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Ella knelt behind the couch; she was watching the horror movie with her elbows on the back of the couch.
The heat from the fireplace was radiant on her back and she could feel it slowly warming her muscles.
Ben and his brother sat in front of her, commenting on the movie.
A natural break in the movie, a lull in the action, provided Ben with the opportunity to offer tea.
His brother Callum accepted but Ella shook her head.
The movie continued to play but Ella wasn’t paying attention, instead focusing on the warmth and crackling of the fire.
She became so entranced by the heat that when a cool hand slid up the back of her shirt, she jumped.
Ben had knelt down next to her and handed his brother’s mug of steaming tea over the couch to him.
  Ella swallowed as Ben’s hand wandered higher, across her ribs, his nails gently scraping at her skin.
She blinked hard and tried to focus on the movie.
When Ben’s hand made it as high as her bra, he expertly pulled her cup down and freed her left breast, pinching her nipple hard.
She bit her lip and swayed her body toward him, keeping a moan in her throat.
She kept her eyes forward and reached out, her fingers finding his warm skin and stroking across his abdomen, playing with the top of his jeans.
  Ben’s hand disapeared from her nipple for a moment and the faintest sound of a zip caught Ella’s ears – her skin prickled and she felt blood rush to her face.
His hand snaked back up her back and effortlessly undid her bra, the cups moving away from her ample breasts and freeing her nipples for effortless playtime.
She slid her hand down the front of his now open jeans fly and felt his rock hard cock through his boxers.
She rubbed up and down slowly, remembering the many times she had caressed him before.
  “Do you think the blonde is going to get it?” Callum’s voice made Ella jump a little and, just as she opened her mouth to answer, Ben’s fingers clamped down on her nipple, twisting the sensitive flesh and making her bite her lip hard.
She focused her eyes on the screen and watched an attractive blonde girl creep around a darkened room, looking – presumably – for an exit.
Ben let go of her breast and wound his hand into her long blonde hair, pulling it hard and forcing her head back.
  “The blonde is definitely going to get it,” Ben laughed and Callum agreed with him.
They made a few more derogatory comments about the blonde trope in horror movies and Ella worked on keeping her breathing normal.
Ben had kept his hold on her hair and was playing with her nipples with his other hand.
She continued to stroke his cock.
  “I’m beginning to get tired guys.
” Ben maintained his hold on her hair and body as he spoke.
“I might head up to bed.
Are you all good down here, Callum?” Ben’s brother nodded, still watching the movie.
  “I might head off to bed too,” Ella whispered.
Ben let go of her hair and straightened her shirt a little bit, so that when they stood up it wouldn’t be too obvious that her bra wasn’t on.
The three said their goodnights and Ben gestured for her to preceed him up the stairs.
Once they turned the corner, Ben swatted her butt.
” Ella jumped and ran for his room – she got to the bed and Ben tackled her onto it.
He lay over the top of her and pushed his hand underneath her torso, finding her nipple once more.
His lips brushed against her ear, his teeth grazing the sensitive cartilage near the top.
  “You were being so good and quiet downstairs, weren’t you?” he whispered.
Ella felt her already wet pussy flood.
She could feel his hard cock nestled against the denim that was stretched tight across her ass.
  “Yes,” she moaned.
  “You are wearing far too many clothes.
” His fingers dug into the flesh of her ass as he sat up and swatted at it, spanking her hard.
  “I thought you said I was being good,” Ella whined, arching her back to remove her shirt and bra as Ben smacked her again, harder.
  “You were good and quiet, but my brother was right there you naughty girl.
” He dismounted from her legs so she could remove her jeans.
He then roughly pulled her panties off and smacked her ass hard.
She yelped.
  “Stay quiet, he’s right downstairs.
” She nodded and apologised softly.
Ben brought his hand down onto her ass several more times and then rolled over, dragging her onto her side so she was the little spoon.
He continued to abuse her nipple and slid his free hand down between her thighs, pinching her clit between his fingers and dragging them through the sweet wetness that overflowed from her pussy.
  “You’re so wet; does it get you all wet when I play with you with other people in the room?” “It’s so naughty,” Ella whispered, her response an admission of guilt.
  “You’re so naughty,” Ben growled in her ear.
He pressed three fingers into her pussy and flexed them, rubbing hard against her inner walls.
Ella cried out and the hand pinching her nipples and massaging her tits clamped over her throat, tightening high near her jaw so she could still breath.
  “And you’re being quiet, remember? Like a good little girl.
” The hand in her pussy moved away and she felt the head of his rock hard cock rubbing against her opening.
  Online Now! Lush Cams NataliaVixen “Do you want this?” he asked softly.
Please,” she begged.
He entered her in one push and she squealed into the pillow – his hand tightened on her throat, choking her.
Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body shivered and shook as adrenaline flooded her.
Her pussy tensed and tightened around his cock and Ben grunted, flicking her clit as her fucked her hard.
He let go of her throat to let her breathe and used the hand to roll them into a new position, her flat on her stomach and him straddling her thighs, his cock still buried firmly in her hot, wet hole.
He smacked her ass hard and she jerked underneath him.
She could feel her orgasm coming and her blood was pounding in her ears as he thrust in and out of her, moving hard and fast.
She was panting, her breath ragged.
He grabbed hold of her hair and pulled, bringing her face out of the pillow.
She gasped and squealed.
” She knew what she wanted but she couldn’t seem to get the words out to ask for anything at all.
Ben lifted her hips a little and leant down, pausing in his vigerous thrusting for a moment to deliver a devestating demand.
  “I want you to slide you hand under there and I want you to play with yourself; pinch your nipples and flick your clit and cum around me before I do or I’m going to have to really punish you.
” His voice was husky with effort and, without thinking, Ella slid one hand under her chest and the other to her clit.
She rubbed vigerously, the grip on her hair that Ben had increasing the sensitivity of Ella’s entire body.
She whined and cried out as she pinched and twisted her already puffy and sore nipple.
Ben bent forward and with a grunt came.
She could feel his hot seed pumping into her, and as it did he bit down on the skin over her shoulder blade.
He bit down hard and her whole body trembled as the pain pushed her that little bit further and she came.
Her pussy tightened and pushed Ben’s softening cock and some of his seed out.
  “You didn’t cum before me, Ella.
” Ben’s voice was disapproving.
  “I’m sorry.
” Ella hid her face, a mixture of fear and excitement pumping through her.
  “You will be.
 Stay on your stomach.
” He moved away and Ella lay there, her whole body quivering.
Something moved on the bed and she whimpered.
Something cold suddenly pressed against the opening of her pussy and she yelped.
  “Stay down,” he commanded.
She nodded.
Suddenly, the cold thing was completely inside of her and it began to buzz.
Ella writhed and a flogger caressed her lower back.
  “This is going to keep happening until you cum again, Ella.
”  “Okay.
” She didn’t know what else to say – she wanted to cum again, she loved the flogger, but her whole body shuddered from her previous orgasm and she could barely breathe properly as the vibrator buried inside her kicked up a notch.
  “OKay? Okay?” Ben sounded angry.
The flogger came down hard on her bare skin and she yelped.
  “Thank you.
” Ella felt her whole body shudder as the flogger came down hard and consistently, the tips of the flails occasionally just caressing, sometimes the whole set of flails struck.
He worked up and down across her ribs, the tips flicking her arms and cheek and thighs.
The vibrator increased in intensity yet again and Ella could feel herself getting close.
She decided to risk asking for permission to touch herself.
Please can I touch myself?” Her voice was pitiful.
She desperately wanted this to go on forever, but she wanted her orgasm.
  “That’s a good idea, naughty, naughty girl.
Roll over.
On your back.
Spread your legs and play with yourself.
You can play with your nipples too.
I would like that.
” His orders sent a chill down Ella’s already twitching spine and she rolled over, elevating her knees and spreading her legs to give Ben a good view of her pussy.
She rolled her nipple between her fingers as she used some of the moisture pouring from her pussy to lubricate her clit.
She rubbed, pinching and twisting furiously.
She was panting, her eyes closed.
The flail struck her stomach, hand, thigh and breasts.
Each strike made her pussy clench and the vibrations made her back arch.
  “Good girl.
Keep going.
You’re doing so well.
” Ben’s flogger struck the inside of her thigh and her legs spread wider.
She felt so close she didn’t know what to do to make all of the sensations stop.
They needed to stop.
She couldn’t breathe.
  And then it suddenly happened.
The vibrator was pushed from her pussy as her walls tightened uncontrollably.
Her hand fell away from her clit and she lay panting on the bed.
Ben stood over her with his flogger, staring down at his spent girlfriend with satisfaction.
He grabbed a blanket and pulled it over them, settling down and pulling her into a tight hug.
She purred like a kitten as he carefully ran his hands over the bruise on her shoulder blade and the innumerable lashing marks on her skin.
  “God I love you,” he whispered.
  “I love you too,” Ella whispered, her voice still husky.
  “Do you think Callum heard all of that?” Ben giggled.
  “I don’t think I was all that quiet, so, maybe?”    



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