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They rode in silence back to the house.
Stone was trying to wrap his brain around the last hour of his life while Nikki stared out the window with a vacant smirk.
Her hand rested on her upper thigh, deceptively delicate fingers surreptitiously digging against the shape of her mound as it pushed against her jeans.
He knew she felt him thinking about her.
He could practically smell it rising off her skin.
He kept searching for the right compartments to fit everything into he felt coming on without sharing a word of it with her.
He knew he would eventually.
He just needed to have this conversation with himself first.
The only problem was not knowing the script.
But then he found himself working so hard to ignore what Nikki was doing with her hand it started to block everything else from his mind.
For reasons he couldn’t explain, he was glad Nikki wanted to stay despite her mother moving to a bigger, fancier house, with far more luxury and advantage than she’d ever have with Stone.
He was happy for Ning, and felt good about helping her.
She had more relatives back home who needed help, and now they were going to get it.
Stone had known all along Ning would move on sooner or later.
He’d always assumed Nikki would automatically go with her, but Nikki was a young woman now.
Of all the choices she could’ve made, staying on with him was the last one he expected her to make.
Her surprise revelation back in his office had taken him by surprise, but the whole afternoon seemed to be turning into a surreal collision of events.
Nikki had been a curious presence on the periphery of Stone’s life ever since he’d met Ning.
She’d been very quiet and reserved in the beginning, but now she was almost a different person, even in her way of speaking.
Very little of her native accent remained.
Just enough to set her voice just a little off center in an alluring cadence.
He wondered if she hadn’t changed so much as just emerged from inside herself.
He went so deeply into his thoughts about her he almost forgot she was sitting close enough to reach out and touch.
When he pulled into the driveway of his house, a new look came over her face as her head turned to face him.
“So we’re home, right?” she asked, her tone expectant.
“Of course,” he said.
” Nikki grinned and got out of the car.
Stone sat until she got inside.
When he finally went in she’d made herself scarce.
He went upstairs and lay down on his bed, but the little bit of sleep he was hoping for wouldn’t come.
His mind was spinning with the strange turn of events the early afternoon had brought.
The best he could do was reach that stage between sleep and waking.
His body was in a restful stasis while his mind was flowing with sense memories.
The patient tease of Nikki’s lips and tongue as she hunkered beneath his desk.
The feel of Rena’s supple flesh, the scent of her arousal in his head.
He finally got off the bed and sat on the floor against the foot.
He took off his shoes and sat staring at the poster of a desert sunset thumb tacked to the wall.
He focused on the little white sun in the middle, ringed with garish oranges and reds.
The spot slowly grew, becoming larger and larger until it enveloped him and he saw himself standing in a pure, white room where there was only the sound of his own breathing.
Then, somewhere in the midst of his half dream-half daydream, Nikki’s voice filtered in softly from his bedroom doorway.
“Sucking your cock made me horny.
” He didn’t open his eyes.
Her voice seemed far away.
He wasn’t even completely sure she was really there.
The room felt empty.
He sat until his sense of time warped and kept drifting and he realized he was thirsty.
His eyes were still closed when he heard Nikki calling from somewhere else in the house.
“Stone! Stone! I need your help with something.
” He finally opened his eyes and took a deep breath.
He needed something to drink.
Either coffee or whiskey.
He still had to teach at the center later, so coffee would have to suffice for now.
” There was a sing-song tone in her voice this time.
He got up and followed the sound to her room.
Her bathroom door was open and he could hear water running.
“What do you need?” he called from the safe distance of her bedroom doorway.
“I need you to come here,” she called back in a half-whine.
Stone took cautious steps he knew he shouldn’t, until he was standing in the wide open doorway to her bathroom.
She was sitting naked on the corner seat of her tub, holding the shower nozzle in her left hand and a razor in her right.
She was soft brown all over and soaking wet, her thighs widely parted.
The beads of moisture covering her skin had the effect of deepening the tone of her complexion.
The tips of her breasts looked like she’d leaned too far into a vat of melted chocolate, and there were broad, swirling smears of something half creamy, half soapy covering her upper thighs and pussy.
He recognized the scent of peaches, and realized it was the same bodywash her mother used.
The odd thought flit through his mind he would go out and buy her something different.
Something that would be her own.
The sound of her name came out with little more volume than the breath it rode on.
Even to him, it wasn’t clear if his tone was reproof or surrender.
The moment in which any reproof would mean something was rapidly passing, or else already gone.
He felt as if he’d stepped into a script, already carefully written in her mind.
Her froth coated pussy was carefully aimed at the doorway – at him – spread and lathered to greet him when he went in, while her thighs opened like a curtain on a secret rainforest.
All beauty and dripping nectar.
Rare, special yet familiar, and not a natural habitat for his species.
Sticky heat gathered in the crotch of his snug boxer briefs.
He leaned against the doorframe and blew a long sigh.
“I need help shaving my cunt,” she pouted.
“Don’t call it that,” he said, finally meeting her flickering eyes.
“That’s one of those words people use to hurt each other.
” Her full lips danced into a nasty smile of delight.
“Like whore, you mean?” “Like that,” he nodded.
“Then what should I call my pussy…Professor Stone?” “Pussy is just fine…and don’t call me Professor.
” “All these rules…now that my mother the whore is gone.
” Stone closed his eyes and held his breath a few seconds.
“My house, my rules.
” “Yes, Sir,” she said with a breath that pushed her breasts forward.
“So what’s the rule about pussy shaving?” “That you should do it yourself.
Or go to a salon and get waxed.
” “Ow, waxing hurts.
” Her mouth pursed into a shape that reminded him how they’d looked circled around the inflated shaft of his cock barely two hours before.
“You already look…pretty smooth,” he pointed out.
“Yeah,” she grinned, “but I like to keep it that way, and sometimes it’s hard to reach everything by yourself.
” He looked skeptical, while the pulse in his cock only began to hammer harder.
She held the razor up toward him, putting a plaintive pout behind it.
He stood perfectly still as the image flashed through his mind of grabbing her by both ankles and yanking her legs in the air to smack her wet ass with an open hand.
He could hear the way his flat palm against her wet cheeks would echo off the mosaic tiles, her piercing yelps of protest and surprise.
Maybe that day would come, but probably not today.
The glassy sound of the spray running from the nozzle felt like the only thing left hanging between them.
Something perfectly effortless to see or reach through.
He walked barefoot to the tub and took the razor out of her extended hand.
Then, still wearing his dark linen trousers and burgundy turtleneck, he stepped into the tub and knelt between her widely spaced feet.
His pants instantly soaked in the running water.
“This is a bad idea, Nikki,” he said, touching her thigh with his empty hand.
It sounded like a giggle started to spill out of her throat but she swallowed it back.
“Yeah, probably,” she replied, a smoky cast filtering into her tone as her thighs peeled open even wider.
“You’re probably gonna think I’m such a whore now, right?” “Don’t ever call yourself a whore,” Stone told her, his hand sliding along her thigh toward her lather coated pussy.
“What if I don’t mean it like a bad thing?” He pushed against her thigh with his palm.
“What if I don’t mind you thinking of me like that?” He brought the razor to her mound and slid it gently over her skin.
She already felt smooth, and Stone’s cock was prickling with hot sensations.
“Rinse yourself,” he told her.
“Huh? Aren’t you gonna…?” He set the razor down in the tub and picked up the bodywash.
“You need more lather.
” “Ohh…yeahhh,” she purred, grinning.
She held the nozzle up to her collarbones and let the water cascade down her body, rivulets running down along and between her thighs.
Her skin glistened as she slowly lowered the nozzle toward her pussy, letting the spray rinse away the lingering traces of the dissipating lather clinging to her mound and lips.
Stone’s clothes were getting soaked.
Inside his wet pants, the shape of his growing cock was well defined.
He measured his breathing, aware of how easily he could allow the smooth ripeness of Nikki’s body to paralyze him.
Then her open hand was there between her thighs, grasping at air.
“Gimme,” she said.
He placed the bodywash in her hand and she lifted it up above the impertinent jut of her breasts and turned it upside down.
The thick, clear liquid oozed out and dribbled over her body, dappling the space between her breasts.
She squeezed the bottle until it was nearly half gone, letting the lotion drip and run across her skin.
Stone slid his palm in the creamy soap and rubbed around her mound and the hollows framing her lips with firm, slow strokes.
The liquid gradually transformed into lather.
He caught her eyes beaded on him with a driven gleam, and the pulse in his cock became a steady throb.
Online Now! Lush Cams ArinFleu He ground the heel of his palm against her warm, pliant pussy lips and her eyes closed briefly as she gnawed her bottom lip.
He continued rubbing the creamy wash into a lathery consistency, smearing her mound and upper thighs.
As she watched him, the sound of her breath growing deeper and raspier, she started rubbing her breasts, massaging them as more lather formed.
“There are a couple of rough spots here,” Stone lied.
He ran the pad of his thumb in a sweeping oval around the edges of her outer lips.
“Fuck,” Nikki sighed, twisting her soapy nipples with tightly grasping fingers and thumbs.
“Uhh…it’s ok to say fuck, isn’t it?” “Fuck is ok,” he told her, dragging the razor over her mound.
The only real effect the gesture had was scraping away the lather.
“Fuck is a very versatile word, but you should never say ‘fuck you’.
” He rinsed the razor and began to drag it over the soft areas close to Nikki’s swollen pussy lips.
“How about ‘fuck me’? Can I say that?” Again, she choked back the start of a nasty snicker.
The glimmer in her eyes made Stone think of the searchlights of a powerful vessel, lost but plowing forward because reverse wasn’t an option.
He didn’t reply, but wondered if she noticed the sharp leap of his cockshaft against the wet fabric of his pants.
He dug his thumb into the shallow sponge of meat just at the apex of her blushing slit and stretched her skin taut.
He carefully dragged the razor along the sides of her slit, methodically clearing away the lather along the outer edges and across the little concavities surrounding them.
He dropped the razor and picked up the nozzle, aiming the tepid spray over her thighs and pussy.
The last of the bodywash ran off as his fingers slipped over the glossy silk of her mound.
Nikki sighed deeply and twisted harder on her nipples.
Stone raked his thumb along her slit.
She was slick and perfectly smooth.
The slippery moisture clinging to her lips now was all her.
At the sound of a deeper sigh, Stone pressed his thumb deeper in the furrow between her flushing sexlips.
He ground and rubbed along the inner surface of her maw.
The hood cloaking her clit grew puffy.
“Whore’s cunt,” she said, breathy and deep.
Stone looked up at her face.
Her epicanthic eyes were half closed and barely readable.
The pert scoops of her breasts rose and fell sharply with her deepening breath.
She cupped the mounds with her hands and dug her fingers deeply into her flesh.
He suddenly pulled his hand back from her pussy and slapped her wet, inner thigh.
It sounded harder than it was, but Nikki’s eyes lit up with surprise.
“I told you about speaking that way,” he reprimanded her.
“Especially about yourself.
” “If you knew how much I love to fuck you might change your mind about that,” she said, resignation and defiance wrestling in her tone.
“It doesn’t matter,” he said.
“Loving to fuck isn’t what makes anyone a whore.
” “Oh no?” she questioned skeptically.
“The only real whore is whoever wanted you to believe something like that.
” He pressed the heel of his palm back against her pussy and massaged her lips in slow, grinding circles.
“What if I feel like a slave sometimes to all the feelings in my cunt? What if I want to be a whore? Your whore.
” “I swear, Nikki…just shut up.
” He pressed both palms against the flesh of her upper thighs and pulled in opposite directions, splitting open the gap of her blushing slit.
He leaned forward and lightly touched her pussy with his open mouth, letting her feel the hot rush of his breath before his tongue slithered forward to explore the contours of her splayed lips.
“Fuck,” she sighed.
Stone’s tongue slipped briefly into Nikki’s gap.
Then he kissed her pussy the way he used to kiss her mother’s mouth, except there was a deeper hunger inside him now.
There was more at stake for them both, an insane thirst she was beginning to pour straight into.
His mouth was already slathered with her oozing honey while his head filled with the mixture of her body’s scent and the faint strain of peaches.
He slid his hands in closer to the open folds of her pussy and pressed his thumbs against the skin around each side of her clit, framing the tautly pouting nub.
Each thumb began a softly insistent grind.
Tiny circular motions while he patiently stroked her distended lips with his tongue.
Slow lick up one then down the other.
With his thumbs grinding in deeper, wider circles, Stone’s tongue began exploring inside Nikki along with the steady up and down strokes along her thickly peeled lips.
She was slathered with fuck honey, and Stone’s brain started spinning with an irrational need to consume every drizzle of her body’s oozing sap.
His thumbs moved inward, trapping her swollen clit in a snug pinch while his tongue slipped inside her, slowly delving as deeply as he was able to lick.
Nikki let out a weak howl and he began stabbing his tongue into her in steady fuck-licks, gradually increasing in speed.
Her breathing soon matched the darting jolts of his insistent tongue, and a hail of gutter epithets started spewing out of her mouth, barely intelligible.
Her body started trembling and Stone sensed her crashing descent toward oblivion.
He stopped suddenly and reared back to look up at her face, keeping his thumbs in place alongside her clit.
There was a disoriented look in her eyes as she looked back down at him.
Her breasts heaved to the rhythm of her breathing.
He felt a pang of hunger for her thick, jutting nipples, his cock hammering with need in his thoroughly soaked pants, but he didn’t move.
He felt an even deeper pang to devour her pouting mouth, to let her taste the tangy essence of her own desire smearing his lips and tongue.
But as he watched her face and saw the veil of everything they weren’t about to say hanging between them, he held himself in place.
Taking her mouth would be far too intimate a thing.
Her pussy would have to do for now.
The sound of the running nozzle seemed like something tawdry and mundane.
It gradually became a barely noticeable white noise as they watched each other and rode each moment together, always awaiting the collision of the next.
He peeled backward with his thumbs as he kept his gaze on her face, forcing the pale scarlet nub of her clit to pop out of its hood.
Nikki’s face wrenched into something between a sneer and surrender as Stone leaned back to her pussy and let the flat of his tongue swipe upward over her slit, dragging up across her clit.
He closed his lips around the tiny bud and sucked lightly, letting his tongue roll over it in repeated swirls.
He pulled one hand down toward her slit and gradually slipped two of his fingers into her sheath.
His tongue began swiping in a sideways motion, steady at first, then going faster as his fingers began to slip and slide in and out of her.
The sound of Nikki’s breathing gradually transformed into a staccato of whimpering grunts.
Stone began flicking at her clit with his tongue while he ground his thumb against the base of it.
Fingers pumped and slipped steadily.
“Fuck,” Nikki mewled.
“I…I…nasty little fucking whore!” Stone’s cock raged with throbbing heat under his wet trousers as he started pumping his fingers through Nikki’s lathered slash with sweeping force.
With his thumb still grinding tiny circles around the base of her clit, he hungrily trapped her nub under his lips and began sucking.
Nikki grasped at his hair like she was trying to pull it up in her fists, except it was too short.
She clawed at his scalp while her feet circled behind his shoulders, her heels beating into the meat of his back.
Her body started to shudder while it felt like a tiny river of honey was flowing against Stone’s mouth and fingers.
It sounded like Nikki was trying to yank air into her body with heaving gasps, and as the shudders and howls seemed to become more than her petite body could hold, her ass slid off its wet, slippery perch and she went plunging down onto Stone’s lap in the tub.
He quickly clutched her falling body to keep her from hitting back against the tub or wall.
Stone held her naked body to his wet clothes.
Her thighs moved around his waist while her arms went around his torso, holding on while she laid her face against his neck.
She rolled her pussy against the hard shaft inside his pants.
“Nikki,” he whispered.
He gripped her body hard and arched back against her.
She ground back even harder.
He longed to feel himself in the hot grip of her ripe young body so hard he was sure the whole, transparent veil of his own humanity was going to disappear.
Her arms circled around his neck and held until he could barely breathe.
Her splayed, hairless pussy gnashed against his shaft in a dance of abject hunger for something he was merely standing in front of.
She was as far away as her own ancestors and yet the taste of her shoulder filled his mouth with the heat of cheap revelations.
She was his without his wanting her.
She had been all along.
He needed her without knowing it.
She knew the most important things about him without knowing what they were called.
His cells began to shiver and collide within his flesh and blood.
She was deeper inside him with every jolt of breath.
All cloying peaches and girl vapor.
He needed her like a car crash.
An endless tunnel of darkness shot out in front of him with no light at the end.
It was the rest of his life forward, from the precise second his tongue had slid inside her.
There was nothing inside it but the echo of her cries to “fuck me, goddammit, fuck me, fuck me right!” A surreal calm suddenly came over them both, their bodies unmoving but heaving with breath as they held together like dusk and sunset.
Stone felt his blood suddenly turn to slow dripping honey in his veins while his cock jumped inside his pants.
He gripped the naked spheres of her ass and ground against her arching pussy as the unbidden gush of his cum saturated his pants with a whole new texture of wet.
Silence then.
Nothing but breath, skin, wet clothes and grasping hands.
He reached behind her and shut off the water.
His hands spread across her bare back.
He felt her breath rushing in and out of her, gradually subsiding to a normal pace.
Touching her was like a sacred profanity.
There was so much he wanted to tell her just then – everything he ever knew about men, women and whores – but every word that passed through his mind fell on his heart like a lie.



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