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Latest stories Swingers December Swap Meat – Journal Entry

December chill has hit us but I still long for attention and fun.
A few recent swingers parties were okay at best — but they keep me hungry for more.
I’m very fortunate that I live this lifestyle and I wish that I’d started younger.
My husband is awesome — he just is.
I never really write about him much because he doesn’t know I keep this journal.
And he certainly doesn’t know about some of the things I do.
They would probably crush him.
I step out more than I should but we have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and we swing within rules.
I actually think those rules suck but it’s better than not swinging at all, right? My guy is not a raging stud.
Five foot six with a beer gut, even though he doesn’t drink and goes to the gym, he has salt and pepper hair and body hair, which he hates.
He has a great job in the music business and we go to many concerts and I’ve had fun backstage.
He does have a beautiful six-and-a-half-inch cock with an average girth that I find satisfying along with riding his face.
That’s his favorite.
Trust me, having been in the lifestyle with his ex-wife and working in the music biz, the man has had a lot of sex, far more than me.
I’m not jealous and we have a healthy home sex life.
So, please don’t assume stuff — I definitely don’t cheat on him through lack of love or pleasure.
The parties we attend are like any party: they can be a hit or miss.
We’ve cut back on dating couples or singles because my guy is straight and he has to be in the mood to watch or join in.
Most don’t want him there and we’ve done with drama.
If we’ve already played or met, then fine.
But it’s difficult to find a match-up where all four are on the same page so we tend to meet at parties where we have fall back plans or a safe way out.
We’re on a few websites (feel free to ask me privately, I have great pics there).
We meet couples and singles on there and some rock, some don’t.
We’ve made some good friends and some just fade away.
Some I meet on my own.
On a recent weekend, a couple we’d been chatting with for almost a year, finally came out of their shell and this journal entry is about our wonderful encounter.
DJ and Kat are the couple on the website and I think they were interested in me from the get-go.
But, new to the site and lifestyle, they were nervous and inexperienced like many of what we call Unicorn hunters, a couple who want a threesome with a single female.
Kat and DJ are black and, honestly, I’ve never seen a couple so dark.
I mean like Wesley Snipes black and that is so beautiful as well.
DJ was very tall — about six-three — and had a body to die for: perfect muscles and legs.
Plus a huge penis which I learned was just over nine inches and very thick.
I drooled every time I saw his pictures.
Kat was just as perfect, really model hot and in shape through yoga and gym exercising.
She was thirty-eight and he was forty-two, both having been born and raised in Barbados, an island I wish to visit.
Kat had full C-cup breasts, a flat stomach (even after having a child three years ago) and a perfect ass.
Their pictures were awesome and my guy badly wanted Kat — as did I — and DJ was so my type, I wanted him to make me as sore as fuck.
One problem: they only wanted me, but we kept chatting without any real prospects of a meeting.
Then we decided to meet in Boston on a Wednesday for a totally vanilla dinner.
We met at a nice restaurant and they were dressed to the nines as were we; not slutty but awesome.
The guys hit it off better than we’d anticipated and I touched Kat’s hands a lot and laughed with her.
I was so in love with her that I couldn’t think of anything else.
I almost forgot about the men.
She was so beautiful with a slight accent and they told us about their background and all that.
How her skin changed color near her lips and on her hands, somehow got me excited and I really wanted to play with her.
Maybe I was just drunk on the wine.
I sensed Dj looking at me and I hoped we were going to play.
After dinner, we hugged and I got a small kiss from Kat and our eyes met.
I whispered, “Text me,” and we parted ways.
The ride home was predictable.
My husband wanted her and he’d tried to explain to DJ how it’s hard to find a Unicorn.
He said he hoped they’d get that but he didn’t offer me.
I secretly wished he had and I told him how badly I wanted to play with both of them and hoped they would call.
We hadn’t made it all the way home before I got Kat’s text.
She said it had been so nice to meet and hoped that I felt the same.
I replied, telling her to text me any time and that I found her to be one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen.
That was the truth.
Thursday morning was cold and I texted Kat at eleven.
‘Hello my new friend,’ she replied and that led to a day of texting.
She was a stay-at-home mom who went to a gym and yoga like many of my friends.
Sounds boring to me but at least it was easy for her to text.
We chatted about normal stuff but the occasional sexual reference would arise.
I eventually asked if there was a chance that we four would play.
She said DJ really liked me, wanted me bad, and they’d had great sex after talking about it for some time.
She also texted that DJ wasn’t sure about my guy being with her and felt it wasn’t going to happen.
He hoped my husband would either just watch or not be there at all.
I explained that would hurt him and that’s why we don’t go on dates much these days.
She assured me that she’d tear my husband apart and thought he was funny and easy to talk to.
I said he’s very loving and giving and he’d be going down on her till the seasons changed.
She admitted that was something she missed as it wasn’t DJ’s thing.
‘If I had my way, I’d be going down on you daily,” I texted and Kat said she’d love to return the favor.
That’s when I admitted to pleasuring myself while thinking about pleasing her — and she confessed the same.
Her texts got me damp, especially when she sent pictures of herself in various stages of undress.
I sent similar images and my bisexual side was flaring; I had to get with her and she felt the same way.
So, I then outlined a proposal but said I first needed to ask my guy if it was okay with him.
I knew he was extremely disappointed that we wouldn’t be playing together.
I told him my idea — and he agreed.
Now came the hard part: getting DJ to play along.
I texted Kat and it didn’t take a minute for her to respond.
Yes, it would be tough to persuade DJ, but there was hope because he was totally into me, just as she was, too.
I couldn’t get Kat out of my mind; she was like Anna Foxx meets that Model Nylaa (go ahead, google them) but I still hoped to play with DJ.
He was a hunk of dark chocolate and I almost wanted to plan a Barbados trip to be surrounded by people that beautiful.
  Just before dinner, I got a text — she’d convinced DJ to let it happen.
‘How about Friday and Saturday?’ I told my husband who couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.
When DJ was home, we exchanged plans and ideas and, most of all, rules.
As DJ had plans with his friends till nine on Friday, we would go first, then he’d stay with the kid.
I would spend Saturday night with them.
I was so excited.
Hell, we all were.
I wished we could have a foursome but this was going to be awesome.
All day at work, I sent texts to Kat.
She was excited and we both agreed that the rules were lame.
Truthfully, I don’t think either of us wanted any.
Typically, they included using condoms, no pain or wounds, respect and discretion, and of course no anal, chains and whips were off the table.
I was so horny thinking about her that my day went by fast as I coordinated with Kat to get everything right.
At six-thirty on Friday, I picked up Kat at the train station not far from us.
We hugged, exchanged a small kiss, and got into the car and drove to a nearby restaurant.
I told her more about my husband’s sexual activities and said that, if we gang up on him first, he will tap out and leave us for some time before finishing it off.
Kat laughed.
“That’s okay, I’m looking forward to it.
” She thought he was cute and funny and said she’d never been with a white male.
That was a surprise to me.
She said she didn’t go to college while being raised in Barbados but DJ had attended university in Florida and had been with a few white women.
I told her, “It all comes down to the person, not the color.
” I repeated that my guy would be eating her a lot and she was very happy.
It wasn’t a popular thing among the men she’d been with.
She said she really wanted to kiss me and I said, “In time.
” Which, in fact, was only until we got to my car and then we really kissed.
Online Now! Lush Cams jessicalaurens When we got to my home, my husband’s son was waiting for his mom to collect him.
She got there soon after our arrival and looked at my guy, perhaps feeling a little jealous as they used to be in the lifestyle.
After they’d gone, we had fireside drinks — and it developed from there.
In the beginning, it was simply Kat and I undressing each other and kissing, putting on a show for my man.
He also undressed and, by the time I noticed him joining us, his cock was in her mouth.
I’d been busy going down on one of the most beautiful vaginas I’d ever seen.
It was fire pink inside and dark black outside with a funky musky taste which I was not used to — but I couldn’t be stopped and, when I added a few fingers, she came.
We moved downstairs to the bedroom and she went down on me, not with the same vigor as me but it was still well done.
My guy was glued to her vagina and moaned as he ate away.
This went on till she came again and then I moved away to watch them.
He put on a condom and began making love to her.
By that, I mean it was very passionate and sensual and he didn’t last too long.
When he was near to cuming, he withdrew, took off the condom, and I helped her milk him dry.
His cum looked like artwork on her stomach and she smiled and kissed us both.
We had more wine and stayed naked, touching and fondling each other.
I was astounded by her beauty.
Her body, other than her childbearing stretch lines that looked like tiger claw marks on her stomach, she was flawless.
I was very attracted to her and I assumed she felt the same way but she was really enjoying my man.
They went at it a few more times throughout the night with minimal breaks.
I helped a little, but at this point, I was actually feeling left out until I thought about Saturday.
The night ended with Kat and I attacking him till he came and fell asleep exhausted.
We girls chatted then slept in each other’s arm.
I’m not a lesbian by a long shot but, if I was, I’d want a relationship with Kat; she’s amazing.
In the morning when I woke, she was talking to my husband and then kissed him goodbye before I drove her to catch the train.
I convinced her to take the subway, which was a little further away, so we could chat for longer.
I asked how she felt about last night, and she said I was very lucky to have such a loving guy.
That caught me off guard as she had a god-like man at home.
But I agreed that I was lucky and she really hoped she could visit again.
As we drove up to the subway, I asked, “How does tonight work?” “I’m not sure,” she said.
“I just assume you’ll be coming to our apartment when we say it’s time.
” It seemed vague but I said, “Well, I hope your guy likes me as much as my man liked you.
” “Oh, don’t you worry.
He can’t stop talking about you.
” To be honest, she seemed somewhat jealous about that and I wondered if she was more involved in the Unicorn-only decision than she’d let on.
I said that I really look forward to seeing her again and she touched my hand and said, “Me too.
” We kissed and I let her out of the car.
I could smell and taste her all the way home.
When I got there, I asked my guy how he’d liked the night.
He said he was smitten, adding, “I wish I could see her again but, hopefully, you’ll have as much fun tonight.
’ He admitted to being jealous.
Not only would I get to play with her again but DJ was double the man he was.
“No,” I said, “that’s rubbish,” and he laughed, kissed me, said to be safe and have fun.
He had a work meeting early and I wanted to go to the gym and then clean the bedroom.
The sheets smelled of sex and Kat.
~~~~~ I got a text from Kat with directions and asking if I could be there at seven.
I dressed in jeans and a blouse, packed an overnight bag, grabbed some wine, and drove to their apartment in Boston /JP area.
Kat greeted me and we opened the wine.
Apparently, DJ was on his way home and she told me that he’d been excited all day and had instructed her to have me naked in bed waiting for him.
She lit some candles and we waited — but I couldn’t resist kissing her and massaging her body.
I was going down on her when we heard DJ arrive.
He came into the bedroom grinning and said, “Yes!” and jumped onto the bed, kissing his wife and then me.
He groped me and said he’d been dreaming about this for some time as Kat began to undress him.
She said, “We’re going to fuck you good, girl.
” DJ’s huge thick black cock was as dark as the rest of him, except for the paler head which was throbbing as he raised it to my face.
I began hungrily sucking it as deep as I could while Kat licked his big heavy balls.
He moaned and held my head steady as he pushed his cock into my mouth, making me gag and him even harder.
Kat was now getting a condom and he said, “Damn it.
I haven’t worn one in a very long time.
I hate them.
” “I hate them too,” I said.
“I won’t tell if you don’t.
” He grinned and raised my legs very high.
He told Kat to go down on me and get me ready.
She didn’t need to try hard as I was already soaking wet and almost came on her tongue.
She lined up his cock and said, “Fuck her, baby.
” He didn’t enter me at all slowly.
Instead, he made me gasp by going almost balls deep with his first thrust.
He began fucking the shit out of me.
I came so hard but he kept going while Kat rubbed his balls or my breasts.
He told me to flip over, ass in the air, with Kat under me.
I followed his orders and Kat licked me as he re-entered my pussy.
I came again and, as much as I needed a short break because I was extremely sensitive, he pounded away, slapping my ass and asking if I loved his dick.
I tried to say, “Yes,” but I was moaning, almost crying.
It didn’t take long before his huge load covered my ass and back as if he’d opened a bottle of champagne.
He cried out, “Yesss,” and fell forward on the bed.
Kat and I massaged his cock and balls, laughing.
I kissed him, then her while we lay on his chest.
We drank wine, he drank a beer, and made small talk.
By ten o’clock, he pushed my head down and said, “Suck my dick, girl.
” So began a very long blowjob with Kat helping in between kissing me.
DJ clearly felt like a king as he watched us and when he couldn’t take any more, he asked me to ride him.
I straddled his hips and Kat guided his huge erection inside me.
I bounced up and down on his cock till I climaxed and collapsed on him.
He stayed buried in me and Kat licked his shaft and my ass at the same time.
Next, he rolled me onto my back, lifted my feet to his shoulders and slid his cock back in.
Kat sat on my face and they kissed as they used me to get off, which they both did.
I felt him cum inside me and Kat helped get it out of me as we stayed in a 69 position till we both came and fell, sexually exhausted, onto each other.
We slept with DJ in the middle but I wished she was beside me too.
I hardly slept as we took up too much bed and it was very hot.
In the early morning, I got up and began to dress.
DJ said, “Hey, we good?” I nodded and walked over to kiss him goodbye.
“I love you guys,” I said, “and I hope we can do this again.
” I was sore, not only from having my pussy stretched and pounded but my entire body felt as if I’d worked out in the gym.
I smelled bad and that’s all I could smell in my car.
When I got home, I was told that I smelled funky and my man’s laughter told me to shower before going back to bed.
The shower felt amazing and I went to bed as soon as possible.
Obviously, he asked how it was but I was so tired I could only say it was fun — then slept till noon.
On my phone, I had two texts from Kat saying, ‘We love you’ and ‘You’re awesome.
’ That made my day but my vagina would remain out of action for a few more days.
My husband was totally captivated by Kat and I think they had a bond that I didn’t have with her.
I know DJ wanted me as I got a text from an unknown number saying, ‘You’re the greatest unicorn ever.
” I will hold that title with them for some time and I wonder if we will ever play again.
Only time will tell.
It was the best sexual weekend of the year involving my guy.
I wish Kat and I were BFF’s but I don’t know if that will happen.
I feel she’s a little jealous and that’s not uncommon in the lifestyle.
I will be fine hunting for new lovers and friends and I’m sure we’ll have a few more swingers parties before New Year.



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