself and throw it away.
Danielle gasps in shock as you do this, but there’s no time to waste.
You need your release, and with the risk of a dirty bra gone, you are determined to get it.
You gently push Danielle down and she reacts by sitting down on her knees and taking your cock in her mouth once more.
She starts to bob up and down again.
“Go on,” she says in between her movements, “fill my mouth with your hot, sticky sperm.
” You already were close, but this sets you off.
Your sperm races through your shaft and spurts out of your cock.
Danielle can’t swallow your huge load and sperm leaks out of her mouth and runs down her chin, dropping down on her tits.
The sperm just keeps on coming and more and more leaks out of her mouth.
When you finally shoot the last string of cum, Danielle’s mouth is fully filled and cum still leaks from her mouth onto her chin and tits.
Danielle swallows a couple of times to empty her mouth and then uses one hand collect the sperm on her chin.
She licks it off and then moves her hand down in attempt to do the same to the sperm that has landed on her amazing breasts.
You, however, have a better idea.
You pull Danielle up and, when she is standing on her own, you squeeze both of her soft tits.
Your hands collect all the sperm that has landed on her tits and you move them to her mouth.
Danielle puts your hand in her mouth and slurps the sperm off of them.
While she does so she looks straight into your eyes.
When Danielle is finished cleaning your right hand, she takes your left hand in her mouth and gives it the same treatment.
You move your right hand down and into her panties before you slam two fingers into her dripping pussy without warning.
Danielle moans in pleasure while she is still cleaning your left hand.
When she’s finished you move down and sit on your knees.
You lean towards her pussy with your head and kiss her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.
You pull them down and once again kiss her pussy.
You love her smell and taste and your cock is once again dying to get a release.
You move your hands around to her ass and grab it, making Danielle squeal in the process, so you can bury your face into her pussy and lick her to climax.
“Don’t” Danielle moans, probably using all the strength in the world to deny you from pleasuring her, as she’s as desperate for release as you are.
A simple tongue and some fingers won’t be good enough, though.
She needs the real thing.
“I want your cock,” she moans as she motions for you to get up and pulls you to the bedroom by your hand.
“Fuck me,” she says as she reaches the bed, lays down and spreads her legs.
” You move on top of her and push your cock inside her waiting vagina.
You start to move in and out at a slow pace, teasing Danielle, who craves a pounding.
Your throbbing cock also needs a release, so you quickly replace your slow strokes with a pace that can only be compared to that of a jackhammer.
As you slam your cock in and out of her pussy, both Danielle and the bed shake.
The bed even moves a couple of inches.
Danielle’s tits move as well, with a bit of delay.
Her bouncing tits make you want to suck on them and softly bite her nipples.
It’s like they’re screaming for your attention.
You decide not to do so, as they were covered in your sperm just minutes ago.
Instead you just squeeze them.
Danielle has been looking into your eyes from the moment you entered her vagina, but now that her orgasm is close, she throws her head back and starts to moan louder and louder.
“Oh god, that’s it!” she moans.
“I’m gonna cum.
” Just a few strokes later Danielle’s pussy starts to contract around your cock.
Danielle has grabbed the bed sheets and is squeezing them as hard as she can, while her moans have stopped as her orgasm races through her body.
After a couple of seconds she seems to come back to earth as she moans loud again.
You’ve slowed down to a normal pace in order to let her recover.
“Dear god,” she gasps.
“I’ve never had an orgasm like that.
” “Calling me god is a bit exaggerated,” you joke, while continuing to fuck her.
“Just focus on fucking instead of making silly jokes,” is Danielle’s response.
“Yes madam,” you say as you pick up the pace again.
“Ooohhh,” is all Danielle can moan as several small orgasms tear her apart.
Due to her series of smaller orgasms, her pussy muscles keep contracting around your cock.
Although you already came minutes ago, you reach your climax again.
With the last bit of your normal senses you pull out of her pussy to avoid possible pregnancy.
You grab your cock and jerk off while you cum as you shoot another massive load.
This time your sperm mostly lands on Danielle’s belly but some of it again covers her tits.
You are panting as you admire your load.
It seems like Danielle is impressed as well.
“Judging by those two massive loads, I’d say that you missed me,” she laughs.
“I could say no, but that would be lying,” you pant.
“I’ll get some towels to clean you up.
” You move next to her but, as you are about to stand up from the bed, she pulls you back onto the bed, laying you down on your back and climbing on top of you.
In one swift move she has impaled herself on your cock.
The base of your cock isn’t visible anymore, as Danielle as completely lowered herself with on it with a loud moan.
“I can’t believe I’m still hard,” you think, but it’s true.
Your cock is still just as hard as when Danielle pulled your pants down to give you a blowjob.
Danielle puts her hands on your chest and starts to lift herself up and down along your shaft.
You grab her ass and squeeze it gently, making Danielle moan once more.
Danielle is not just moving up and down, but also sideways and back and forth.
This gives great sensation, which makes you feel like you can cum again within seconds.
“This…ugh…time,” Danielle moans, “You’re gonna…ooohhh…fill my….
hmmm…my pussy.
” She has barely finished her sentence when another orgasm hits her and she collapses on top of you, her body shaking roughly.
You start to thrust again, which extends Danielle’s orgasm.
Her body keeps shaking as the energy drains out of her body.
When she comes down from her orgasm her body is limp.
She just moans.
“Keep going,” she softly moans into your ears.
“Fill me up.
” Again her talking sets you off and for a third time within an hour you cum.
As Danielle requested, you completely fill her up.
While you cum you keep thrusting, making cum and pussy juice squish out of her pussy.
This orgasm isn’t as spectacular as the other two, but it still lasts long.
When your balls are empty and your cock has finally gone soft, the two of you lie on the bed together, Danielle on top of you.
Neither of you have the energy to move, let alone get out of bed to clean themselves up.
“I love you,” you whisper.
“I love you too,” Danielle answers.
“Let’s get some sleep, we’ll clean up tomorrow.
” With all your strength you and Danielle manage to get Danielle off of you and you lay her next to you.
With her back turned towards you she lies there, panting.
“Don’t ever leave me again,” she begs.
“I won’t,” you say as you turn towards her and lie next to her, your arms around her body, spooning like you always do after you’ve had sex.
The two of you fall asleep within minutes, neither of you bothered by the mess around you.
The bed is drenched in sweat, cum and pussy juice, while Danielle’s stomach is covered in semen and her pussy leaks cum onto the sheets.
But that doesn’t matter.
The two of you are back together.
That’s what matters.



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