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One night, after a very long day of work and ridiculous traffic, I finally make it home.
Pulling up to my driveway, I work to strip my mind of this entire horrible day.
I feel dirty from dealing with a demanding boss, incorrigible clients, and incompetent co-workers.
I notice as I come in the door all the lights are out, but your car is home.
“Strange,” I think.
Walking into the house, I notice my two favorite scents: chamomile and lavender.
The smell is intoxicating and fills my senses.
I smile and reach to turn on the lights.
“No,” you whisper, startling me as you stay my hand.
You start to kiss a trail from my neck to my mouth as you turn me to face you, playing over my shoulders and back.
“What’s this for?” I ask you in surprise.
Without missing a beat of your seductive onslaught, you smile and reclaim my mouth.
You nibble at my lips, teasing me with your tongue inviting me in.
I respond by kissing you deeper.
“I’ve been thinking,” you say as you fondle me through my shirt.
“About what?” I ask.
“About what it would be like to send you over the edge in five strokes.
” With a smirk, I grab in between your legs, and feel your erection.
I watch you smile and feel you throb in my hand.
“What makes you think I can go over so easily?” I say.
“Judging by how turned on you are I bet I could send you just as fast,” I say.
I kiss your neck, tracing my tongue up and down and stroking you at the same time.
You groan in response, and stop my hand.
“Tonight is about you.
” The look of passion is serious and enticing.
I give you a curious look as you walk me into the living room, kissing me all the way.
It looks like something out of a seduction scene.
The fire blazing, the candles lit, pillows and a blanket laid out on the floor, and soft music playing.
Before I can ask you begin to kiss me and as the kiss intensifies and I feel myself being lost to the seduction.
You start to undo the buttons on my blouse, then kissing and licking my breast while unhooking my bra.
As I fall free you take a breast into your mouth and tease me until I think I’m going to come right then.
Changing between gentle and intense suckling on my nipple and rolling the other between your thumb and finger, then switching to the other make me moan.
Backing me into the wall you undo my skirt and it falls to the floor.
While sucking my nipples and teasing them with your tongue, you slip your hand inside my panties and stand up while palming me and smile against me.
“What’s so funny?” I ask, breathless.
“Five strokes,” you reply.
I feel you taunt my wet pussy.
Immediately I respond by parting my legs for you.
Placing a slow, deliberate kiss on my mouth, you then tease at my lips flicking your tongue at them.
Greedily, I want to catch your mouth, raising to meet you every time you graze me with your tongue.
I tear off your shirt, filled with desire to touch you and begin to kiss you all over your chest, neck and chin.
Online Now! Lush Cams Fillip_Fane “No, no, no,” you say.
“This is about you, tonight.
” Determined I grab between your legs and start to stroke you again nipping at your neck.
As you give in a little and lean into me, brazenly unbuckle your pants and drop them, grabbing your cock and stroke it with both hands.
I almost make you cave completely when you do something that stops me cold in my hot tracks.
“I said, tonight was about you.
And I’m going to send you in five strokes,” you say.
As I fall back against the wall, I feel your finger slide past my clit, then you begin to caress it, causing me to wantonly open my legs more.
I feel the heat raise in my body as your slide a finger inside me and press your thumb against my clit.
A second finger enters me and I feel the ground shift beneath my feet.
It unearths moans from my throat.
Then you kneel down in front of me and lift my leg over your shoulder.
I almost faint as I feel your tongue lick across my lips.
I moan aloud while you continue to lick my clit and suck it slowly.
Then you pull me to the floor on the blankets and finger me a little more making me wetter.
As my body shudders, you realize that I came a little.
With a devious smile, you part my legs widely and examine my now glistening pussy.
“For me? You really shouldn’t have,” you say as you lower your head and gently lap up the juices.
As you lick circles around my clit, you slide one finger in me.
Then a second.
I begin to pulse around you.
“Damn you’re wet,” you say against my mouth.
“So hot and tight.
Do you feel you constrict around my fingers, baby?” “Yes,” I whisper.
In and out you glide your fingers making my pussy tighten again around your fingers again.
“I can’t wait to feel you constrict around me like that,” you whisper in my ear hotly as replace your fingers with the tip of you cock.
You begin to circle it around my clit, making me whimper and grind against you.
I feel you lift me off the ground, back against the wall, panties pushed to the side and you slide inside me, just a little.
I moan, panting trying to push your further in.
You still me, holding my hips.
“Just five, babe.
” You slowly slide into me, kissing me and the world starts spinning upon that first stroke.
” You stroke me again deeply and slowly.
” This stroke is even deeper.
” With this stroke comes wide circles, driving tears to fall.
It feels so damn good.
I widen my legs, wrapping then around you, raking your back with my nails.
“Please,” I beg.
” Deeper still.
Goodnight,” you say against my mouth, completely inside me, pulsing against me and I feel us both shatter.
Completely satisfied and feeling amazing, I fall asleep in your arms.
In the distance between a kiss and my sleep I was sure I heard you whisper again, Just five strokes.



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